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Chapter 15 :

"Father is so cruel sometimes… He loves to steal all of my fun you see." A man said from behind Erza and Gerard as they looked at the explosion that came from the throne room. They looked back and saw a man with midnight black hair walking towards them.

"The two of you are the last remaining preys. I hope you don't bore me." He said.

"Erza, stand back for a while…" Gerard said.

Elsewhere, Natsu and the others narrowly escaped being crushed by the explosion.

"That hurts…" Natsu said.

"Are we even alive?" Gray asked.

"What's going on? After that giant explosion…" Lucy was cut off by Gray.

"We're buried alive."

"No this is…" Lucy wasn't able to finish as Natsu tried to escape their confinement by bursting through its roof. They were all shocked to see Jura standing in front of the bunker he made to protect them. His body was full of wounds and bruises from the explosion.


"Old guy!"

"He protected us…"

"You certainly are lively youngsters… I'm glad you're all safe…" Jura said as he collapsed.

Up above, Wendy was being carried Charle to scout the movement of the castle.

"It's really heading for Cait Shelter!" Wendy exclaimed.

"Wendy… I'm sorry but I don't think I can continue flying…" Charle warned her.

"It's okay, we'll just look for him by foot." She answered.

"You do have excellent sense of smell afterall."

"Actually, he smelled quite different from the last time I saw him…" Wendy replied as they searched for Jellal via foot.

Erza could not erase the look of shock from her face as she witnessed Gerard easily man-handled by the person in front of her.

'The self destruction magic cost him more magic than I have expected…' Erza thought as she exquipped a sword and charged.

"Pathetic." The man said as Erza's sword was deflected away from him.

'My sword's direction changed?' Erza thought as she exquipped another sword on her other hand and slashed at the man again but still it was again deflected.

The man raised his hand and sent Erza reeling back. She was surprised as he armor and sword twisted around her so she immediately exquipped to Heaven's wheel armor.

"I see so that's the nature of your magic…" Erza stated.

"Indeed, my magic reflector has the power to distort and twist anything. It can deflect magic back to where it came or casts illusion by warping the path of light." The man explained.

"So it was you… He was right you do have similar magic…" Erza stated.

"Got some information about me? I wonder if there was someone I left alive at one of my fights?"

"What's your name?" Erza asked.

"I don't give my name to those weaker than I" He shot back.

"Or maybe, you just don't have a name since you couldn't even give it to someone who beat the crap out of you." Erza said with a smirk.

"Beat the crap out of me? What gibberish words you say? But I'll humor you since you'll die anyway just like everyone who crossed me. My name is Midnight." The man said arrogantly.

"I'll be sure to tell your name to the person who beat you." Erza said as she readied her weapons.

"Beat me? No one could beat me!"

"You wish!" Erza exclaimed as she charged at him with her swords.

"Did you not hear me? Your magic can't touch me remember?"

"Dance sword of mine!" Erza exclaimed as her swords charged towards Midnight.

But even before the swords could touch him, all of them were deflected back to Erza.

"It's funny that you believe in them grazing me when I have clearly told you that I could deflect them without a problem. Midnight laughed as he watched Erza's sword attacked their owner while she tried to fend them off.

He raised his hand and distorted her armor and weapon that made her vulnerable to her swords.

"More, I want to see you in utmost agony." Midnight said as he tightened the wrapped of metals around Erza's body but through it all, Erza threw her sword towards Midnight which he dodged instead of deflecting. This didn't go unnoticed by Erza.

But before she could utter anything, Midnight used Spiral Pain and trapped her in a cyclone of blades and debris.

After the attack, a heavily wounded and almost naked Erza fell to the ground. For Erza everything went dark but she could hear a voice calling out to her.

"Erza… Don't die…"

'Gerard?... He's calling out to me… but I have no strength left… And even though I have, I am out of options to fight him… How am I suppose to beat him?...' Her thoughts were interrupted when she remembered Naruto's advice.

There is a member of Oracion Seis that could deflect and distort magic or any object without life.

'That's right, he can't use it against humans and on top it all, Naruto was able to beat him… But how was he able to do it when he was still relying on Levantine at that time…' Her thoughts drifted on his next advice.

Be careful when you face him, it's better to battle him with hand to hand combat.

'That's it, he didn't fight him with magic or with his sword… He fought him with his fists… But did he fight naked?... No probably not, so how did he bypass his magic distorting his clothes… He always wore clothes that were elastic and easy to move on…' Erza as she came back to reality and heard Midnight talking to Jellal.

'I can take care of the elastic clothes part… But hand to hand combat isn't exactly my style I fighting… that is Mira's style so I guess I have to improvise using my own skills and magic… Furthermore, I think I know something Naruto might have missed…' She thought as she stood up and exquipped to Robe of Yuen.

"I know of the light that dwells within you, Gerard." She stated as she faced Midnight.

"Oh, so you still could stand and say such worthless things. Quite impressive as what the rumor says, you really are worth destroying." Midnight taunted.

