Lieutenant-Commander Shane 'Oakley' Schofield was awake.

At least he thought he was. He could feel his toes tingle even as he drifted in this strange dream. It all seemed too fuzzy for consciousness though, like his mind was in a boat drifting on the waves and his body was sinking below it.

He tried to listen, hear something to prove he was asleep and dreaming.

At first he heard nothing just the dampened emptiness of a pressurised room. Then as he lay there listening he heard more. The beep of a machine, the whir of a pump.

He tried opening his eyes but there was something heavy on his head. It pushed down on his eyes and made them feel as if they were sinking into his head. In the grog of sleep he reached up with his hand to pull it off and felt a sharp, painful jab at his elbow.

Someone was pinching him, reflex action; he snapped his hand back to get away. The pain only got worse now they were stabbing him, twisting his arm. He let out an involuntary gasp as he pulled his arm back into his side.

"Lieutenant?" A soft voice cooed. A trail of footsteps came pattering across the room to his side.

He froze. Not quite sure what this person, a woman going on the sound of her voice, wanted.

"I need you to calm down for me. I know this is very disorientating but I need you to lay still so I can fix your IV" As she spoke he felt gentle hands on his arm that gradually slid up to his elbow and ever so slowly pulled his arm back to the awkward angle it was when he awoke. Awoke. He must be awake then. This seemed real, more real than it had before.

"There we go. My name's Karee. I'm here to help you" He tried to calm himself, wanted to trust her and relax back into dreams but his body wouldn't. Couldn't. He tried to relax his muscles but they just stayed there, frozen in place, like they'd forgotten what to do.

The pain in his elbow lessened but the movement had brought feeling with it. It started as painful aches but soon swelled and flowed to a steady thrum all the way through his body. It ebbed and surged and snaked its way around him like a python circling in for the kill. Head, throat, arms, chest, all the way down his legs to his feet. There wasn't a single part of him that was free. It grew tighter and tighter, made it harder to breathe as it coiled and twisted around him.

Suddenly something tickled his ear. A whisper of air as the woman spoke again "Deep breaths, Lieutenant. I'm going to give you something for the pain." As she spoke he felt her move away to his side again.

"I'll touch your arm now; it'll feel cold for bit but trust me it'll help." He tried to open his mouth to answer her but couldn't tell if he succeeded. Focusing on the sound of her movements he mentally tracked her around the bed to his other side. Sure enough, as her footsteps stopped her hands were back on his hand sliding just as slow up his arm to adjust something at his elbow. She pulled away and he heard the rustle of a bag and a click. He was just about to try speaking again when he felt something cold on his arm. It seemed to linger there for a second before it crept down into his arm spreading until he could feel it only in his fingers...and then there was nothing again.

It was at that moment it all came back, not in bits and pieces, not like in the movies when they remember nothing and then have theatrical flashbacks.

It wasn't that dramatic it just...came back.

Everything, all at once.