Supply and Demand Cheat Sheet (or what happened previously) for those who forgot or want a reminder or didn't read one of the stories.

Unwanted (NCIS/SGA)

In part the first, Jethro Gibbs was in need of an Empath. As a Telekinetic he needed the connection and stability of an empath to balance out his ability – and his team really wanted a more stable Gibbs.
T&E the agency that governs all Empaths and Telekinetics loaned Gibbs a pool Empath – Dean Winchester. Normally just a Telekinetic and an Empath would connect one on one to balance eachother out – help the Kinetic manage their ability (and amplify it) and help the Empath block off unwanted emotions from others and leaking their own.
A 'Pool Empath is someone who has had their empathic field and natural shield blown open by electricity allowing multiple Kinetics to boost their abilities off it. However no connection is permitted with a 'Pool Empath.

Gibbs reluctantly takes Dean as a loan 'Pool Empath and together they solved a few cases, while Gibbs discovered that all was not as it seemed in the T&E domain – notably their treatment of Empaths. The first case they solves was of a young Ensign who was squatting in deployed naval personnel homes. Then a burglary of Captain LH Cadman's quarters and the theft of a small blue paperweight from a 'classified' location. The search for the thieves led to Sgt Matthews, a marine using his connections in Logistics to smuggle middle eastern artefacts to the States.

Whilst at Sgt Matthews home, Gibbs touches an old rusty dagger, which was giving off the same weird vibes. Later that night, Dean stops a ghost from possessing Gibbs using salt and his Empathic abilities.

When Sgt Matthews was found murdered in a rather grisly fashion, Dean spotted the murderer who was giving off 'weird' vibes. The NCIS caught the murderer, a Mr Sorenson but before they could properly interrogate him a mysterious agency called the NID swooped in and took over the case.

Frustrated, Gibbs and team decided to pursue the smuggling ring lead which lead to the Port Authority at Norfolk (much to Tony and Ziva's dismay). At Norfolk Ziva spots a lady in the admin office sneaking away and she followed her, only to watch her murdered by a mysterious dock worker. Following him, and hoping her team are following her (lead by Dean).

She tracks the dock worker to a warehouse where she is discovered. While fighting off his and his co-workers attack, her team arrives to help out. However the workers trap them in a crossfire and things are looking bleak until Dean hijacks Gibb's telekinetic ability and knocks them flying. With that portion of the case wrapped up, Gibbs approached Vance about requesting Dean on a permanent basis. Vance discloses the details of Dean's FBI file and wonders if Dean is not manipulating Gibbs in order to either escape or reduce his sentence for failing to register as a Empath, let alone all the other felonies the FBI suspect.

Confused, Gibbs confronts Dean about it and Dean refuses to debate the matter. The next morning, the last day of the loan, Gibbs breaks the tentative connection between them, well aware that part of why T&E allow 'Pool 'Paths to be loaned out is due to the addictive nature of the semi-connection. T&E Agent Andrews collects Dean from NCIS, but Gibbs decides to investigate further and asks McGee to track down Sam Winchester.

Repeat Business (Criminal Minds/SPN)

In the second part of Dean's tale of woe as a 'Pool 'Path, we pick up the story of the possessed dagger. The NID after investigating the dagger determine it is not their jurisdiction afterall and hand it over to the BAU from the FBI – notably because there was been another murder – while Sorenson was in custody.

Picking up the case, the BAU review the casefile and contact the NCIS team to get more detail. Gibbs quite happily tells them about Dean's involvement and assistance in the case. Hotch reveals to his team that he is a telekinetic and proceeds to engage with T&E to get Dean assigned to their team to assist with the case. Shocked, his team are disturbed by this especially when Garcia pulls Dean's file.

However whilst investigating the third murder scene, Dean picks up the same weird vibe and identifies Mitch Koravi as the killer. The BAU team catch Mitch who is incarcerated. Whilst trying to finalise their profile on Mitch, who is a student of the Near and Middle East and does not fit the profile of a serial killer, Dean firmly declares that the case is not over. Unwilling to disclose why he knows its not over, Hotch and team do not believe him and return him to T&E.

One month later, another person is killed in the same way. After being reamed out by Strauss, Hotch returns to T&E for Dean. Whilst there he witnesses an altercation between Kinetics fighting over their turn to access a 'Pool Path. Having secured Dean's services again, despite Agent Andrew's protests, Dean and Hotch go to the scene of the new crime.

At the crime scene as well, the BAU team are trying to figure out either how they got it wrong, or a copy cat occurred so soon. They remain suspicious of Dean, despite the physical evidence linking Mitch Koravi to the original killings and Sorenson to his. When Dean arrives with Hotch, he picks up the weird vibe again and foot pace ensures as Derek and Dean run down the unsub. The rest of the team pursue as well.

Dean , Derek and Hotch corner the unsub on the roof of a train station and before they can secure him, he jumps off the roof. Hotch notices the rusty old dagger on the roof and picks it up, before Dean can stop him. Immediately Hotch is overcome by the old ghost possessing the dagger and he runs. Naturally confused, Derek pursues him, with Dean close behind.

Derek manages to reach Hotch first, ahead of Dean and in those spilt seconds of alone time, the ghost strikes and begins to skin Derek, starting with a long slice down his back. Unable to move and terrified, Derek is immensely when Dean arrives seconds later. Dean orders to ghost to back off, which it naturally refuses to do. Tried, weak and with no salt, Dean is unable to push the ghost out of Hotch. Resorting to his own secret, Dean pulls electricity and sends a massive bolt of electricity at Hotch, which removes the ghost. Finding salt in Derek's things, Dean quickly salts and burns the dagger, hopefully ending the ghost.

