I remember when I started writing this, and now here we are last chapter. But the adventure's will continue in another story. So if you enjoy this story follow me, and check back to see if you like the next one. And enjoy the ending.

He sprung forward carving an instantaneous path through the droids. He flicked his wrist, and the blade flew out from his hands cutting the droids to his left. He kept a part of his mind focused on it as he bashed two more droids with a reverse roundhouse. He raised his hand behind him, and caught the blade on a backswing. It came round, and dug itself into the chest of a larger silver battle droid. He used the force, and the droid flew off his blade, and crushed half a dozen others.

He leapt, and spun in a circle cleaving two heads off more droids. He felt the heat of laser weapons blasting past, and saw Ahsoka nearby cutting droids apart with the lightsaber she'd managed to keep track of through time. She turned to two more of the large droids that were approaching, and he held out his hand. She took it, and he flung her into them. She slashed them into halves with a spin, and then topped it off by cleaving another regular droid in half.

"Sheesh," Daniel said ripping the head off a droid whose leg's he'd severed "I thought you guys had been fighting against these things for almost a decade. At this rate we could cut through a hundred of these things in like ten minutes." He chuckled, and then turned around to see five massive dropships pulling down form the clouds.

"What was that about cutting through hundreds of them?" She said sarcastically, as the others lined up next to her and Daniel.

"Get the injured to the ship now. Heat the engines we'll keep them at bay as long as possible." Daniel said without taking his eyes of the hundreds of troops being dropped no less than a thousand yards away from them.

"Uh, Sir?" Rex turned to Anakin with a questioning look on his face.

"You heard his orders; his words hold as much measure as my own." Anakin said to Rex.

"Mine as well." Obi-wan nodded.

"Double for me." Ahsoka finished off. Daniel smiled at them, and Rex nodded. He turned to a troop carrying a minigun, with a strange hand print on his chest.

"Fives, keep a cover on them from the wall of the airfield." Rex said to the trooper who nodded his head. The clones moved back towards the ship, and fives set his minigun on the wall like a turret. Daniel cracked his knuckles.

"Welp… this is it." He said "I got you through all of that, and now you're home. I just have to get you off planet."

"What do you mean?" Obi-wan asked him.

"I mean, after this… I'm leaving you." He said calmly.

"What!?" Anakin said "You can't. Where would you go?"

"I don't know." Daniel spoke calmly "Oak Raw is gone, and the government probably won't like me if I show back up… I'll find a place."

"You've already found one." Obi-wan said seriously "You will come back to the Jedi temple, and become a master of the force. I've never seen someone so in tune with the force. It's not that you have power in it; it's that you can manipulate it with such precision. You will become a master. I will train you."

"I… I'd like that." Daniel said happily "But first we have to not die."

"Good point." Ahsoka said with a smile. The droids were much closer now, and Daniel saw amongst them strange bronze colored droids who rolled rapidly. They were approaching fast, and he readied himself. The droids unrolled no less than twenty feet away, and a bubble like shield appeared around them.

"That's new." Daniel said, and gasped as it began to fire out of the shield "No fair." He said, and moved forward zig-zagging to avoid the fire. He moved to the nearest droid, and his blade cut through the shield. He kicked the slashed metal into the next closest droid. The shield simply deflected the metal, and Daniel dodged to his right after a barrage of fire came spewing from the bubble.

"Hey clone guy… Fives!"

"Yes, sir?" Fives shouted back

"Sweep em' now!" Daniel yelled

"My pleasure." Fives said, and spun up the gun. Just as the first laser flew, Daniel flung his blade in an arc. The saber cut a small opening in each shield, and as Fives laser rounds flew they plunged into the opening, and the metal was torn apart. The bronze droids fell, and Daniel smiled, then his face went grim as the ground trembled beneath his feet. He jumped aside just as a creature broke through the ground below his feet.

The massive slivery centipede shook its body as Daniel gazed up at it. It clacked together the two large pincers on its head, and then drove them right down towards him. He rolled aside and the massive body slammed back into the ground. The creature must have been the width of a tree trunk, and as long as a train car.

"What was that!?" Daniel yelled standing back up.

"A Tetrapede. They see with electrical signals. All the droids must have stirred them up." Obi-wan said as his eyes began to check the ground.

"Tetrapedes?..." Daniel said looking around, and seeing more of the creatures appearing. Their heads exploded out beneath the mass of droids, and soon Daniel saw the mass of metal having trouble crossing the small plain. He smiled.

