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Chapter 43: Tezuka's thank you

Tezuka looked up from the piece of paper, he seemed to be frowning a little bit as he noted everything in the list and nodded. Fuji smiled as he sat on the nearest chair in a perfect position where he could get a good footage of what was about to happen. Momoshiro and Eiji were sharing popcorn as Oishi and Kawamura had a smile as they stood at the side watching, Kaidoh seemed to take a liking to getting on Momoshiro's nerve as he threw insults towards him whilst standing next to Oishi. Ryoma was seated with a contented smirk on his face, since he couldn't get the girl doesn't mean he could miss this.

"Alright, after 2 hours of convincing through my regulars and the writer (To which I only just found out, controlled every event that happen and only borrowed my character) I have a lot of thanking to do."


Chorused the cheerful regulars, it was visible that every one of them were going to enjoy this. They were the ones who helped write the thank you note. Tezuka's eye twitched in annoyance as he replied

"Do you all have to be here?"

Fuji smiled as he replied

"SnowRider14 says we could and we should."

Tezuka points at a direction and said

"Prepare to run until your legs drop."

Tezuka cleared his throat before he looked back towards the sheet and replied

"Anyway, the writer told me that it was everyone who is reading donated and helped Kennichi get a prosthetic leg. She also says that if I do not properly thank you all, I will not appear in her next story."

He distinctly heard a snigger from the group, but regardless he kept his mouth to say strictly acceptable things.

"I am first to thank you all based by the names for reviewing and truly caring about the writer and my life and Kennichi's. Not forgetting Sakuno as well."

Tezuka heaved a breath and started

"…Fire19, to which had religiously reviewed every chapter, SnowRider14 adores your comments. I had personally read some, thank you very much. For you showed a lot of determination and your support for us is always so energizing. Fuji asked if you would oblige him with a date, I naturally assume it was safe to make him stay where he belongs."

"Think about it Fire19," Winks Fuji, only getting a glare from Tezuka.

"KyouyaOotori17, your reviews were touching and so lovely to read to the writer. SnowRider14 always looks forwards to reading your comment. I have read some and I found that at least you did cry when I couldn't. Momoshiro asked if you were female and that if that was so, was the man in the picture your boyfriend. Naturally I have him restrained and sworn not to ask again."


"MysweetKat, your reviews were always something the writer adores having, you were so kindly going around reading her works which made her happy. Snowrider14 finds you irreplaceable. I have read the reviews with me and Sakuno, I am very happy to think you truly support us. Since you know many stories about me, Inui has been dying to write a letter to exchange information in hopes of completing a good data file. So I had to remove the email to stop him from asking you any embarrassing."

"Ii Data, my email address is inu…", Inui was muffled by Fuji who in turn said "if I can't get my request neither should you."

"CardCaptorYukiDark, your reviews were very interesting to read. SnowRider14 spent time smiling when she reads yours. Apparently I have read the most recent of the comments. I must say… kissing is for married people. Not for young kids, but… I am glad you understand why I am annoyed."

"AH! So buchou really wanted to kiss her nya!"

"hehehe… Ii Data!"

"…Oh my…"

"AND! Eiji says you and he, himself will get along great, though he is suggesting you bake him food. I took the liberty of also restraining him."

"PLEASEE FIND ME! I can be lured by chocolate mousse cake."

" ScarletKira, although… we stopped hearing from you since the early chapters, we still remember and thank you very much. We hope that this thank you will reach your eyes."

"Dove Tree also commented on almost every fanfiction of the Tezusaku archive. I am personally honored to see your support, and I hope you will keep supporting me and my regulars."

"Chained2love, I have only seen one comment. I can say everyone loves Kennichi, but you were the second to voice it out. Appreciated your comment no matter how long ago it was."

"Simplyfierceandfearlessmiharu, snowrider found it surprising and pleasing regardless of how you all wanted more of the story, if you did not insist like many of you did, I would be facing no happy ending now."