"I'll put an end to all you're worthless plans without fail…" Erza replied without hesitation.

"Such words when your attack won't even reach me." Midnight smirked as Erza charged and in almost an instant she was in front of Midnight and was about to swipe her weapon.

"Even though you could move so fast, it won't break my reflector." Midnight stated as her weapon was deflected but before he could boast, he was thrown away by a palm strike to the chest courtesy of Erza.

"What?" Midnight uttered in surprise.

"Your magic has two weak points. The first one was told to me by the very same mage who defeated you. You can refract magic or anything that has no life. So, it doesn't work on human bodies. And he was right, because if you could, you would have aimed for my body than my equipments." Erza stated.

"So what? I could still choke you to death." Midnight answered as he distorted Erza's robe and tried to choke her with it.

"The second weak point is this…" Erza said as Midnight followed her line of sight and saw numerous swords that charged toward him.

"When you twisted my armor earlier, you didn't deflect my sword that was coming towards you? Why is that?" Erza asked but Midnight was silent as he was still hurt from the attack.

"You can only use your magic on one area at a time, either around you or around your opponent. While your casting it on me, you're completely vulnerable. On top of that, this Robe of Yuen is completely elastic, your magic is useless against it. Including this type of garment, your magic has three weaknesses." Erza smirked as she freed herself from the robe.

Midnight started to talk and said that if she would have died a bit earlier, they won't have to see his peak.

"At midnight, my refraction gets to its peak… I don't care what happens anymore!" Midnight stated while he laughed hysterically and his body transformed into a gruesome monster. He charged at them and made an explosion that threw them away but before Gerard and Erza could react, they were both impaled by two tentacles.

But before Midnight could celebrate his victory, he felt that his body was slashed by something sharp. His illusion ended and as he started to fall to the ground he heard Erza.

"It's too bad, any visual illusions don't work on me. My friend was right when he said that you are nothing but an arrogant fool who relies on his magic too much. With that kind of skills, you won't have any chance beating him or me." Erza stated.

"What are you talking about? My magic was perfect… No one could beat me…"

"Naruto probably knocked too many screws loose on your head so you do not remember. But let it be a lesson to you… No magic is perfect. It will always have a weakness, you just have to find it out and compensate it." Erza answered.

"Naruto Namikaze huh?... I completely forgot about that Phantom bastard who humiliated me in front of my father… Me… The supposed to be most powerful… even stronger than my father Rokuma… I was supposed to be an undefeated one… But I was defeated by these Phantom and Fairy bastards…"

"If it's any consolation, there is no phantom anymore. You were only beaten by us, the Fairy bastards and you won't be able to beat me for a long time, especially him. Because as long as you find a person's suffering as something to laugh at, then you still have a long way before you could even gaze at the top." Erza lectured as Midnight fall into unconsciousness.

"If you don't want to lose to anyone, know your own weaknesses first and always have kindness." Erza finished.


"Are we still far from the source, Juvia?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, it seems he is also moving at a fast pace." Juvia answered.

"It's almost midnight... It would be hard to fight him at this time." Mira interjected.

"Why is that?" Levy asked.

"Levantine is the dragon of the darkness. His magic is darkness, and it strengthens as darkness spread more than the light." Naruto answered.

"So he eats darkness?" Luxus asked.

"No, darkness could not be eaten. Instead, his power escalates to a higher degree when darkness is around him." Naruto answered.

"How much?" Levy asked.

"More than twice when the flame dragon slayer is in Dragon force mode." Naruto answered.

"Dragon Force?" Levy asked.

"Dragon Force is the highest form of magic by a dragon slayer but the effects of a dragon force is different for every slayer. For example, Juvia's dragon force allows her to completely turn her body into water making her invulnerable to any physical attacks and also use her body as a source of water for any water attacks. Furthermore, Juvia can change her water body's properties at any given time. Natsu-san's flame dragon slayer on the other hand, has a different dragon force mode. The flame dragon slayer's dragon force boosts the dragon slayer's strength, speed, stamina and resilience. In other words, it boosts his physical and magical capability." Juvia stated.

"Isn't the flame dragon slayer's dragon force too strong than yours?" Luxus asked to which everyone shot him a look of irritation except Juvia who didn't mind what he said.

"Yes, Natsu-san's dragon force maybe stronger than Juvia's or maybe it is the strongest of all but unlike Juvia's dragon force that could be used at anytime and effortlessly without using any energy, Natsu-san's dragon force needs for him to eat special or very strong type of flame to activate and on top of that, it disappears completely after he has consumed the energy given to him by that flame." Juvia answered plainly.

"So his dragon force is situational huh?" Levy said.

"You could put it like that… Eitherway, Juvia has no qualms on the difference of the effects of the dragon force because as Zennyo-Ryou-sama said, dragon force is nothing but an augment to the dragon slayer magic, in the end it still comes down to the dragon slaying mage to win." Juvia answered truthfully.

