[ C U P I D'S L O V E S H O T ]

Chapter One

"Adam?" I heard a feminine voice calling out to me, yet I was too mesmerized at the sight in front of me to pull back my attention. There standing right in front of me was a Greek god with his ass literally in my face. I was tempted to close the small distance and sniff his ass like two dogs ready to go at it.

The man was fucking sex on legs, standing at a proud height of 6'3 and the body of Hercules. He made sure everyone knew how fit the captain of the soccer team was. He wore a black T-shirt (which he wore twelve days ago . . . not that I'm counting!) and ripped jeans that hugged his ass so well it should have been considered as soft core porn. As if his height wasn't already a killer the guy also had to have warm milky chocolate eyes that made you shiver to think what it would look like after a good passionate ruff with the man, black curly hair that was destined to be tugged while being mouth raped by him and stubble on his face which only improved his masculinity.

Dayton Marino was no joke. He made all the other high school guys look like preadolescent five year olds. Unfortunately for me he was also straight.

"Adam!" The obnoxious girl that sat beside me shrieked. "Stop checking Dayton out and cover your fucking boner!" she hissed. I was snapped out of my reverie and blushed at what Vivian said. I looked down to check and indeed little McAdam was up and about in full glory pitching a tent in my black slacks.

Yes. You heard right. I said slacks.

You see, I'm one of those rare one in a million people that wear slacks, buttoned up dress shirts, and ties to school. I was considered the biggest "nerd" in school and quite frankly they were right. I had top grades in my class and I was running for Valedictorian. My clothes and IQ was only part of the equation however. My looks were what made it final, sealing my fate. I had dirty blonde hair that was combed to one said, exposing my forehead to the whole world; thick wired frame glasses that shielded my turquoise blue eyes that threatened to fall off my nose. Oh and I also had braces, but they'll be off in another week.

I sent Vivian a "bitch you need to shut the fuck up" glare. If she were any louder, then the whole room would have known I was gay, as if I needed any more complications in my already socially shunned high school life.

Vivian gave me a smug look and waggled her eyebrows, darting her eyes from me to Dayton. Sometimes Vivian could be a handful, but that's what best friends are for, right? Sadly, Vivian was also the only friend I had. Apparently I'm considered the lowest class on the school's food chain and shouldn't even be associated with. Even the other nerds won't talk to me.

Vivian however was the captain of the cheerleading team, so that just makes her the HBIC in this game. No one says shit to her unless they had a death wish to get slapped so low on the chain they'd get raped by Satin's fiery thirteen inch cock.

According to Vivi though, she values our fourteen years of friendship and won't let something as trivial as this get in our way.

I snuck a glance at Vivian and shook my head. We were so different, completely opposite. I had to admit if I wasn't gay then I would have "tapped that ass", but thank God for ninth grade Health class videos, right? Videos on wrinkly, herpes infested vaginas were what made me pitch for the opposite team.

Little rays of sunlight beamed through the half assed closed blinds, illuminating Vivian's face, giving her an angelic feature. She had rich light brown eyes that showed warmth. (Don't be fooled however) Her blonde hair was cut into layer to give it a messy fierce look. The lower layers were a deeper shade of blonde as it worked its way up it became lighter. She had a cute straight nose that wasn't too big or too small, just the right size. Her lips were small but plump. "Cock sucking" lips was what she called them.

There was a reason why she was captain of the cheerleading team and everyone knew why. She was fierce and competitive, beautiful even without her make up on unlike all the other cheerleaders that hid under their layers of cosmetics, and she even had the body of a cheerleader, thin lithe body standing as tall as I was 5'8.

Yep. We were complete opposites. She was beautiful and I was . . . bleh.

"Adam!" A loud rumble that echoed throughout the room. I blinked out of my reminiscing and unintelligently said "huh?"

"Because you weren't paying attention, surely you must know the answer to number five on the board?" I gave Ms. Bradley a dry look. A she man that was trying way too hard to blend in with today's sense of fashion. She was nearly fifty years old and yet she was wearing a short jean skirt with a pink shirt, pink leggings underneath the skirt and pink converse. Clearly there was a reason why she remains unmarried. She should have been wearing a sign that said "keep away". One look at her and she'll turn any confused adolescent gay.

