Chapter 3; final

December 24

"I told you…the longer you prolong it, the more likely the possibility Amu will catch you. If she catches you, it's going to be more painful than when you tell her yourself…" Rima-tan sighed. They were both seated by the Royal Garden. The two of them went earlier but when Yaya came, they sounded all business!

Yaya knew that she must not interfere so she eavesdropped instead.

I saw Nagi gulp and lower his head to let his bangs cover his eyes. Rima-tan sighed then pats hit head.

"It'll all be okay. Amu's not the type to hold a grudge against anyone, Nagi…"

Nagi's shoulders sagged. "Thanks. I'll try to tell Yaya-tan and…Amu…chan…when they get here"

Yaya felt all giddy in the inside. She want to know a secret! She immediately took large steps to the Royal Garden then slammed the door open.

"Konnichiwa, minna!" She screamed.

Nagi and Rima-tan abruptly turned to me. When I heard a sigh from behind me, Nagi-kun stiffened and paled.

"Jeez, Yaya…you could at least try to not make a ruckus once you enter!" Amu chuckled. I smiled

Nagi coughed. "Yaya-san and…Amu-chan…I need to tell you something…"

Rima-tan gave him an encouraging pat on the back.

"You can do it, Nagihiko…"

He sighed then looked at Amu-chi with hopeful eyes.

He began, "It is a tradition in the Fujisaki family boys to dress as girls while they are young to perform Japanese dance…"

Amu-chi tilted her hear. "What's your point, Nagihiko?" She asked.

"…Amu-chan…Yuiki-san…" He took a deep breath then gave the two of us serious and scary faces.

"…I am Nadeshiko…"

December 25

"Neither Amu-chan or Fujisaki-kun plan to attend the Christmas party…?" Tadase said. Yaya nodded sadly…

Yaya's shocked that Naddy is actually Nagi, but she managed to accept it. Of course, Yaya had to bombard Nagi with lots of questions. Amu-chi, however, did not take it nicely. In fact, she's been mad at Nagi ever since!

"If neither Amu nor Nagihiko's coming, then I'm no coming too" Rima-tan said, crossing her arms with a blank expression.

"Well, there's no point to it if no one really wants to go…" Tadase sighed. All of a sudden, as if Yaya was born to make problems go away, her mind clicked with a brilliant idea!

"Why don't we spend the Christmas pairing Nagi and Amu-chi up!" She squealed. Rima-tan immediately narrowed her eyes at me.

"No!" She said simply.

"No, No! That came out wrong! Yaya-chi wants to…make Nagi and Amu-chi friends again!"

Rima-tan and Tadase-kun turned to me.

"Nice idea, Yuiki-san!" Tadase-kun smiled.

Yay! Yaya is so awesome!

"How, though?" Rima-tan wondered.


Cell phone!

"With this!"

The two of them raised their brows.

"A phone?" They said together.


Yaya knew that watching tv shows would actually be useful…

Yaya got her splendid idea from this epic tv show!

To: Amu-chi

From: Yaya

Let's meet at the park and play now, Amu-chi! No no's!
Amu-chi, you have to come or Yaya will cry!

To: Nagi

From: Yaya

Let's meet at the park and play now, Nagi! No no's!
Nagi, you have to come or Yaya will cry!

…Of course…Yaya-chi will not come because she has a brilliant plan…

Five minutes later

"Yaya doesn't wanna go!"

"Stop complaining, Yaya. We might've as well watch them make-up. Also, I've got to make sure Nagihiko doesn't kiss Amu"

"Same here…"

"Hide!" Rima-tan immediately pulled us behind the bush when she saw Amu-chi sitting by the bench. As if on cue, Nagi came with arms behind his head. He abruptly stopped then stiffened when he saw Amu-chi, who looked just as surprised.

Well…after awhile, Amu-chi stood up then walked away.

"Amu-chi, don't make Yaya's load go to waste! Go and make-up with Nag-mmf!" Yaya's mouth was covered by both Rima-tan and Tadase-kun. Amu-chi turned back with a confused look.

"…Did you say that, Nadehiko?" She wondered.

Rima-chi just had to laugh at the nick-name…

Nagi sweat-dropped.


"Nagi, say something cheesy and sweet to make Amu-chi forgive y-mmf"

"Shut up, Yaya!"

Amu-chi and Nagi sweat-dropped. After awhile, the two of them laughed then gazed at the bush. Tadase-kun and I stiffened while Rima-chan nibbled on a strawberry pocky.

"Yaya, if you plan to eavesdrop then you could've tried to be a bit quieter, right?" Amu-chi giggled.

Without much thought, Rima-tan stood up from the bush, still holding her pocky.

"Amu…" She looked at Amu-chi.

"…You're troubled. Why don't you call onto your first best friend Nadeshiko? It's rare I'd let you two be friends, you know…" She said. Amu-chi bit her lip.

"…But Nadeshiko doesn't exist…"

"But Nagihiko does!" Tadase also stood up from the bush.

"I'm sorry, Amu-chan. I didn't mean to prolong it. I was just scared that you'd get mad…which…you actually did…"

Amu blushed slightly.

"M-okay…it's just that…I don't know…"

She bit her lip then swayed. After awhile, her pout was replaced with a smile.

"…I was confused. After you told me that, I was shocked. Nadeshiko was my best friend and the realization that she didn't exist scared me…it really did. I didn't know what to do…"

"So you slapped him across the face as if you were his girl-friend and you were breaking up with him?" Rima-tan immediately clutched Nagi's arm.

Heh. She's been so protective of Amu-chi before, but now she's also protective of Nagi after they started going out!

Well…that's it!

Yaya-chi only has a bit pages left, since Tsubasa crumpled the rest of the paper.

Yaya will write our Christmas party for the last page, because she knows…

…it's going to be memorable…

Christmas Party

"Aren't you glad you both made up before Christmas?" Tadase-kun smiled. Amu-chi and Nagi looked at each other then laughed.

"Oh! Nagihiko, I have a problem. Can you dress up as Nadeshiko after the party?"

"U-um…" sweat-drops.


Wow…so many cakes and candy…

C-can Yaya-chan eat for awhile? She'll write in her diary later, okay? Wait!

After awhile

Rima-tan's boring! She doesn't even like cake? Who doesn't like cake?

"Um…Nadehiko…" Amu-chi mused. Rima-tan puffed her cheeks at the two then glared.

"I just remembered the time you invited me over for a sleep-over. Our sleeping bags were beside each other. Also, there was a time you looked past my shoulder when I was feeling flat-chested…" She said.

What does she mean by that? Why is it that After Amu-chi said that, Nagi paled?

So did Tadase-kun and Rima-tan.

What's going on?

"Baka! Pervert! Evil cross-dressing purple-headed freak!" Rima-tan screamed. Nagi flinched when she slammed her foot against his.

"Ow, Rima-tan! That hurt!" Nagi pouted.


Uh-oh. Looks like Yaya needs to by a new notebook!

She's going to try and make them both make-up!

…Wait. But they fight all the time. Is this normal?

So that's the final chapter. Sorry, labeled the story complete when it wasn't. My bad…

Anyway, this is the final chapter. Writing from Yaya's POV was actually hard. See you again! I have other stories if you'd like to read!