Author's note: This was a whim. I do not own Biker Mice from Mars and I never will cause I am a poor college student.

It had been a long day at the Last Chance Garage; not only had Limburger ransomed the city for all the bait in the tri-state area, he was carrying out said evil plot with a group of villains who looked like Barnum and Bailey had puked over the Spice Girls, and played by Plutarkians. It wasn't pretty, and their singing was even worse. The resulting fight required a large amount of explosives and metal music. Charley and Modo limped away from the battle with only mild burns and ringing ears; Throttle's tail was set on fire and Vinnie, poor biker, got caught in the blast and was now a fetching shade of black. As they pulled into the Last Chance, Charley braced herself for the Velocity Atrocity. As soon as the bros rolled to a stop, Vinnie started to whine.

"Charley-girl, how could you!"

"For the last time Vinnie, I'm sorry I accidentally blew you up! Seriously! I had no idea you were there!" Charley apologized in a frustrated tone as she headed towards the living room. He had been repeating this phrase since they had finished the fight.

"You just wanted an excuse to blow me up along with the Plutarkians," he growled. He was getting on her last nerve. Modo and Throttle were oddly quiet through the ride, not wanting to encourage their bro and too tired to keep a conversation and drive. They slowly trudged towards Charley's shower, but by the time they reached the bottom of the stairs Vinnie had to open his mouth one last time.

"You know babe, I don't think you are. I think you wanted to blow me up!" Vinnie stated sourly. Charley tensed, turned around and march right up to him."

"… yep. I'm indiscriminate. I'm like an Old Testament god. Everyone suffers in my eyes," she bit out. Modo and Throttle watched the fight, too tired to step in but not wanting to miss the show.

"You don't love me anymore," Vinnie whined again.

"That's right," Charley replied. "I'm so cruel and heartless, that you can all go find somewhere else to get cleaned up and patched tonight!" She turned around and stated with deadly calm, "leave," at Modo and Throttle. She shoved all three bros out of the garage and locked the doors.

Throttle and Modo looked stunned; Vinnie sullenly stared at the garage door.