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Wandering Wiles

Makoto watched his partner from the head table and had to try hard to prevent himself from going down there and helping him. Kei had informed him that if they wanted the ward stone down by the end of the year, he would need to increase the amount of magic he put into to it each week. Makoto wanted to protest and demand Kei actually rest some between deposits but Kei was stubborn and firmly told him that this was the only way to protect Konoha. Makoto knew he was right, so despite knowing that Kei would remain weak and tired the rest of the year he held in his protests.

Only, now that they were back and he had to watch as Kei tiredly lifted his spoon to his mouth to eat a little beef stew, he wanted to protest again. Kei could attend the rest of the year running on energy potions and still maintain his cover, but Makoto could see the worried and questioning eyes being sent Kei's way by the staff and students. It was one thing for the ever bright Hufflepuff to have a quiet night once in a while, but for that same Hufflepuff to look like he was one breeze away from collapsing was another. Professor Sprout was barely holding herself back from marching down to her house and pushing Kei towards the infirmary. The only reason she seemed to quell her urge was because Kei was in the care of his two friends.

"This is so frustrating," Sprout huffed as she continued to stare at Kei. "I want to know what is wrong, but I don't think the boy will answer me and the only person who probably knows the answers can't speak English. Why the headmaster hired someone who can't communicate is beyond me." She cast a wary eye towards Makoto and Dumbledore.

"To be fair, you should place some blame on Amelia Bones. It was that woman's idea to start a fitness regime," Snape helpfully added.

Makoto kept silent, carrying on as if ignorant to their words.

"Oh! I think it was a splendid idea. I would have had a much easier time with that Armenian werewolf had I been in a more fit state to tackle him head on," Lockhart joined the party. Makoto rolled his eyes at the man's words. He was of the opinion Lockhart would have had an easier time running away from the werewolf, had he been in a more fit state at the time.

"Well now that you have your own personal trainer right here at Hogwarts with you, maybe you can whip yourself into shape and tackle this pest we seem to have. Several students left petrified in the hallway is right up your alley I would think. Who knows, maybe if Professor Shindo can teach you to run fast enough, you can slay the beast and get your new book published in one night," Snape said with a sneer.

Lockhart chuckled and seemed to let the other man's words slip right off him. "Oh my dear Severus, you don't know a thing about writing do you? It takes more than one night to properly articulate the events after such a battle. You need time to sit down and correctly remember all the details, what you were thinking at the time, and the atmosphere of it all. You want to really grab your readers and drag them in so that they feel like they are experiencing it all with you. That takes more than one night, no matter how fast I ran or write."

Snape sent the man another glare, "I see…" he drawled.

"But Severus is right… We do need to do something about these attacks," Sprout said.

"What more can we do? We have patrols set up; students have a tighter curfew… Until the victims wake and tell us what attacked them, we don't know what to be prepared for," Snape responded.

"I know but… what if more students get hurt. One died last time and I don't know what I would if that happened again. That poor girl…" Sprout trailed off. She sent another worried look towards her house, as if reassuring herself that her badgers were all safe and accounted for. "And now the mystery health of young Hatake…"

Snape scoffed. "You can force him into the hospital wing. He won't talk about it and since no one can translate what Shindo says, charm or not, than I can bet Madam Pomfrey will be more then welcome to tell you exactly what is wrong with him."

"I might. I'll give him one night and see if he's better in the morning. It would be foolish to worry over him if he might just be nauseous from all the travelling. He is from Japan and all… If he's not better in the morning I will escort him to the hospital wing," Sprout decided aloud.

Makoto mentally frowned. He would need to see if he could keep a genjutsu up on Kei to make him look healthy. He certainly couldn't strain his partners body more than it already was, and neither wanted Kei landed in the hospital wing where their plans could be interfered with. They would work this out.


That night, Kei snuck into Makoto's room like normal. Makoto had sent him a silent message at dinner that they needed to talk, and Kei thought he partially knew what it was about. His friends had been very concerned when they first spotted him on the train, and hadn't left his side since; worried he'd faint at any given moment. It was hard to shake them, so he needed to wait until the two had fallen asleep.

Once inside his partner's rooms, Kei sat heavily down on the couch to rest. "What's wrong Makoto?" He asked tightly in Japanese, happy to go back to his native tongue. He was exhausted and wanted to sleep and having to constantly translate English in his head wasn't helping.