I stared at the simple multiple choice question and rolled my eyes.

"B." I said robotically. She arched a suspicious pink dyed eyebrow at me. "Care to explain Mr. Dawson?"

"Um . . . yeah sure, I said nervously. "Well . . . the answer is B, because the derivative of a sum of two functions is equal to the sum of the derivatives of the two functions and also the derivative of constant is equal to zero."

"Do you have a book out?" She snapped and I didn't blame her. The answer sounded like it came straight out of the textbook too.

"No mam," I said, nearly pissing myself. Did she really think I was cheating? "I just studied for five hours last night, so everything is still fresh." I said with my eyes locking down on my all of a sudden intriguing desk. There were snickers from my classmates.

"Who the hell studies for five hours?" Tristian, one of the jock asked outrageously. As always Vivian was there to shut the class up. She gave all of them especially Tristian a death glare.

The bell rang, indicating us to get the hell out and shuffle our way to lunch. I walked swiftly with my head down to my locker to get my bagged lunch. It's not like I have a problem with the school's food. It's actually quite delicious, but I rather avoid large crowds. Large crowds plus me equals problem.

I felt someone grab me from behind, hugging my waist with one hand and covering my eyes with the other. "Guess whooo," Vivian chirped. I shook my head inwardly. I don't know why she even bothers playing this game. She knows she's the only person that'll dare touch me. I'm like a disease at this school.

"Dayton?" I asked happily, playing along with her game.

She laughed and gave a swat to my butt which made twenty students zoom in on us, staring at me. "You're such a man slut." I unconsciously looked down at my shoes while walking to the bleachers that overlooked the soccer field to avoid the student's glares of daggers and Vivian unconsciously tipped my head back up so I was looking straight.

Right . . . self confidence. It's a little routine we do. Whenever I look down she would readjust my head for me, she said it was suppose to boost my confidence. Obviously it wasn't working.

"Aren't you going to eat with your other friends? I asked, already knowing what she's going to say.

"Nopers, I'm with you today, so why are we going to the bleachers?" She asked while skipping ahead, causing the flap of her skirt to flail upwards and revealing her thong.

Because Dayton is playing soccer shirtless today. "Because it's a nice day outside."

We marched our ways up the stairs using the side rails for balance. Holding onto the side rails is a must unless you're a dare devil. This school is nearly one hundred twenty years old, a death trap.

"So what's for lunch?" Vivian asked, twirling her blonde hair with her fingers and looking at my brown paper lunch bag. I can already see the puddle of drool forming below her. She always loved mooching off of me.

I sighed and pulled out my lunch that I am graciously sharing with Vivian. "Strawberry yogurt, grilled cheese sandwich, tofurky sandwich, an apple, and peanuts. Choose your weapons."

She instinctively grabbed the grilled cheese and yogurt as always. I tried forcing her to eat the tofurky sandwich before, but she just stared at it like it was a pile of shit on the sidewalk. "One of these days I'll make you eat my delicious tofurky sandwich, Vivi."

She blanched and turned wide eye, scooting away from me. It's not like tofurky would kill her or anything.

"Why the hell are we out here in this hot ass humid weather?" Vivian complained.

That's exactly why we're out her. Dayton always play soccer on Tuesdays and Fridays during lunch and the hot weather would only means him and eleven other guys playing shirtless. A sight to be seen indeed. Dayton's body should even be considered one of the seven wonders, majestic and soul shattering. A beauty to be worshipped.

The loud noise of hooting and hollering down on the soccer field indicated the rambunctious soccer jocks were out and ready. The sight of Dayton's bronze skin gleaming in the sunlight caused my voice to hitch.

"Oh brother! You're like the horniest gay nerd I've ever met."

I glared my death rays at her. Bitch knows not to call me a nerd even if it is true.

"But I gotta admit. You have great taste in guys." She waggled her eyebrows at me.

"Yeah, too bad he's straight and he'll never notice this gay nerd." I sighed wistfully. "Dreaming is the only way for us to be together."

There was a loud intake of air, a gasp eliciting from Vivian. I arched an eyebrow at her, giving her a questioning look which only made my glasses bob down my nose even further.

