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"Human talking"

'Human thought'

"Kyubi/monster Talking"

'Kyubi/monster thought'

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Chapter 1: Prologue: You're in Earthland

Destruction, was what, could only be seen in an almost three mile radius. In the midst of the destruction two individuals were present. One barely standing while the other lies down defeated, the one, who was standing limply walked toward the fallen enemy and bend down. He held a strange three pronged kunai on his hand and placed it on his enemy's eyes.

"You are defeated, Uchiha Madara. I'll be making sure that this time you won't be coming back." He said as he ripped out both his enemy's eyes and destroyed them with a simple fire jutsu.

But instead of screaming in pain, a low but wicked chuckle was heard from Madara.

"You really have become very powerful, Namikaze Naruto. I can't believe that even with all the eight Bijus on my possession together with the rinnegan and sharinggan, you would still find a way to beat me by using only the Kyubi and sage mode. But you know, with all my years of being on this world, did you really think that I didn't have a back-up plan? You are underestimating me Namikaze."

"A back-up plan huh? I already sealed up your chakra, destroyed your rinnegan and sharinggan. I also sealed your access of the chakra on the Bijus inside you. What could you still possibly do?" Naruto said with a smirk.

"You're not the only one who is good with seals, Boy." Madara said darkly as his body start to glow and energy start to unstably pulsate around them.

The smirk on Naruto's face suddenly disappeared and a look on panic was etched on his face.

"What are you doing? What is happening? Answer me!" He shouted.

Madara laughed like a maniac and said.

"Ah, the smell of fear, I love how a cocky brat like you panic in fear after second of thinking that you had won. You see, when I plan, I always ensure that the worst scenario would be a sacrificial win."

Madara could feel that Naruto was starting to get what he was saying. He continued.

"Don't think anymore, I shall tell you what my plan for a worst scenario. You see when I sealed the Bijus on myself, I added a failsafe seal. The seal activates when I willed it. So you see, I am not just a God but also a ticking bomb, a bomb that is worth the power of the eight Bijus. Do you know how powerful of a bomb is that Uzumaki? Everything, everything in this forsaken world will be wiped out. No one will survive, not you, not me and especially not the elemental nations. I die, everyone will die with me."

Madara starts to laugh like a maniac again. Meanwhile Naruto was already trying to think of a way to stop it.

"Shit shit shit, what do I do? I can't teleport him to anywhere in this world as the explosion would destroy the whole world anyway." He continues to ponder until he remembered Kakashi's technique, Kamui.

"Right, Kakashi-sensei's technique could send someone to a temporary dimension." But then he realized something.

"Kakashi-sensei is dead." He punched the ground hard.

"Is this the end? Is this the only thing I could do even with all my hard work? All of us are going to die in the end? No, I can't accept that. Even if there is only one string of hope, I'll grab into it because they have faith in me."

"There is a way, Naruto." The fox said in his mind.

"What? Tell me." He asked.

"Do you remember you're Hiraishin? It is a time-space jutsu. If you could improvise it a little using my chakra you might be able to produce a rip on dimension and transport Madara there."

"I see let's do it then."

"There is a catch however."

"I will die with Madara, won't I? Or worse be trapped on that rip in reality where I might be sailing into oblivion for the whole eternity."

"Yes, are you still willing to do this?"

"Of course, there is no other way. We would all die if I don't do this. I'm sorry that you would be joining me too."

"It is alright. Atleast I would be able to do something good in my cursed life. Now, let's start."

"Okay, how do we do it?"

"Remember how you discovered that Hiraishin is a jutsu where it makes a time-space tunnel between two markers."

"Yeah, basically if I had a Hiraishin seal with me and I had a Hiraishin seal on another place. If I activate the seal that is with me, I would sense were all my markers are. Then I will be entering time-space dimension and then I would automatically exit on the marker I had chosen. The exits are those seals with the same chakra as what I had poured into the seal that is with me. But you know, we can't stay in the tunnel for a long time since if I don't choose a destination, I would randomly land on any of the markers I placed."

"Precisely, that is why you will use my chakra instead of your chakra. Since, my chakra isn't the same as what you poured into those markers when they are made, there will be no exit on the tunnel. That is why I told you that it would be a suicide. Unless there is a chakra or energy that is the same as mine, there will be no exit."

"I see then let's do it now."

Naruto said as the demon cloak enveloped him and he poured the chakra unto his three pronged kunai.

"Goodbye everyone, I hope you all live a happy and peaceful life." was what he last said before he and Madara were engulfed by a blinding red light.