"The teachers have noticed your current state and are planning to force you to the healer if you aren't better come morning. I'm going to put an illusion on you, but that will only trick their eyes. They will notice if you still act weak. I want you to avoid doing as much physical activity as possible. No walking on the walls, no snow fights with the other students, and you will sit out during my class," Makoto lectured.

Kei nodded his head, understanding his partner's concern. "I can spend time in the library, researching."

"Good. Kei, I hate doing this, but if you at any point can no longer maintain this charade then I will take you and that ward stone back to Konoha and have you finish there, under the care of Rikoto. And you know that if that happens, Kakashi will learn about everything."

"I know, I know! Makoto, instead of worrying about the future lets worry about now and hiding my condition. And we can't go back to Konoha. There is still too much we don't know… what if we mess up somehow and the ward stone collapses? We need the Hogwarts resources in order to prevent that."

Makoto huffed as he ran a hand over his face. "A partially complete ward stone is better than risking you and having you end up under the scrutiny of the wizards. If they take you to the hospital wing, Madam Pomfrey is bound to discover the irregularities in your body and send you to the hospital. There they will run tests and experiments … who knows what will happen."

Kei stood and walked over to his partner. Grabbing the older shinobi's hand, Kei cradled it against his chest. "Do you regret coming here?"

"I don't know… sometimes…" Makoto pulled Kei towards him and into a comforting embrace. "I hate being away from home, I hate seeing you push yourself until you can barely stand, and I hate that we can't do anything except research and hope this stone turns out alright. But I love spending those quiet days in peace, I love seeing you joke around an act like a civilian your age with the other students. I love the goal we have set ourselves, but I hate the reasons why.

"But what I really hate the most is all those teachers. For Kami's sake you think they were saving the world from doom with how the talk about essays and how offended they are with some of them. Snape is the worst. By the way he talks, it's like a student has personally destroyed his entire cauldron collection whenever they make a spelling mistake. Kei, you don't know how suffering it is to sit with them every meal."

Kei spoke with a giggle, "Do you think the academy teachers are the same? How much do you think they complained whenever Naruto handed something in?"

Makoto chuckled. "I rather not. Gah… that boy is impossible to teach some days. He has no patience. If I were the academy teachers, I would probably comfort myself with an Uchiha or Hyuuga assignment after reading Naruto's work. They wouldn't hand in anything that wasn't perfect in their eyes."

Kei cuddled in closer to his partner. "Do they give out lots of homework in the academy? I wasn't there long enough to really experience it."

"Not as much as Hogwarts gives. In the academy it's a lot of practical work. They try to get the students into shape so they can defend themselves. There's target practice, basic chakra work. They normally just want you to read. Read about chakra, the history of Konoha so the students know what they are protecting. I think the first assignment I was ever assigned was from a teacher that wanted us to put a leaf on our forehead. He said we were distracted little bastards that needed to understand the importance of concentrating. If the leaf fell it meant we weren't concentrating properly. We had to spend the whole day and night keeping the leaf in place and if it ever fell we were to record how many times. Then the next day he told us to call out the number of times the leaf fell, and when we did he said that's how many times we died in the field for not paying attention. We all took the academy much more seriously after that," Makoto explained.

"I see… Nii-san taught me differently."

"How so?" Makoto asked.

Kei took a deep breath and thought back on the memory. "When I was three he took me to the woods and taught me the Hatake way of being a ninja. He told me stories of his time growing up fighting, all about the war with Iwa. But he also told me about his father, the man who he idolized… I remember something Nii-san told me that time, it was something his father once told him before he went to the academy, 'our lifestyle isn't easy and the higher you go the less rewarding, but when you except that forehead protector you make a commitment to the village, pledging your life to her defense. The village will nurture you, protect you, and you must do the same for her. When you die, if you die with a smiling heart knowing you have done everything to protect her, then you die the most honourable death on earth.'

"I didn't understand at the time, but now I do. When I think of moments like that, I can't help but idolize my brother for being such a great man and shinobi, even after everything he's been through. I hope that Naruto, Sakura, and other shinobi will see that and try to live like him, with no regrets and absolute love for the village."

"Some already do. You, his students… any future students he gets will see it as well and those students will teach their students and it will go on and on... and even when Kakashi dies as an old man there will be shinobi like him in Konoha."

