Story: Long live the King

Author: LadyLissaLight

Summary: What if instead of having a Queen of Constance, there was a King? Chuck Bass is King of St Judes. Blair Waldorf is Queen of another UES School, and she transfers to Constance. Sparks fly as the two clash, but has Chuck Finally found his Queen?

"Don't be ridiculous, Serena," Blair sniffed. "I'm merely attracted to him. There is nothing else."

"Blair…" Serena said gently, stroking her hair, "I may not know much about most things, but men, I do know. And I also know Chuck. He is going to be my brother, remember?" she made a face and Blair gave a watery laugh.

"It's impossible Serena. Even if I did… like Chuck, nothing would happen. I won't let him get in the way of my goal to be Queen."

Serena gave a nod, realising there was no way she was going to win that battle. Instead, she said "But Michael? You admitted it was like kissing Nate! And while Nate's kisses personally make me very happy…" she gave a wink.

Blair laughed again, a bit more happily this time. "I need Michael. I need to keep Catarina, and if I dump Michael then Catarina will be out. And she knows too much. He'll have to stay."

Serena shook her magnificent head. "If you say so, B… But at least you've admitted this to yourself, right?"

Blair gave a tight smile. "Yes." She said simply. "But we won't speak about this… weakness, again. Okay?"

Serena gave another nod. "By the way, the thing where Chuck makes you an offer and then you try and compromise with him and then he pretends he isn't interested, is just a tactic of his. He likes to always be put first." She rolled her eyes.

Blair silently accepted this. It was what she would have done. She hated that they were so alike.

"Now, moving on." She put herself back into Queen mode. "What is that little Alison hiding? It's Ivy Week this week and I can't have her distracting me from Yale with her amateur plots."

"I'll get Catarina onto it," Serena promised, trying to be a good friend.

Blair smiled at her. "What would I do without you, S?"

Serena gave a giggle, "You'd stay up all night plotting and not get your beauty sleep!"

"Blair? Is that you?" Called Eleanor's voice from outside the room.

"Yes mother," she called back.

"Whatever are you doing up at this time?" the voice grew a tad louder. "You really shouldn't be missing out on your sleep, especially not with skin like yours."

Blair glanced sideways at the mirror on her wall and noted the tear stains and red marks around her eyes, and the dark circles and bags. She shuddered. Her mother was right.

"Oh! Who is this?" Eleanor stood in her doorway, watching Serena with raised eyebrows.

"This is Serena. Serena, this is my mother Eleanor Waldorf."

"Wonderful to meet you Eleanor!" Serena said with her usual bubbly enthusiasm, kissing Eleanor on the cheek. "I loved some of your designs at Bendels!"**

"It is lovely to meet you Serena," Eleanor said approvingly. "Blair, you have done well making such a friend, I'm sure Serena will have a good influence on you."

Serena was still smiling happily away, but Blair froze momentarily. So her mother had found a replacement Victoria. She had always been compared to her 'prettier' friend in the days of their youth, and now it seemed Serena was the new model for how Blair should try to be.

"Of course," she said coolly. "But S and I have to be getting to bed. And you're looking a bit tired mother; did you put on your moisturiser? It doesn't seem to be working."

She had no idea what possessed her to say such a thing to her Mother, who looked astounded and disapproving. She had suddenly thought of, of all people, Chuck, and how he responded to his father. He wasn't scared of him. They both wanted approval so desperately from their parents, but Chuck wasn't a coward, no matter how his father's words affected him.

Her mother bid the two girls a cold goodnight, before retiring. When she and Serena went to bed, Blair couldn't help but feel a slight sense of accomplishment. Who said that her association with Chuck was all bad?


"So, the charity we've selected this year is the Ostroff Centre, for obvious reasons." Blair said to Serena the next morning. Her friend nodded, smiling. "But don't worry, I've not included Eric in my speech. I do mention that the Centre has helped many of our own though."