"Yes, that is the truth." Naruto said with a nod.

"Levantine has changed. Dragons normally has a magic of an element like water or sub-elements like ice but because of the Juubi's influence his magic has changed from darkness to sinister. His darkness magic was once held as one of the most beautiful and handy magic among the dragons. He could manipulate the darkness into his own liking or need. Most of the dark magic in Makai was taught by Levantine. The dark pulse, dark blast and dark hurricane are some of the magic he taught to the other magic users. Of course, his dragon magic version of it is stronger." Mira explained.

"Zatana told you?" Luxus asked to which Mira nodded.

"So he was once a nice dragon?" Levy asked.

"Levantine was once a noble and kind dragon. He wouldn't hesitate to help anyone in need, even humans. That was the reason why everyone was surprised when he led a rebellion to annhilate the humans. He said that humans were despicable creatures and doesn't have any right to stand in equal with any creature in this world." Mira said relaying what Zatana told her.

"Something happened between him and humans that none of you knew... and it was probably not a good one." Luxus concluded.

A sudden gust of wind blew at them from the direction where Levantine was going.

"This is quite confusing…" Juvia suddenly said.

"What is?" Luxus asked.

"Juvia could smell faintly Wendy-san's scent from that direction… Not only her but also Natsu-san, Erza-san, Gray-sama and Lucy-san too." Juvia answered.

Naruto looked ahead and was deep in thought.

"That's impossible, if my memory serves me right, they said that the location of the Oracion Seis was at the opposite direction and furthermore, I don't think Wendy would be with them." Mira replied.

'Tsk… I should have known. He wants to eliminate any threats to him as early as possible and right now, Wendy is the most vulnerable… I should have paid attention to where we are heading in the first place… This is towards Cait Shelter, Wendy's guild… But why are Erza and the others in there?' Naruto thought and then an idea struck.

"Don't tell me, Wendy was also sent to destroy Oracion Seis…" Naruto said wide eyed.

"What?" Mira asked.

"Wendy is actually part of a guild, the Cait Shelter guild. Her guild master posted a job for someone to teach her how to fight. When I was about to bring her back to her guild, a friend of hers picked her up and said that the master had a mission for her… This route is headed towards Cait Shelter…" Naruto explained.

"But that doesn't answer why Erza's team is in Cait Shelter." Mira said.

"So many foreign scents… Juvia smelled so many foreign scents… Even Gerards…" Juvia said wide eyed in realization.

"Blood… smoke…" Juvia mumbled.

"Something unexpected must have happened… But we don't have any time to discuss this now. We must hurry and go towards Cait Shelter now. I'll take lead, I know where it is." Naruto said as he suddenly sped up.

"Wait how can you be so sure?" Levy said trying to keep up.

"Because Levantine's targets are the children of the myths… The legacy of the dragons, elves and demons… And right now, he is heading to the most vulnerable of them all." Naruto answered but not slowing down.

"How can you be so sure that Cait Shelter is where he is heading?" Luxus asked.

"Because Cait Shelter houses Wendy… And Wendy is the Sky dragon slayer! And on top of that if Natsu was indeed in there and badly hurt, then he will get two dragon slayers down in one night and there is no dragon stronger than Levantine at night." He exclaimed as he quickened his pace.

"You should have said that in the first place! Forget running, it's time for us to go overdrive! Guide my lightning jump." Luxus said as he readied himself for a lightning jump. Beside him, he felt Mira used take-over and transformed into Zatana then scooped up Levy on one arm.

"Brace yourself, it's going to be a fast flight." She said as she used her free arm and directed it at the back. She's going to use her dark blast as booster to quicken her flight.

Juvia transformed into Sierra as Naruto used his magic and doubled the force of their magic thus pushing them forward at a fast pace towards their destination. Naruto watched for a moment to ensure that he sent them on the right direction.

"Wait for us, everyone… I promise, we'll save you." Naruto said as he redirected all the forces acting on his body to shoot him towards his destination. He took a step forward and instantly he was gone and the only thing that remained was a foot print embedded to the road.


"Wendy, are you sure you could do this?" Charle asked.

"Yes, I will not fail my friends or Gerard. I wasn't able to be of any use to them during the whole mission, even though Naruto-sensei has taught me so many things…" Wendy said with a determined and sad face.

"Actually, all he did was to give you physical training." Charle reminded.

"It's not just that… He taught me how to use my magic properly and how to be more confident about myself… But all of it was forgotten when this mission started… So now, I'm going to make sure I don't fail anymore." Wendy answered.

"Maybe that idiot did something good afterall." Charle said bluntly.

"Charle! You should be nicer to him!" Wendy exclaimed.

"Stop reprimanding me like you're my mother." Charle answered dismissively.

"Ah, but I am your mother. Maybe not by blood but I am still your mom." Wendy answered with an innocent eye smile which she copied from Naruto.

