A Discussion With Father

Kyoya: (Kyoya pick up a picture of his brother's wedding reception.) Father I remember both of my older brothers getting married and having elaborate weddings. Why isn't there any pictures of my oldest brother's wedding?

Yoshio: Although your oldest brother had a elaborate wedding as you put it, his wedding dishonored the Ootori name.

Kyoya: How did my oldest brother dishonor the Ootori name?

Yoshio: He didn't follow the traditional arrangements for an Ootori marriage.

Kyoya: What are the traditional requirements for an honorable Ootori marriage?

Yoshio: Individuals considered for marriage to an Ootori heir must meet certain credentials. Before marriage can be considered honorable. Your oldest brother's wife didn't meet those standards.

Kyoyo: Again father. What are the traditional requirements for an honorable Ootori marriage?

Yoshio: If It's agreeable for my offspring s for me to choose their spouse, it's automatically an honorable marriage. I'm not making any of my children marry if they don't want to. Listen carefully. If you want an honorable Ootori wedding, You must have a traditional limousine wedding ceremony. The person you choose to marry must not be a commoner and must be a virgin. And finally, you and your bride must conceive an Ootori heir during the wedding ceremony.

Kyoya: WHAT! And Akito agreed to this. I wondered why his bride, in this picture, has a noticeable blood stain trailed down her dress. I just thought she was on her period.

Yoshio: The blood stain on her dress is honorable. And nothing to be ashamed of.

Kyoya: Father did you have a limo. wedding?

Yoshio: Yes. In the year 1980 I got married to your mom. I had a limo. wedding. This tradition has gone on at least a century. There wasn't always limousines, so cars or carriages sufficed. Part of the tradition includes making a record of the marriage.

Kyoya: What do you mean?

Yoshio: Making a record?

Kyoya: Yes.

Yoshio: According to Ootori tradition, making a record means that the entire wedding will be video taped. In the days before video cameras. Many pictures were taken. During my wedding ceremony to your mother, my wedding was video taped. Under Ootori wedding tradition, my father got a video taped copy and I received a video taped copy of my wedding. Kyoya I want you to view either my wedding or your brother's wedding on video tape.

Kyoya: Why father?

Yoshio: There are something things you need to do during your ceremony to make the ceremony flow without awkwardness.

Kyoya: Can you possible tell me without me viewing a wedding?

Yoshio: I could tell you, but in my old age I forget many important details because its been so long.

Kyoya: OK father. I will view my brother's wedding. I don't even want to imagine. You and mom screwing.

Kyoya views his brother's wedding

Kyoya: According to my brother's wedding I have to take off her maiden wedding dress. Take off her panties. Then give her panties to you. After the consummation of my marriage, her maid-of-honor gives me her second wedding dress, then I dress my wife, then she helps me get dressed. My bride and I are to exit the limo. first. Then go to where the wedding reception is held. And she is not to wear panties until all of the wedding festivities have ended. Her wedding dress would be soiled with the fluid from ovulating, my semen and the blood of her virginity being taken. Father not only would this very uncomfortable for my bride, it nasty, smelly and unsanitary. Then you give me back her panties after everything is over.

Yoshio: I thought the same way you did when I learned of this tradition. But a little discomfort really paid off. My father gave me ¾ of the family business. Your bride can shower or bath after her wedding. I dare anyone to say anything negative about her on her wedding day, in my presents. I will have anyone that does escorted out if they do. (Kyoya Smiles)

Kyoya: Father I'm sorry, I don't even know if my potential bride and I are eligible for an honorable Ootori wedding. I have three strikes going against me. I have someone in mind that I want to marry. And she a commoner, she wouldn't agree to having a child right away and I may take her virginity tonight.

Yoshio: Your hardly hang around commoners. Do I know her?

Kyoya: I don't know if I should tell you.

Yoshio: You know I could have your every move followed. You might as well tell me.

Kyoya: OK. Since you put it that way, her name is Fujioka Haruhi.

Yoshio: I met Haruhi. After she told me off for giving you a hard time. I ran a background check on her. I'm very impressed with her. Son your in good standing for an honorable Ootori marriage. Just don't take her virginity. I will give you two of my ten companies, if you have an honorable Ootori wedding.

Kyoya: Father, Haruhi is a commoner.

Yoshio: Haruhi is an exception. She won a scholarship to the best college in Japan. She's currently class president and valedictorian. She's at the top of her class. She definitely is not afraid to speak her mind. I admire that in her. You don't find a woman like her very often Kyoya. She will be a fine lawyer. We need a lawyer in the family.

