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*Link's POV*

I awoke from my sleep to hear the sound of the village children calling my name.

Smiling I got out of bed and jumped down to the floor where I saw four gray carved pieces of stone laying together on the table.

The fused shadow... They were found in west Hyrule Field... They belonged to her but now they are here with me and I do not know if they will be of any use to anyone of this realm.

I listened to the noise outside when I heard the distinct sound of armor and horses hooves.

Walking towards the door I watched as it was thrown open by one of Princess Zelda's soldiers.

I watched as he closed the door and turned to face me.

"You're Link right?" he asked.

I nodded.

"Well good, because Princess Zelda has requested your assistance at the Castle. Get your gear and let's go. She said that it was most urgent... That and one of my scouts believes that the Castle is going to be attacked by an army of Bokoblins." The soldier explained.

I jumped down into the basement of my house and lit my lantern so I could find the chest I kept down there.

"Ah there it is." I muttered.

I walked over to the chest and opened it, grabbed the few Items that I would need and climbed back up to the first floor wearing the Hero's Tunic.

Never thought that I would wear this again.

As I reached the top of the ladder I saw that the Soldier was nowhere to be seen then the door flew open again only to show Ilia storming in from outside.

"LINK! What do you think you are doing. Do you even know what today is?"

Oh great... Oh right today is THAT day... THANK YOU ZELDA for saving me from having to marry this this... Gah I cannot even say the right words to describe Ilia right now.

I simply kept silent and walked out the door of my house as Ilia kept ranting on about "our wedding day."

I jumped to the ground got on Epona's back and took off at a dead gallop out of the village with the soldier following.

A few hours later I arrived at Hyrule Castle and was being shown in by the castle guards.

I hope Zelda can help me get out of this prearranged marriage with Ilia.

A moment later I stood before Princess Zelda listening to her talk about some sort of prophecy that involved me fighting some dark force once again, but without Midna things just did not seem to matter to me anymore.

"Link you do realize that this could be your last quest right?" Zelda asked.

I only nodded before she handed me a map that marked the location of an unexplored area deep below Hyrule Castle.


As I was walking through the unexplored area of the castle, I began to feel some sort of pressure on my right shoulder. I decided to ignore this feeling and continue on through the darkness; it began to feel as if my body were being ripped apart.

My silent scream for help was never heard, neither was my statement of loving Midna. I vanished into the unknown, knowing that I would not be seen again...ever.

*Samus' POV*

(Start Metroid Intro music.)


I was flying through space trying to find a new mission for myself when suddenly a message appeared on the screen of my ship

"Huh. Spacial anomaly in the Keldragan sector."

I set the coordinates into the computer and was being taken to the location of the anomaly when another message appeared on the computer screen

*Leaving Federation territory... Now entering Hostile territory.*

"Oh this can't be good."

I cloaked my ship but was too late in doing so as an unidentified ship fired a missile at me.

The missile hit and rocked the ship so much that I fell out of the pilot's chair and hit my head on on of the computer boards.

I got back in the chair and equipped my Power Suit.

"Time to show these outlaws what real piloting skill is."

I took control of the ship and flew over the enemy craft and fired a missile at it and destroyed it.

An instant later a full squadron of ships decloaked and started firing at me.

I got to the opening for the emergency hatch, opened it and climbed out to face the enemy ships.

Fully charging a missile I fired it at one ship and hit the cockpit directly.

Firing off another missile from my Arm Cannon I hit the engines of another enemy ship.

A few hours later I had depleted my Missile's and had to use the Missiles of my ship but I had destroyed twenty hostile ships and disabled five.

I got back into the Pilot chair and began to fire the ships missile's at the hostile ships.

Little did I realize that the Systems of my ship were about to overload till I noticed a ship with the ever so visual symbol of Space Pirates.

I fired one more missile at the ship but it evaded easily it was then that the ships alarm began going off and the enemy locked onto my ship.

"Warning: system overload... Enemy has locked on... Warning System overload."

The alarm of my ship blared incessantly about the same thing, I knew that the systems of my ship were in an overload state and it was all because of this damned Space Pirate fighter that was following me.

Suddenly the ship lurched and the interior of the ship turned blood red as the damage report came up on the screen.

Before the enemy ship could fire at me again; I shot a missile at it destroying the ship, but then something landed on top of my ship.

looking to the computer screens; I saw that a Space Pirate was hanging on to the emergency hatch and it was screeching something.

I activated a translator and heard the screeching voice suddenly become intelligible...

"I surrender, I am not enemy. I help you... Others wish to kill... I wish to help." The creature said, desperately.

I thought for a moment before opening the Emergency hatch and let this surrendered Space Pirate in.

He crawled into the ship and curled up in a corner as if he were afraid.

He should be. He chose to side with me and seeing as my past is just so...

The ship lurched again as the alarms blared. Then everything went black for an instant.

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