Shinyuu Appreciation Week

There Are Idiots in the Administration Too

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"As you all know, during the school year, there are long periods of monotony, where very little happens. Now, I've tried to keep things interesting by interspersing Hoshitori matches in between these moments of dull, but even they have become tedious after a while. Fortunately, in a brief flash of epiphany, I have come up with an idea to liven up things once more." Hitsugi paused and surveyed the room, her expression so serious that it could only be viewed as comical, if one were not part of the school assembly about to be subjected to another one of her crazy schemes anyway. "I call it, 'The Shinyuu Appreciation Week.' For one entire week, starting next week, all of the current sword-bearing pairs will be reshuffled temporarily, by our brilliant and unbiased computer system of course—"

"Of course," Akira growled from the front row of the stadium, her facing exhibiting her blatant displeasure concerning the Kaichou's current idea.

"—their beloved partners taken away from them to be replaced with a friend, a rival, or even a complete stranger," Hitsugi continued without faltering, as if that interrupted pause was part of her speech. "Those who do not wish to participate will instantly be removed from the sword-bearing list, and may only apply once more after a year's suspension. You have been warned." She gave them a seraphic smile and added, "You may direct any further questions or complaints to Tatewaki. I'm sure I'll hear of it. At some point."

She stepped down the podium and strode out of the amphitheatre before any of the students could properly react.

Akira, who knew better than to talk to Tatewaki—really, who took her seriously?—followed after Hitsugi's shinyuu, who was just beginning to climb down the stairs of the stage.

"Oy, oy, Miyamoto," Akira called out. "What's the meaning of all this?"

"Ask Tatewaki," Shizuku answered distractedly, trying to get to the door before the other students could overwhelm her.

"Like Kaichou would tell her anything." Akira snorted.

"Tatewaki has ears, even if Hitsugi doesn't usually acknowledge whatever comes out of her mouth," Shizuku replied wryly and smiled.

"Still, your insight is valuable to us," Sae urged on, appearing instantly right besides Akira, startling Shizuku.

The redhead took a deep breath and led them towards the Student Council office. "She was bored." Shizuku answered simply. "I think that succinctly summarizes Hitsugi's motive."

"Couldn't she have come up with a less crazy idea?"

Shizuku stopped walking and faced Akira seriously. "This is the less crazy idea."

"What could be worse than this?" Sae asked curiously.

Shizuku mumbled something under her breath and looked away in embarrassment.

"C'mon, Miyamoto. What was that crazy Kaichou originally planning?" Akira prodded.

"She wanted us to fight each other individually, and the one who lost would be the other's slave for a month," Shizuku spoke a little louder. "The one with the most slaves would be acting President in that month's time as well. With a few restrictions."

"How did you convince her out of that one?"

Shizuku flushed. "I will not dignify that with a response!"

"Ara, ara? I didn't know Shizuku would be so shy." Hitsugi said smilingly. She opened the door to her office a little wider and ushered them in. "Why, the way you reacted when you heard my idea this morning... I really thought you a bold creature, my dear!"

Shizuku turned an even darker shade of red and crossed her arms in discomfort. "It's different. What I had to say was between the two of us."

"And Tatewaki," Hitsugi reminded her.

"Nobody really cares about Tatewaki," Akira added flippantly. "Now spill. How'd you get this stubborn Kaichou to change her mind?"

"She told me that she would be jealous of all the attention my other 'slaves' would be giving me," Hitsugi answered good-humouredly. "Such a bold and adorable creature, my Shizuku is, don't you agree?"

At that point, Shizuku wanted nothing more than to hide under the Kaichou's table. She, instead, stared upwards, her expression tight-lipped and furrowed in extreme concentration.

"Yes," Sae replied, grinning slightly. "If only Akira had such cute moments too, I wouldn't find your idea so refreshingly welcoming at this moment."


"I must really applaud you for your genius," Sae continued. "With Akira still waiting for the 'perfect moment' to challenge you, I'm beginning to find this monotonous lifestyle a little boring myself. I once almost contemplated challenging you myself and intentionally losing, simply so I could rise up the ranks again, and beat a few people up in the process." She said this all with such straight-faced calm that Akira couldn't help but gape at her incredulously.

"I'm glad someone agrees around here," Hitsugi said and sighed dramatically, sliding into her leather chair with enviable grace. "There has been a lot of insubordination going on in this office of late."

"H-hey!" It was Shizuku's turn to protest indignantly.

"If you are willing, I can subtly influence the computer system in our favour," Hitsugi spoke conspiratorially to Sae.

Sae laughed. "And where would the fun be in that?"

"I suppose you're right," Hitsugi said mournfully. "Still, you would have made for an interesting shinyuu, Sae." She leaned back and looked at all of them mock-gravely. "There is nothing we can do, but leave these all in the hands of Fate now."


A lithe blonde looked at the screen and crossed her arms in slight irritation. "People really have to stop invoking me," Fate Testarossa mumbled under her breath. "I have better things to do then randomly draw new shinyuu pairings from outdated Earth software just for someone's entertainment."

Bardiche spoke up, "Sir, I detect a Lost Logia within a fifty-mile radius of this area. Shall we engage?"

Fate's eyes lit up. "Lead on, Bardiche."

Isuzu looked up from her Crystal Ball and muttered to herself, "Uh oh..."

A/N: Another one for Bamboo! Because she's awesome.

Anyway, you could say that this was an extension of my idea from my other HxB fic. I just thought to myself... What if Hitsugi actually does try to reshufffle the shinyuus...? And well...this was born. Haha. I need suggestions for the reshufflings, as I have no idea who to pair up with who. I'm kind of a loyalist in that sense... Which really begs the question of why I did this in the first place. (Rest assured, they will not end up falling for their "new" shinyuus. But it'd be fun to see them interact with each other.) Also, I wrote this without much planning, so there are probably flaws somewhere in this fic...

...Gotta love this fandom. Brings up my spirits when I feel so down.