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Damon had heard everything, with vampire hearing it was difficult not to.

It wasn't a game anymore. Stefan and Elena were really through and surprisingly Damon didn't get the satisfaction out of it he had assumed would come.

He watched her rush to the door in a hurry to get out of there.

He called her name, "Elena…"

She turned then and he saw why she was running…

Tears streamed down her beautiful face.

It broke his heart to see her so shattered; he would have done anything to take that pain from her.
It may not help anything but he knew he had to say this, "I riled Katherine up, I wasn't thinking.
I didn't think."

Elena gasped, "Doesn't matter Damon…"

She didn't blame him much to his surprise.

Elena continued struggling against the flood on her face, "She won. Katherine won."

Elena rushed out the door closing it behind her.

Damon went to find Stefan, not sure what to think.

Damon asked, "Stefan, are you alright?"

Stefan's back was turned to him… he replied, "What are you still doing here?"

"Can't I check on you?"

"Go to her."


"She needs you Damon. I know that you care for her. I can't be with her. I can't protect her anymore
but you can. I have never asked you for much. Please, brother."

"I will. I promise. She'll be safe with me."

"I know, thank you Damon."

Elena had been lying on her bed; with her face buried in her pillow.

She wasn't sure the tears would ever stop.

She could swear she felt a breeze brush past her, and then she felt another presence in her bed.

Elena sat up her eyes adjusting past the blurriness her tears caused, "Damon?"

"Yeah it's me. "

"Why are you sitting in my bed?" Elena questioned.

Damon replied, "Because you shouldn't be alone right now Elena. I think you could use a friend.
I'm here for you."

She didn't have the energy to object.

"Now, I think you should get some rest. You're safe. I won't let anything happen to you." Damon moved his arm around her and he let Elena put her head on his chest.

Elena's tears soaked Damon's shirt but they slowed as she began to drift off …

She murmured sleepily, "Thanks for this. Sorry about the shirt."

Damon smiled, "Anytime. I have a good dry cleaner."