"Well they just made our job easier." Anakin said with a smirk. Then an explosion rang out. A separatist tank was blasting a path towards the Jedi, and a transport traveled right behind it. The tank's gun swiveled and its next massive shot hit less than fifty feet away from the escape ship.

"They're going after the ship." Ahsoka said, and she and Daniel were off. The two reached the tank rapidly, but the small gun on t's top quickly forced them back. A tetrapede broke through the topsoil, and hissed at the tank. It shot forwar4d as if to hit it, but was blasted back by the large cannon. Daniel saw the innocent creature's life vanish, and growled. His saber flew fast, and true. The blade cut through the main tank cannon, and then backpedaled right to his palm.

"uh-oh." The droid on the smaller gun said, just as Ahsoka landed behind it, and slashed its head off. She smiled, and Daniel smiled back. Then the droid inside tried to fire the main cannon. The tank exploded in a burst of fire, and Ahsoka was flung off. Daniel felt the shrapnel dig into him, and gasped as he was blown back into a group of rocks. His world went black.

"Ahso… Danie…" Sound faded in and out as a high pitched whine replaced it. Daniel was chest down, and his saber was in front of his eyes. He held his chest in pain as the explosions still rang in his ears. The bright flash had left him blind, and the horrible ringing was tearing his eardrum apart. He could feel the shrapnel dug into his flesh, and he felt the blood trickling down his armor. It burned horribly, and he knew he was losing far too much blood by the sudden wooziness he felt.

He heard Obi-wan, and Anakin calling for him as they tried to fight through the advancing droids. Tetrapedes erupted out of the ground around the flaming wreckage of the tank, and droids walked towards the airfield. He tried to breath again, and felt the stinging pain in his chest.

Ahsoka stumbled out of the flames holding her side, and looking dazed. Daniel blinked as her figure wavered. She turned to him, and he pointed at a droid coming out of the flames towards them.

"Daniel!" the voice sounded far away and echoing "Daniel!" She screamed again, and he reacted. He gripped his saber, and tossed it up towards the voice. The blade flashed as Ahsoka grabbed it and used it to good effect. More tetrapedes rose up, and the droids masses thickened. It was chaos. Fives lasers flew hrough the crowds, and the three Jedi cut path's, but it wasn't enough. He knew he didn't have much time left, and he had one option to ensure there survivals. He grabbed the device out of his satchel. The tripod opened, and he aimed it.

One quick stab and it was into the ground. He knew it was going to be dangerous for them, but he couldn't stay, he would be dead any second unless he managed the correct Jump. He altered the dimensional dial, the time dial, and the location dial. He looked up at her. She was fighting well, but he knew they couldn't win without the EMP of the jump. It was the only way to save them both. He breathed and felt metal shrapnel dig into his lungs. With a quick press of a button the orb glowed on a great flash of white and a blue purple.

"Daniel?" Her voice said.

"Remember me." He said calmly "And live well." Then in a great flash he vanished.

The burst of light exploded outward in the usual shockwave. Everything within seventy-five meters crackled with small blue electric bolts, and the droids all fell to the ground. The tetrapedes shrieked, and drove back into the ground. Then Ahsoka yelled his name again. He was gone. Ob-wan yelled for them to get back to the ship as the droids outside the shockwave started moving forward. Fives kept up the cover fire as they ran back. She was operating on instinct. Get off planet. Get away. He's gone. She knew he'd been hurt. He wouldn't last no matter where he went. She felt a tear form as the sound of the world faded back into her mind. They were already out of the atmosphere when it really hit her. And the tears didn't come until she was alone in her room on the ship.

She breathed in, and remembered his eyes. She sighed. It was for the best. She was a Jedi, and needed to be a Jedi. No attachments. She felt it, and knew it. She would remember him, and his kindness, and his eyes, but she had to remain true.

Jedi Temple, Coruscant, days later

"So they got back safe?" The voice said to Yoda.

"Yes." The green master spoke to the figure "Safe there return was. Tell them of you, I did not."

"Good… I can't stay here." The voice said "It's not my story to take part in, not any more than I already have, anyways."

"Trust you, we do." Yoda looked out over the city.

"Thank you for telling us the story." Mace said, standing next to his fellow master.

"The others will probably tell you everything as well, but try to be easy on them."

"What will you do?" Mace said.

"I don't know. I'll come back one day, but not yet. There are some things that need to happen first."

"Where will you go?" Yoda asked him.

"Don't know that either, but hey; I'm all alone, no family, nothing holding me down, and a whole multiverse to explore…" Daniel primed his transporter with a grin "I can think of a few places."