(Samus' POV)

As I woke my eye sight was blurred and I could not see much of where I was when suddenly a familiar voice spoke saying, "Ah good your awake Samus. Good thing too."

"Ugh... How long... How long was I out?" I asked.

"Three days believe it or not. Some people started to wonder if any of you were still alive or were ever going to wake up." The person said.

"Well, Raith... ugh... arg..." Pain shot through my body as I tried to sit up it was then that my eye sight cleared and I saw a person wearing black armor sitting in a chair that was facing away from the wall behind it.

"So Raith can you tell me what happened or do I need to see the video?" I said this as if assuming there was a video.

The black armored being stood and removed it's armor revealing the face of Raith, "Well Samus... I think that you should get some rest for now then watch the video of what happened." with that Raith left the room.

I turned my head and saw that I was in Link's arms while Zelda was nowhere to be seen.

She must be in a different room. It was then that I heard a familiar sound.

This sound was much happier and seemed to be healing as well.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep again only to wake to he motion of Link stirring.

We both got out of the bed and stretched our stiff muscles.

"Ow... That hurt. Oh well I am used to much worse than this. What about you Link?" I said looking at Link as he stretched, and twisted.

He looked back at me with his sapphire blue eyes that seemed to shine in the light.

He then stood at his full height and said, "I'm alright... I don't know about you Samus but I am wondering about something I don't know what it is though..."

We got our stuff together and we left the chamber that we found out was the real Temple of Time.

We left through the portal and saw that the little village that had been created was still there but now it was more towards being like another town with all the citizens from across the land.

We walked to where Zelda little "castle" was and we entered and went to my computers where I watched the events after we used the Union Upgrade.

"So that's what happened... We saved Hyrule from a horrible fate but... Phazos is still out there somewhere." I said this and shut the computers down for the time being and both Link and I left the place.

We then teleported to the bride of Eldin and saw Mason's and other artisans from across the planet.

There were construction crews ranging all the way from Termina, Hullodrum, and Labryna.

There was construction going on and the castle was being rebuilt but there was one section that was not damaged.

The balcony from when Link and I kissed for the first time... My mind went back to that day where the sunset was glowing beautifully in the distance.

Suddenly Link kissed me on the lips and brought me back to the present time.

Smiling I looked at Link we activated our Power Suits at the same time and we entered into the ruins of Castle Town that were being rebuilt even now.

On the trek towards the castle we passed a few Goron Smith's, mason's and a few other craftsmen.

Once we reached the Castle we were allowed to enter the ruins of the castle and meet with Princess Zelda who had been awake for some time now.

"Link, Samus. Good to see that you two are awake now. I see that you two are probably going to be leaving some time or other and most likely soon too. I have a feeling that you are going to pursue Phazos and destroy him once and for all... Good luck to the both of you. Oh and Samus when you return to the Temple Village you will see a ship waiting for you there." Zelda said all this with a smile on her lips then her expression went grim.

"Samus... One last thing before you leave... Take this with you..." She held her hand out and handed me the Sphere that activated her own Power Suit, "If you two need the Power of Wisdom then draw the Sphere's power into your own Power Suits. You will both gain half the Triforce of Wisdom but I will still hold the relic as my own." After all this Link and I held the sphere between us and felt the power of it rush into our Power Suits.

After a time we began to leave and I began to hear the song that had played in the Zebes Crateria surface when it was interrupted by some street musicians playing some sort of music that I did not really like.

^New Music added to Music Data base.^

"Great now that music will be playing when ever I come here... I just hope I don't have to come back here again." As Link and I went past the ruins of the south gate a different type of music began to play. "Not again!"

I then teleported Link and myself away from the place only to end up outside his tree of a house in Ordon Village.

Such a small place... I probably won't mind the music that ends up being played here. We entered and instantly the music that was playing here was peaceful and calming Just as I expected.

We then walked up the path to the ranch that Link would usually work at.

Lucky for us no one was around at the moment to bother us.

After reaching the ranch we sat down at the top of the hill and looked out across the land watching the sunset behind the hills in the distance.

Deactivating our Power Suits we sat there in our respective normal clothing.

Me in my Zero suit and Link in his typical forest green tunic.

It was then that I remembered a tune from some time ago.

