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Searching Steps

Being summoned by Orochimaru was a mixed blessing. It meant that Sasuke was going to gain more information about the man through his training, or he would be given a mission that would allow him to leave the man's lair. But it also meant that he had to spend time in the man's presence, he had to tolerate his creepy wandering eyes, and he had to pretend to enjoy being there.

Sasuke had kept his mask up so far, first treating the man with a mixture of awe and revulsion. He knew that he couldn't show up and instantly like the Snake Sannin, that would only give him away. Over time he led the man to believe that he liking all the specialized training, and that he was starting to feel blessed to be in his mere presence. But that wasn't true. Sasuke wanted nothing more than to drive a kunai through Orochimaru's throat and chop off his long disgusting tongue. He wanted to watch as the life left Orochimaru's eyes, glad to be the one that avenged Konoha and got rid of one if the village's biggest failures. Because that's all Orochimaru was. He was a failure to Konoha. Yes he was a genius and he was strong, but if you couldn't learn to be loyal and love Konoha than you failed the first lesson the academy tried to teach every student.

Throwing those thoughts away for the moment, Sasuke kneeled in front of his pretend master, lowering his head in submission as he awaited Orochimaru's command.

"Sasuke-kun…" Orochimaru hissed in pleasure. "You always come so quickly when I call."

"Yes Orochimaru-sama," he replied.

"Sasuke-kun, did you know you talk in your sleep?" Sasuke froze at the unexpected question. He couldn't…. he shouldn't.

"I wasn't aware Orochimaru-sama." He tried to keep his voice even but he could hear the slight waver at the start.

The Sannin chuckled. "Yes, my snakes sometimes like to wander at night; they seem quite taken with your room. They told me of the countless nights they spend in your room… they hiss about how you call out."

Sasuke inwardly cringed. He had snakes spying at him? Sasuke could admit he wasn't as powerful as he thought, but he thought he was at least able to detect when someone or something entered his room without his consent. He had caught several upstart oto-nin trying to enter his room, looking for his weakness so they may claim his spot by Orochimaru's side.

"Kei and Yuki… two names every night," The Sannin whispered. "Who are they?"

Sasuke wished he could fervently deny their existence, he wished he could tell Orochimaru that they were no body and that they didn't exist in his world anymore, but he couldn't. Any lie he told trying to deny them would be found out. Orochimaru had probably already investigated the names and came up with an answer to one. But he could still try something, "They are my past, Orochimaru-sama," he spoke confidently.

"I find myself intrigued Sasuke-kun. When one of my spies went to look into these names they came back with one. Hatake Kei, your old sensei's little brother, and the very person you protected by coming here. But then the trail ends… who is Yuki? When discreetly asking around my spy only learned that Yuki was a woman you once announced you would marry. But there is no Yuki living in Konoha around your age. There is no Yuki in Konoha you could have encountered because surprisingly there is no Yuki in Konoha period. Sasuke-kun, please tell me about Yuki-chan." It wasn't a question or suggestion, it was a demand.

"Yuki does not exist," he answered truthfully. Yuki was his childish dream, a girl that he wished to marry and rebuild his clan with but she had been shattered. Learning that Kei, his Kei, had been Yuki had been tough but he didn't care. Kei was everything. Kei was strong, intelligent, kind, and Yuki. He was Yuki but also so much more that Sasuke felt relief. He had wavering feelings for his sensei's little brother but he tried to deny them, he tried to forget that they existed so that his heart would remain true to Yuki. But Kei was Yuki and so much more.

"Ah, but I find that hard to believe Sasuke-kun. You call her name so desperately at night. I wondered why you never took up some of the other's attentions towards you. You are a very fine looking boy… but you always ignored them. Was it because of Yuki? You claimed to love her before, even told your fans you would marry her."

Sasuke kept his eyes lowered as he spoke calmly, "Yuki does not exist."

