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Prologue: Two Friends, Pranks, and New Magic

"Hoshi I don't think this is a good idea." An auburn haired teen called after a white haired, violet eyed teenage girl.

"Don't be such a stick in the mud." Hoshi replied, "This'll be great. You said that you couldn't stand your uncle so let's prank him."

"I don't know, he doesn't like you that much, and could try to have you executed." The boy warned.

"Kratos, you know as well as I do that all forms of execution the king uses does not involve decapitation, and because I'm a half-demon I can't die that easily." She argued, grinning widely, "And don't ya wanna see his face at the dinner party when an ink bomb goes off in his pants pocket?"

"OK you win." Kratos laughed, "So all I have to do is distract the staff long enough for you to sneak the ink bomb in."

"Exactly, and I knew you'd see it my way." The half-demon smirked.

"I am glad that the army managed to capture Ozette from the Tethe'allan's." Lady Aurion said, unaware of how bored her son seemed. Kratos was waiting for the ink bomb to go off just for some form of entertainment, while Hoshi just silently slept sitting straight up. His mother would have never allowed the half-demon girl there if she wasn't his friend, or if she was actually aware of what the violet eyed girl was.

The half-breed's eyes slipped open and focused on the man at the head of the table, the prank was about to go off. A loud pop caught everyone's attention as the large man shot up a black stain on the back of his pants. Both teens bust up in laughter at the sight of him, ignoring all of the glares that they received.

"Serriana learn to control that boy of yours!" the king roared, "And have him control the servant girl he befriended as well!"

"Hoshi is not a servant!" Kratos argued, "She's the blacksmith's apprentice, and has helped make most of the army's weapons."

"A blacksmith!" Serriana shouted, "I forbid you from ever seeing this filthy peasant!"

"Mesu. (1)" Hoshi growled, eye's flecked with gold, "Kratos, Anata wa korera no hito wa kanzen'na roba sa rete iru koto o shitte imasu ka?(2)"

"Watashi ga shitte iru.(3)" He replied, glaring at all of the noble's present.

"Sorry about my mother's attitude." Kratos spat, eyes angry.

"I really don't care what those stuck ups think of me." Hoshi replied, examining and ancient looking piece of paper, "Just so ya know this thing here is for a special spell that requires two casters."

"Really?" he asked, his full attention on the new piece of information.

"Yep, I signed it and now I think I'll find someone else to do so as well." She replied.

"I'll sign." the teen said quickly.

"It's a demonic spell." The half-demon argued, "And even if I let you, the contract will cause some of your mana to turn demonic, which could kill you."

"I'll be fine." he argued, "I have an exsphere equipped so I should be fine."

"You're just lucky I got ya that weird mount from a dwarf." she chuckled, "I'm not gonna let ya."

"I won't help you pull pranks on my uncle unless you do."

"Kuso!" she snarled, "Fine I'll let ya sign it, but don't blame me if ya get sick or something."


"See this is what happens when you befriend peasants." Serriana lectured her ill son, "You catch one of the diseases they carry."

"Mom, Hoshi's never been sick in her life, how can she carries a sickness?" Kratos argued, knowing that the real cause was what he was warned about. He body was adjusting to the new type of mana he was infused with, it was surprising he wasn't violently ill instead of just having a fever.

Once his mother left a familiar white haired head popped up, "I told ya you'd get sick after signing that spell's contract. But do ya listen? No! Ya just wanna learn a cool spell."

"OK, I get it!" he sighed, "I should've listened to you."

"I'm glad ya learned that lesson, and don't worry with your exsphere equipped, you'll recover by tomorrow." She said happily, "Then I'll teach ya the incantation."

"So, what exactly is the incantation?" Kratos asked.

"It's an old song in the demonic language." Hoshi explained, "It's pretty easy to learn especially since you already learned."

"OK, but what is the incantation?"