The rest of the team arrive to chaos, with Derek injured, Hotch unconscious and a dead unsub. Rossi takes charge and gets those that need assistance to the hospital. He and Prentiss agree to talk to Hotch first before Dean, as they are certain Dean will lie. At the crime scene, off in the distance, Sam is watching Dean. Ruby is with him and convinces him Dean is fine and better out of their fight with Lillith. Sam leaves.

At the hospital, Hotch is reluctant to discuss anything until he can speak to Dean. Uncertain, the rest of the team leaves, and Hotch confronts Dean – about not disclosing the true nature of the dagger and the danger. Dean fights back, arguing that Hotch would not have believed him and he would have handed T&E more ammunition to keep Dean – that he was crazy. Conceding the point, Hotch is still shaken by the whole process. Before they can discuss it further, two T&E agents arrive – they need Dean for an emergency. Dean leaves with things unsettled between him and Hotch.

Hotch discloses the nature of his possession with his team who are very sceptical, and Rossi is convinced Dean is manipulating them, and may even be behind all the murders. Hotch remains firm though on what he experienced.

Agent Andrews bursts in on Hotch 24 hours later, demanding to know where Dean is and a confused Hotch confirms that Dean left with T&E Agents the day before. Panicking, Andrews calls in a search as it appears Dean has been kidnapped.

Stolen (SGA/SPN)

In part the third, we find Dean being held captive by the Trust in the Pegasus Galaxy. The Trust are an organisation bent on protecting Earth from aliens, but have been infiltrated by aliens over the years. The NID are the official branch of the government designated to stop the Trust whose motives are often very obscure.

The Trust are camped on a planet dubbed Catastrophe by the personnel on Atlantis, and are trying to find out what is inside a locked building which is giving off strange power readings. Due to the nature of the readings they do not want to risk explosives or cutting devices and have contracted three Kinetics to open the door. As incentive they kidnapped Dean to assist the Kinetics, but also offered him as payment.

The three Kinetics, Taylor, Durrant and Hughes have an uneasy alliance, often vying for control of the semi connection with Dean. Naturally Dean is resisting them and refusing to help. Frustrated, the Kinetics force a dangerous type of connection with Dean, and are able to open the door, revealing a lab type set up on the other side.

Meanwhile, Col. John Sheppard and his team have decided to visit Catastrophe after a mission of their own and they witness this. Alas, they are spotted by Trust operatives, pursued and captured – all bar Ronon who escapes and tries to reach the Gate to get help.

Augusto, the leader of the Trust expedition, questions Sheppard as to why they are on Catastrophe and blackmails Rodney into helping his scientists lower the shield, which is providing a secondary barrier to whatever is inside the building.

Rodney discovers that the building contains a device which is emitting deadly radiation – the radiation that originally killed the inhabitants of the planet. Excited by the prospect of such a weapon, Augusto asks the Kinetics to try reach the device telekinetically. Emotions and things have devolved however with the Kinetics and they begin fighting in earnest over Dean.

Using the distraction of the fight and the forced connection, Dean attacks mentally, killing one of the Kinetics and knocking another out. The third tries to connect permanently in order to control Dean and Dean dumps him into the raw emotion of his life as a hunter. Unprepared and overwhelmed, the kinetic passes out from the attack. However, Dean siphons off energy from the shield and attacks the Trust mercenaries/operatives rushing to stop him.

Rodney realising the danger, tries to warn Dean and manages to convey the danger if the shield drops. Dean stops draining the shield and fortunately the rescue party from Atlantis arrives to save the day. Teyla and Ronon manage to help Dean gain some control over his emotions and all parties return to Atlantis.

On Atlantis, Augusto sends a message to the Trust mole operating in the City. Dean meanwhile receives medical attention and food. The next day, the mole strikes, releasing an attack of Milky Way replicator bugs. In the confusion, most of the Trust personnel escape, fleeing to another abandoned world. Hot in pursuit, Ronon, Dean and few marines hold the Gate until reinforcements arrive.

Once Sheppard arrives with more Marines, they pursue the Trust into a forest. Dean, paired off with two marines finds a stunned Trust scientist. As he checks the body, a gou'ald emerges and attacks him. Dean is unable to prevent it getting inside him, but he is able to stop its attempt to possess him as a host. Using his abilities, he forces the gou'ald out and kills it.

They reach the rest of the Atlantis personnel, who have surrounded the Trust operatives in some ruined buildings. Dean can now sense that Augusto is also a goua'ld host and attacks him mentally. In the confusion of the attack, the Trust operatives surrender and are secured.

Woosley interviews Dean and declares that it is too risky to the secrecy of the StarGate programme to send him back to T&E. Under their control, he may reveal SGC secrets. More than happy to remain on Atlantis and stay out of T&E hands, Dean agrees.

He briefly sees a strange man in a trenchcoat but writes it off as a ghost/alien.

Back on earth, Castiel visits Zachariah and confirms that Dean is safe but refuses to disclose his location. Furious Zachariah demands to know as he was close to getting Dean to agree to being Michael's host. Castiel leaves and Zachariah remains determined to find Dean and return him to his control within T&E.

Sam is packing his bad, finally determined to track Dean down. He had remained very slightly connected to Dean and was aware of him, if not on location or wellbeing. For the past month (while Dean has been in Pegasus) he has not felt anything at all and is now worried. Ruby tries to persuade him to stay, but Sam leaves to go find his brother.


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