Kei smiled at the thought. "But hopefully less lazy than Nii-san. If they are as lazy as him then nothing would get done."

Makoto laughed and buried his face in Kei's hair. "But remember, there will also be women like Tsunade and Tsume, strong women that will hit them into submission and keep the village running smoothly. There will always be Kakashi's and there will always be Tsume's."

"And there will always be Makoto's, those shinobi who watch silently and understand. Makoto's are pillars, holding the village up while the Kakashi's and Tsume's are the walls, protecting the village from enemies," Kei added.

"And the Kei's… the prodigies that sacrifice themselves," Makoto continued.

"There should be double, no triple, the amount of Makoto's than Kei's though. Kei's are like paper bombs, one time use."

Makoto sighed. "Kei's are like fires. Bright, shining, and warm, but smothered out before their time comes. Kei's are needed, wanted and loved, but taken away far too quickly," Makoto tightened his hold as he whispered, "but enough of this. Talking is not doing any good and you need to rest. Back to your dorm."

Kei slowly drew away from Makoto and smiled. He needed to listen. Makoto was older, wiser than him and while he knew Makoto wasn't perfect, he still knew that his partner had a better understanding of their situation than him. He needed to rest and gather strength and leave the rest up to his partner.

Walking to the door, Kei opened it and stepped outside before Makoto's hand dropped down on his shoulder and turned his around. Makoto knelt down so they were more level with each other as he spoke, "I will sneak into your dorm in the morning and place a genjutsu on you before the others wake."

Kei tiredly nodded his head and attempted to fix his cuddle mused shirt. "I'll see you in the morning then."

"Sleep well Kei," Makoto said softly before leaving forward and placing a kiss on his forehead. "I know it's hard, but we will get through this together."

Kei smiled at his partner before he left. Makoto's really were pillars, full of support and strength. As he walked down the hallway back to Hufflepuff, Kei couldn't help but wish for his partner to get his one genin team to train. He would do an amazing job with them.


Kei kept his promise and tried to exert as little physically energy as possible. So far, they were able to fool everyone into thinking he was healthy again, which was a relief since Sprout stopped looking at him with such worried eyes. He spent a lot of time in the library among the books and shelves, studying runes and anything related. His friends would come with him for a bit, completing their homework together before they took off. They were young and bursting with energy so Kei didn't mind being left alone to study.

But while Sprout and his friends let him be, Kei noticed an increase in his number of stalkers. Draco stopped lurking in the shadows and was now sitting at the same table as him, occasionally looking at him over the top of some old tome. The red-headed twins still followed him around, and while their stalking skills needed work, Kei left them be.

Hermione Granger, a second year Gryffindor also took time away from her studies to creep around the bookshelves and watch him. He also spotted her following Makoto a few times and carefully scrutinizing his interactions with other students. But besides those four, he noticed that a red head that looked akin to the twins was watching him with narrowed and hostile eyes. Kei decided to ignore them all; except Draco because the boy was a wealth of knowledge about everything regarding the wizarding world and his father would send him any books form their personal family library when asked. Not that Kei did, but the blond did offer.

He had been very good about keeping his promise, but he was growing restless. He needed a little action and excitement in his life, and reading wasn't giving that to him. It was Friday, the day before he needed to put more magic into the stone, and Kei decided he would exert a small amount of energy doing something interesting. He decided to confront one of his stalkers and find out what was so fascinating about him that they needed to follow him. He chose the twins.

He waited until they were a bookcase away watching him before he acted. Closing his current book, Kei stretched his arms and stood up with a grunt. "Ne, so stuffy…" He muttered loud enough for the twins to hear. He allowed them time to prepare themselves and whisper about trailing him as he packed his bag.

Happy they were unknowingly playing along; Kei left the library with a small nod to Draco, as the blond watched him with suspicious eyes. He could understand since Kei usually wasted time in the library until curfew; he didn't leave early these days. As he passed Hermione's hidden corner he could see the girl start to scramble to collect her things. Apparently she was going to try and follow as well, but Kei couldn't have that. Speeding up Kei was out of the library and around the corner before she could finish grabbing her quills. He knew the twins could find him, he didn't know how, but he knew they could so he didn't worry.

