Having an Honorable Ootori Wedding

The Wedding Court- Ootori Kyoya & Fujioka Haruhi



Groom's Parents

Father of the bride

Best Man: Suoh Tamaki

Maid of Honor: Matsuki Fuyume

Father: Ootori Yoshio

Father: Fujioka "Ranka" Ryoji

Groomsman: Ootori Itachi

Bridesmaids: Koyasu Temari

Mother: Ootori Naoko

Groomsmen: Ootori Akito

Bridesmaids: Inoue Misa

Former Ouran High School Host Club Members & Their Significant Other

Suoh Tamaki (Host Club Pres.)(Father)(king)(Prince type)

Suoh Eclair (Tamaki's Wife)

Ootori Kyoya (Host Club Vice Pres.)(Mother)(Shadow king)(Cool Type)

Fujioka Haruhi (Dog)(Errand Boy)(Daughter)(Natural Type)

Morinozuka "Mori" Takashi (Strong, Silent Type)

Saito Rangiku (Mori's Fiancee)

Haninozuka "Hunny" Mitsukuni (Boy Lolita Type)

Haninozuka Sei (Hunny's Wife)

Hitachiin Hikaru (Mischievous Type)

Ootori Amane (Hikaru's Girlfriend)(Yoshio's Niece)

Hitachiin Kaoru (Mischievous Type)

Ootori Kirara (Kaoru's Girlfriend)(Amane's Sister)

Other Guest and Their Significant Other and The Minister

Satuko Lei (Ranka's Date)

Ootori Rukia (Itachi's Wife)

Tachiki Yuichi (The Minister)

Miso Yugi (Misa's Fiance)

Ootori Sakuraoka (Akito's Wife)

Tachiki Hinata (The Minister's Wife)

Hijio Kenichi (Temari's Date)

Matsuki Daisuke (Fuyume's Husband)

The day of the wedding

On the day of Haruhi's wedding Fuyume let Haruhi borrow her triple row diamond choker (borrowed). Temari gave her new blue garter. (new & blue) Misa gave her a old pearl ring. (old) Haruhi let the twins do her hair and make up. They put extensions in her hair to pull off a fancy up do. With a small tiara. The Hitachiin left her to put on her dress.

The wedding is beginning

30 people are invited to the wedding ceremony. The long white limousine is in front of the reception hall building. All of the Significant others are escorted in first. Reporters are everywhere. But no one can see through the windows. The Ootori's Police force is keeping the media at a distance. The parents of the bride and the groom are next to enter the limousine. The music starts to play. A red carpet is rolled from the reception hall to the limousine. Akito and Misa was the first to come down the red carpet. Each coming from different ends to meet in the middle of the red carpet. Itachi and Temari were next. Then Tamaki and Fuyume made their way to the limousine. The minister and his wife were the next ones in the limousine. Haruhi stepped out into Kyoya's sight she took his breath with her beauty. He could see her lace top of her thigh-hi stockings. His manhood is hardening. They walked toward one another until they met in the center of the red carpet. She grabbed his arm. He smiled at her and told her she looked absolutely beautiful and sexy. She told him he look absolutely handsome and sexy. They were the last ones to get into the limousine.

Kyoya: Haruhi please turn around. (Kyoya did accordingly. He unhooks her maiden dress top and removed it. Everyone gasped as Kyoya exposed Haruhi's small breast. As seen by her diamond oped bra. Kyoya removed the long skirt part of her dress. Leaving a short sexy half slip on Haruhi. Then gave both parts of her dress to Fuyume. In the process of undressing Haruhi, this made Kyoya noticeably aroused.) Please stand Haruhi. (Kyoya pull off Haruhi's panties that matched her diamond open bra. And gave them to his dad. Kyoya motioned for Haruhi to sit. He sat down beside her. He pick up her leg and held it across his lap. This is so everyone wouldn't see what he's doing to her during the ceremony. Kyoya didn't waste any time. He caressed her exposed nipple. And discreetly rubbed her clitoris, while motioning for the minister to begin the ceremony. Haruhi is trying to lower her moans by ducking her face behind Kyoya's arm.)

