A Brand on the Soul, Chapter 5

By CastielLovesDean

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Dean and Castiel's entire third "date" was Sam and Bobby's plan.

First, Castiel took Dean back in time to see a Led Zeppelin concert at the peak of their greatness. Dean had only ever seen a concert on an old video tape using an older VCR connected to an antique motel television set. The concert was amazing. During the concert, Castiel teleported Dean backstage to meet the band. Dean nearly squealed like a fangirl, but gathered his cool before shaking hands with Led Zeppelin. He squealed after they left.

Time travel isn't easy, so they stayed in the past for a while so Castiel could regain some strength. In the meantime, they went sightseeing. They visited the twin towers in pre-9-11 New York City. They went to the movies and saw some of Dean's old favorites as they were just coming out. They went to the grand opening of a cozy little seaside shack in Delaware. Dean had the bacon cheeseburger. They inconspicuously dropped in on Bobby to see what he was like before his wife died; it was actually kind of boring.

Eventually, they found themselves strolling barefoot down an otherwise popular beach in the deserted moonlight. Dean never imagined how cathartic it could be to ramble on about his messed-up childhood to a sympathetic ear. He swore up and down he would never let his kids live like that.

"Do you still see yourself having children?" Castiel asked.

Dean shrugged. "I dunno. I mean, I'm thirty-one years old. I kinda... I dunno... feel like... my biological clock is ticking? Does that sound stupid to you?"


Dean gasped in shock and a little offense. "What?"

"Yes, that sounds stupid to me. Dean, you're a virile young man. You have plenty of time to father children."

"I don't know about 'plenty.' I mean, I'm still running around hunting with my brother. How will I meet this person? What about my lifestyle would possibly make them think I'd be a decent dad?"

Castiel stopped them both and made sure to face Dean. "You'd be a wonderful father, Dean. Don't let anyone tell you different."

Dean squirmed in discomfort. He changed the subject. "So your battery about recharged, or what? Don't get me wrong, I'm having a great time. But I kinda miss Sam."

"That does not surprise me. You have a strong connection to your brother. Rest assured, we will return soon."

"Not too soon, I hope. It's a beautiful night."

"It is. Though, I still do not understand your fondness for sand between your toes. I find it... grainy."

"Well, maybe if you got sand somewhere else," Dean said suggestively, "it wouldn't feel so weird."

"I doubt it."

Dean sighed. "Sometimes you seem so human, I forget I have to be more straightforward with you." He pulled a large packet of lubricant out of his pocket and showed it to Castiel. "What I meant is a little sex on the beach might distract you from the feeling in your toes."

Castiel looked shocked. He stared fearfully at the packet like it was a weapon. "I didn't see you buy that. Where did you get it?"

"I nicked it from that last store we were in."

"You stole a packet of lubricant so you could have gay sex with an Angel in public?"

Dean blinked. That sounded so much worse out loud. "Um..."

Cas smiled shyly. "Is it wrong how much I enjoy it when you're being blasphemous?"

Dean grinned. "I take it you're up for a little blasphemy?"

"I'm always up for you, Dean."

Dean wondered if Castiel knew how dirty that was. Judging by the lusty look in Castiel's eyes, he did. Dean shivered. "Okay. Uh... take off your clothes."

Castiel shucked his trenchcoat. "On our last date, you said you wanted to 'ruffle my feathers.' Did you mean that?" He loosened his tie and started to unbutton his shirt.

"Uh, well, I was speaking metaphorically, Cas. You don't have any feathers."

"But I do." He slipped his shirt off, and in the blink of an eye, he was sporting two massive fluffy white wings.

Dean gaped at Castiel's wings. "Wow."

"Do you like them?"

Dean nodded inarticulately. "Yeah," he breathed. He stared wordlessly at Castiel's wings for a long time. Finally, he worked up the nerve to ask, "Can I touch them?"

"If you like."

Dean cautiously extended a hand toward Castiel's right wing. He flinched when he touched it at first, unsure of why he felt fearful. Soon, he felt brave enough to stroke the wing, and eventually he found himself petting them both outright. The moment he touched the base of the wing where the feathers turned to skin, Castiel enveloped him in a crushing embrace and kissed him with an intensity he hadn't felt before. He looked at his Angel's face; Castiel seemed on the verge of losing control. "Cas?"

Cas didn't open his eyes. "Dean, I'd like to have sex now."

"Okay, no need to be nervous. I'll make sure not to hurt you."

"No, Dean. I'll make sure not to hurt you." Castiel flung them gently into the soft sand. They made love until Dean fell asleep from exhaustion. Cas watched him sleep the rest of the night.

When Dean woke up the next day in a shady hotel bed, he could tell right away he was back in the future. He felt like he had sand... everywhere... and he had a tickle in his throat. He coughed, and a small white feather floated down to his lap. His shoulder felt unpleasantly numb. He lifted his arm to get a better look. Castiel's handprint was gone.

"My mark is no longer there," Castiel announced mournfully from the corner of the room. "You are free of my debt. Your soul belongs to you."

Dean thought he should be more relieved, but he just felt apprehensive and cold. "What are you doing all the way over there? Come back to bed."

Castiel looked positively forlorn. "Perhaps I was unclear. I will always cherish the memory of what happened between us, but you are no longer obligated to date me. The debt has been repaid."

Dean felt panic well up inside him. "So... that's it? We have sex one time and you're dumping me?"

Cas looked horrified. "No! Dean, I love you."

"Then come back to bed," he begged.

"You... want to be with me?"

"Yes," Dean stressed, patting the empty spot on the bed next to him.

Cas blinked. "Very well." He walked to the bed, stripped down to his underwear, and lay woodenly next to Dean.

As soon as Cas was in bed, Dean snuggled up next to him. He wrapped himself around Castiel as if his Angel were also a pillow and fell back asleep. Castiel stroked Dean's hair and smiled.

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