Serena nodded absentmindedly, watching Nate in his lacrosse uniform across the courtyard. "I wonder if Nate will make Captain since Johnny Fitzdaniels is leaving."

Blair rolled her eyes. "Okay," she changed the subject back to Ivy Week. "Now, have we got the plan all set for the minions? Obviously Penelope is out. She's obsessed with that Princeton rep."

"Princeton isn't that bad, B." Serena smiled.

"Princeton is a trade school." Blair sniffed with disdain. "There is only Yale."

Her friend just shook her head. "I'll be applying for Brown," she shrugged. "It's where my Mom and Dad went." Seeing her friend returning to the list, she added, "But yes B, the minions have got the plan down!"

Blair straightened her blazer (Navy with Yellow trim, to math her yellow headband) and nodded primly. She was prevented from answering by the bell, calling the students to the assembly.

Once the students were settled in their rows, Headmistress Queller began making the announcements. "Blair Waldorf will be chairperson of the mixer tomorrow, and the St Judes' boy's interviews for Ushers will begin this morning. Times are posted on the notice board. I'm sure I do not have to remind you all to be on your best behaviour…" Blair tuned out, her mind returning to its focus on the Yale rep and how she was going to charm him into an early acceptance.

She looked around for Serena, who she spotted texting not so surreptitiously under her bench, and noted Nate on the other side of the room seemed to be fixated on his phone too. She smiled slightly. Then, noticing who was next to Nate, she felt the stomach sickness appear again.

He was wearing a yellow bow tie. Why did they always have to match? It made them look… connected. She glared at him. His hair was parted in its usual fashionable way, and he was reclining with ease in his bench, not appearing to be listening.

Then she noted he was texting and rolled her eyes, returning her mind to what the Headmistress was saying.

Her phone vibrated in her pocket.

She stiffened and slowly slid it out, opening the message.

Stop staring; people will think something's going on.

She glared at the message, infuriated, when her screen lit up with another.

Oh wait. They already do.

She kept her expression carefully blank, feeling his eyes on her, and replied.

Well your little plan failed, Bass. Michael was only too happy to believe me and not you. I guess that's the downside of being a manipulating womaniser.

Unfortunately, this did not have the desired effect.

Womaniser? Somehow I doubt that matters to lover boy, so why did you mention it? Jealous?

She loathed him.

I loathe you.

She could practically FEEL his satisfaction across the room.


"Why should I be chosen to be an usher?" Chuck smirked and answered his own question. "I'm Chuck Bass."

Honestly, it meant little to nothing to him that he got an usher position, but his father expected it of him. Chuck felt no reason to go to college, Bart hadn't and he was now the owner of Bass Industries, one of the most prominent companies in the USA. Chuck had only ever wanted to follow in his father's footsteps, and with the promise of an internship this summer, he was finally getting somewhere.

Of course, he'd get a position anyway. He was right, he was Chuck Bass. It was a guarantee.

What he was really interested in was distracting the Yale rep, because he knew that was who Blair would be circling for the entire week, like a vulture watched its prey.

Leaving the interview, he watched Nate take his place in the room. Things had been strained between them lately, something else that he blamed Waldorf entirely for. After all, it had been her that got him and Chuck's sis back together. The man could do so much better than Serena Van Der Woodsen.

Then again, Chuck thought for a while he'd been going for Blair, and if this was the case, he'd much rather his friend settle for Serena.

She wanted him just as much as he wanted her, and he knew it. He was pretty sure she didn't though. Blair Waldorf was Queen of denial, but her body had other ideas. It made Chuck hot under the collar just thinking about Blair's lips smashed against his own, her dainty hands and sweet little tongue…

But she was with the inferior Italian, Michael. Just the sound of his name was enough to make Chuck sneer in disgust. He knew as well as Blair did that she was using him because she couldn't have the A-grade model, Chuck himself.

