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"General Kenobi, General Skywalker, Ahsoka… anyone come in" Ahsoka hit the com-link button in the cruiser.

"Yea, Rex, we can hear ya' loud and clear." She, Obi-wan, and Anakin all looked as the hologram of the clone captain appeared. They stood in a small mountain grove surrounded by two dozen demolished droids.

"I have important news, sir." The blue figure reached up, and saluted.

"Let's hear it, Rex" Anakin crossed his arms, "We don't have all day. The front line won't hold forever"

"That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about." Rex removed his helmet to speak more easily, "We just found out there are sith reinforcements coming to help the droids." Ahsoka sighed. They'd been on the Planet Karad for four days now, and still the battle's tides hadn't changed. The planets odd electromagnetic field kept droids from entering some areas on the planet, but it also shut off technology the republic sent to close to them. Every time the republic seemed to be gaining footing all reinforcements would be stopped, and everytime the separatist's droid army took a turn for victory half of them would be fried.

"Sith reinforcements, eh." Obi-wan rubbed crossed his arms and rubbed his chin in thought, something he seemed to do at least twice a day, "We had better get over there and stop them before they can reach the front lines, the clones wouldn't stand a chance against a sith."

"But, master," Ahsoka interrupted, "wouldn't going after these sith be more dangerous. What if they know were coming, and it's a trap? or if an electric wave passes? or-" She tried to continue, but Obi-wan simply held up his hand and she fell silent

"Young one, there are always risks in war, but it would be more of a risk if we didn't confront these sith. They could devastate our forces… Rex, can you send the coordinates of their transport to our cruisers?"

"Already on it, sir. Anything else you'll need?" The clone asked, and slipped on his helmet.

"Yes" Anakin spoke this time, "if something happens to our cruisers we may need air support, so keep a ship ready just in case... and Rex."

"Yes, sir?"

"Watch yourself on those frontlines," Anakin smirked, "they can be pretty rough"

Rex saluted once more, this time holding up his pistols for emphasis, "Sir, yes sir!" The hologram shut off, and Ahsoka got into her cruiser, as did Obi-wan, and Anakin.

"So," Ahsoka activated her com-link as her engines fired up, "what's the plan?" Obi-wan's voice crackled in the com.

"We'll follow the coordinates and take separate paths, then meet up, and come in behind the sith. Try to take them out in the air so as to avoid a ground battle. Even if they are only apprentices, a battle with sith is never an easy thing to partake."

"Sounds like a fine plan." Anakin said as his fighter slowly lifted off the ground, then Obi-wan's, then Ahsoka's.

"Wait… master," Ahsoka's voice seemed concerned, "what if we do have to fight them on the ground?"

"Then we keep together. If there are many of them, don't let them split us up." Obi-wan's cruiser flew into the lead, and the two others followed suit on either side. They flew over the ground passing over the mountain range they had been scouting and flew out onto the large plain that held the frontlines. They zoomed over, maneuvering to avoid enemy fighters, and Ahsoka looked down at the vicious battle below. Thousands of soldiers clashed, and burst after burst of light shot out from the innumerable weapons. A trio of AT-AT's were engaging a number of separatist tank droids, and one of them was hit in it's neck. In a moment it burst into a ball of fire, and exploded sending out a shockwave that knocked over one of the others and sent hundreds sprawling. Ahsoka wondered for a moment if they should be down in the fray, with masters Plo Koon and Faalo. Her thoughts were interrupted by her master speaking.

"Keep your eyes on the prize, Snips, the coordinates are up ahead in the canyons." As they slowly left the plain, they came to a more rocky terrain that quickly became cliffs and canyons.

"Alright, split up" Obi-wan ordered and the three cruisers each went a separate direction, "be careful there are some electronic fields in this area, and we don't want to have our engines to die mid-air."

Ahsoka turned her cruiser right and slid into a small canyon. As she went she began to slowly feel a disturbance in the force, as if something was wrong, but it was suddenly overshadowed by the dark side of the force.

"Alright, we've passed them, re-establish formation." Obi-wan said into his com, and Ahsoka pulled out of the canyon into a larger one and Anakin, and Obi-wan quickly joined her. They were now headed back towards the plain, but now they were behind the sith.

"There I can see something up ahead" Anakin spotted them first, but as they rounded the corner, Ahsoka saw just ahead of them was a separatist transport.

"it seems like your run of the mill droid transport." Ahsoka said and suddenly wondered if maybe their Intel was wrong. Just as she thought this the rear door on the transport opened and three hooded figures walk out onto it, there robes swirling around in the air as the transport continued flying. These were definitely sith. Ahsoka could feel the dark side of the force in each of them, but it was strongest in the center figure. Ahsoka could practically feel the energy from the dark side pouring off of him, like waves crashing against her.

"Fire!" Obi-wan yelled, and all three Jedi activated there weapons and practically unloaded on the transport. The middle sith silently raised his hand, and suddenly all the lasers slowed to a halt. Ahsoka froze, she'd never seen anyone do something like that. The sith raised his finger and wagged it in a 'tut-tut' manner. Then with one swift motion the sith sent them flying back at the trio of cruisers.

"Scatter." Obi-wan pulled up, and the other two dodge to either side, quickly dodging the beams of searing energy.

"Since when could the force reflect photon blasts?" Anakin asked no one in particular.

"I've never seen it done," Obi-wan responded, "obviously we're dealing with someone tough here. Stay on your toes"

The middle sith pointed calmly at the cruisers, and the other two threw themselves at the jedi without hesitation. Anakin easily shot them out of the sky, and blood spattered onto each of their cruisers.

"Ew," Ahsoka hit the button that cleared her ship's cockpit, "what's with the suicide mission?"

"I don't know," Anakin answered her, "but it can't be good" Suddenly a huge shriek filled the small canyon and two giant creatures swooped down at them. Ahsoka looked up, and saw a huge shadow and a mass of feathers.

"Sarntors! they smell the blood!" Obi-wan cried, "watch out!" But his warning was too late: one Sarntor attacked his ship, and the larger of the pair slammed into both Ahsoka and Anakin's ships.

"We're goin' down" Ahsoka yelled and hit the eject button on her pod. Her viewport blew off with a hiss, and she quickly shot out landing on a cliff ledge. Anakin and Obi-wan followed suit landing on separate ledges. Ahsoka looked up to see the droid transport hovering over them and saw the sith's hooded face staring at the Jedi. Suddenly he jumped out, and Ahsoka felt like a thousand pounds had been put on her shoulders. She suddenly fell as the Sith, Anakin, and Obi-wan tumbled along with her, the trio losing their footing on the ledges and dropping the thirty feet or so to the canyon floor. She and the other Jedi hit the ground like rocks, but the sith landed sharply and easily.

"You fools are always hard to dispatch of from a distance," A smooth, deep voice said from within the cloak, "but once we get hand to hand everything get's a little easier."

"Who are you to say fighting three Jedi knights is easy" Obi-wan asked as he, Ahsoka, and Anakin stood.

"I am a darkness that will destroy your light, a dragon to your knight, a rain to your fire.

I am the destroyer of Jedi… I am Sith lord Darion"

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