Looking around, Kei pushed a small bit of chakra to his feet and leapt onto the top of a large picture frame. Standing on the frame, Kei leaned back and hid in the shadows, waiting for the twins to arrive. As the pair took the corner, Kei spotted one of them holding a large section of parchment and looking at it seriously.

"He's here Fred, it says so on the map," The parchment holding one spoke.

"George, look around, there's nothing in this hallway except paintings. Can he turn invisible or something?"

"How am I supposed to know? The kid disappears all the time. He might be able to."

Kei waited for them to walk past his painting before he dropped down silently behind them. Reaching between them, Kei snatched the parchment from the one twin's hands and studied it.

"Hey!" they both cried.

Kei was impressed with the map. It showed the entire school with little labeled dots showing everyone current location. "This is interesting…" Kei trailed off as he saw Makoto in his rooms. What interested him though was the tiny dot 'Hermione Granger' camped out by his door.

"That is not for the eyes of little children," one twin spoke as he reached to take the map.

Kei sidestepped his attempts and kept staring at the map. "Where did you get this?" He asked them, managing to evade all their attempts to steal back the map.

"Who says we didn't make it ourselves?" The second twin, Fred, asked. Listening to their speech patterns Kei was able to tell them apart. George spoke with a very clean and crisp tone, well Fred tended to draw out his words a bit. Not noticeable to most people, but as a person trained to read each and every nuance of an enemy he could hear it.

"There's four names at the top," Kei pointed out simply," and only two of you."

Fred draped his arm over Kei's shoulders and pulled his close. "You are a smart little badger aren't you? But who made this lovely map is beside that point."

"What matters is you and your disappearing act," George jumped in.

"We've seen you all over this castle and we don't know how you do it."

"Whenever we try to catch you, we can't find you."

"So why not be a dear and tell us how you do it?"

"We'll make it worth your while…" They tried to tempt him.

Kei folded the map and hid it on his person in a blink of an eye, leaving the duo stunned. "What do you plan to trade me for my secret, and what do you plan to give me for your map back?" Kei asked.

The pair grinned at him. "We have a snake hidden in badger skin, don't we Fred?"

"That we do George that we do."

George put a hand in the middle of Kei's back and directed him towards a door. "You see Mr. Hatake, Fred and I are inventors…"

"Entrepreneurs really," Fred cut in.

"Yes, we have inventions, products if you will, and you might just be interested in them," George explained.

Once in the room, Fred started pulling items from various parts of his robe. "You see here at Weasley and Weasley -it's a working title- we provide entertainment to the bored masses."

"Right now we don't have many of our own products, but we're working on trick treats," George added "It's harder than it looks creating custard creams that turn the eater into canaries, or making nougat with a nosebleed side effect."

"So while those are in production, what we can offer is any Zonko product in our possession up for trade."

Kei stared between the two in thought. These two were something else. "So you're making a custard cream…that will turn people into birds…" Well magic amazed even him some days, but these two… if they had shinobi training they would be terrorize the other nations.

"Well we're still working on it," Fred started, but allowed George to take over the explanation. "Potions are naturally foul tasting, and the only way to get the canary cream to work would be if we could make it look, taste, and smell like a real custard cream-"

Fred stepped in again, "but if we play and alter the taste, we might change the basic function of the potion and instead of the consumer turning into a canary, they might end up a kitten… or poisoned… "

"But like we said, we're working on it," George concluded.

Kei grinned as he stared at the two in a whole new light. "Please tell me more," he asked as he reproduced their map and handed it over in a show of good faith.

The pair smirked and welcomed him with open arms, "Our pleasure," they said together.


Makoto would be lying if he said he liked Hogwarts, he really hated the castle. At odd moments of the day he would feel someone watching him but when he tried to track the perpetrator the magic of the castle would throw him off. It started to irk him that he couldn't catch the person.

Currently he was relaxing in his rooms and he felt that same presence lurking around outside. He knew it wasn't Kei, it was nearly impossible for anybody to try and trick him with his partner's appearance. He knew Kei's aura and presence better than he knew the pudding menu at his favourite restaurant. It was definitely a witch or wizard outside, but since they didn't have the developed chakra he couldn't track them like he normally would.

As he was planning a series of traps to catch them he could feel his partner approaching. Sitting up in anticipation, Makoto smiled widely as Kei stepped into his rooms, "Makoto!" he cried in Japanese, "I just learned something awesome."

