Just Like Any Other

By PaBurke

Summary: Mary's challenging new witness.


Rating: G

Disclaimer: Not mine in any way shape or form.

Word Count: 600

"Stan, what is with you?" Mary asked her fidgeting boss.

"Yeah," Marshall agreed. "I have never seen you so jumpy."

"Two new witnesses are being handed over to us today."

Marshall and Mary exchanged a look. Marshall was elected to speak. "That happens pretty often, Stan."

"But never before has it been someone who has had their face splashed on every TV in world."

Mary huffed. "That doesn't happen. I'm sure that hasn't happened, Stan. Timbuktu ignores the rest of the world news."

"Actually," a new voice interrupted, "Timbuktu told the whole world."

The marshals turned to see a young woman in a wheelchair and her white-haired father pushing it.

"Batgirl?" Marshall asked Stan. "We get to hide Batgirl?"

Mary was watching the pair's reaction. Instead of puffing up with pride at being recognized on sight, Barbara Gordon rolled her eyes. "Well, at least you're going into this with the right attitude and didn't say anything defeatist like 'this will never work'."

Mary couldn't let an opening like that go to waste. "Stan, this will never work. She's going to be recognized the second she hits the streets."

Barbara grinned at her. "I don't plan on hitting anything for a while… unless you'd like to put your face right here?" Barbara indicated a spot right in front of her.

Mary smiled at the girl. She liked spunk like that. "What the hell were you thinking? Yelling the news team over to you?"

Barbara shrugged. "I was thinking that the fight was over and that Superman or Batman or Nightwing or the Flash were looking for me. I was thinking that anyone else would respect the mask and help me out of the rockslide. I was thinking that if I didn't get medical attention immediately, I'd lose the use of my legs or lose my life."

Instead of such an ideal situation, the news reporters had knocked the woman out to remove her mask and reveal her face, which they promptly aired globally. It took other reporters in Gotham only fifteen minutes to identify the Commissioner's daughter. Barbara was extremely lucky that a medical team had managed to get to her before every bad guy in the world could close in on her position. An entire host of masked men and women had protected the besieged hospital the hours she had been in surgery. She had lost the use of her legs but she was still alive. Back home in Gotham, Robin had whisked the Commissioner into seclusion. Now, everyone wanted to 'talk' to this woman because of the secrets she held. She knew the true identities of some of the most famous people in the world.

"Why didn't you hide with one of your masked buddies?" Marshall asked.

She shrugged. "Diana offered Themascyra, but Dad wouldn't be able to come. Batman is pissed that the Watchtower is not an option, since Superman promised there wouldn't be a new one. Everyone else is working on a long term solution, but it'll take a while. You just have to hide me until then."

"Nothing like having a plan," Mary commented.

"Oh and since the decision was made to place us in WITSEC, and I was stuck in the Cave, I've been updating and improving your computer security. The Joker could have gotten in there before. Hope you don't mind." Barbara Gordon was going to be an experience like no other.

Commission Gordon dragged a chair to a place beside his daughter and they held hands so tight their knuckles were white. They were scared.

Some things about the WITSEC witnesses never changed.