"KairiAkemiUtsuko, your comment made SnowRider giggle, it made us raise our eyebrows, but since you said so… it will be a dangerous future ahead of us. We still thank you for your support and that every support counts".

"BigBangTOPisVIP, it was a surprise to hear your comment. According to Snowrider14, you were a silent reader. She was in tears when you commented. I am much honored. Thank you so much."

"Snowrider14 had no idea how to contact the fellow reviewers who weren't members of Fanfiction, but she was glad I get to make a speech in her place."

Tezuka looked like he would love to stop speaking but he continued, his eyes scanning the piece of paper.

"Lostriel, it was great to hear people who weren't members enjoyed this story. Can't wait to hear from you and more comments."

"Kam3910, It was good to hear that people really laughed, SnowRider was happy to hear you say you loved it."

"Ann, It was very flattering what you had said to Snowrider14, she thinks reviewers like you are what made the writers write. I personally thank you for helping me get Snowrider up and write. I was relatively stationary for awhile."

"Aan, first other reviewer who offered to vote for Kennichi's welfare. She had just realize that from your comment that non-members can use. You like me are wishing to get this over and done with. Don't worry. It is over soon."

"Rochelle, your comment really made her blush, and she adores it. I think you were nice and kind in such a comment, but surely I do look good in every other fanfiction?" Tezuka raises his eyebrows.

"Aoe-chan, you were a shocker reviewer for the comment but you made SnowRider aware that there was more readers than she thought."

"Jael, your comment was always comforting. She would be lenient on us once reading this comment."

"Tezuka-chan fan, that was surprisingly hard to say since I felt included. Great thanks for supporting this story and reviewing. It helps to know you were reading and supporting."

"Jess, appearance in the story was surprising as well since not many of different people reviewed. Now you did, we are all thankful."

"Ryu, your desire to know what was next also helped fueled the other chapters following your comment. We are happy to know how you reviewed."

"Thina, It is nice to know you want to know and it makes Snowrider smile to read your comment, I knew because I was also feeling a tad happier after reading it."

"Amarie-chil, Your support is more for me, and I was wrong to have not been able to read your review any earlier, things may have changed."

Tezuka scanned the last name on the list as his eyes furrowed together. He handed it to a smirking Ryoma who saw the comment and realized he had to do something. He didn't like this nonsensical thank you's but anything to keep the boat afloat makes Ryoma a happy person."

"Chiz, thanks MangAnimePrincess, although you did not prefer TezuSaku I exist here for a sole reason. Mada mada dane princess, there is always plenty of fics out there. I thank you for your support."

Tezuka took the paper back as he looked around and his friends smirked to no ends as he read out.

"To every other reader, I thank you sincerely. Maybe you haven't review but you are also reading so we thank you kindly. We hope you will read more of it soon."

He continued…

"Snowrider14 also says that I should give a general thanks, without you all the story wouldn't come and it wouldn't flow. We adored your comments and your support we hoped to see you in the next time."

"Before I forget, she is writing ancient time romance which won't be out until she finished. She is also writing a forced marriage story, and another one is… Scope, which she hadn't finished either. Last one is a spy type of story, which she thinks she will also start on later. She has a lot to do and so little time, so we thank her for keeping it slightly real. She lost her mind I think, but Thank you all!"

"eh? What did I miss?"

In stepped Sakuno and Kennichi who was obviously away when all his thank you's were said. Tezuka turned slightly pale to realize the evil looks on the regulars faces as they were grinning from ear to ear.

"Sa-chan! I have a video, want to watch?"

Tezuka paled even further looking at Sakuno and giving a shake of the head and said

"Kennichi! Take it now!"

Kennichi quacked in response as he leapt up to get it, only to have Momoshiro grab it before too late. Kennichi starting to peck Momoshiro.


Everywhere was chaos but Tezuka turned to the camera just as Sakuno joined him as they said


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