Makoto felt the presence fleeing, and he was grateful since he could give his full attention to his partner. "And what is that?"

"You know those twins that follow me? They can turn people into birds," Kei stated slowly to let him fully comprehend.

Makoto smiled gently at his partner's innocent fascination and pulled him over to sit together on the couch. He let Kei rest against his side as encouraged Kei to go on, "And how do they do that?"

"It sounds simple but the way they explained it its actually hard. It's all about potions, and you know how bad I'm at those, and how they need to change it and adapt it to fit their needs. It's all trial and error and they study potion ingredients and interactions as much as we study runes and wards. I think if they could properly complete it then I could-"

Kei was cut out when Makoto's door was blasted open and McGonagall stepped in cutting an intimidating picture. Makoto was confused since he hadn't even felt her approach, and that worried him more than her wand pointed at him.

"Professor, what's going on?" Kei asked in English.

"Mr. Hatake, I must ask you to step away from Professor Shindo slowly. Once you are behind me, in a safe area, I shall proceed to detain Professor Shindo," She spoke tightly.

"I don't understand Professor, has Makoto done something wrong?" Kei didn't move. If she was going to attack him, then Kei staying where he was at present was Makoto's best defense; as it seemed McGonagall didn't want to hurt his partner.

"He's forcing you into an inappropriate relationship!" A high pitched voiced piped up from behind McGonagall. Makoto peeked behind the other teacher and spotted Granger, a second year peeking into the room.

"Miss Granger! I told you to stay in my office as I took care of this!" McGonagall snapped. Makoto raised an eyebrow at her harsh words but stayed silent.

"What do you mean inappropriate?" Kei asked for further clarification. Makoto was curious too.

McGonagall's glared deepened. "Miss Granger came to me in hysterics claiming that Professor Shindo was forcing himself on you in a sexual way Mr. Hatake."

"It's true Professor! I saw Hatake leaving Professor Shindo's rooms late at night and his clothes were mused and then Professor Shindo kissed him. And then I observed that Professor Shindo watches Hatake all the time, and when they are together he always touches him, and-"

"Miss Granger! That is enough. I will handle this, and then we will talk about your late adventures and reasons for being out of bed." McGonagall stopped her.

Kei's eyes widened as he turned to Makoto, "Is she stupid?" He asked in Japanese.

Makoto laughed which was really inappropriate for the situation. "Tell her to send Granger away and I will explain," Makoto softly commanded his partner. Ah, meddling students, he didn't think anticipate this but at least it wasn't an enemy.

"Professor McGonagall, Makoto says he can explain everything, but requests you send Miss Granger away. He wishes to protect our privacy in this matter, but he can safely reassure Miss Granger that we are not in that type of relationship."

Granger scoffed, "He didn't say that! Your translation as much longer than what he said."

"Miss Granger!" McGonagall snapped again. "You will hold your tongue. Go back to my office right now or I will give you detention."

Granger sent him a glare but she scurried off quickly at McGonagall's threat. Once she was away, McGonagall pierced Makoto with her toughest glare yet. "Mr. Hatake, please ask him to explain and tell him he better have a damn good explanation, because your current positions are not helping the matter."

"Gah… students are so nosy," Makoto spoke in English, clearing shocking the Scottish woman.

"You can speak English Professor Shindo?" McGonagall looked stunned.

"Yes, always could. It's just more entertaining to pretend not to understand," He explained. "And for the record I am not forcing myself on Kei. Your student is merely misunderstanding our relationship."

McGonagall seemed to come back to her senses at his words and tightened her hold on her wand. "And what type of relationship do you two have?" she asked.

Makoto took a deep breath before explaining. "I have known Kei since he was very young, you could say I am like his other older brother. When his brother was unable to take care of him, I helped raise Kei in his place. We are very close and I do look on Kei fondly, but I would never abuse the position in which his older brother has given me. I love Kei too much as brother to ever harm him in such a way."

McGonagall's eyes softened but her wand stood firm. "I am in a difficult position right now as Miss Granger has informed me she has seen you kiss Mr. Hatake, and watched him entering and exiting your personal quarters several times at various hours of the day. To ignore her words could put me in a difficult position if her claims turn out to be true."

Makoto gently nudged Kei to get him to take over, knowing his partner could work the woman much better than him in this regard.