The midnight sky was currently illuminated only by a full moon. On the forest, a shadow could be seen moving at a very fast rate. The figure suddenly stopped revealing a cloaked man, his head hidden by a hood. He looked at the moon.

"It's full moon tonight, perfect." From where he is standing, he could see the bottom of the hill. His eyes narrowed as he focused on a strange pyramid structure.

'Those humans, I really won't understand them. Don't they know that what they are trying to do might result to the destruction of this world? Or maybe they already know but would gladly let the world crumble just for power. That, I cannot allow.' He thought as he quickly run down towards the pyramid.

Inside the pyramid, a group of humans are meditating and concentrating. In front of them is a platform where various relics are placed.

Outside the pyramid, many people are standing guard so the ceremony won't be disrupted. A figure suddenly landed next to one of the guards. A hand clasp the guard's mouth as a sword pierced his chest. Seconds later he dropped dead. The shadowy figure moves quickly from one guard to the other and minutes later, the victims lay down dead on the cold ground.

Meanwhile, inside the pyramid, one of the relics starts to glow weakly. So weak, that it went unnoticed by the practitioners.


Naruto couldn't believe it.

"Just my luck, I was able to transport Madara to a time-space dimension but hell, he just had to explode in one compressed spot. Now, I'll be living in this limbo for all eternity instead of dying with him on that explosion."

"It looks like space here is distorted. It's true that if Madara exploded on our world, he would have destroyed it but here, where space and time might constantly compress and decompress, anything could happen. Heck, we don't even know if how much time has passed since we were here. To us, it might be merely minutes but in actuality we might be here for a century already. Just look at what it did to us, it separated me from you."

The Kyubi said while floating in front of Naruto.

"Good point. Oh well, so I guess we will be staying for whole eternity here eh, partner?"

The Kyubi merely chuckled and said.

"Don't lose hope, you never know what might happen… Urk…"

Suddenly Kyubi and Naruto felt like they are being ripped apart and then reformed.

"Kyubi… what's happening? Ugh.."

"I think the space-time is changing. And it is changing us with it."

After several minutes or so they thought, the changing stopped and instantly Naruto felt his body aching.

"Kyubi, where are you? What happened? It's kind of dark and I can't see a thing."

Kyubi could only stare in awe, for right now, he is looking not at a seventeen year old Naruto but an almost a hundred year old Naruto.

"Naruto, I think we aged by a century."

"What? So you mean to tell me I can't see because I am already old. No wonder I feel so weak."

The Kyubi chuckled at Naruto.

"Well, even as a hundred year old you still are loud and energetic, I give you that."

"Oh just my luck, now I have to live like this for all eternity."

"Don't worry, if my theory is correct. We might change again."

"The hell, what would be next? Me, being only bones?"

Unfortunately or fortunately, they started to feel being ripped and reformed again.

"The hell, does it really have to be this painful."

While Naruto cursing everything for the pain, the Kyubi saw something and inspected it. He narrowed his eyes at it and saw that it was a tiny spec of light. A light coming from something and then he remembered what Naruto told him.

'The exit of the tunnel. Now, if only I could pour in more of my chakra to compensate for the marker's lack of chakra.' The Kyubi thought.

After several minutes, the change stopped and Naruto is now is in his late forties.

"So, now we go back in time?" Naruto asked as he saw Kyubi doing something.

"Hey Kyubi what are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm pouring my chakra into this small spec of light. It might be end of the tunnel. We might be able to get out of here afterall. So, stay back a little because I'm gonna go full force to compensate the lack of chakra of the marker."

"Yeah, go Kyubi you can do it." Naruto said as he started cheering Kyubi while transforming on a almost fifty year old version of his Oiroke no jutsu.

"Stop that, it's kinda disturbing." The Kyubi said while trying to erase that memory from his mind.


The figure enters the pyramid and immediately felt disgusted at what he saw. Human bodies chained up like animals. It is clear to him as what they fate were.

"Human sacrifices, they would sacrifice their own kind just to gain more power. Disgusting." He said as he walked towards the room at the end.

As he approached the room, the guards stationed outside the room saw him and was about to attack him when one of them was pushed back by an invisible force to the wall. The strong impact killed the guard while the other was seemingly pulled towards the attacker and was asked.

"Are there still other prisoners of yours alive?"

"No… they were all sacrificed for our ceremony a while ago." was the guards reply. He suddenly spit blood as a sword pierced him.

"Good, then I don't have to worry about accidentally killing any innocent." The intruder said as he dropped the now lifeless body of the guard.

The intruder waves his hand and the door slams down like it was pushed by a great force. The practitioners inside were startled by the sudden slam. They looked at the direction of the doors and saw their eyes went wide.

