A New Kind of Someday


Through the generosity of JE sharing I was able to write this story

To all my friends,

It's been a great ride of twists and turns and surprises.

Thank you for all your support, suggestions and reviews.

My goal was to write a story where Steph became strong and independent, who would have believed that through writing this story so many people would be affected by it, myself included. I've told many of you that it is hard for me to part with this story and say goodbye. There is a rumor that I am keeping Lester. It is true. lol

I've lived with these characters for over five months, some we knew and some were new. Ben grabbed all our hearts and when I introduced him I never conceived that he would elbow his way into the story and our hearts. He was just supposed to be a line or two in a chapter. I'm writing this epilogue twenty years in the future I hope you enjoy it.



Twenty years later….

"Kids in the House"

I had Beautiful pinned up against the wall and I was kissing her when the thundering herd of our children entered the house.

"Dad! We gave the signal!" yelled Jack.

"Yes, Jack you did, but you have to give us a few minutes before you race up the steps."

"Mom, just don't let Dad give us 'Your Mom has something in her eye' or the 'I'm just checking your Mom for proper breathing techniques' or my personal favorite this time of year, 'It isn't Santa Claus kissing Mommy it is Santos kissing Mommy." We haven't believed those excuses for years. We all know Dad has the hots for you and can't keep his hands off you, that's why there are so many of us."


"Well it's the truth Mom, even at your age you're hot, all our friends think so."

"Les, talk to your sons."

"Beautiful, I have to agree with them - you're hot!"

"You're hopeless!"

"I am." laughed Les.

Jason started sparring with his Dad, then Jack joined in. Tom walked in threw down his duffle bag and joined in the melee.

Jordan put Tom in a headlock and the free for all started.

"Watch the lamps!" I yelled as I walked down the steps shaking my head. It was going to be a wonderful Christmas all our kids were home. Jordan, 23 had graduated at the top of his class at the Naval Academy was an officer in the SEALS. Emily had taken vacation from her job as an FBI profiler. Angie, lived in one of the bungalows. She had come up through the ranks at Skip's publishing company and was now CEO. Mary Alice was a Vet and worked with Jim. Her specialty, to no ones surprise, was horses. Lisa was an artist and taught classes at the Maryland Institute of Art. Tank still proudly displays his framed drawing in his home with June and their 3 kids.

Jack and Jason are home from college. Jack goes to MIT and Jason is going to Harvard. It's hard to believe they are 20. Tom is 19 and he attends Johns Hopkins. Cooper and Ian are 16 and are going to Loyola High School and finally Jocelyn age 12. Lester's princess His curly haired blue eyed little girl. The boys were all the spitting image of Les. They ranged in height from 6'4" to 6'7" they all had sun kissed spiky hair, green eyes and dimples with a crooked grin. They have left a trail of broken hearted girls in their wake. With all these brothers Jocelyn has a snowball's chance of ever having a boyfriend excluding the guy's sons. We had had a rash of wedding and births at our happy complex. I personally think Jocelyn will end up with Bobby and Mary's youngest son Caleb. He's 14 and is very protective of Jocelyn. There is this connection that I recognize between them and Les ignores, after all she is Daddy's little girl.

"Where is Emily? And I haven't seen Ben." Jack, Jason, Cooper and Ian kind of slipped away and I nabbed Tom.

"Where is Emily, Tom?"

He mumbled and tried to get away but I grabbed his shirt and I yelled for the others to come out of hiding and act like men.

They came together to the kitchen as if coming in as a group would stop them from my inquisition. Les walked up and put his arms around me.

"Don't think you are going to distract me Lester Santos, I know you are in on this. Who wants to fill me in on where Emily is?" I stared at Tom who is the weakest link in the platinum chain of Santos males. Tom wouldn't look me in the eye.

"Thomas, Spill it!"

"Stay the course man, don't give up your position." said Jordan.

"Don't look into her eyes Tom." said Jason.

"Put up a brick wall and don't let her in." said Cooper who had recently watched the orginal film of the Village of the Damned.

I watched Tom start to crumble when Jocelyn and Caleb walked in and Jocelyn said, "Why are Emily and Ben locked in the pool house? Emily is yelling and throwing things and apparently Ben is yelling back."

Ben is yelling at Emily? That would never happen. Jason whipped out an old baby monitor and turned it on.

"Why shouldn't I date Stacy, you're the one who told me to date, that you were sick of seeing me hang around and spoil your fun!"

There was loud crash and the sound of glass breaking. "You've been spoiling my fun and dates since I was fourteen. I was never so embarrassed when you pulled me from Zack's car and threw me over your shoulder and brought me home." screamed Emily.

"It was for your own good, he was seventeen and he wanted to get in your pants."

"We were talking about our science project."

"You are still sticking to that feeble story after all these years Emily?"

Another crash of glass breaking "Quit it! I don't know what you're so mad about. All I said was I wasn't going to be home for Christmas that I was going with Stacy to meet Stacy's parents."

Another crash. "I hope your parents are planning on redecorating Emily - why are you so mad?"

"You have to be here for Christmas, you are always here for Christmas!"

