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"Megan, can you come here a minute?" Logan called from the kitchen. It was megan's fifth birthday and everyone had gathered round Logan and Kendall's new house for a party. Megan had been excited about it for weeks and still couldn't wait for everything to get underway. Kendall was waiting outside after putting together a little birthday surprise for Megan and had literally only just finished while Megan was sitting in front of the TV, tongue sticking out slightly as she sat brushing through the hair of her new 'my little pony' that James had bought her for her birthday as James, Carlos, Katie and Mrs Knight sat on the Sofa's around watching her with smiles on their faces. At hearing Logan's voice, Megan put down her plastic pony and the small hairbrush on the side before skipping through.

"Yes papa?" Megan was the cutest little girl anyone had ever seen. Her eyes had changed from a pale green to a bright emerald colour as she grew up and her dark hair fell in loose curls that reached her shoulders. Her smile was one of the cutest anyone could admit they'd seen and no matter how much trouble from press and fans she got, she still got through the day with a huge smile on her face. She was loved and she knew it. She had her daddy and papa, her grandma, Auntie Katie, and Uncle James and Uncle Carlos to love her.

"Daddy has a surprise for you sweetheart!" Logan told here with a fond smile as he lifted her off the ground and into his arms. Megan clapped her hands in excitement as Logan carried her through to the front garden where Kendall was brushing himself off. Soon enough the others followed through too.

"Daddy!" Kendall couldn't help the smile that broke out on his face when Megan went toddling over to him and into his arms.

"Hello sweetie... Daddy has a surprise for you!" Megan's face lit up as she noticed the covered object next to Kendall. He set her down gently and took one corner of the material facing away from everyone and whispered something to the little girl. While everyone stood there confused Megan made her way around to look under the blanket. The next thing everyone knew she had disappeared under it and there was giggling erupting from it.

"Ready daddy!" Kendall let out a little chuckle before pulling off the blanket revealing an adorable little wooden hut that was painted to look like a princess tower. Megan's head was poking out of one of the 'windows' and she had the most adorable little grin on her face as she waved. Everyone let out an 'aww' as they watched the little girl giggle her way around it. She stuck her head out of every window she could reach, waving as she went.

Kendall looked to Logan who had tears in his eyes and he sped over, wrapping his arms around him.

"Cheer up Logie!" Kendall cooed, stroking the smaller boys hair. Logan let out a tearful chuckle.

"I'm fine Kendall... I just can't believe how much she's grown up!" Kendall pulled away slightly and wiped a few stray tears from Logan's cheeks. Everyone was too busy watching Megan so they barely noticed the two. Kendall kissed Logan gently, putting his arms around his waist.

"I don't think anyone can..." All of a sudden Logan felt two small arms wrap around his leg. He looked down with a grin as he saw Megan looking up at him. He bent down and picked her up, staying close to Kendall.

"You really are a gorgeous family... I don't think I could be more proud!" Mrs Knight was the one to be tearful now. Everyone was taking their go at smiling like a proud parent and even Katie looked close to tearing up. James had gone as soon as he saw Megan in the house and Carlos was managing to keep himself together.

Kendall smiled at them all before looking back at Logan and Megan.

Mrs Knight was right... Once again, things really were perfect.

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