Skye had the not-quite-pleasant experience of having Wrath shake her to consciousness at seven in the morning. He was shoving her arm back and forth, calling, "Sissy! Sissy, get up! Get up!"

After that she slowly got out of bed, apologizing to him for not waking up, and began to make her bed.

"Sissy!" Wrath tugged at the bottom of her shirt. "How come your eyes are different?"

She glanced down at him. "I told you, Wrath. I'm an artificially made Homunculus, so my eye color changes. Right now I'm human."

"Cool. Your eyes are pretty now, and they were pretty before too."

"Thanks." Skye stretched and began to walk out the door, but stopped when she felt Wrath's arms around her legs. "Sissy! Sissy! Wait for me, please!"

Skye chuckled and patted him on the head. "Sorry, Wrathy. My bad, hon."

Wrath yawned and took Skye's hand. "Hey Sissy, are you and Envy mad at each other?"

She glanced down and blinked. "No, why would you think that?"

"'Cause of you guys yellin' at each other last night." He squeezed her hand a little. "You didn't even finish my story and Envy told me to shut the h-e-double-hockey-sticks up and go to bed..."

"Oh. I-I'm sorry, Wrath... how about I finish it after breakfast?"

"Okay. That's my naptime a'fore lunch. So I guess that'd be cool. Will you make me my favorite breakfast?"

She rolled her eyes. "What's your favorite breakfast? See if I can make it."

"Peanut butter toast."

"Ah, that's easy. Very, ah... perfecta."

"Good. I think everybody else already ate, so the only people you have to cook for right now are me and Envy and you!"

"'Envy, you, and I'," she corrected absently, heading into the kitchen. "And why do I have to cook for Envy?"

"Looooooook!" Wrath pointed at the fridge. "It's a note!" He snapped his eyes back to it for half a second. "And it's for you, Sissy!"

"Huh? Okay, let me get your toast started." She popped a few slices of bread into the toaster, then peeled the Post-It off the fridge. "'Dear Skye Jameson, we are very pleased to welcome you into our team. Sloth and I have no need of your services as of yet, so I will simply tell the Colonel that you are performing a mission in Dublith. I trust you, Greed, and Envy to keep all in order while we are gone. Do not disturb Miss Dante for any reason. Your official off-base duties as the Homunculi's housekeeper have now begun. Sincerely, Pride.'"

Wrath blinked a few times as he noticed Skye's hand tightening, crumpling the note. He could practically see the fire burning around her body. "Sissy...? What's wrong?"

Skye ran over to the sink, tearing up the note and feeding it to the garbage disposal. "All that work passing my stupid State Alchemist exam and I'm a damn maid?"

"Sissy!" Wrath cried, trying to snap her out of it. "Calm down!"

Skye continued to shred the note, mini flames blazing in her eyes. "I'll show him a housekeeper! He wants the house kept, I'll keep it alright! I'll keep it to the fifth ring of hell! I swear I'll kill him!"


Skye shrieked as Wrath's toast popped up, dropping what was left of Pride's message. "Holy good world of the third dimension! I didn't do anything, Envy!"

Wrath blinked a few times before deciding that Skye probably wasn't bright in the morning. "Sissy, that wasn't Envy. That was the toaster."

"Ah..." Skye put a hand over her chest, trying to calm herself down. "And to think I was going to have a heart attack over Envy yelling at me..." She walked over and took the toast out. "Let me put in some for Envy, I'll put peanut butter on this, okay?"

"Kay, Sissy!"

She took Wrath's toast and started spreading peanut butter over it, yawning slightly. There was a slight banging noise and she raised an eyebrow.

"Sissy!" Wrath cried. "This time it really is Envy!"

"Wrath, I'm not falling for that. It's just the refrigerator settling or something."

"Good morning, little Half-culus!"

"HOLY-!" Skye screamed bloody murder and threw the knife, scared out of her skin. That was definitely not the refrigerator settling.

When she spun around, she saw Envy holding the knife, looking curiously from it to her. "Well now, Half-culus, I didn't know you scared so easily. I'll remember that." He dropped the knife, and it clattered to the floor. "And be careful, you're going to put someone's eye out."

She glared, though it probably came out as more of a pout. "I do not scare easily."

"Halfy, you spook like a herd of cattle. Ohh, you made me breakfast already?" He grabbed the plate of toast she'd just finished peanut-buttering and began to munch away on it. "Mmm, how nice of you, Halfy."

"Envy! I made that for Wrath! Yours is in the damn toaster." Skye put her fists on her hips, sighing at him. "Can't you wait five minutes? What's so bad about that?"

"Well, I don't wanna wait, Halfy." He took another bite out of the toast. "Mmm. Next time, though, could you make coffee and a bagel with cream cheese for me? Peanut butter's a little childish for my tastes, Halfy."

"You know, Sissy has a name," Wrath growled, grabbing Envy's hair. "Why don't you use it?"

Envy kicked the kid aside. "Why don't you?"

"'Cause, she's my sissy. So shut up and be nice to her or I'll kick you!"

Envy snorted. "Yeah. I fear a size 5 foot."

"Hard enough to break something!"

"Still not scaring me, half-pint."

"And I'll kick you in that area Greed calls his 'special' place! And I've got hit in that place enough t' know it really hurts!"

"Wrath!" Skye called, horrified. "Stop that! We don't threaten people, even if they're jerk sauce!"

Wrath and Envy just kind of stared at her. "... Jerk sauce?" Envy questioned, raising both eyebrows.

"It was the first thing that came to mind. Just forget about it," she mumbled, turning to the cabinet to get another plate. "I hate mornings."

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