Charle huffed and didn't answer Wendy but inside she was thinking of ways to torture a blonde idiot. She had no qualms about him helping her become smart and stronger, no she was actually thankful for that but she was miffed at him for influencing her too much in a small span of time. She would be okay if that guy was a saint but sadly he was far from it.


A man with a fish tail for a hairstyle watched from high above as the alliance of light and the Oracion Seis fought to a climax.

"It is a good thing that I took precautions before going in there. The mage brats are quite strong especially Igneel's kid. It is good that the wind is going towards me, last thing I want is for them to track my scent." He grinned as he watched Natsu defeated Zero.

"That man's magic is quite interesting. He said that his other self's magic is archive. That is a magic that originated from the knowledge loving elves. So those bastards really did teach the humans almost all of our magic except for the arcane magics. I won't stand for this… They will pay." The man sneered as he vanished into the darkness.

Below, there was a commotion going on as the alliance of light struggled to prevent the magic council from taking Gerard until Erza stopped them.

"I apologize for the commotion; I will take responsibility so you may take Gerard away." Erza stated with an unreadable expression to which shocked everyone.

Through it all, Gerard only smiled.

"The color of your hair… Farewell, Erza…" Gerard said as he was taken away.

"Farewell… Gerard…" She answered as she looked on with teary eyes.

One of the knights rushed towards Lahar and said.

"My apologies Sir Lahar but there seem to be a problem."

"What is?" Lahar asked as everyone's attention was focused on the knight.

"The leader of the Oracion Seis, Brain and his son, Midnight are missing."

"Impossible, I have trapped the whole area into a barrier. They surely couldn't got out of it, have you searched the whole area?" Lahar asked alarmed.

"Yes sir, we have searched everywhere and no trace of them could be found." The knight answered as Lahar looked at the alliance.

"Were those two still strong to escape after you fought them?" Lahar asked.

"We don't know, we were in state of rush to save Cait Shelter so we couldn't be sure." Erza answered.

"Very well pull out all our men, they are probably long gone now. We can hunt them down for another time, but now we have to take the prisoners back for trial." Lahar ordered as he and his men left.

The alliance slumped down trying to catch their breath from there long fight. Everyone was thoroughly exhausted from the fight and didn't even have the strength to walk towards the guild. As they slumped down in silence, they noticed that Erza was missing. Lucy suggested that it would be better to let her be alone for a moment as they looked at the night sky. But their peace was extinguished as Natsu smelled a familiar scent.

He tried to stand up but his legs gave out from exhaustion.

"Someone is spying at us." Wendy said in alert as she stood up.

"Yes I smelled his scent too… It is Droy's scent…" Natsu said as he tried to stand up again.

"That means…" Lucy said as her hands covered her mouth in fear.

"That I am here." Levantine said as he appeared behind Jura from the darkness. Before any words could be said, Jura had to move his body to prevent himself from being beheaded. He was able to narrowly dodge the first strike but the next strike came quicker than expected and all he could do was use his magic to harden his body like a rock but the sword just cut through it. He collapsed as he laid bathing on his own blood that was pouring out from the large slash on his back.

"Tsk… Because of his magic, my sword wasn't able to cut him in half. But no matter, he would soon die a slow death from blood lose." Levantine grinned.

"Why you…" Natsu said with gritted teeth as he stood up wobbly but before he could attack he was sent flying away by a Dark pulse. Levantine soon turned his eye towards Wendy who was trying her best to hold her ground.

"Why are you doing this? Aren't you from Fairy tail?" She asked as the man grinned evilly at her.

"Ah, I forgot. Dragons have good sense of smell but bad magic sensing abilities. Quite sad actually, I was the same a long time ago. But now, I am also able to sense magic thanks to Naruto."

"What do you mean?" Wendy asked.

"Wendy, run away from him. That isn't someone from our guild." Gray warned.

"Levantine!" Erza exclaimed as she charged towards him in her Black wing armor. As she approached, she flew past him and exclaimed.

"Moon Flash!"

Levantine suddenly sported a cross shaped wound in his torso.

"Impressive Erza Scarlet… But it will take more than that to defeat me especially at midnight." Levantine grinned as the wound closed until there was nothing left to remind it but a cross shaped tear on his cloth.

"There is a problem though, because the Black Wing armor concentrates everything on offence, you were left wide open for a counterattack." Levantine said dismissively as Erza's armor dispersed leaving her clad in her usual white cloth and blue skirt. She collapsed as a large slash wound appeared on her torso and her blood spluttered on the pavement.

"ERZA!" Gray shouted as he stood wobbly and tried to run towards Erza but suddenly he felt something wrapped around his ankles. He looked down and his eyes grew wide.

"Vines…" He said as he was pulled down and his face met the pavement. He tried to stand up again but felt his body weakening.

"What… is happening…" Gray asked to no one.

"You know, your friend have quite an interesting magic. He was able to control and grow any kind of plants at his will. He only needs a seed of it. You see he always carried this box filled with different kinds of seeds." Levantine said as he showed them Droy's seed box.