"Does she live outside Konoha? A merchant's daughter perhaps?" Orochimaru persisted. "I could find her for you Sasuke-kun. I could bring her here and let you two live together…"

Knowing the Sannin wouldn't stop until he thought he knew everything, Sasuke started spinning his tale. "Yuki was a girl I made up. I had been struggling with the betrayal of my brother and the pressure from the council. I made her up in my mind. She was my perfect girl. When I felt lonely I would imagine she was there and I would talk to her. Overtime I wished that she were real so that I could marry her one day, but as I grew up I knew I had to stop pretending and face reality. Yuki does not exist because she is nothing but a character my mind made up."

"And yet you call her name at night… Pity I wished to see this woman of such beauty that she captured your interest but now I learn she is no more a threat than Hatake Kei," Orochimaru spoke casually.

Sasuke's head snapped up. Kei wasn't a threat? Did the man not know of Kei's power or how deadly he was when working with Makoto? Sasuke was positive they had a page in the bingo book. Was Orochimaru so arrogant that he believed Kei beneath him?

Orochimaru seemed happy at his reaction. A wicked grin spread across his face as he leaned forward. "I guess you wouldn't know, not having kept in contact with your old village after all… but Hatake Kei has been Killed. In. Action," he emphasized the last three words with glee.

'Killed?' Sasuke's mind repeated the word. That couldn't have happened. Kei was away, he was supposed to be in a distant land safe, waiting until the time was right to kill the Akatsuki.

Orochimaru took his silence as an invitation to continue. "My spy uncovered the file. Kei and his partner were on a mission and got trapped in a building that was blown up. No traces of them were found- very tragic if I do say so myself. Though now I have a problem. Kei-kun was the reason you came here."

Kei…he couldn't…. Sasuke promptly shut down any train of thought that would convince him of Kei's death. Kei was strong and wouldn't die from a simple house explosion. No, there was more to the story that the file didn't state and Sasuke could bet it was merely a cover-up, an excuse so that Kei could freely move in the shadows and finish his mission.

Returning his focus back to Orochimaru and his last statement, Sasuke knew he needed to think fast. If Orochimaru thought that with Kei dead Sasuke might do something foolish, he needed to stop that line of thought before he ended up dead or with a blown cover. Speaking coldly Sasuke lowered his eyes once more, "It doesn't matter. Kei is my past and therefore I no longer care what happens to him. Frankly, it is good news to know that another Hatake has left this world forever. I have no connections left to Konoha."

The Sannin chuckled some more before he stroked Sasuke's cheek tenderly. "So cold… whatever would your old sensei think of the way he speak about his brother's death?"

"He would not know for I would not give him time to start a conversation before I killed him," Sasuke answered.

"Your loyalty seems so fickle when you speak like that but time will tell in the end. Sasuke-kun, you are my greatest treasure, loyal or not," Orochimaru hissed in pleasure. The Sannin started leaning forward, intent on pushing his advances on Sasuke, but before their lips could connect Sasuke turned away.

The man didn't take offence, merely finding humour in his actions. "Still so stubborn Sasuke-kun, but no worries, one day your body will belong to me completely."

Sasuke didn't shudder in revulsion because he knew that Orochimaru would be dead by his own hand before that happened. "Do you need anything else Orochimaru-sama?"

"No, Sasuke-kun, I believe our conversation is over."


Walking down the aisle between the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff tables, Kei delicately dropped a small bag of gold in Fred Weasley's pocket. They struck an arrangement prior and Kei was filling his side of it, while peeking glances to all sides ensuring no one noticed his actions. Yes, Makoto had seen but that was expected of his partner. The wizards hadn't seen a thing though, and if it weren't for the sudden weight in his pocket, Kei was sure Fred wouldn't have known either.

It had been a stroke of good luck really, befriending the twins, as they were so full of fun and devious ideas that it reminded Kei of home. Hogwarts had some enjoyable parts but overall it was too grey for him. The walls were grey, the floors and ceilings were grey… the weather wasn't the best so often the skies were grey as well. At home there was colour everywhere. Whether it was a new building, some jutsu, or the different colours of dango- there were colours. Hogwarts was grey filled with black robes. The small splashes of colour were badges, but besides the visual colours everything followed a routine. The twins mixed it up. They explored outside the regular confines of student life and made everything brighter.

