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The Flowing River

I looked around my office, taking note of every small figurine set neatly on each shelf. Though some people say Americans are sloppy, I know it's a stereotype. I myself am the personified United States, and I just can't stand having a sloppy office. I smiled when I say nothing was out of place, and sat in the rolling chair in front of my desk. Arthur, or England, would be coming over today for lunch, and I hate to admit it, but I have emotions for my former guardian. It isn't that bad, considering that technically, none of us are related by blood, but some might still find it disturbing.

Sighing, I sat back, and flipped on the Television, and just as the screen blurred to life, Arthur came barreling into my office, eyes filled with tears.

"No!" he bellowed, and flung himself at me. "Don't look Alfred. Don't…" But it was too late, and I now saw why he was in tears. On the screen, the same screen I watched football in many nights, without a care in the world, were my two World Trade Centers, and they were ablaze with the darkest of smokes. Instantly, a stabbing pain hit my stomach, and I felt a wet substance fall from my eyes. It wasn't tears, but blood. My blood. America's Blood.

I fell to the ground, and began to cough harshly, and I wiped my mouth, looking at the soot and ash that now covered it. What in the world happened… I looked up too see Arthur sitting at my side, and wrapping me in his arms. I smiled to myself bitterly. It took this much pain just to get my beloved Arthur to hold me in his arms.

I looked at the Television again, and this time saw something that made me pale considerably. Another plane… This wasn't an accident, this was planned. It was terrorists… I felt my eyes widen when the second one hit, and everything was starting to blur together…

"Alfred. Alfred, stay with me! Don't fall asleep." Said my beloved Iggy. Tears filled his eyes as his shoulders shook with sobs, and I forced my eyes to stay open. I wouldn't let myself fall asleep if he needed me to be awake. I turned over, and spit out more soot, ash, and this time blood. I blinked more of the crimson out of my eyes, and reached forward to cup Arthur's face.

"I won't die." I said. "Believe me when I say I will never leave you alone. I stroked his face, and smiled to myself. "I love you. I really do, and I will make it through, if that's what you wish. He blushed, then smiled, making me smile too. He leaned forward and kissed my forehead, and looked away in embarrassment.

"I would kiss you on the lips, but they're covered in soot and blood…" He muttered. I laughed quietly, and cried hard to myself as I felt my people's lives fading one by one. I continued to feel weaker and weaker. I heard every though that went through their fading minds, and a fear unknown to me hit hard, and I sobbed louder, closing my eyes, and letting my beloved hold me. He rocked me back and forth, back and forth, until slowly, I allowed myself to sleep.

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