"Dekireba, watashi o tasukete Kore wa, chōdo kono kotoda, Watashi wa yūsente iru hōhō de wanai Sorede, anata wa, kudasai kanō-sei ga aru, Watashi wa riyū o rikai suru herupu Anata ga wazawai shite, korera no mubōna kurai yokubō o ataete kureta, anata ga shite iru Mōichido jibun jishin ni yokotawaru Jisatsu baka,, Sore nitsuite kangaete miyou Pondo wa dansō-sen-jō de, Sore wa nani no kichōna, anata ni sore o eru tame ni jikan ga kakarimasu ka? Watashi wa kono ue ni iru Naze, anata wa kono yō ni sore o sutete hoshii Kono yōna konran, Naze watashi wa anata o mite hoshii. Oyobi setsudan jiko ichi-do ni 1tsu no kajō-gaki o hakai, Ima anata no rasshu wa nanidesu ka? Dare mo ga shinuto kare no hi ni narimasu Yakuyō, Dorama no joō, Eizō no kanzen'na mahi kōsen-tekina taido, Jiko tōsui, Dorama no joō, Katsubō no meisei to sono subete no taihai Mōichido anata no ha o kaishite yokotawaru Jisatsu baka, Sore nitsuite kangaete miyou Pondo wa dansō-sen-jō de, Nani sore wa anata no kichōna ni sore o eru tame ni jikan ga kakarimasu ka? Watashi wa naze anata wa kono yō ni sore o sutete hoshii, kono ueda? Kono yōna konran wa, naze watashi wa anata o mite mitaidesu ka? Oyobi setsudan serufutaimu de, 1tsu no dangan o hakai, Ima anata no rasshu wa nanidesu ka? Dare mo ga suru Motte Kare Nichi Ni Dai Karera wa anata no kenri nitsuite sa reta Karera wa anata no kenri nitsuite sa reta Futatabi watashi no kao ni yokotawaru Jisatsu baka, Kangaete mite, anata wa, dansō-sen-jō de tataite iru Nani sore wa anata no kichōna made eru tame ni jikan ga kakarimasu ka? Watashi wa kono ue ni iru Naze anata wa kono yō ni sore o suteru nodesu ka? Kono yōna konran, Watashi wa kono ue ni iru Kono ōbā! Setsudan To jiko, hakai 1 Dangan Toki Wa nanidesu Anata no Isoide, Dare mo ga suru Motte Kare Nichi Ni Dai Anata wa, hikigane o hiku koto o sentaku shita baai Anata no dorama wa, seijitsu man'ichi Sore wa doko ka Tōku hanareta koko kara." she sang, "Well there you go."

"Wow that's long." he whistled.

"Yeah, works better if ya fight with a group of people instead of just the two who can use the spell." the half-demon chuckled, "So I heard your dad's making ya join the army."

"Yeah he is." the auburn haired teen sighed.

"Just don't go and become a mercenary instead." she grinned.

"That might work, but what about the demonic mana?" he replied

"You can't sense it in a pure human." Hoshi chuckled, "And the spell is called Black Judgment in case you were wondering."

/end of chapter/

OK, the whole contract thing was so Kratos could use magic, and don't go whining about how he ingested some rock thing that I have forgotten the name of, this is an AU. So there, and don't bug me about Hoshi either, that spell may be powerful but it requires two casters and almost completely drains both. And I will do my best to keep her from being a Mary Sue if she starts to sound like one warn me and I will make sure to change it.

Also I have no idea how Kratos acted when he was younger so I guessed, lets just say Lloyd got his easily exicted habit from his dad and short attention span from his mom. ^w^

(1) bitch

(2) Kratos you do know that these guys are complete asses?

(3) I know.

Yeah, just so everyone knows, I'm using Japanese for the demonic language because I'm using it the most and I need to learn it. You'll find out what Angelic is later on. And the incantation for Black Judgment is the Japanese translation for The Outsider by A Perfect Circle, only because I really like the song.

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