Halo: Not without a Fight-Lone Wolf


Well that was it. Last trasnport off this forsaken planet was gone. Only thing left was me, a few grenades, my pistol, my assault rifle,
and the entire Covanent assault force. Only one thing left to do...fight.

Stepping down from my platform, I pulled-out my pistol and scanned the area. A few grunts were running-about on the edge of the dust cloud. Turning around, I found that I was surrounded. Worse off, by more than just grunts. This was going to be one hell of a fight. I quickly took cover in a demolished building, finding some dead Spartans, their ammo, and a DMR. Nice, very useful. I dropped my assault rifle and quickly turned, my radar showing an enemy a few feet behind me, a skirmisher. It jumped, startled by my sudden turn, and tried to run, but I quickly put it's lights out with a quick shot to the head from my pistol. Soon after, a battle cry of a nearby Elite sounded-off. They knew I was here. Peeking outside, I saw a squad of grunts waddle by, so I tossed a grenade in the middle with a grin. A satisfying chourus of screams amidts an explosion was heard a second after. The battle was on.

Many scattered shots started firing from the the dust in my general direction. Mostly from skilless grunts with plasma pistols, but a few from the deadly accurate jackals and powerful elites. I turned the corner and looked down the scope of my DMR. One shot, one grunt head. Another shot, one distracted jackal. I quickly started to relode, only to throw myself to the ground as an energy sword swishes by where my head was moments ago. Rolling onto my back, I pulled up my DMR and started to hastily unload an entire clip into the sword-weilding bastard's head. The first three merely bounced off the sheild, but the fourth, fith, and sixth went flying out of the back of that pincer-mouthed head of his, flipping him backwards from the inertia.

I jumped to my feet, but immediately had to run as a kamikaze grunt was charging in, waving two plasma grenades around like a mad-man. I dove to the ground outside, an explosion of blue energy and plasma quickly scortched everything inside. Too many close calls! I stood back up, my radar lighting-up with enemy signatures. Firing- off quick and accurate shots, I eliminated at least one grunt per shot until I ran out of ammo in the round. Backing up while I reloded, a bold jackal decided to open fire on me with a supercarbine. Some missed, but a few hit their mark, and on my visor, too. I finished reloding and instantly shot at the annoying bastard's head, immediately killing it.

I looked to my ammo indicator to find that a crack had covered it. God- damn jackal! I decided to not worry about it right now due to the rounds of plasma energy being fired upon me, so I turned and quickly sprinted to to a nearby ditch. Jumping inside I found an elite taking cover to relode. I landed on it's back wile whipping out my knife, stabbing it in the neck and bringing it to the ground. After confirming it's death, I hurridly pulled-out my knife to find I had dropped my DMR. Shit. I wanted to try and find it, but didn't have the time! I was surrounded, and out of options. Running to the top of the ditch, I grabbed an assault rifle laying on the ground. Quickly unloading the rest of the round into a nearby eliete.

Unfortunately, he got in a few as well. He took my sheild down and cracked my visor even more. It was practically useless now: No radar, no sheild indicator, no ammo indicator. It was just a distraction. I was about to pull it off when the sound of a plasma grenade preparing to discharge sounded behind me. I barely had time to move before it went off and sent me to the ground. My vision going blurry for a few seconds, I wobble to my feet in a daze, pulling off my helmet. An elite was charging at me with his sword drawn, but I quickly put him down with my assault rifle, when suddenly I took a few shots from behind. Turnning around I whipped-out my elbow and knocked another elite to the ground, his sword drawn. I pulled the trigger of the pistol and it burried into his skull. Grunting in pain as a multitude of plasma rocketed through my stomach and torso, I grabbed my assault rifle and started firing it at one elite, while lodging .45 rounds from my magnum into another. It was looking grim. I stumbled slightly before a quick elite suddenly kicked me to the ground then whipped-out his sword, preparing to stab me through with it. I quickly kicked my leg up and pushed the alien back. But another was on the way, and I couldn't move.

I wasn't going to die like Jeorge, with an act of heroism. I wasn't going to die like Kat, by a cheap shot to the head. I wasn't going to die like Carter, eliminating a scarab in sacrifice for my own life. I wasn't going to die like Amile, dragging an elite to hell with him. And I sure as hell wasn't going to escape like Jun. I was just going to get stabbed in the face by the wrist-blade of an elite after delivering humanitie's last hope to the one that needs her.

Well. It was fun while it la-


Afer my friends and I beat Halo Reach on Legendary (hell yeah!), we got to thinking..."Perhaps Cortana wasn't talking about Master Chief in the openig Cut Scene of Halo 3?..." Plus, the achievement for beating the game on normal is called, "The Soldier we Needed You to be," which Cortana says during her speech at the beginning of Halo 3. In my opinion...now, Master Chief Fans, don't kill me for this, but...Noble Six, whoever the hell he was, is MUCH cooler, and awesomer than S117.

So anyway, I'll put a quick note here: If you haven't noticed, which I'm sure you have, I have NOT been on FF for, like, half a year or something. Buring my absance, I at least wrote-down MANY ideas for stories into my Ipod, and then later created whole stories off of them! Unfortunately, none of them included a new chapter for "Saviour of Shadows." Im sad to say that I have kinda given-up on it...my insperation is gone, and I can't think of any new and interesting ways to keep the story going. I mean, I have the entire general plot all figured-out and ready to be given life, but I don't know how to do it anymore...sorry...but at least I have some interesting offer to hopefully make-up for it. I'm willing to give someone rights to the rest of the Saviour of Shadows storyline. I will send you all the info I have, which includes the basic storyline, character bios of EVERYONE (even unintroduced characters), and my opinions on stuff. Of course, I can't just make it THAT easy...if you haven't known, I am running a little game. it's on my profile, starting near the top. If you want to continue writing my story, you have to score at least 1000 points, and you have to be the FIRST. Well...I guess that's all for now. I'll be uploading the stories I have finished once in a while, so be on the look-out! You might want to subscribe to me (sub to author), if you already haven't, but still want to read my newest works.