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Home Sweet...Home...

Tsunade immediately stood as the shinoi entered into her office. Tsunade's pink haired apprentice, assistant, and friend turned and looked at the doorway. The group sent to retrieve Sasuke were back, and they had enough battle scars to prove where they had been.

Gaara was supporting Lee on one side and Kankuro had Choji on his back. They had all refused immediate medical help, they wanted to see the Hokage's and Sakura's reaction to what had taken place.

After some minutes of silence, where each group simply looked at the other, Naruto came forth and was smiling broadly, his bright blue eyes shining brightly. "Guess what Sakura-chan?"

The girl's brows furrowed, "What Naruto?" she was confused and didn't have a very good idea of what was going on. The shinobi had came immediately to the Hokage even though more than half of them needed excessive medical assistance.

"How did the mission go?" Tsunade finally asked, moving toward the group of ninja.

Naruto's grin, though almost impossible, grew even wider. "Ask the runaway yourself." he stated it as if nothing was out of the ordinary or strange.

After he had said it, Kakashi pushed in a very cranky and bored looking black haired boy. His eyes were obsidian, and his skin was pallid. His hands were tied together behind his back with chakra stopping handcuffs. His black eyes scanned across the room, stopping momentarily on the pink haired girl, whose green orbs stared straight back into his.

There was another silence, as if the boys presence cast a spell over everyone. "S-sasuke?" Sakura stuttered out his name, barely believing her eyes, thinking that maybe, this was simply another dream she was having, that at any moment, she would wake up, and be in her bed, with sun shining through her thin curtains into her pretty emerald eyes.

But the longer she stood there and stared at the boy whom she thought she would never see again, she began to realize, it was nothing close to being one of her silly dreams. "Sasuke." she repeated his name, committing it even closer into her memory. "You're back..."

The man said nothing, simply letting his obsidian orbs fall back to the spotless floor of Tsunade's office. He didn't look up when he heard the girl take hesitant steps forward, and he didn't flinch or react when she closed the distance between them and laced her arms around him. Her emerald eyes finally filled and poured over, dampening the fabric that laid over his pale collarbone.

"Sasuke, you're back, you're home... Sasuke, Sasuke you're back... you're really back"

The man felt something in his chest, something inside of him that was hurting as this pink haired girl cried into his chest. Whatever it was swelled and broke a little with every sob and tear, and unconsciously he went to wrap his arms around her as well, but as soon as he tried to move, the handcuffs sent an electric jolt into his veins. A scream flew from his lips and ricocheted off of the walls, he grew limp in Sakura's arms and she staggered slightly under his height and his muscle weight.

"Sasuke!" the pink haired girl screamed, she held him close to her, trying to keep him somewhat upright. Her emerald eyes were red and her cheeks were tear stained as the salt water still leaked from her large beautiful eyes.

"Relax Sakura, it doesn't hurt him, if it didn't shock him when he tried to move he could have broken loose on the way here and severely injured everyone, so just in case, we tied him with these, but they don't hurt him." Kakashi sensei said to her, attempting to comfort her.

Sakura didn't believe him, but she nodded okay anyways. Sasuke was still slumped against her, and her heart fluttered a little faster at being so close to him.

"Sakura..." Tsunade started to speak. Everyone looked at her and waited. "He is to stay with you, at your home, and he is not to leave until further notice." the pink haired nodded.

After the hastily made meeting was concluded, everyone slowly began to file out, and soon it was simply Kakashi and Tsunade.

"Do you think that is wise, my lady?" Kakashi asked quietly.

The 5th Hokage stood silently by her window watching the village bustle down below. "It seems to me... that Naruto and Sakura are no doubt the two people closest to Sasuke... He needs a reason to stay. He needs to form a bond to tie him to staying, or else it will be a matter of minutes before he escapes again."

"And you think..." Kakashi continued, "Sakura is that bond?"

"She always has been Kakashi, why else would he come back? He could have captured all of you and kept you or killed you. You know that he let you catch him. Why else would he come back here? She is the only thing here that he wants or needs... she is the bond tying him to this village. She is the only chance we have."

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