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The Quidditch Truce

By: Erised


"Yes Babbitt, what is it?"

"Master Dumbledore be wantin ya."

"Tell him I'm busy."

"He's waiting in the parlor, sir. I couldn't tell em no."

Severus Snape looked up and rubbed his brow with his arm. He meant to wipe the sweat from his face but succeeded in only adding dirt to his face. It was summer and he was in his garden tending to fresh Brazilian Mandrakes which were about to mature soon, if he could manage. He sighed and tried to calm himself. He didn't want to see Albus right now. He had spent the last week doing whatever Lord Voldemort asked of him and right now, he just wanted to lose himself in his garden and enjoy some semblance of a normal life. He stood and sighed again, drinking the pumpkin juice Babbitt, his house-elf offered to him. Babbitt also handed him a wet wash cloth to wipe away the earth from his hands.

"The best soap in the world couldn't wipe the filth off my hands Babbitt." Snape said, thinking about the blood that have covered his hands the night before.

Babbitt looked at him innocently. "Sir? I don't understand."

"Never mind." Snape replied looking at Babbitt. She had been the closest thing to a life long friend he had and he smiled to think of all his secrets she guarded. He would have granted her freedom whenever she asked for it but she never thought about. And she down right scared him when he mentioned it. He smiled at her, thanked her and went into his manor.

Akel Dama had been in the Snape family for centuries and of all the rooms, Severus had yet to explore them all. He got lost on his way to Dumbledore's parlor (one of nine he had counted so far) but finally he caught the Headmaster humming and followed it.

Severus entered the room and studied it. "Haven't seen this one before." He mused to himself.

Dumbledore smiled at him. "How are you Severus?"

"Alive, Headmaster."

"As good as I can expect I suppose."

Severus nodded but said nothing as he went to pour the tea.

"I suppose you're wondering why I'm here?"

"Quite the contrary." Severus said handing Dumbledore a teacup. "I assumed you came to hear about my latest exploits as a Death Eater."

Dumbledore shook his head. "I hate the way you throw that around with such ease."

"We monster do that." Severus said with a thin lipped smile. "Cheers!" He sipped his tea and looked up. "So what brings you here then?"


The monster was dumbstruck. "I'm sorry?"

"Quidditch." Dumbledore said. "It's a wizard sport composing of two teams of seven. Its played with three balls: Bludgers, Quaffles and a Golden Snitch."

"I know what it is!" Severus hissed. "But why are you talking to me about it."

"McGonagall and I are putting together a match for the school this summer. It will be at Hogwarts and mainly the only reason I am doing so is for everyone's benefit. Cedric's death last year shook the entire school." Dumbledore paused. Snape hadn't reacted in the slightest and it disturbed him. He knew Snape to be a unemotional man but he felt Severus was becoming to accustomed to playing the role of Voldemort's lackey again. He feared Severus would revert.

"Keep going, Headmaster."

"Well, for fun- we are putting together a game. Teachers verus Students."

Severus was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

"The Students have already put together their team. Young Potter is the Seeker of course. Robert Davies from Ravenclaw is Captain."

"And the teachers team?"

"Hooch is Captain naturally, we had a little trouble but we found some past teachers to join in the fun too. But Hooch is only accepting one person to be the Keeper."


Dumbledore smiled. "No."



Severus groaned. "I haven't played Quidditch since I was a student. Unlike Hooch, I didn't keep up my training."

"But you were the best Keeper Slytherin House had in a long time." The Headmaster inhaled cautiously. "And you were an even better Seeker."

"I stopped playing remember?" Snape said coldly. Then, for good measure he added a lie. "I never cared for it."

"That's just because you preferred Dueling better."

Severus shook his head. Their eyes met in a cold battle of wills.

"Think of it this way," Dumbledore began. "It's the only time I'm condoning you beating up students."

"Damn. That was low." Severus hissed. "Fine. I'll do it."

"I know. I've already told Hooch you would."

"Damn you again Albus. You know you're worst then Voldemort...everyone thinks he's sneaky but no, you're right there under people's noses calling the shots. That's evil."

"I'm obvious." Dumbledore shrugged, standing. "And no one can stop me." He laughed and handed Snape a sheet of paper. "Game's in two weeks at the School."

Snape began to read it as Dumbledore started to leave. "Oh Albus."


"Don't sleep at home tonight." He said casually. "I'm coming tonight."

Their eyes met over the sheet of paper and Dumbledore shivered. He was too calm about some things.