Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Harry Potter. I do own the plot and some OC's along the way.

Summary: How would the Naruto and Harry Potter worlds change if Harry was raised the traditional Hatake way.

Warnings: implied child abuse, OC'ness, Future- Het, Slash (no one should discriminate against love), underage, fluff, smut, and lemon


Meet Kei


Kakashi was tired. He had just finished a mission, and was immediately called to the Hokage's office for an urgent matter. Sure, the Hokage wouldn't mind his blood stained ANBU uniform, but still, he wanted a nice hot bath, even a short shower would be wonderful at the moment. Of course, there was the possibility that the Hokage would just send him on another mission, and then there would be no need to clean. Whatever Kakashi was thinking, was far from what he was about to hear.

Kakashi slipped into the Hokage's office through the window and silently waited behind the old man. He didn't wait long for Sarutobi to put down his brush and address him.

"Ah ANBU Inu, I believe you can remove your mask for this occasion." Kakashi was a little confused but quickly complied to take off the mask and clip it on his belt.

"A curious thing happened a couple months ago. A wind storm swept through the Hall of Records, and left quite a mess."

"Do you want me to investigate the matter, Hokage-sama?" Kakashi was confused. If this incident happened months ago, why would he be sent now to look into it?

"No no, that is quite alright. You see a pile of records were completely scattered about, but one family record was left unharmed and laying innocently on top of the pile." Sarutobi was an old man, and had seen many things in his life, but he never grew tired of confusing and frustrating his hardened ANBU. Finding occasions like this to completely baffle them, kept him doing paperwork all day long.

"Is the family under suspicion?" Kakashi asked.

"Oh no, you see it was your family record." Sarutobi had to inwardly chuckle at the copy-nin's completely baffled expression. Yes, the little things in life were always amusing.

"I don't understand where this is going Hokage-sama. Was someone trying to pry into my family's history?"

"Well no. The scroll hasn't been opened in many many years. I was curious about it so I looked into it, and discovered you have some family off the continent. It seems your father had a second cousin who lived beyond the Elemental Countries border." This bit of information seemed to peak Kakashi interest.

"I have living family?" Sarutobi saw the hope shining through the shinobi's face, and was hesitant to impart the good yet bad news on the ninja. He had watched Kakashi ever since he graduated from the academy, and watched as the stoic boy grew even more cold through the years. He had seen how hard Kakashi had taken Minato's death. He also saw the loneliness in the young ninja's eye.

"Kakashi I have some good news and bad news to tell you." Sarutobi watched as the shinobi finally walked around the desk and settled himself in front of the Hokage as if bracing himself for anything.

"When your great uncle died his son was depressed and decided to leave the village. This was fine at the time since he never trained as a shinobi. From what we can tell and what your grandfather was told through letters, your great uncle travelled around for years until he decided to go beyond the borders. He travelled around the foreign lands until he met a woman and settled down in a place called England. He took his wife's last name 'Evans' and had two daughters. He returned once to visit your father just before you were born and then left to go back to his family." Sarutobi let the information sink in before continuing.

"When I read the your family scroll, I decided to send out a team of shinobi to investigate. I had a feeling that something important happened and the situation needed looking into. I sent two new Chuunins to look into the matte-"

"Who went?" Kakashi suddenly interrupted.

"Kotetsu and Izumo. You might want to question them later." Kakashi nodded his head and gestured for the Hokage to continue. "It took a while to organize the travel plans and for them to leave the borders, but they left for 5 weeks and finally returned yesterday. What they had to report wasn't the best of news."

"What happened? Is my family alright?" Kakashi asked. He managed to keep most of the anxiousness out of his voice.

"Your father's cousin passed away a few years ago. They discovered it was a nice peaceful passing and he was in no pain. His daughters both married and had children. The elder daughter Petunia has a son named Dudley, and the younger Lily had a son named Harry."


"Lily was killed along with her husband on the night the windstorm swept through the Hall of Records." Sarutobi had a grave face.

"What happened to Harry?"

"He survived and was placed in the care of Petunia." Sarutobi's face didn't change and Kakashi knew there was something else.

"There's still more bad news." Kakashi stated simply.

"When Kotetsu and Izumo arrived they met a woman named Amelia Bones who I met in my younger days and kept as a contact in the outside world. Apparently, when she heard who they were looking for she took a vested interest in the case. When the trio arrived at Petunia's they decided to observe first. Neither Kotetsu or Izumo would go into full detail of what they saw, but they requested to have more village centered missions in the future."

Kakashi was a little shocked at that. Shinobi were trained to see the most gruesome of battlefields and still not waver. As Chuunin's Kotetsu and Izumo should have been used to less than savoury situations. What could have possibly make them want low rank gopher missions.

"All they would tell me was that after a day of observing Petunia's family all three of them stormed the house and took young Harry away. Amelia suggested they take Harry here, and after you read the medical report, I think you would understand a little of what they could have seen to prompt such action." Sarutobi handed Kakashi a medical report and allowed the shinobi a few minutes to understand.

Kakashi read the report and knew that if he weren't wearing a face mask then the Hokage would have seen how pale his face went. Little Harry had to be treated for lacerations, severe bruising, rashes, infections, and bruised and broken ribs. Kakashi checked Harry's age and felt like he was going to sick. All this damage was done to just a baby. A few months past his first birthday and he had to endure this.

"How long was he with them?" He needed to know.

"According to Amelia, a month and a half." Kakashi felt like he needed to get Kotetsu and Izumo a gift of gratitude for getting Harry out of there. He could guess that they witnessed some of the abuse that was administered on Harry and even though he didn't know Harry, he felt grateful towards to duo.

"Where is he?" He needed to know. He needed to protect his second, third, something related to him cousin.

"In the hospital under observation. I take it from your reaction that your are agreeable to adopting him?" Sarutobi knew the answer as soon as he asked, but still waited for Kakashi to voice it.

"I would like to. I don't know anything about raising children and I'm only 17, but I think I can get help." Sarutobi smiled at the young ANBU.

"With you raising him, I bet he will make a fine shinobi when he graduates the academy at 12."

"Twelve? Harry will be raised the same way all Hatake's are raised. Just like myself and my father he will graduate the academy at five, like a true Hatake prodigy." Kakashi developed a stubborn glint in his eye.

Sarutobi wouldn't fight the decision. It was the Hatake way after all, and for some reason it always worked. "What will you call the child?" Might as well move on and finish this meeting. There was a pile of paperwork still left.

"Hatake Kei."

"Kei? That's it? How about Keitaro, Keiran, or Keigo?" Sarutobi suggested.

"No. Just Kei."

"It's rather short. . ."

"I'm lazy."

"Fine, whatever you feel is best."

"Thank you Hokage-sama."

"I'll have the paperwork ready tomorrow afternoon, why don't you go to the hospital and see your new charge. I'll admit he is rather cute. It's a shame he will wear a face mask in the future." It was true. Sarutobi had visited the child earlier and could remember that adorable little face looking back at him with those bright green eyes. Unfortunately, that was another Hatake family tradition he couldn't change. All of them wore facemask and had the dog pact.

"I will clean up and head straight there. Thank you Hokage-sama." Kakashi quickly moved and jumped out the window to head home.

Sarutobi sighed and hoped that was one thing little Kei wouldn't pick up from Kakashi. There was nothing wrong with using the door.