His home was bright, full of adventure and new things to see and learn. Here it was turning a small brown match into a grey silver needle and then back. Unless he could make those needles larger and use that levitation charm he learned to spear his enemies from all sides, he didn't see the point in learning such a transfiguration. In the woods you used your matches to create fire. If your clothes ripped, you left them because fire was more important. Yes fire could be used by the enemies to find you, but you needed fire for warmth on cold nights and you needed it to cook food. Fire was good for sending signals to Konoha if a member of your party was seriously injured and you didn't think they would make it to the gate with just you. Fire was life, and yet the wizards wanted to turn their connection to it into a needle? He didn't get it.

At least the twins used magic to make others laugh and smile. He didn't see how knowing about goblin wars made people smile, but pranks did and Kei liked that. He needed that. And just like the twins, he found that his two friends were a great source of entertainment outside of the grey tones of magic.

Sitting beside Louis, Kei was curious about Christopher's behavior. "Louis… why is Chris staring at you like that?"

The boy squirmed beside him as an arm was wrapped around his growling stomach. "It's the whole 'can't see you eat' rule," the boy whined. "He's been staring at me the whole time since he knows I can't eat a thing until he looks away."

Christopher very slowly speared a piece of chicken on his plate and raised it to his lips. He seemed to take pleasure in torturing Pucey with his slow chewing and deliberate sounds of appreciation.

Feeling a bit mischievous, Kei waited until Chris blinked. As the blonde's eyes closed, Kei stole a large piece of roast beef off Louis' plate and shoved it into the hungry boy's mouth. When Chris' eyes were open again he looked shocked to see food in the brunette's mouth. "W-what? But How?" he asked.

Grinning, and showing off his mouth full of beef and gravy, Louis was quite happy to swallow his food in pleasure. "I'm a ninja!" he cried as the food went down. "With the help of Kei of course."

Chris shot him a look but Kei grinned happily and started filling his own plate. The act seemed to spur on the blonde's ire as he doubled his efforts on watching Louis, going as far as to try to stop blinking. Kei watched closely and once the strain became too much for the blonde, Kei was quick to use his superior speed and shove more food in his friend's mouth. Louis was happy to go along with it, happily pointing out what he would like Kei to feed him next as he waited for their friends eyes to dry out enough. As the process repeated itself several times Chris finally gave up.

"This isn't fair," he whined. "Kei is a master ninja and Louis is his apprentice…it's unfair for two ninja's to be picking on a civilian," he argued.

"Should I feed you too?" Kei asked the blond.

Chris' cheeks tinged pink as he looked away. "I am perfectly fine feeding myself."

Louis grinned wickedly as he leaned over the table and brought their faces close together, "Are you embarrassed?" Louis asked. "Do you want Kei to feed? Do you want Kei to hug you?" Louis' voice adopted a sing song quality as he teased his friend. "Do you want Kei to-"

"Oh shut up you!" Chris snapped. "I don't need to be fed or treated like a child."

Louis chuckled as he sat back. "Did I hit a sore spot?" He looked entirely too pleased with himself.

The blond grumpily crossed his arms and looked away from them. "This entire conversation is ridiculous and I refuse to participate."

"Aww, Kei look at him pout, isn't it so cute?"

Slightly confused by the two boys, Kei decided to ignore the pair as he prepared his own plate of food. As he reached over to take a piece of chicken his hand trembled before his fingers lost all strength and the fork fell from his fingers. The tremor started travelling through his body, and Kei started to slightly panic.

'No, not at a time like this,' he mentally screamed. He used his other hand to try and grab his medicine out of his pocket, but he could feel the strength leave his limbs. He struggled, fighting his own body, hoping that he could just fight off this one seizure. It was a horrible time. He was surrounded by civilians and he didn't want any of them to know. He felt them, bolts of lightning shooting through his body, making him twitch. He could feel them getting stronger and he started to slip under the table, hoping that no one would notice his little episode.

