Chapter 3: Nazis Up To No Good

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I sat down at the table with Indiana (who is actually Harriet, but she doesn't like being called that). At first she just sat there not saying much as she ate her lunch (which was okay because she was really hot and manly and stuff). After a while I asked her smartly "So, umm, why do you wear that hat 'n' stuff to school?"

"Because they are useful and besides, this whip keep people from messing with me."

"Oh, well I think that stuff looks really sexy on you anyway," I said.

"You really think so?" she said, as her face turned bright reddish "I always thought everyone just thought I was a freak" she said sadly.

"No! You're wrong!" I shouted excitedly, "You're the best looking girl in the whole school!"

"Yeah, and I really wish I could just be ordinary. An ordinary guy. I don't want to be pretty or girly. I just want to be able to be myself"

"Well I like you even if you aren't girly or anything" I said nicely to her.

"Thanks" She said back to me

It was then that I saw it. Willie and some of her friends were talking back at the table I was sitting at before.

"So, looks like Marion finally decided to go and hand out with that freak Harriet" Said Willie

"Yeah, she's such a weirdo" Cooed her friend

"Well I think it's for the better. Now she'll never find out that we're really evil nazis"

"Yeah, I guess so"

"By the way, did you hear about that ancient medallion that Hitler is looking for in Africa?" Willie prodded.

"Oh yeah, the one that has some kind of magical power or something"

"I heard it grants your wishes on the full moon"

"Oh… My… GOD!" I said to Indiana