This story is set about three years after the Beltway Rapist. I own nobody but my own characters.

Odafin Tutola, "fin" as everyone called him, walked in quietly to the special victims unit squad room. He looked up and saw detective Olivia Benson sitting at her desk. From what he could tell she was still wearing the same outfit from yesterday and by the shaking of her shoulders she was crying. That thought made him stop in his tracks. Olivia never cried. Even when her mother died she didn't cry. He slowly walked up to her not wanting to surprise her or scare her.

"Baby girl is everything ok." He asked placing his hand on her shoulder.

Olivia Benson turned around and faced fin. "I…uhh.I..Yeah I'm ok." Damn it how long had he been there she thought to herself. How much had he seen.

"Ok, If you need to talk you know I'm here for you right? Nobody has to know anything?" He said as he squeezed her shoulder before turning to go to his desk.

"Thank you, Fin." Olivia said as she stood up from her desk. "I'm gonna run and get ready before anyone else comes in."

Fin nodded in response as he picked up a cold case he had been working on. What was going on he wondered to himself. He hadn't seen Liv like this since she started dating and married Mary Blackwood, a detective out of the 2-7. She had seemed to be so happy until the last two weeks. That was when everything changed.

Olivia had started staying at the station house sleeping in the "crib" even when a case didn't require it. There had been a couple of times that he was pretty sure she hadn't left at all, even for food. She had thrown herself full force into cases like she use to when she avoided going home to an empty house.

Fin looked up as Liv walked back in the room. My god he suddenly realized she had lost some weight. He jumped up from his chair and grabbed his jacket "come baby girl. We are going to go and get some breakfast. I think it's time we talked."

"No Fin I'm good." Olivia stated avoiding his eyes.

"Fine or not you're coming with me." He growled as he grabbed her by the arm and literally drugged her from the squad room.

Olivia jerked from his grasp outside the door. "Fin I'm fine. Now leave me alone."

"Look you're coming with me whether you like it or not. You can file a complaint later."

Olivia knew by that tone that there was nothing she could do to stop him. It would be better if she just went with him. It may be good to talk to someone about what was bothering her. She just wasn't sure if Fin was the one to talk to. Hell it had to be better than talking to Elliot or Munch that was for sure. "Fine lets just go tot the café around the corner. O.k."

"That's fine."