Her expression when the Gossip Girl blast went off the other day had been priceless, but he wasn't stupid enough to think she wouldn't get retribution. His would just have to be better than hers, that was all.

Sure enough, he'd gotten her la perlas in such a twist with the texts he'd sent her, that as soon as he got outside, everyone in the crowd's phones went off, and he knew straight away what it would be.

Well well well, it looks like our favourite bad boy is acting fishy…

Who are you and what have you done with Chuck Bass?

These two lines were simply accompanied by the video that he knew Serena had of him pushing away Kelley or Kandy or whatever the bints name was.

He heard a few whispers, then giggles.

He rolled his eyes and glanced across the courtyard to where Blair was standing with her hands on her hips, bossily commanding her minions, who were all taking notes furiously.

Sidling up to her he breathed in her ear, "Nicely done, Waldorf. But what would they do if they knew the reason…?"

She took a step back and narrowed her eyes frostily. "And what would that be, Bass?"

"I think you know." He smirked at her. "Wouldn't want to wreck your little relationship of convenience by showing just who really gets under your skin…"

Her cheeks coloured and she glanced away, at her minions who were staring openly.

"You disgust me." She said loudly, stalking away, heels clicking.

"See you tonight," he called just as loudly, smirking at the glances that were shot their way.


"Get out your English lit books," was the first thing she said to him he arrived at her apartment. She was dressed in her uniform from the school day still, with the exception of her hair being loose from its chignon.

"What, no time for foreplay?" He raised an eyebrow at her.

"No. It's Ivy Week, as you well know," she snapped hastily. "I don't have time for this. Sit down and get out A Tale of Two Cities."

He did as she asked, and they began to go over the subtext of the book, her making sure he took sufficient notes.

"I don't see what either of those men saw in dear Lucie," he commented eventually. "What a ninny."

Blair's expression suggested she agreed with him, but she shrugged. "She was beautiful."

"And furthermore, she should have been with Carton. Darnay was an unintelligent loser." He said harshly.

"Just because Darnay was respectable and not a dissolute alcoholic!" she replied.

"Darnay was a coward." He smirked. "Carton had the balls to die for his woman."

"He didn't even fight for her." Blair disagreed passionately. "If he really, truly loved her…"

"'If it had been possible, Miss Manette, that you could have returned the love of the man you see before you – self-flung away, wasted, drunken, poor creature of misuse as you know him to be – he would have been conscious to this day and hour, in spite of his happiness that he would bring you to misery, bring you sorrow and repentance, blight you, disgrace you, pull you down with him.'" Chuck quoted, watching Blair carefully.

Her eyes grew bright and she looked away for a moment, her emotions clearly displayed on her face, before she turned back to him and the mask of disapproval was back. "You've read this before," she accused. "You must have, or you couldn't possibly have just recited that."

Chuck shrugged. "I was forced to read this drivel at an early age by my numerous nannies." He watched her carefully. "So, I've made my point – He loved her much more than Darnay ever did."

Blair ducked her head. "I think we're done for the night."


After Chuck was gone, Blair sank onto her bed with her heart pounding furiously. Hearing Chuck Bass, the Chuck Bass, quote possibly the most romantic thing in the entire book, directly off by heart and to her, was extremely weakening to her resolve that she did not like him.

But of course he sympathised with Carton. But so did Blair. She'd always much preferred the barrister to the man who stole Lucie's heart. Of course she'd never let Chuck know that. Or that he'd suddenly reminded her of Sydney Carton when he quoted the book, looking into her eyes.

She drew her thoughts back as she reached this point. Ridiculous. Charles Bass was a drunk who liked her, yes, but she highly doubted and would never believe, that he would ever have feelings for her or any other woman, that even remotely resembled those of Sydney Carton for Lucie Manette.

Chuck was not a romantic. He was a scoundrel, and she needed to keep that in mind and keep her guard up, lest she fall into his traps.


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