I began to hum the song when suddenly Link was playing it on an ocarina.

Smiling the song stopped and I looked into Link's eyes and said, "How did you know the Ballad of the Wind Fish?"

Link shrugged and said, "I guess it's something from my own past as well I'm not sure."

I laughed and kissed him on the lips then I got to my feet and started for the exit to the ranch.

"We need to get going Link ok." I said this and he got to his feet as well and began following me.

We walked all the way back to the lost woods where Skull Kid began tormenting us with his "Game".

I activated my Power Suit and ran after the little freak of nature and started blasting him with Twilight Beams that sent him sprawling to the ground.

In no time we were back at the Temple Village where the houses were still standing and not touched at all.

Looking around I walked towards the door that went into the Real Temple of Time when something caught my eye in the ruins below.

I walked past the door and told Link to gather our things from inside the Temple itself.

Looking down from the top of the ledge I was viewing what had to be the ship that was to take me and Link from Hyrulus.

It looks so much like my old one but it looks alot... different. I thought this when Link came out literally carrying everything that was ours out of the temple.

"Can't say that it was easy but I managed to get everything out in one go Samus... Samus?" He practically dropped everything and came to where I was standing only to gawk at the sight before us.

I smiled and activated my Power Suit and jumped down into the Ruins.

I ran up to the ship and was greeted by a familiar trio of voices, "Welcome Samus, Link... Hero's of Hyrule."

I smiled at the generosity of the Goddesses when suddenly a familiar voice spoke, "Welcome Lady do you wish to board your ship?"

I stepped into the beam of Light that came from the bottom of the ship and was taken up into it.

Activating the flight systems the ship lifted off the ground and I gently had it to hover over to Link and pull him inside as well.

The inside of the ship was big enough for two people and more so I pulled all our stuff inside the ship and had it all placed in a room that would be mine and Link's bed room.

I then took and got the computers that were inside the small structure that Zelda had lived in when Phazon was running rampant.

I did not do anything with them but instead I flew the ship to where Hyrule Castle Ruins were and placed them in front of both Raith and Zelda.

Jumping on top of the ship I smiled and held my right thumb up and yelled, "Keep them they might be useful to you. Though you might have to find some other place for them to be placed." With that I jumped back inside the ship.

Sitting in the command chair I looked over at Link who was sitting in a chair that was beside mine, "Ready to go Link?"

The look on his face was of minor sadness but he nodded with a smile that spoke of him being truly happy.

I knew he wanted to bid farewell to all his friends here so I flew to their location in Kakariko Village and landed the ship.

We got out and he was ambushed by all the Ordon Children along with Ilia who hugged him while tears streamed down her face.

"Good bye Link... I do not know when we will all see you again. Please take care." Ilia said this with a sad tone and then she placed something in his right hand and said, "Just know that you are always a Hylian no matter what... and for what you and Samus have done... Samus is a Hylian as well."

At this I suddenly felt the tips of my ears and realized that they were pointed like and elves ears.

I guess I am taking more of Hyrule with me than I thought. This thought caused me to smile which Link came back to me and we boarded the ship with a final wave of goodbye to the people.

We then took off heading into space tracking Phazos while also being followed by Space Pirates.

THE END (of this story at least)

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A realm of Dragons where Peace rules for eternity.

"Where are they... they have not yet returned to Warfang."

Two hero's from two different realms appear.

"Who are you two?"

"I am a Bounty Hunter and this guy... he's a legendary hero."

A dark evil stirs once more.

"Finally I have awakened."

A Corruption begins to rise.

"I shall get my revenge on those two Dragons. Then I will deal with these new comers."

Four hero's come together with the help of others to aid them.

"My name is Spyro and this is Cynder who are you guys?"

"I am Samus Aran, Elite Bounty Hunter of the Galactic Federation."

"I am Link, Hero of Hyrule."

"I'm Gandrayda Arch Rival of Samus, I am also a Bounty Hunter."

"My name is Rundas... I have nothing more to say."

"My names Ghor... Get in my way and your asking for pain."

A planet soon to be found and threatened lies in the balance of only four.

"... The corruption is here already... It has already taken the other Bounty Hunters... We're next."

Is this the beginning of the End?

"Samus! NOOOOO!"

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