"But it's such a pity because he didn't have any balls to use it. You see this seed box contains several seeds that could do wicked things to humans. One of them, you are experiencing right now. That plant drains any creatures of its magic. It's like a parasite that attached itself to a host and continuously drains it until they are dry and I must say, they are quite gluttonous." Levantine said with a grin.

"You bastard…" Gray said as he saw Erza being wrapped around by the vines and so were Lucy and Jura as they were too tired and injured to notice the vines crawl towards them.

"NATSU!" Lucy shouted but instead of hearing a battle cry from Natsu, She heard Levantine chuckle.

"Ah Natsu, I forgot to tell you but…" He trailed off as he instructed the vine to show a severely wrapped Natsu with only his eyes showing.

"I'm too tired… I can't even lift a finger…" Natsu mumbled as Happy tried to untangle him but it resulted in him also being caught by the vine.

"I… I don't understand… I feel weak from these vines… but I don't seem to feel sleepy…" Lucy uttered weakly.

"So you noticed. Didn't I say in the beginning that the seeds in this box are quite wicked? Look around and tell me what you see."

"Flowers…" Wendy said as she was the only one able to look around since she wasn't caught in the vine.

"That's right, this vine sprouts small bloody flowers that spreads an aroma around it. And the worst affected by it, is its victims since the flowers bloom around the vines that sucks its victim's energy. Look at how beautiful the bloody flowers it produced from your energy. Such beauty isn't it and you know what's wicked about it? Its aroma is a stimulant. Your muscles maybe getting weaker but your nerves are in haywire."

Their eyes widen in realization of what he said.

"That's right, this plant's victims die from being drained awake and since it stimulates your nerves, you feel your injuries more."

Everyone abruptly looked towards Erza and Jura and saw them writhing in pain. You could see tears running down their faces as they felt the pain from their injuries rose.

"My only goal coming here was only to dispose of the Air element, the sky dragon's child." Levantine said with an evil grin to which Wendy froze in fear.

"You see, I really don't understand why you are living alone in this place with a cat. But that really wasn't my problem because it gave me a big opportunity to kill you."

"What do you mean? We have a whole guild here!" Charle shouted.

"Noisy cat…" Levantine said dismissively as vines wrapped around Charle.

"Charle!" Wendy shouted.

"A whole guild? Who are you fooling? You may have been able to fool Naruto but not me… I'm not a stupid dragon anymore. The first time I caught a scent from this place, only yours and that cat had a scent. When I felt the magic around here, only you and that cat had a magic though, I felt magic residue everywhere but the caster was not definitely here for a long time now. Have you ever wondered why your guild was virtually unknown to the world until recently? Or why your guildmaster had to practically ask somebody to train you? Or maybe, why your guild is situated in a place of rubbles and has virtually no money? Surely, with a guildmaster of over 400 years old has enough strength and fame to carry this guild." Levantine taunted.

"What are you trying to say…" Wendy said in the brink of tears.

"This guild did not and never existed." Levantine laughed sinisterly as he started to walk towards Wendy.

"You are the only one in this guild together with that cat. Do you now realize why there were no posted jobs on your boards or why you were never allowed to get out of this place or why you never saw any of your friends from leaving this place to fulfill a job? Think of it, wasn't it always party, laughs, smiles and lively here? Have you ever see anyone cry or felt pain? Were you able to actually apply your healing magic here? What is the answer, little girl?" Levantine said with a dark grin as he looked down on Wendy who felt her knees weaken and she stumbled backward with wide eyes as realization started to dawn on her.

"The answer is no, right? That is because it was all a lie. Now tell me, Cait Shelter is only about half a mile away, why hasn't any of your guildmates especially your guildmaster had arrived yet? Surely a guildmaster could feel if any of his members were in danger especially at this close from the guild. Your guildmates didn't even help you repel that thing that was making its way towards your guild. Surely they have seen it from its immense size. Do they not have any care what happens to the guild or to the people who were trying to prevent their guild from getting destroyed or maybe, it's because they don't exist outside that place." Levantine said with a snide.

"That's not true… They can't be just a lie… Master Roubaul won't do that… No… No… No…" Wendy said as she covered her ears to prevent herself from hearing Levantine's taunts.

"But don't worry, because I'll end your life here. You will be free from all this lies that is your guild. I will end your pitiful life in front of these people who tried their best to save your illusionary guild." Levantine taunted before he raised his sword ready to behead Wendy.

Everyone could only look in horror as the sword started to travel down towards Wendy. Wendy closed her eyes in fear of losing her life and not being able to see those people who were precious to her.

'Master Roubaul… Everyone in the guild… Grandine... Naruto-sensei…' Her thought stopped at the face of her teacher as she heard a metal strike against metal. Steeling herself, she opened her eyes and saw a metal pole stopping Levantine's sword reaching her.