"Not this year, I'm doing what you want me to do. I'm moving on. I've waited for you since I was six years old. I waited till you were eighteen and I wouldn't be accused of dating jail bait. You wanted to go away to college. I waited till you graduated from college. You wanted a career. Six months ago you said move on Ben so I did what the hell is wrong with you! Stop throwing things dammit that book hurt."

"You're a plastic surgeon now you can fix it!" sobbed Emily.

"Why are you crying Gorgeous?" Ben asked softly.

I took the monitor from Jason and turned it off. "Who locked them in the pool house?"

"Jack and Jason grabbed Ben and handcuffed him in the pool house. Jordan and Ian grabbed Emily and handcuffed her to Ben.

We knew it would only be minutes before they got out of the handcuffs thanks to Dad teaching us that art"

I looked at Les and he smiled. "It's a good talent for them to have, they learned their lessons well."

"I suppose you provided this old baby monitor for them to have too?"

"It is an old Santo's motto, don't throw anything out - you might need it someday and if I had put on the sound monitor for the pool house it would have set up an alarm here."

"So you were in on it?"

"My job was to keep you distracted, Did it work?" he said grinning.

Jordan spoke up. "Look we all know those two are meant to be together, but my sister is stubborn. She called me crying last week because Ben was starting to get serious with Stacy."

"No he wasn't, he was just trying to make Emily jealous, that was his plan all along." I said.

"Beautiful, how do you know that was his plan?"

"Because, that is what Ben and I came up with when she told him to move on and start dating. Stacy is the sister of Ben's associate."

We all looked at each other and started laughing.

Caleb looked at Jocelyn and said "You know you won't stand a chance when I make up my mind to marry you. I'll just get your whole family involved. Your father and my father finally related is a scary thought." Jocelyn looked up at him and laughed.

Angie walked in and said the Grandmas had dinner ready and we had better hightail it down to the house in the next five minutes.

Les and I stood back and watched the group run out.

"Do you think we should let Emily and Ben out of the pool house Beautiful?"

"What do you think Les?"

"Nah, come here and give me a kiss. What's going on with Jocelyn and Caleb?" He pulled me to him " I don't think I want to know what's going on with those two - I think I might hear the words soul mates and I don't think I want to know."


We thought when I expanded the kitchen and made a great room it would be big enough. Brian was working on plans to double it again and double the size of the Bed and Breakfast. Ella still insisted on running everything but she now had a staff. Louis, was busy in his greenhouses which now totaled ten. Skip, now eighty, had turned over the reins of his publishing company to Angie and he sat in his library and read in the winter and crabbed with Tank in the summer.

Vince and Jesse had six kids. Hector had watched Jenny leave the first year after college. He said she needed to spread her wings and he was holding her back. He was Lester and my best friend and it killed us to see his heart break. We were with him on the porch when a Harley pulled up and the rider pulled off their helmet, shook out their beautiful hair and asked Hector if he knew who could wash a girl's hair in a hospital bed. They were married one week later and they have two little girls and one little boy named Hector Jr. who at the age of six could throw a knife with pinpoint accuracy and they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Bobby is now the head of Emergency Care and Mary is head of the Urology Department. They have 3 sons, Mathew, Mark and Caleb.

Brett and Binkie own 5 Harley dealorships and are in a serious relationship - with each other.

Cal and Hal married identical twin sisters and live in a big house they built here on the property. No one ventures to speculate on the relationship between the couples that do everything together.

Woody is still a bachelor who looks at Mary Alice with love in his eyes.

Manny and Ram are still bachelors who have never, as they tell Ella, found the right girls to bring home to her.

Hunter, is relaxing with the owner of 3 Starbuck franchises.

My father had called me about 5 years ago; he was entering a monastery and was taking a vow of silence.

My mother and sister were still committed together in a mental hospital.

Julie is the coordinator at University of Maryland in charge of Organ donors. She tells us that Ranger is engaged for the fifth time. She warned each fiancee not to plan a wedding because Ranger will be unfaithful. She actually gives this engagement a fair shot at ending up in marriage. The woman is Jeanne Ellen, Julie figures they are such miserable people with the inability of being faithful it will probably work.

Maria Manoso lives with Rafe and Beth and their little girl.

Ricardo Sr. passed away two years ago.

Silvio lives here and is still searching for his soul mate.

Tom and Janie got married and presented Ben with twin brothers.

John finally found his soul mate while we were on a parachute jump. She was supposed to jump tandem with her boyfriend who chickened out. John stepped up to be her partner. They have been married fifteen years and have twin girls. What is it with these Santos and twins?

Christmas carols were playing, there was much laughter and talking when the back door opened and Job 4 and Nix and Trouble 3 walked in with Ben and Emily.

"Hey Tank!" yelled Ben "Save June 5th on your calendar. Gorgeous and I need you to plan our wedding and we definitely need fireworks!"

I looked around at the love in this room and then I looked at my love. He wrapped me in his arms and I sang softly in his ear "The Nightingale"

"I'll love you forever, Les."

"I'll love you forever and ever Beautiful till the end of time."

The End