Yuichi: Kyoya are rings being exchanged?

Kyoya: Yes

Yuichi: Take out your ring for Haruhi. (Yoshio reaches in his pocket and pull out a diamond filled wedding band. He gives it to Kyoya.)Kyoya please repeat after me. With this ring I Kyoya

Kyoya: With this ring I Kyoya. (Kyoya put the ring on her finger. Then careful slid his two fingers into Haruhi's opening.)

Haruhi: AHHH! (Haruhi in Pain.)

Yuichi: Take you Haruhi to be my lawfully wedded wife.

Kyoya: Take you Haruhi to be my lawfully wedded wife. (Kyoya was looking and smiling at her, while saying his vows to her and pumping his fingers in and out of her.)

Yuichi: Through sickness and health.

Kyoya: Through sickness and health.( Kyoya looking in her eyes and pleasuring her. Haruhi trying to muffle her moans of pleasure.)

Yuichi: For richer or poorer.

Kyoya: For richer or poorer. (Kyoya didn't want her to come right yet. He just wanted to pleasure her. So he stopped fingering her and started slowly stroking her feminine bud of nerves again. Making Haruhi almost shout.)

Yuichi: For better or worst.

Kyoya: For better or worst. (Kyoya still stroking her nipple and pleasuring her.)

Yuichi: Until death do us part.

Kyoya: Until death do us part.

Yuichi: Haruhi take out your ring for Kyoya. (Ranka gets up and gives a ring to Haruhi.) Haruhi Please repeat after me. With this ring I Haruhi (Haruhi puts the ring on his finger. Kyoya is now kissing and suck on her neck. He resumed fingering her again. This time three fingers. He practically making love to her now.)

Haruhi: AHHHH! With this ring I Oooo! Haruhi.

Yuichi: Take you Kyoya to be my lawfully wedded husband.

Haruhi: (Haruhi pulls Kyoya up to look at him. He briefly stops his ministrations on her.) Take you Kyoya to be my lawfully wedded husband.

Yuichi: Through sickness and health. (Kyoya starts to tease her nipple with his tongue. While pleasuring her genitalia. Rendering Haruhi speechless for a second.)

Haruhi: Ahhhh Mmm throoough ssickness Oooo and health. (Haruhi is throwing her head back as she is enjoy all of the sensations Kyoya is sending through her body.)

Yuichi: For richer or poorer.

Haruhi: F-For oOOoh ric-cher Mmmm or pooorrer.(Haruhi could feel her climax building. Kyoya stopped pumping her with his fingers. He resumed touching sensitive parts of her body.) no keep on. (Protesting Kyoya's decision to stop penetration her with his fingers.)

Kyoya: (Whispered) Shsss (Kyoya Continued Kissing, licking, sucking and lightly biting Haruhi to the back of her ear to the very tip of her nipple.)

Yuichi: For better or worst.

Haruhi: FFor bbetter ahhhh or wwoorsst. (Kyoya has a way of prolonging Haruhi's pleasure.)

Yuichi: Until death do us part.

Haruhi: Until ahhh death ddo usss ppart.

Yuichi: With all power vested through me as a representative of the government. I now pronounce you Husband and wife. Kyoya and Haruhi you may kiss and consummate.

Kyoya got up and unzip His specially made tux he slipped it off in one swoop. All that Kyoya has on is black boxer shorts and a black bow tie around his neck. Haruhi just couldn't take her eyes off of Kyoya's bare sexy body. Kyoya sat down and unsnap the front of his boxer shorts. He motioned for Haruhi to straddle him.

Kyoya: ( Kyoya position himself at Haruhi's opening. Kyoya whispered in Haruhi's ear. ) OK sweetheart how did you want it quick or slow and easy?

Haruhi: (Haruhi whispered back.) Quick.

Kyoya: Are you ready? (still whispering. Haruhi nodded yes. Kyoya promptly bared down on Haruhi hips as he penetrated her.)