Kyoya: I know father. You want me to impregnate Haruhi during the ceremony?

Yoshio: Yes

Kyoya: Why?

Yoshio: To preserve the family name and legacy.

Kyoya: You have my two older brothers, Itachi and Akito to give you an heir. It will take Haruhi at least six years to be a lawyer. I would spend many hours running the company. Who would take care of our kid and your grandchild.

Yoshio: I don't know what's wrong with Akito, he has no sons, only daughters. Four at that. If you and Haruhi conceive a son, your son can carry on the Ootori name. I will be honored to assign a couple of nannies to care for the child and at my expense.

Kyoya: Father your giving me offer I just can't refuse. I will run this idea by Haruhi. But I want to know more details about the planning of limo. wedding.

Yoshio: How much time do you have to waste right now?

Kyoya: Well its 6:00 p.m. Now. I wanted to spend a little time with Haruhi tonight before I retire for the night. How long did you want to talk?

Yoshio: This may take at least an hour more of your time.

Kyoya: OK go on.

Yoshio: Limousine wedding are very small. About 50 people at the most are invited. These type of wedding take usually months to plan properly.

Kyoya: I can't wait several months to have Haruhi. Can you make our wedding happen in one month.

Yoshio: Yes I have the resources and connections to make it happen. But everything depend on Haruhi.

Kyoya: Why is that?

Yoshio: We have to set your wedding date on the day Haruhi starts ovulating. That's why it may take probably two months. Unless you know where she's at concerning her female cycle.

Kyoya: I don't know.

Yoshio: The wedding may take two months at the most to plan. Can you wait that long?

Kyoya: Yes father I'll manage somehow. How many of my friends can I invite?

Yoshio: Haruhi's father has an immediate invitation. Me, your mother, your brothers and your sister are invited. Then who ever else you and Haruhi decide to invite, as long as the invites are under 35 people.

Kyoya: You said that limo. Weddings take months to plan, how so?

Yoshio: Wedding planners, special police, photographers, media, musicians and physicians will be involved.

Kyoya: Physicians! Why is their a need for physicians?

Yoshio: I want you and your wife to successfully conceive. She would need to go to our doctors.

Kyoya: Why would she need to see our doctors?

Yoshio: Our doctor can see if there's any problems? They can give us the best date for the wedding. So you and your fiancee can wed on the day when she is most fertile.

Kyoya: Does my wife and I really have to consummate our marriage in front of everyone? As Akito did? I want to know details?

Yoshio:There's no way for you and your bride to skip that part of the ceremony. I skipped your brother's wedding video during their consummation because you asked me to. As you saw during their ceremony. They were engaging in foreplay. Are you sure you want to know more details?

Kyoya: Yes father.

Yoshio: OK. As you saw in the video, everyone that's invited finds their spot to sit in the limousine. The person marrying the couple is the next person to enter. The last people to enter is the bride and groom. The groom and the bride have the whole back seat during the ceremony. When the ceremony begins. The limo. Driver drive to the nearest town and back. While the ceremony is in progress, your job is to arouse you fiancee. I recommend that you ready her for the consummation while saying your vows. Son you should do what you need to do to make sure she really wet, to prepare her. Because you will be taking her virginity after you and Haruhi say your vows. It will be very painful for her. She will bleed as a result.

Kyoya: Let me get this straight. You want me to consummate my marriage in front of all that's present?

Yoshio: Yes. And that's the last time I'm repeat that.

Kyoya: Father that's going to be very embarrassing for both of us. I can't believe Akito agreed to this tradition. Father how am I going to get passed the embarrassment. What your asking is totally mortifying.

Yoshio: Akito owns two of my businesses now. He would easily get pass any embarrassment for that. And besides, procreation is a beautiful act among approved married people. Its like a form of art. In my eyes its like watching a graceful ballet. Having intercourse with your wife is nothing to be ashamed of. Its beautiful.

Kyoya: Father I agree that intercourse among married people is beautiful. But that act I always thought should be private.

Yoshio: This tradition is like insuring among family and friend that history has been made. The main purpose of this tradition is for family and friends to witness the procreation of an Ootori heir.

Kyoya: I don't know how my friends will handle this tradition. Many of my friends had a crush on Haruhi. I don't know if they still do. As for Haruhi, I may have a difficult time convincing her to agree with this arrangement. I haven't even asked her to marry me yet. Father I have to go now.

Yoshio: Please refrain from the idea of taking her innocents.

Kyoya: OK Father.