"You fucking stalk Dayton, you have literally hundreds of pictures of him in your scrap book, and you even have his boxer briefs that you stole last year when you snuck in the locker room after a home game."

It's pretty sad I know, but everything she said was true. And let me point out sneaking into the locker room to steal a guy's underwear is harder than it sounds. It was strictly 007. "Thanks for the recap, but I don't see where you're exactly going with this."

She took a hold of my shoulders and squeezed firmly before giving me a good shake that I was sure were going to dislodge my brain. "He. Is. Fuck. Ing. Bi!"

"Bitch get your acrylic nails off me" I growled. "Who the hell is Bi anyways?" I took a minute to ponder through all of the girls Dayton associates himself with. "Oh my God," I gasped, "Are you talking about that one Chinese girl that wears them booty shorts?"

"Why the hell are you so stupid?" She slapped me on my face. Ouch. "You're supposed to be Valedictorian!" Vivian started to take deep breaths to calm herself down. Meanwhile I just stared at her in fascination. She reminded me of the video in health class about that one lady giving birth. Vivian had all the symptoms. Sweaty red face, eyebrows that arched down causing a V-shape, and messy hair due to the wind because we were so high up. All she needed to complete the image was a bushy vagina that would take a machete to cut through.

"Adam," she begins after she recollected herself. I was still doubtful myself so I slowly and discreetly scooted away. "Dayton is bisexual." I was ready to take off with the way she was staring at me.

Wait. What? Who's Bi? She couldn't mean . . .

My silent prayer was answered. "Adam," She repeated as if she knew I was in a different state of mind. "Dayton is Bi. Actually he's dating Chad, the guy who he's hugging right now." I zoomed in down the soccer field like an eagle searching for its prey. I drank in the sight of two golden tanned bodies embracing each other in their glory of sweatiness.


As much as I would love Dayton to be Bi, so I can have a small chance of being together with him. It just didn't make sense. Dayton couldn't be bi. It was illogical. "I don't know, Vivian," I eyed Chad and Dayton skeptically. "It's probably just some bromance happening down there."

She huffed out an irritable sigh. "Trust me, Adam. I'm a girl and I can tell that the action down there is definitely not bromance, it's more like . . . when we get home we're going to have crazy sex-mance. And also you forget that I'm captain of the cheerleading team. Every single rumor, facts, and gossips about other students goes through me."

Hope ignited inside of me. It was as if the cure for cancer was found. This meant I had a chance with Dayton. The impossible was now the possible. Vivian must have noticed my Chesire grin. She quickly annihilated it. "He's with Chad so don't even think about meddling in their relationship you man snatcher."

My grin was quickly replaced with a frown. Vivian was right. Dayton was with Chad now and I don't blame him. Chad was pretty hot himself. He had a dark black hair and foggy grey eyes. He had a 5'11 body frame and almost as built as Dayton. Almost. Everything about Chad screamed mysterious, but really he's a sweet guy. Even though he doesn't talk to me, Chad was always there to help scram away the bullies. So as much as I should hate Chad for taking the man I loved and stalked for four years. I really couldn't.

"You're right Vivi." Admitting it was hard. It was like presenting an orphan child that was starving for days food then snatching it away once the child got a whiff of it. "Chad is everything I'm not. He's popular, attractive, and athletic."

Vivian, like a good friend sensed my melancholy mood. She quickly scooted over the distance that I had put myself from her earlier and embraced me. "Adam, I don't know why your self esteem is so low, but you are everything that Chad is. Well except for the popular part." I glared at her sad attempt to cheer me up.

She raised both her hand in a surrendering motion. "Hey it's true. I've seen you before Adam. You're athletic thanks to your health nut dad." It's true. My dad is an absolute health nut. He takes me out to jog with him every morning, afternoon, and night. He was more than happy to join me when I decided to become a vegetarian. "You're also fucking hot," Vivian continued. I gave her a "are you serious?" questioning look.

"Hey it's true! It's just the way you present yourself makes you look unattractive. I mean . . . big ass nerd glasses, one sided combed doctor's hair, braces, dressed shoes, slacks, dressed shirt, and a tie doesn't scream "fuck me."