Kei turned his body and kneeled on the couch, further shielding Makoto, not that McGonagall had caught on. "I know it doesn't seem like he's telling the truth right now but he is…You see… it's been hard for me coming here," Kei started. Makoto could tell his partner was pretending to struggle with his words and it made him want to smirk. "Hogwarts is so different from our home, and it's hard to adapt. I mean, the customs are so weird and I don't know when I'm doing something right or wrong and with my brother in his current situation sometimes it all catches up to me and I feel like I'm about to break down and when that happens I just need Makoto to give me hug and tell me it's going to be okay."

McGonagall's eyes softened even more as his partner spoke.

"You probably don't know this Professor but my brother is fighting for his life right now. He is working hard to change our country and better it for all the citizens but there's lots of mean people out there that want him dead. He fights for his life and the rights of our people every day and I want to be there helping him but… he sent me here to be safe. I don't know if today or tomorrow will be his last day and… and… when those thoughts catch up to me, no matter how hard I try it's just…" Kei started to silently cry, and McGonagall's wand fell a few centimetres.

"It's hard for him and me Professor," Makoto took over. "Kei is still young and I don't know how many nights he has come to me in tears after a nightmare of his brother dying. The night in question, when Miss Granger saw me kiss Kei, it was only on the forehead the first night back. Kei needed to hear that he wasn't a bad brother for coming back to Hogwarts instead of staying at his brother's side."

McGonagall's wand finally dropped to her side. "I see… I think I understand. There was a time, not too long ago when our world was at war. People were dying every day, attacks were happening everywhere, and every one prayed for news but at the same time feared it in case it brought the death announcement of a close friend or relative. For you to be suffering through that now truly pains me Mr. Hatake."

Kei wiped away his tears. "I didn't want to tell anyone and have them worry but since it seems our silence on our home's turmoil has caused a big mess…"

"Is that why you looked so tired and sick on the first night back?" McGonagall asked.

Kei nodded. "I spent the two days leading up to return trip crying and not sleeping. I didn't want to waste a single minute sleeping when I could be spending it with my brother."

McGonagall used a cough to hide he sniffle and looked away. "Well, I must apologize for thinking the worst of you Professor Shindo. You have been shouldering all this pain and worry yourself, and I could only jump to conclusions and believe a young girl's histrionics. If you wish, I could speak to the Headmaster, he might be able to send some wizards to aid your brother in his pursuits," the teacher offered.

Kei bit his lip and looked away. "But Professor…" he said quietly, "my brother is a muggle."

McGonagall's eyes went wide. "But I thought…" she looked quickly between Kei and Makoto as if looking for something between them.

Makoto leaned forward and took a chance. "It was a shock for us all to learn that Kei had magic… but when we did learn Kakashi looked into all the schools he could and decided that Kei would be safest here at Hogwarts. I was sent to help Kei in the process."

"Discovered he had magic? But surely Professor Shindo, as a wizard yourself, you must have known Kei had magic when you first met. Isn't that why you stayed with him?"

This was the truly tricky part. Makoto looked away, portraying his pretend shame at his next confession. "I must apologize to you and all the staff Professor McGonagall but, I'm not a wizard. I'm a muggle as well."

McGonagall gasped and looked around fiercely. "But how? How are you here at Hogwarts if you don't have magic?" She asked.

Kei fidgeted. "Well, since my brother is such a large political figure… he was able to gain contact with Amelia Bones and she helped create a position for Makoto."

McGonagall collapsed in Makoto's free armchair and stared at them. "I don't know what to say to all this… this is a lot to take in. Never… in the history of this school… a muggle… But Professor Shindo, I have seen with my own eyes you perform some feats that no normal muggle can do."

Makoto have the woman a gentle smile. "Even someone without magic can do some pretty amazing things when they put their mind to it. I know it must be hard to understand and I know I am overstepping my bounds, but I hope you will keep our secrets. Kei doesn't want the school to know of his home life, and I would prefer is my ability to speak and understand English remained between us."

McGonagall sent him a small glare and lightly scolded him, "that is a rude trick to play on us all Professor Shindo. To think we had become so frustrated at our inability to communicate with you and you have been silently laughing at us all."

Makoto looked properly chastised by her words. "I know, but you sat beside Lockhart a few times, can you completely blame me?"