"Dark magic practitioners, do you know what you are doing?" was the intruder's question.

"Of course, who are you to persecute us when you are also a killer." They answered while point at the two guards who were killed.

"Practicing dark magic, I don't care about that. Killing, sometimes is needed to stop evil. But you were not merely practicing dark magic, you were also sacrificing your own kind and also trying to revive an evil entity that could destroy this world. That is something, I cannot let pass." He said as he walked towards them.

One of them shot a fireball towards him. For a moment they rejoiced for they thought that he was burned, until the one who shot it suddenly dropped to the ground dead with stab wound. Then suddenly, one of them was flung towards the wall. Soon, only the leader of the practitioners was left.

"What kind of monster are you?" The leader asked.

"Oh, you have the nerve to say that when you are someone that would gladly sacrifice your own kind and destroy this world just for power?" He answered.

"But I'll humor you." He continued as he took off his hood.

"Impossible, you're a…" The leader didn't finish as he was beheaded by the intruder.


"Just a little more… Urk.." Suddenly Kyubi and Naruto were being changed again.

"Gahhh… This one really hurts like hell."

After a few minutes it stopped and Naruto now looks like a four year old child while the Kyubi became as big as a normal wolf.

"Oh great, we just had to transform to our child forms. Now, I don't have enough chakra to make it bigger. We have to wait for some time until I could get my chakra back or we change again."

"Kyubi, the light it's starting to shrink." Naruto said as he saw the light starts to fade.

"Oh shit, the one supporting the mark on the other side must have been cut off. I have to do this now." The fox said as he started focusing his chakra on the light again to open up the exit.

As he was doing it, Naruto notices that the fox was starting to fade.

"Hey Kyubi what's happening to you? You're fading."

"I'm dissipating. As I said, I am made of pure chakra. Right now, I am almost using all my chakra and that's why I am starting to dissipate."

"Then stop it"

"I can't if I stop now, we might not be able to get out of here."

"Idiot! If you dissipate how are you going to escape here?"

"Then atleast, you would be able to get out."


"Look the exit is finished. Come on, go now."


"What? Now go before I couldn't hold it anymore."

"What about you?" Naruto said looking at worriedly at Kyubi.

"I told you already, I have been alive for such a long time. I think it is time for me to rest. But you, you haven't yet to be truly happy in your whole existence. You deserve that chance."


"If you want to make it up to me, then promise me that in this lifetime, you would find your happiness. Now go, oh and you might be arriving on a different world or timeline."

"Thank you Kyubi, I'll never forget you." was what Naruto said as he was flung into the light by one of the Kyubi's tails.

"Take care of yourself, Naruto." was what Naruto last heard from the fox as he saw the fox fade into nothing.


As the intruder was about to destroy the room where the ceremony was held, a bright light blinded him. For several second, he wasn't able to see. When he regained his sight, what he saw surprised him.

"A child?" was all he could say.

He cautiously walked towards the boy and looked at the sleeping child.

He checked the child if he was alive, after that he looked at the child. The child may not be older than four years old. He has golden, chubby face and tanned skin.

"Could he be a monster produced by the demonic ceremony? Should I eliminate him? He may become a threat to the world." He was about to stab the child but he couldn't.

"How could I kill someone who looks so innocent? How am I suppose kill a child?" He said his dilemma.

He remembered what an old friend said.

"It doesn't matter where you come from, what matters is what you will be." He muttered as he picked up the child. Once he was outside the pyramid, he stretched his right hand and aimed it at the pyramid, then he closed his hand to form a fist and the pyramid crumbled to the ground as if a force pulled it down.


The child started to wake up, blue eyes darted around seemingly scanning the area.

"You're awake." The child was startled by the voice and looked behind him. He was startled at what he saw but was too confused to voice it out.

"What's your name?"

"N-Namikaze Naruto…" was the child's answer.

"I see, nice name. Here is some food. Eat, if you are hungry." He said as he started practicing his magic.

They were silent for a moment as Naruto watches him. Naruto, though was fascinated at what he was doing. He couldn't stop his curiosity, so he asked.

"Um, where am I? What's your name? What is that you are doing? And what are you?" He asked.

He stopped practicing, looked at the child seemingly surprised at the child's out of character behavior. He sat on a nearby log and looked at Naruto.

"Well, this is quite a surprise. You seem to be able to form logical questions and the manner you asked them felt like it was atleast a teenager who asked me and not a child. But to answer your questions, you're in Earthland. My name is Valandil. What I did was a magic, a lost magic ark. And lastly, I am a creature you humans call an Elf." was the answer he got.

End of Prologue

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