I scowled at her. She knew that my ego was pathetically low, as small an ant even. Vivian let out a sigh. "I'm not trying to put you down. All I'm saying is that you aren't what you think you are. All you need is a little makeover and some self confidence." I soaked in everything Vivian said. She was a friend so I couldn't believe everything she said. She was only trying to cheer me up, but she would never lie to me. Maybe she was right.

"Are you playing with my dick or are you for real?"

"Adam, I'm for realzorz. I wouldn't lie to you. I've seen your body, which is pretty remarkable even though it's not super athletic. It's enough for girls to ogle at. Your eyes are amazing. I've never met anyone with turquoise blue eyes."

Vivian had me hooked and lured. She was just the type of person. She could be a saleswoman with the way she gave people just what they wanted to hear. "So all I need is a makeover then?" I asked skeptically. Even if I couldn't have Dayton, It'll be nice to make some friends and maybe have a boyfriend.

"And self confidence," she added. "All you need to do is act like the way you act with me. Stop being shy and be who you are." That was harder than she made it sound. I only acted so care free around her because we knew each other since we were three.

"All right then!" I said determinedly, standing up with swiftness that caused me to have a head rush. "I'll need your help with my make over once I get my braces off in about three days." I said all too seriously to Vivian. She broke up in a triumphant grin and bounced, causing her boobs to nearly slap against her face.

"You'll be my greatest creation ever!"

"Oh shit!" Vivian yelled, nearly bursting my ear drums. She ran off down the flight of stairs that took amazing skills, considering how she did it in high heels. One minute later I received a text from Vivian.

Cya next . I 4got I had lunch det.

I was never great at text talk. I was the type of person that texted using the proper English skills instead of half assed laziness. It took me nearly a whole minute to decipher her text.

My eyes drifted back to Dayton on the field. Hard tanned muscled body moving agilely across the soccer field.

Gah! Where was the school administrator when you needed one? A shirtless Dayton should be a health hazard to public safety.

"Hey! Adam, what are you doing up there?"

Holy shit! Who was that? I looked around, expecting an alien to pop out a dog's vagina or some sort of creature to be perfectly honest. Almost no one in school knows me. When people see me they just know to keep away and avoid eye contact.

"Adam? What you doing?" I looked to my left and then to my right. No one was up here with me. And like an idiot I checked under the fucking bench expecting a leprechaun to pop out giving me my pot of gold even though I wasn't on the other side of the rainbow. Well technically I was, but yeah.

Who the fuck was calling me?

I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder and looked up staring at Jesus himself.

There directly in front of me was Dayton Marino in all his masculine gloriness.

"I've been calling you, bro. Whatcha doing out here in the hot sun?" He questioned with a smirk on his face. He probably knew I was checking him out. I mean why else would a nerd be in the outside world?

"I . . . um," my mouth went dry as the desert. A million things were buzzing in my head, but most important of all was — why the hell was Dayton talking to me?

He plopped his sexy ass down next to me and stared at the field. "Hmm, there's nothing up here. If I knew better you were watching us playing soccer."

No. Not them. Just you.

"I'm . . . uh . . . sorry. I'll leave right now."

He reached out his calloused, fingers and wrapped it around my slender wrists. "Hey bro, you don't have to go. I only wanted to talk to you."

I got an instant boner the second he touched me and had to plop my ass down faster than the speed of light so he wouldn't notice the tent in my slacks. Times like these I question myself why I dress the way I do. At least wearing jeans would be less noticeable.

My action caused Dayton to raise a suspicious eyebrow at me which caused me to cross my legs nervously like a woman wearing a skirt, hoping he wouldn't notice McAdam saying good morning America.

"Sooo . . ." He begins, like he didn't know what to say. I didn't blame him. No one knows what to say around me. "Were you watching us play soccer?"

All this time I was staring at Dayton's still half naked body. "Nipples." I said in awe and unconsciously, looking at his dusky nipples that settled on his well toned chest. I wanted to ravage it like a baby sucking on a pacifier.

"So you came here to stare at our nipples?" He asked, chuckling with that chocolaty sinful voice of his.