"I find it hard to believe that you are Naruto's apprentice if you give up that easily. Your master would have been disappointed if he sees you like that. He would have told you to stand up and fight till you find the truth rather than crumble at what this bozo say and just accept your death." said a gruff voice as another pole want towards Levantine who dodged it making a considerable space between Wendy and him.

Wendy shakily looked behind her and saw a tall muscular man with long spiky black hair with metal studs all over his body. He wore black sleeveless tunic and white loose pants with a studded belt. He wore fingerless gloves with metal studs in it and boot also with metal studs.

"You! I didn't felt your aura or smell your scent." Levantine said infuriated.

"Fool, that is because the wind is coming towards me and not by me and also because someone had taught me how to suppress my magic to the point that it was undetectable even by sensors. Of course, that guy could still detect me but how he does it, I don't know." The man answered coldly as the others were suddenly freed from the vines of the plant.

Levantine looked around and saw a big metal pole crushing the place where the seed was planted.

"Your plant magic maybe very strong but all magic has a weakness and yours is the plant's seed. It's time to go back and sleep inside that sword that you so nicely brought with you, Levantine." The man stated.

"Thank you for helping us sir…" Wendy trailed off realizing they didn't know his name.

"Who are you?... You smell familiar…" Natsu gasped out.

"Who I am is not important. What you just need to know is that I am here because we have the same enemy. This lizard here is my prey." The man answered.

"Are-Are you a friend of Naruto-sensei?" Wendy asked meekly.

"I wouldn't consider myself as his friend. But enough of this, I shall end Levantine here." He stated.

"Tough words but you forget that it is midnight." Levantine retorted.

"Doesn't matter, you're still going down." He said dismissively as his right hand transformed into a sword with jagged blade, the jagged blade started to move like a chain saw.

"I'll destroy you, bastard!" Natsu shouted as he tried to stand up.

"Save your strength, Igneel's child." The man suggested dismissively.

"What?..." Natsu asked weakly.

"You will only be in the way. You see that sword he is carrying?" He asked to which they nodded.

"That sword is called Runesave. It's a sword forged by the dragon Metalicana. It was also imbued with the runes and magic of the elves. It has the power to seal or disperse any magic. Your flames are being fueled continuously by magic for it to sustain itself he will easily be able to disperse it." He continued.

"What about yours? Wouldn't it be just dispelled as well?" Lucy asked weakly motioning at his transformed arm.

"I may have need magic to transform my arm or summon my weapons but the difference is that I don't need to continuously support my weapons to exist while Igneel's child needs to continuously supply his flames with magic for it to exist." was the answer she got as he dodged a sword swipe intending to cut him in half vertically.

Levantine grinned as he suddenly charged towards the vulnerable Wendy but before he could even go halfway towards her, he was hit by a metal fly swatter sending him skidding back.

"Oi, you pedophile or something? Why'd you keep on coming for the girl when I said that I would be your opponent?" He taunted.

"This isn't some kind of tournament. You don't decide who I attack." Levantine answered as he used Runesave to parry a sword swipe from him.

"Then I'll just force you then." was his reply as he relentlessly attacked Levantine with each swipe intended for a kill. Levantine grinned as he made a vertical slash when he saw how open his opponent was. The man narrowly dodged the attack but before he could recover he was flung away by a dark pulse.

"That's what Naruto did to Natsu when they fought..." Lucy said in shock.

"But of course, have you forgotten that I am able to copy some of his knowledge. It was quite a shame though, because of what that stupid elf did, I wasn't able to copy his arc magic."

"Arc Magic?... I think I heard of it before... I just can't seem to remember..." Natsu said weakly still drained up of energy.

"Too much chit chat!" The man exclaimed as he kicked Levantine but as Levantine dodged the kick, his feet transformed into a metal pole and stretched towards him. He dodged to the side only for metal poles sprout from the metal feet. Levantine wasn't able to dodge in time and he was struck by several metal poles. The metal poles pushed him towards a large stone. The stone got crushed from the impact as the attack didn't relent. Dust covered where Levantine was while several metal poles stuck out in every direction.

"Ha! He's crushed to pieces." Natsu exclaimed weakly.

"Naruto was right, Igneel's child is a loud idiot…" The man was cut off by Natsu.

"Oi… I have a name you know, it's Natsu… and I'm no loud idiot…" Natsu said as he felt himself weakening even more.

"Shut it, I already said you should conserve energy. Even if the vines are gone, they already had injected their extract on your blood. It may not be deadly but it would surely still eat away your energy slowly till the enzymes die and being agitated or excited stimulates them as you exert energy in doing so." He answered.

"We'll we die?... How do we take it out?" Lucy freaked out.

"I said just relax… The enzymes are like weak poison. They're not deadly and they'll die within half day so the best thing to do is not to stimulate it by doing anything that exerts energy." The man stated before he looked at where Levantine was.

"But Levantine is gone now right? We don't have to worry?" Lucy asked.

"Not really… He is currently buried under my metal poles and rock debris but he is perfectly fine. He used Runesave to stop my magic from extending the poles before I could impale him." He answered dismissively.

