A:n/ Some reviews would be nice. I haven't had that many on my other pieces and I'm not too happy about that. This is a new, exciting story- hopefully you'll like it. Persevere with Kade, he seems well...evil at first but he is so darn smokin! And he isn't bad...really... XXX

Hermione suppressed a chill as she stepped out into the brisk Autumn air.

Headmistress McGonagall didn't require Britain's three best Auror's for nothing.

It must be serious.

'You ready, yet?' She asked impatiently as Ron had caught sight of a large sausage displayed behind the counter. His eyes wide with anticipation.

'Is that all you do? Think of food? It's an amazement that Gabrielle hasn't tired of you yet.' She remarked, not meaning it to sound as mean as it did.

'Well at least I have someone who was willing to marry me. The only person who'd marry you is Cormac Mclaggen or a librarian!' He fired back at her.

That stung.

'Children- settle down.' Harry cut in, trying to create peace. He was well used to their bantering by now.

'Fine- but we're late! That isn't a very good impression.' Hermione tutted, mainly at Ron who stuck hhis tongue out wildly.

'Now who's being childish?' Hermione pranced off, unaware of the obsidian eyes that followed her every move.

Kade could guide the wind and the sea. He was master of the elements.

He caused a draft at Hermione, making her cloak fly into the distance.

'Drat! Don't wait up- I'll catch up to you.' She said to Ron and Harry.

'Are you sure?' Harry asked always protective.

'Yes, I'll be fine. Thank you for asking, Ronald.' She glared at Ron who pretended not to hear.

'Oh... did you hear Harry that I saw an ad the other day in the paper. It was included in the The Daily Prophet but it was front cover of the Quibbler. You know how weird that paper is. Anyway, it was a boring, 64 year old librarian, looking for a buck-toothed, ugly, know-it-all witch with a large gob and bushy hair. Also it specified that the witch had to have no social skills whatsoever and no life other than feeding off others like a book-reading parasite. Remind you of anyone?' Ron said, his voice mean and nasty.

Hermione didn't show how much it hurt her, though in truth she felt like crying.

'Ron.' Harry said, his tone was disapproving.

'Come on. Don't be too long, Hermione.' He smiled gently at the upset witch.

Hermione gave a stiff nod and turned so that Ron wouldn't see her tears.

'That wasn't very nice, Ron.' HArry's voice still carried though it sounded far away.

'She wasn't very nice to me...truth hurts...' Ron's voice got fainter and eventually disappeared.

Kade grinned in spite of himself.

As Hermione bent down to pick up her cloak- he threw his arms around her- tackling her to the floor.

'What-the!...' Hermione began to scream but was quickly silenced by the knife in Kade's hand.

'There is no point in screaming, Miss Granger- no one will hear.' He said dangerously low.

His eyes were alight with something she couldn't place.

'What do you want with me?' Hermione hoped to distract him as she fumbled around for her wand.

Damn it- it was in her back pocket somewhere...

'Looking for this?' Kade twirled her wand around in his fingers.

She tried to snatch it but- he flattened her with his weight.

'Hmph!' She grunted as his weight collapsed painfully on top of her.

'This is nice.' He grinned, though a part of him felt guilt when he saw the terror in her eyes.

'No...P-Please...I'm...I'm a ...' She stuttered too scared to finish the sentence.

'All the better...' Kade smirked, begining to stretch his hand underneath her shirt.

Feeling her body tremble beneath him, he waited until a tear slipped out before resting his ice hand below her bra.

'Please...' Hermione wept, she didn't want this.

Kade left the suspense hanging in the air before relieving her of her fear. He took his hand out and wiped her tear away from her trembling cheek.

She looked confused at his gentle gesture.

'Do not fear- I am not so sick a man that I would steal a woman's virtue. Particularly her first.' He nodded in understanding at what she had been too frightened to stutter earlier.

'Then what do you want?' Hermione asked, slightly less terrified but still worried- he hadn't gotten off her yet.

'I have an order'

'W-Which is?' She waited.

'To kill you.' He felt her tremble again beneath him.

'A..And a-are you?' She tried to sound brave- and failed.

Kade paused, but didn't let her suffer.

'No. I am not- but I will have to take you back with me.'

'To where?' She already knew but he just confirmed it for her.

'To The Dark Lord.' He didn't disappoint.