McGonagall's glare dropped as he laughed quietly. "True. That man…why sometimes I just wish I could shoot a silencing spell at him. Do you know how many times I have had to listen to him talk about his future cosmetics line? It's ridiculous the time he uses debating over periwinkle blue and powder blue mascara, when he should be teaching."

Makoto grinned as he knew in that moment she would keep all their secrets. It was nice to be able to manipulate people into following their plans. Smiling at the woman, Makoto spoke, "I'm glad you understand and we were able to clear this all up. But as much as I wish we could continue to talk, I believe there's an overly curious second year waiting in your office, Professor."

McGonagall straightened up at his words. "Too right you are Professor Shindo. I will go explain to Miss Granger that you are not in fact sexually molesting Mr. Hatake, and that she needs to tone down her detective exploits. Falsely accusing a professor in such a nature is a punishable offence. I will have a very stern talking to with her, don't worry about that, and I will strongly discourage her from spying on you at night." Standing up and straightening her robes, McGonagall left after fixing his door.

"Well that was fun," Makoto laughed.

Kei giggled as he cuddled into his side. "She should be able to clear up any other suspicions that come our way. Now if she could only stop Granger and that red head following me, life would be better."

Makoto hugged his partner tightly and laughed. "This school isn't completely boring. I still hate it but it's amusing. Now what were you talking about before? Something about canaries…"

Kei perked up and smiled. "I have befriended two geniuses!"



Never let others see you eat.

Louis looked around, observing everyone around him, waiting for that one perfect moment. When it looked like everyone was finally looking elsewhere, he jabbed a piece of meat on his plate and shoved it towards his mouth as quickly as possible.

"Louis…why did you just stab your cheek with a piece of beef?" Chris asked.

Louis pouted. Not letting other see you eat was a lot harder than he thought, since he kept missing his mouth and had yet to actually eat a single bite of his meal.

"No wonder Kei is so small and skinny…no one can eat under these conditions!" he exploded, confusing his friend and the people round him. Looking to his little white haired friend for guidance, Louis was shocked to see Kei wipe his full plate clean in under a second. He hadn't even seen his lift his fork!

Louis felt this eyes water as he dropped to his knees and bowed his head in submission to Kei. "I never should have doubted you master!"

Kei was truly a master ninja.



Stick: Elders- 45, Tie-1, McSnape- 8 HairCare: Ino-13, Tie-5, Draco-38

Battle Royale

Battle of the Crazy Eyes: Madeye Moody vs. Uchiha's.

This battle suggestion made me giggle and I kept thinking 'Crazy Eye!' as I counted votes.

A/N: A Reviewer left me a review with lots of questions, and pointed out some faults to my story, and I know others had expressed the some thoughts, so I figured I would post the review and my response and answer those that are still wondering.

"There are many good things about this story, but there are equally as many bad things. For instance what would make Kei so suicidal. People who have a possibility to be healed dont just decide to kill themselves via killing enemy terrorists. It just isnt something a person raised in a loving family decides on doing. he is also supposed to be a genius so wouldnt he see the pros of staying alive and continuing warding... why just one ward when you have many. The benefits of having a wizard in konoha makes more sense then just killing himself to kill some bad guy that, at this point, we only know they are collecting the biju. I mean at this point they are just a minor annoyance which scares people cause they have s ranked members. You also have the sorcerors stone but we never heard what the reaction was from dumbledor... an artifact of that strength goes missing and no one worries about it? Harry potter is missing and it isnt a bigger deal? So even if by some chance you allow the sorceror's stone to work as a heal for Kei... who is gonna tell him what it is... maybe one his death bed the dogs will be there and a wizard who knows what it is will be there? The last thing that bugs me is this sudden love for sasuke... i seriously cant see it happening... ffs hes barely had contact with sasuke while he has had a much better and closer relation with kiba and itachi and even his partner... fuck even that girl 10 chapters back had a better relationship then harry and sasuke.

On the flip side i think you did an excellent job with the actual story, outside of those glaring issues. I loved the sillyness that overlay'd the serious issues. Kakashi is hillarious and decently developed, but Tsunade is a bit weird. I dont really understand her as the Tsunade of cannon would have had a shit load of grief over Kei's loss of eye. I really like the partner character. This is a pretty long story, so alot fo the issues i talked about are things you probably didnt see while you were writing it... but i still liked your story! I probably wont continue it from this point on as i dont understand how sasuke and kei is even a viable pairing with the relationship they have and i dont really care for the whole im committing suicide by killing akatsuki. Anyhow please keep writing! hopefully i will come across one of your stories again!" –Reviewer

So I will just paste exactly what I said to them in response, and hopefully quell any more questions on this. If you are still confused after reading my response, then PM me and I will answer more in depth for you.