"Then why don't you just attack him." Happy asked.

"You know nothing of Levantine don't you?" to which he got nods.

"Levantine is exponentially stronger at night. So, the longer he sits still and does nothing, the more it is favorable to me. I'd rather fight him in the morning than at night so if he wants to lie around for the night, then be my guest." He explained.

He felt movement from where Levantine was buried.

"It looks like the lizard has gotten tired playing possum." He said with a frown.

A strong blast of dark pulse freed Levantine from his burial place.

"Got tired sitting around? You don't have to mind me, I can wait the whole night." The man stated.

Levantine emerged with his sword stopping the metal poles from impaling him.

"I'm sorry to tell you but I don't have the whole night to play with you, Gajeel Redfox." Levantine said as he started to disintegrate into shadows melding into the night. Gajeel sniffed the air to locate Levantine.

On the side, Wendy was trembling in fear and turmoil.

'Grandine… what should I do? Was what he said true?... Was everything, just a lie?...' were her thoughts.

She could remember Grandine always having a kind but stern personality towards her. She would shower Wendy with all the love that she could but she was also strict enough so Wendy would learn how to do things and try to fix things on her own.

It matters not to me if you are a child; learn to do things on your own as I will not be here with you everytime.

Those were the stern words Grandine would always tell her when she was afraid to try things that were new to her. Then she remembered what Naruto had first told her when she doubted herself.

Wendy, the most important thing about being a mage is not how special, rare or destructive their magic is. It is more important how that mage utilize their magic's strength or how they compensate for what their magic lack. But you know what's the most important of all? It's the mage themselves. Their belief that they could surpass any challenges with their abilities, their drive to be better through the use of their mind and hard work, but most of all, their courage to protect the life, honor or dreams of those people precious to them and to seek the truth even if it's painful and hard. Believe in yourself Wendy, and see how special and great of a person you can be.

The last sentence kept on echoing in her mind as her trembling stopped. She took a deep breath and her eyes shone a new fire.

'I can be a great mage… No, I will be a great mage!" She thought as she used her especially strong sense of smell. Her sense of smell was actually stronger than most dragonslayers because of her control of the air. She can actually pinpoint the exact location where the scent came from.

You may lack flashy destructive magic but you're probably one of the most dangerous mages anyone would find.

Those were the words Naruto told her when she told him how she envied the other dragonslayers who had more destructive magic.

She caught the scent and shouted.

"Gajeel-san, behind you!"

Gajeel immediately jumped away from his location as he narrowly dodged a sword swipe intended to slice his head off.

"Impressive, it seems the Sky dragonslayer knows how to control the air to enhance her sense of smell. I wasn't expecting for her to detect me when I am moving through the darkness." Levantine said as he raised his sword to block a swipe from Gajeel's chain-saw like sword. The rotating blade of the chain-saw stopped as it touched Runesave.

"You forget, even if I couldn't dispel your metal weapons, I can still hamper their effectiveness since you still use magic to add effect to them such as the rotation of this blade or…" Levantine trailed as he moved his sword so that it would touch the metal spear approaching him.

"… the lengthening of this spear." He continued as he again disintegrated into the darkness.

Gajeel gritted his teeth, his patience quickly withering. He wasn't known to be a calm and collected fighter, that's Naruto's role. No, Gajeel was the all-out brawler but against someone like Levantine, he just couldn't do that. He hated to admit it but tactical fighters such as Naruto and Levantine were his waterloo.

'Oh fucking hell, Levantine just had to adapt that blonde idiot's fighting style. That idiot better be on his way or I'm going to lose it.' Gajeel thought.

Levantine smirked as he detected Gajeel's emotions.

'Agitation, anger, frustration, impatience… and the others… I can feel the same emotions but with fear. Yes, feed me… Feed me with your negative emotions. I just love those feelings.' He thought as he weaved through the darkness.

"Gajeel-san, I can help you. I'll point you where he is and attack there." Wendy said in determination.

'That blasted Sky sorceress, she might have remembered Naruto's teachings that's why she regained her spirit to fight.' Levantine said as he felt Wendy's determination slowly extinguishing the negative emotions of the people around her. Levantine suddenly felt pain when a metal spear grazed his left shoulder opening a wound.

"It seems my aim was a little off. But now, I can smell you through your blood." Gajeel smirked as he threw several metal blades towards Levantine.

"Shadow Dragon's Shell!" Levantine exclaimed as the darkness around him enveloped him and when the knives touched the shell, it looked like they hit rubber. The knives momentum stretched the shell going inside but it was too strong and the knives were stuck on the rubber-like shell.

Gajeel prepared to attack the shell but he heard Wendy shout.

"Gajeel-san, swing your sword to your left!"

Gajeel did so without any second thought and he almost cut Levantine in half if not for Levantine suddenly disintegrating into the darkness again.

Wendy suddenly used Vernier x Arms on herself and shot towards at amazing speed to an area near Gajeel.