It took a few seconds for his words to process in my head. I snapped my head up and yanked my whole body up. "What?" I blurted out, causing the other guys on the soccer field to stare up at me.

"Wow, I don't know if I should be flattered or scared." I didn't know what Dayton meant at first until I saw what he was staring at. "Oh no" I groaned, hiding my red embarrassed face in my hands from the laughing world.

I felt two warm arms around my waist and gently pulled me down towards the bench. "Hey don't be embarrassed. I'd get hard too if I saw twelve shirtless guys running around.

I gave him a cat glare. "Then why aren't you. Hell, you're one of them." He gave me a sheepish look and rubbed the back of his neck, which gave me a good view of his rippling biceps. "Well, they're my friends and that'd be gross," Dayton said with a scrunched up face.

"Anyways," he continued, "I didn't know you were gay." He grinned. "Welcome to the other side of the rainbow!" he announced which sounded like he had practice the verse way too many times in front of a mirror.

"Who said I was gay?" I automatically snapped back and regretted it. Here I was finally talking to Dayton instead of the usual one worded "sorrys" and "hellos."

He looked at me deadpan seriously, "you don't have to worry about me telling people. I actually have someone very close to me that's still in the closet." I immediately felt like an ass for snapping at Dayton. Sexy, thoughtful Dayton. "Sorry, it's just that people are never nice to me, unless it ends up in some kind of prank."

I narrowed my eyes at him, suspiciously, "why are you talking to me?"

He didn't answer me and instead he stood up, brushed his shorts for imaginary organisms, winked at me and walked off. I could have sworn I heard him say "intuition," but the bell quickly rang and cut through it.

One thought popped into my head as I heard the bell rang.


I'm always five minutes early to class. That's just the way I am. Walking into class at the normal time with other students would draw too much attention if I were in class early no one would pay any attention to me. Thus, making life for me easier.

Except, there was only one little problem. Well, a big problem, not saying I had a big ego or anything, but I was still hard as a rock. There was only one solution to this problem of mine and as desperate as it was I am not going to class with a boner that could be seen a mile away.

I rushed to the nearest restroom and sigh in relief when there wasn't anyone inside. I wasn't surprised, restroom 104 was said to be haunted ever since two guys took the hugest shit of their life and both were sent to hospital when they fainted in the stall. What's so strange about that? The incident happened in separate years, but on the same date.

I hurriedly closed the toilet seat and piled it with hundred sheets of toilet paper. Sitting on a toilet without and protection on was like a death wish at this school. I jerked my pants down and pulled my member out, sighing in blissfulness.

I may not have any sexual experiences, being the virgin I am, but I was an expert when it came to the art of jacking off. I knew all the tricks and kinks for it. I knew all one hundred and two ways and positions to jack off to and I'm damn well proud of it.

The bathroom stall was so small and constricting I had to prop me feet up against the door and jerk off at a weird angle.

After a few quick seconds of adjusting I quickly found a comfortable rhythm that had me moaning Dayton's name like a dirty little school girl.

My moans and grunts were the only thing that echoed through the bathroom and I was in my own little world, imagining all the little naughty acts I could do to Dayton.

"Shit . . ." I managed to groan.

"Hey, you okay in there? Do you need me to pass you some toilet papers?"

"Fuck!" I grunted, at picturing Dayton kissing me, caressing me like an injured bird.

"Yo, dude! You okay?"

"Ah, Shit!" I screamed, coming closer to the edge. I could feel my body crying in happiness giving me gratitude for satisfying it primal needs.

Suddenly the door to my stall flew open and in came the most sexiest person I've ever laid eyes on. He could have rivaled Dayton himself. The sight of the beautiful man just made me came harder than I've ever had in my life. Weeks of holding off masturbation came out all at once as it erupted from me.

Long, thick, ropey strands shot out for what seemed like six foot in the air and landed on his face in huge globs. "Ah, shit! My eyes!" The mystery man yelled.

Coming down from my high, everything came in at once. Holy shit I just came on a guy. I didn't know what to do. I was stuck on deciding to either offer him the bathroom tissues to wipe it off his face or run. "you little shit! I'm going to rip your dick off!"

I chose the latter.

I quickly scurried and crawled between his legs like a dog while he was still blinded by my come.