He was slipping, slipping as his tremors were getting worse . But then he came. Kei appreciated his partner. He had since the day they met, and now was no different. As Makoto's arms wrapped around him and swiftly took him from the hall, Kei allowed himself to stop fighting, let his body do what it wanted since Makoto would be there to care for him.


According to shinobi law, when a shinobi is declared K.I.A or missing, their possessions are taken by the village to be used as needed. Any money would be returned to the village bank account, weapons melted done back to its raw material.

For weeks the Hokage had held the council at bay, the meddling fools demanding that they clean out Kei and Makoto's rooms. But they finally revolts and won, any moment several ANBU would descend on the Hatake apartment clean out his Makoto's room, and take everything Kei owned.

The most Tsunade could do was tell him who was coming and when.

Walking into Makoto's room, Kakashi felt a heavy weight settle over him. When Makoto had first moved in the room had been used for storage. Dusty boxes had occupied the corners, dust bunnies hid in the shadows, but he didn't mind. Makoto and Kei had worked the entire afternoon cleaning the room and setting it up for the teenager to use. Even then the walls had been bare, the closet empty… but now it was full.

The walls were covered with weapons, leaving barely any of the original colour to peek through. The closet was full of shinobi wear and disguises. A few floorboards were loose, setting up a trap for any sticky fingers that entered. If anyone dared to try and rob them their hands would be removed. They never kept their money here. They hid it in other places; kept most of it on them… stashed some with Kei's ninken.

Letting out a heavy sigh, Kakashi got to work. He summoned his dogs, and put them to work. They were quick and efficient, gathering both boys' possessions and storing them away in storage scrolls, which Kakashi attached to his ninken. They cleaned the room of everything, hiding away everything so that when the ANBU came they would leave empty handed.

Kei would return, Kakashi knew he would so these council members did not deserve to steal Kei's things. Kakashi couldn't personally go help his brother, but he could at least do this for him.


He had seen it. He had seen everything his little partner did since he entered the dining hall. The days were getting longer to him. It seemed that at the start of the year where the day seemed to fly by, now they dragged on. As Kei got weaker, Makoto felt older. He watched as Kei dropped money into the red-heads pocket. He watched as Kei joined his friends and helped the brunet to eat. It all seemed so simple… As if Kei were a simple wizard student but he wasn't. If he was than Makoto wouldn't worry so much, he wouldn't need to watch the Hatake's every step and he wouldn't even be at the school in the first place.

Then he saw Kei twitch. The fork dropped and with it so did Makoto's stomach. He narrowed his eyes as he watched the little shinobi struggle to reach his pocket but failed. Standing smoothly without alerting the staff around him, Makoto walked casually down the aisle to his target.

It wasn't hard to see Kei trying to escape, so he sped up his step a little. Reaching his partner he babbled something nonsensical in Japanese to the rest of the table and picked up Kei and took him out of the hall. Reaching a shadowed corner, Makoto quickly whipped out the vial containing Kei's seizure medication and fed it to his partner. He massaged Kei's throat, encouraging him to swallow, barely sparing a glance to the two followers.

Makoto help onto Kei tightly until the seizure passed. Soothingly, Makoto started petting his partner's hair to help lull him into a restful sleep. "Shhh, just sleep and heal little one," he whispered in Japanese repeatedly. "Sleep and heal… sleep and heal…"

The days were becoming harder and longer as Kei got weaker… but it would be over soon. Kei only had three goals left. Finish the stone, plant the stone, and kill Tobi. Then he can rest. Whether eternally or in a hospital didn't matter to Makoto. He knew which one he would prefer though.

When he concluded Kei was sleeping peacefully, he picked him up and took him to his rooms. Kei would sleep with him tonight, for his own peace of mind.

As Makoto walked towards his rooms, he stopped suddenly as he heard a noise. There was a slight hissing and the sound of something sliding over the stone floor. Taking a slow step forward, Makoto turned his ear towards the noise. Kei was better at hearing things, but he was currently detained, so Makoto needed to rely on his own senses.

Walking towards the corner, he peeked around the corner to spot a large scaly body.

He froze.


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