Haruhi: ( Haruhi whole body stiffened the second he entered her. Blood gushed out of her.)AAHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh! Kyooooya! Pleease dodon't move.(Haruhi is crying. It hurts so bad.)

Kyoya: (Kyoya whispered in her ear.) I'm sorry I hurt you. It had to happen eventually. The pain is just temporary. If you give me permission, I can love you and I can make you feel sensations that feel ten times better than you just experienced with just my fingers.

Haruhi: Go on Kyoya. (Kyoya kissing Haruhi and toying with her nipple while thrusting moderately.)

Kyoya: (He whisper in ear.) Is it starting to feel good? (Haruhi nods yes. Kyoya wants to intensify Haruhi's sensations. He starts sucking her nipple and vigorously massages her clit. While holding her hip with one arm and increase the speed of his thrusts.) UMMMmmmmm Haruhiiii. Hump me. (He whispered)

Haruhi: AAAAHHHHHaaaaaaahhhhhh! KYOYAAAaaaa! (She's screaming because he's got her so full of him. With every thrust he's hitting all of her nerves. Kyoya wants more. He wants to take her breath with pleasure. So he grabs her rear end with both hands and works her hips hard up and down. His thrusts are forceful and unrelenting. With every thrust Haruhi is screaming. The sensations are totally take her breath. ) ahhhhhhhAAAAHHH KYOYAAAaaaa!

Everyone's mouth dropped. They didn't know Kyoya would put it on Haruhi like that. He unleashed on her like he was sex starved. Occasionally slapping her rear end. Many thought he's a sex demon. Everyone finally chanted Go! Go! Go!

Kyoya: MMMmmmmm Haruhi I love you. (Kyoya is not letting up on Haruhi. He even take it further by rotating his thumb over her clitoris. )

Haruhi: Kyoyaaaa I'm …...(Haruhi came good and hard. Her vaginal walls are pulsating and hugged Kyoya's member so tight, his member began to release as he has no choice but to come.)

Kyoya: OOOOOOOooooommmmm!(Riding out his super intense orgasm.) Haruhi that was amazing. You were amazing.

Haruhi: I never knew sex felt tremendously good. That was explosive. You were amazing too. I love you.

Kyoya: I love you too.

Kyoya changed into his 2nd tux. Then help Haruhi change into her 2nd wedding dress. They all when to the reception. She wasn't allow to put on her panties which made her uncomfortable. She decided not to protest on Kyoya account. Haruhi did bleed on her dress a little bit. She was able to hide the spots for the picture though. Kyoya is not crazy about cake. But for tradition they tasted their wedding cake together. (Her favorite.) She dance with husband first, then her father, then Kyoya's father and Tamaki and so on. Kaoru caught the blue garter. Amane caught the bouquet. Kaoru and Amane dance together as a result. Even though Kaoru was dancing with his brother's girlfriend. Close to the end of the Wedding. Yoshio presented Mr. and Mrs Ootori Kyoya with a 7-day trip (all expenses paid.)to the Caribbean Islands. When all of the guest left. Yoshio was the last to go. He told Kyoya "Well done son. I'm proud of you." patted him of the back and gave him haruhi's panties.

Kyoya and Haruhi conceived on their wedding day as planned. They had a son the following year. And the year after that. They had quadruplets. Because Haruhi had produced two eggs, one in each ovary. Both of the eggs made initical twins, resulting in one set of twin boys and one set of twin had a girl two years after the quadruplets. During their married life, Kyoya and Haruhi raised six kids together. Three girls and three boys. Kyoya runs two businesses and became a Doctor. Haruhi finally became a lawyer. Tamaki eventually became the Principal of Ouran High School. Him and his wife has three kids. Two daughters and a son. The Hitachiin twins marry the Kyoya's cousins. Hikaru and his wife has a daughter. Kaoru and his wife has a son. The Hitachiin twins became famous designers. Hunny and his wife are expecting a child. After several miscarriages. Hunny is master instructor and take time to visit his and mori's 12 dojos from time to time. Mori and his wife are raising four boys. Mori manages and teaches martial art at all of his and Hunny's dojos. All of the host club members still keep in touch. The End