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Chapter 1: The Project

It was a very average day like any other normal day, where the students of Seishun Gakuen would indulge in their favorite sports and hobbies while gaining the essence of knowledge.

This was no exception for Ryuzaki Sakuno and Echizen Ryoma, however things were slightly out of hand today when their Biology teacher decided to start a project. As far as the teacher was concerned he named it the 'Baby project'.

The classroom turned silent, if the principle had passed by he would have been very proud of this teacher's ability to control the crowd, but, if he took a closer look at the faces of the well behaved students, he would be in for a sure surprise.

For each and every one had a look of horror, a look of horror that can be classified by many as ultimate horror face. Like those screaming actresses who had just seen the dead arise from their resting place, except that there were no screams.

Echizen Ryoma was the first to recover from that and 'tch'ed, the next to recover with utter most regret was Horio.


If everyone knew Horio, this was the expected reaction. After all, he was famous with his gift of gab and exaggerated reactions. To the student's dismay, there was a very determined look on their sensei's face.

The Sensei cleared his throat as he began to draw a cycle. What cycle was this? It was a Chicken BIRTH cycle. The moment he had placed his chalk down, he then brought out a box, within the box was a mystery as the Sensei begun his class.

"The project is simple, we will work in pairs of two. A male and a female, and will come to me to take your project. This project will take approximately 6 - 7 months. During this time, each of you..."

As the Sensei placed his hand gently into the box and brought out a chicken egg. The class seemed to find it funny when they had roared in laughter, some refrained from laughing and others find it NOT funny.

Echizen Ryoma was one of the few who took the Sensei seriously. The Sensei cleared his throat once more to continue, the laughter died down and the atmosphere became heavier. No student in that class could ever imagine their life becoming any more troublesome than it already is, until the biology teacher decided this wonderful 'Baby Project'.

"Will be given and shared between the partners a chicken egg. You are to keep it incubated and still carry on with your normal lives. Remember you are to observe when the chic hatches, observe it's appearance until it progresses to become an adult. Also do research on what it eats and it's living habits. And by the end of the period write it all into a report and hand it back to me and this will be considered your exam. Any questions?"

The Sensei looked around hopefully, and then Echizen Ryoma raised his hand. To others it was a great surprise, the great prince of tennis is going to ask a question. All of the students stared at Ryoma and even pry their ears open to hear him speak. Ryoma opened his lips and the whole class was ringing with that question.

"Is the shell highly resistant to damage?"

The class dropped dead silent only for a moment, to only have them laughing their heads off. After all, it was so like Echizen Ryoma to wonder if it was alright to bring it to tennis practice. Everyone at school had already establishes that he loves and considered to be married to the world of tennis. The Sensei shook his head wearily as he answered.

"My suggestion would be that you rely on your partner to look after it while you go for tennis practice Echizen. Ok! Now go and find your partners! I give you 5 minutes."

The class then stood up and started chatting amongst themselves, and Osakada Tomoka was looking at her best friend Ryuzaki Sakuno whose face seemed to be frowning in concentration staring deeply into the desk.

Mentally, Osakada wondered if her friend would end up burning a hole into the desk. Ryuzaki Sakuno shifted her glance left and right. Osakada sympathized with her best friend as she knew Ryuzaki was a shy and bashful girl. It was hard to get her to work with the people she would be comfortable with, she gazed at Ryuzaki wondering what was she thinking about.

Ryuzaki Sakuno was very self concious, after all... She was a klutz, if anyone gave her an egg. She can very well believe that it will die within minutes of it touching her very clumsy fingertips. Thinking of that, she wondered who she should pair up with to avoid such a catastrophe.

From what it seems like a bad situation, she was very worried. To only realize she was not very good with people, and was very shy. This was not going to be easy to work with when one has such attributes. Still deep in thought she did not see Echizen approach her.

He on the other hand could not stand every girl sitting in this very class except for Ryuzaki Sakuno. He decided even if it meant that the egg might live a very short life, he was willing to put up with that, because he couldn't care less about the project.


Sakuno (can't keep up with the names) turned her head to find herself face to face with the very boy she had admired 2 years ago. Echizen Ryoma.

"Ah! R..Ryoma - kun!"

Ryoma stared at her for a moment before he looked at the Biology teacher handing out precious eggs and congratulating them comically. He sighed, it was better to get things over with. Out of his eye, he noticed Osakada taking Horio as her partner out of pity.

"We should work together."

Ryoma watched as an interesting thing unfold before his eyes. Ryuzaki had turned beet red in such a declaration. Ryoma did not leave her any room to decline, because he had his ego and he knew she would help him out. She was a kind creature known to be an absolute angel. As far as he knows, there was no chance she would turn him down.

"Ano... You sure Ryoma - kun, I... I mean... you..."

Ryoma looked away at the rest of the room before he said in the most casual voice which indicates he had the least interest in what was going to happen.

"It won't happen."

This help Sakuno feel a little more confident in herself as she nodded at Ryoma as a sign she had agreed. Together they approached the Sensei, and following their backs were Ryoma's envious fans. They were absolutely jealous, how could he choose the klutz?

They wondered but then they would never understand their own capabilities of scaring poor Echizen Ryoma because of their fan girl-ing activities. When they reached there, the Sensei looked at them in slight hesitation. He knew the renowned duo right here - The klutz and the couldn't-care-about-anything-other-than-tennis prince. He ran his fingers through his hair for a moment before asking,

"Are you two sure about this?"

Ryoma placed his hands in his pocket and shrugged. Sakuno on the other hand felt very embarrassed, because the sensei asked them as if they were to get engaged or something of the sort. But none of the less she felt obligated to help Ryoma after all, he had already determined her to be his partner.

She should at least play the part well. She nodded. The Sensei let out a loud sigh as he then took out a different egg. He had foreseen this, funnily enough, so he prepared for the worst and had given them an egg with a harder encasing. Ryoma did not care, he had already been walking back to his seat, but Sakuno on the other hand noticed immediately.

"umm... Sensei... Isn't this..."

Sensei smiled apologetically, he nodded and replied with a sad and pitiful look.

"The least I can hope that this may be more resistant to falls."

Sakuno turned red again, she felt horrible. Even for the teacher to want to do something to help her. She glanced at Ryoma but he seemed to be more interested with the clock. She sighed once more, this is going to be the hardest task sensei has given her in her whole life. She has to be EXTRA careful. At this thought, the bell rang.