a/n - heres the Mpreg as promised :) When i think of a better name for it ill change it! this bit is a bit short, sorry!

Logan washed his mouth out for the millionth time but yet he could still taste the sick in his mouth. He wiped his forehead with a cloth, ran his fingers backwards through his hair and made himself look the slightest bit presentable. He stepped out of the bedroom and almost instantly Kendall was over to him, fussing over him.

"Logie, are you okay?" Logan chuckled slightly.

"I'm fine Kendall, I just feel a bit ill that's all" Kendall nodded but didn't let the concerned look leave his face. He pulled Logan into a gentle hug and closed his eyes, savouring the moment. A few moments passed when Logan heard his phone ring. He pressed the answer button and held the phone to his ear.


"Hello, is this Mr Mitchell speaking?"

"Uh, yeah it is, can I help you?"

"Yes, this is the hospital; we have the results for you"

"Okay we'll be over in a little while to collect them"

"Okay, thank you, goodbye"

"No, thank you, bye for now"

Kendall walked over to Logan as he put the phone down. "Who was that?"

"The hospital, they have the results..." Kendall smiled and attached his lips to Logan's.

"So we're finally finding out what's going on?" Logan smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, I said we'll go over there now" Kendall pecked Logan on the lips again.

"I'll ask my mum to drop us off, then afterwards, we can get some lunch or something" Logan's face lit up at the idea.

"Okay!" Kendall chuckled and pulled Logan's lips to his again.

"You better get ready, I'll go and ask my mum now" Logan nodded as Kendall left and went to get a clean shirt from the wardrobe.


The two boys jumped out of the car, said goodbye to Mrs Knight and headed into the hospital. Logan still felt a little queasy from being sick earlier that morning but the idea of finally finding out what was going on and then going out to lunch with Kendall was starting to make him feel a little better. Logan signed himself in and together they sat in the waiting room. Logan had a strange look on his face that just made Kendall even more concerned for him.

"Logie? Baby, are you okay?" Logan looked up at Kendall with an innocent look on his face.

"Yeah... well I think so, I just... What do you think all of this is?" Kendall furrowed his eyebrows.

"I really don't know... I mean it could just be a stomach bug but it would have gone by now..." Logan sighed and closed his eyes

"The only thing I can think of with these exact symptoms is... Uh..." Logan trailed off and looked at the floor, biting his lip.

"Is what..?" Kendall asked, concern showing through his voice

"Pregnancy... but surely I can't be..." Kendall's eyes widened slightly

"It couldn't be... could it? I mean it's impossible..." Logan shrugged and went to reply but was cut off by his name being called. He looked up and standing by the reception desk with a clipboard was the doctor. He stood up, pulling Kendall with him and walked over to the doctor.

"Good morning Mr. Mitchell, you're looking well" Logan smiled.

"The receptionist said you have some results for us?" Kendall said, butting in.

"Ah yes, follow me" Kendall laced his fingers in with Logan's and together they walked down the corridor.

Logan's heart started racing as they entered the maternity ward.

"Um... What are we doing here?" He squeaked as they walked into an empty ultrasound room. Kendall sat and pulled Logan onto his lap as the doctor turned to them.

"Okay, well I suppose your wondering why we're in here..." Kendall and Logan nodded, confused.

"Right, well I know this sounds completely impossible but Logan... we believe that you may be pregnant..." Logan cupped his hand to his mouth as a tear fell down his cheek. Kendall had tears pouring too, tears of pure happiness.

"How is that... how is that possible?" He asked, laughing slightly with happiness. The doctor smiled.

"We have a feeling its along the lines of ectopic implantation, but we haven't implanted anything, that's as close as we can get to explaining anything as of yet" Kendall wrapped his arms around Logan's waist and squeezed gently, resting his head on his chin. Logan turned his head and looked up at Kendall.

"Y-your crying..." Kendall chuckled. "So are you" Logan attached his lips to Kendall's.

"Happy crying right?" Logan asked quietly. Kendall nodded and wiped the tears from Logan's cheek with his thumb.

"Logan, your having my child, how could I not be happy?" Their lips touched again, this time for longer and filled with love. The doctor smiled as the kiss broke and Logan turned to the doctor

"I have booked you in for an ultrasound if you want Logan... Kendall can stay in here too" Logan smiled and nodded, climbing up onto the bed in the middle of the room ready for the ultrasound.