"All good questions, and I had hoped I answered some of them earlier but maybe I didn't explain well.

Kei's suicide. I wouldn't say he is suicidal, but a realist. He knows his body is failing, and he accepts that. He knows that even if he were to get better, his body is past the point where he could return to being a shinobi. He is only two shakes away from being a vegetable currently. He knows that and as a person, raised by a shinobi to be a shinobi, there is no way he is going to heal and accept a life as a civilian. He was not bred to live a peaceful life. Condemning him to a life as an ordinary citizen where he can't help the village he loves, would be worse than a death sentence. He would see his brother and friends using chakra, going on missions, and he would know that he could no longer do that, and grow bitter. Instead of committing himself to that type of life, he is going to die in a shinobi way- fighting until his last breath, because in his mind that is the most respectable way to die. When a soldier joins the military during wartime, are they suicidal? No. They are brave and honourable for wanting to help their country by defending it. That is Kei's mindset.

Wards. Kei created a multiple wardset to protect Konoha. It is his gift to the village where the only people who will know about it are Makoto and the Hokage. Magic isn't common knowledge, and what would the people think? A Shinobi with powers different and in some cases stronger than regular shinobi? Something like a Kekkei Genkai? He would be hunted by other villages, making Konoha even more of a target. Look at all the trouble the clans go through to protect their bloodline limits and now a famous clan, already known for the skills, has another trick to play with? That wont go over well. Why expose that? Plus he's dying, what would be the point? If he can't carry on as a shinobi, why would his body be able to perform great feats of magic? A hovering paintbrush can only do so much when the village is under attack, and Kei wouldn't be able to cope with his less than able body.

Itachi is directly connected to the Akatsuki, and because of his annual meetings, he has told Kei and konoha their entire plan. They are collecting the biju and why. With that, and wanting Itachi to be free from his spying role, Kei is going to take out the Akatsuki and let itachi finally return home.

The Stone. When I wrote that, I only wanted to pay homage to the first book. Say "Look, Hogwarts, year one!" I never actually thought it would become such a big issue. Kei stole the stone because it was being guarded, and when something is being guarded like that, well... it's damn tempting for a ninja to steal. So he stole it. Then it turned out to be a pretty rock, he gave it to his dog as an accessory. He doesn't know what it is or what it does. How would he know? You don't advertise the stone living at Hogwarts in the paper or the fact it was stolen. The wizarding world is thus left ignorant of the theft, and Kei has no way of ever knowing what he stole. How can he use something he doesn't know he has. If i had known it would be such an issue having him steal the stone, I probably would have omitted the entire scene.

Sasuke love. I wouldn't say it's sudden. Kei pretended to be Yuki and got close to Sasuke. It was a moment in his life when he was away from being Kei, away from being a shinobi, and got to act as a friend and guide to hurt and confused boy. They grew close. Kei spent years doing that, meeting with Sasuke in secret. He is closer to Sasuke than he would be Kiba, because they got to share those special moments together, while he had to keep them a secret from his brother and his best friend. Then watching as his friend sacrificed himself to protect Kei, meeting him only once in awhile to ensure he's okay, those small special moments with a person you hold dear, why wouldn't he love Sasuke? Why wouldn't he think of his friend constantly, and look back on their special moments together fondly until he comes to the slow realization that he loves the older boy. I dropped so many hints leading up to that moment, that most readers weren't as surprised. Some were upset yes, but not "OMG I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING" surprised. Kiba is a good friend, but with Akamaru in the way it would never work. Itachi is another older brother, he protects and trains Kei, but he wont be seen beyond that. Neither have those special moments of peace and tranquility with Kei like Sasuke does.

I hope that answered your questions and gave you a better understanding of where I was coming from when I wrote. I thank you for your compliments, and while it does suck you wont stick around for the remainder of the story, I understand. I hope you do find another of my stories that wont frustrate you as much, or at least a better HP/Naruto story out there that will entertain you. Happy Holiday and have a good New year =)"- my response.