Remember, strength is not the only way to increase the power of your physical attacks.

That was one of the lessons Naruto taught her. She used Vernier's speed to increase her momentum as she charged towards where she could smell Levantine, she also added Arms to increase her strength. Levantine was about to strike Gajeel and he didn't expect for Wendy to muster enough courage to charge at him head-on. He was caught off-guard as Wendy body slammed him away from Gajeel. It was like he was hit by a raging bull.

Gajeel took this opportunity and sent out several spear towards Levantine. The spears struck him all over his body as he was pinned to the wall. Several spears were struck at his chest, abdomen, arms, legs and one was even lodged at his neck.

"Did we get him?..." Wendy asked huffing as she recovered from her dizziness from ramming herself at Levantine.

"It looks like it, good job kid." Gajeel answered.

They were about to help the others when they heard a sinister laugh.

"Hahaha! You thought those puny attacks could kill me? A long time ago, elves, dragons, fairies, demons, humans and lesser demons tried to kill me but they all failed. I am invincible, I could not be killed. That is why they sealed me but now, those bastards are not here and you are not even half of their strength. I have underestimated your strength, it shall not happen again."

They looked at the pinned form of Levantine as he unpinned himself from the wall. Blood flowed out from his wounds but he didn't seemed to mind.

"What is happening?..." Gray asked as he tried to stand up but was stopped by a hand gesture by Gajeel.

"He's going to use his dragonforce. It's the ultimate form of a dragonslaying magic and it was said that Levantine could only do it when all the conditions are met." Gajeel explained.

"And do you know what those conditions are, Gajeel-kun?" Levantine asked as his magic presence increased and spread negative emotions around the area.

"When it is at the darkest time of the night. When the moon has shed all it's light for the night." Gajeel said as he noted for the moon to be completely hidden from site due to the darkness and its lack of light.

"Ah yes, but it was before I have merged with the Jubi's power. Your ancestors might have exhausted all the remnants of the Jubi's chakra in me but I've gained the Jubi's abilities. It took me years inside Runesave to learn how to utilize those abilities." He was struck by several knives but he didn't mind and instead kept on talking.

"One of those was eating the soul of another being to learn their magic and knowledge." At this point, Levantine's body was cut in half around his waist courtesy of Gajeel.

Lucy and Wendy screamed in horror at the sight of someone being cut in half while the others just gritted their teeth to hide their horror.

But through all this, it seemed that Levantine had no problem with what happened and instead his lower body stood up then his upper body used its arms to sat it up.

"It also includes how I can intensify and become powerful from the negative emotions around me." Levantine spoke as he was beheaded by Gajeel and his upper and lower body cut vertically. His body was in five pieces.

"Trying to kill me is a stupid thing. Have you forgotten. that this body was already dead when I ate his soul. Killing this body is irrelevant hahah." Levantine said as his head turned towards them while he let out a sinister laugh.

Everyone, even Gajeel and Erza started trembling from the horror and fear of Levantine.

"Ho-how are we su-suppose to kill someone li-like that..." Lucy said while trembling she tried to look around her and for the first time in her life, she saw Natsu, Gray, and Erza trembling in fear. Wendy, Happy and Charle were worse while Gajeel had a very frustrated face.

"Can you feel it? Fear, Despair, Horror, Frustration, Anger haha yes yes feed me... I can feel them all." Levantine laughed in ecstasy as his voice sounded like gurgles from the blood oozong out of his neck and mouth.

"Damn it..." Gajeel gasped out as he couldn't stop himself from being overwhelmed by frustration, fear and anger. He knew that these emotions were caused and intensified by Levantine but try as he might, he couldn't break out of it.

The overwhelming feeling was starting to cloud his judgment and a part of his mind was starting to tell him to just kill himself so he could be freed from his suffering. He looked at his companions and saw that Lucy was on the verged of strangling herself. He gritted his teeth he needed to do something to stop any of them from taking their lives.

"No, I will not fall here... I will not die here... I still have to find that blasted dragon Metallicana and ask him why he left then I will beat the crap out of him using the magic he taught me... I WILL NOT LET YOU STUPID LIZARD TO KILL ME!" Gajeel shouted the last one as he shakily stood up.

"I still have many things I need to do before I hit the shit and dying against a stupid lizard like you will make me shame myself even in the afterlife."

I still have many things I need to do

Those words kept on repeating on the heads of the others as they also slowly tried to fight the urge to kill themselves to end their suffering.

I still need to show my father that I will be a successful mage...

I still need to surpass Master Ur...

I still need to find Igneel and ask why he left...

I need to protect my guildmates and someday see Jellal again...

I need to protect Wendy...

I still need to help Natsu find Igneel and prove to Charle that I am a strong cat...

I still need to ask Master Roubaul the truth... I still need to find Grandine... I still need to learn so much from Naruto-sensei... I can't die yet...

Those were the collective thoughts in their heads as they drew courage to fight off the suicidal feeling.

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