Chapter 36 - Contemplating Reasons

Audrey POV

For now I was dancing with Dee, Dum had disappeared and didn't say where he was going, but Dee and I were slow dancing, my head on his chest listening to his ticking clock. I haven't seen Leah or Rikki and it makes me wonder if Elliot found Leah... Him and Julius both seemed pretty hectic when they both rushed out..

"Dee. Audrey." It was Blood- our headed immediately snapped up at the sound of our names- he looked upset. "We're leaving, come on." His face was washed clean of any and all emotion so I couldn't even guess what he was thinking- maybe it's best I don't? Dum was by his side, also erased of any emotion.

I just nodded, taking Dee and Dum's hand as I followed Blood- a light feeling flooded over me when I thought that they might actually think of me as part of the Hatter's- wondering what could possibly be annoying him. I guess I'll find out when we get back to the mansion.

It was still night when we left the castle but rays of light were starting to peak up behind the trees, the twins rushed into the mansion at first sight of it, but Blood motioned for me to stay behind with him. "What's wrong?" I asked. His gaze was narrowed, obviously p*ssed.

"You know Elliot has gone to look for Leah, and that she wasn't at the ball?" I just nodded, Elliot had already told me this. Blood grimaced, like he was debating if he should say anything further. "Well-"

"Boss!" Dee and Dum both yelled, running out of the mansion. They stopped to talk urgently with Blood.

Sighing, I connected my hands behind my back. A light glowed in my pocket, reaching out and numbly picking up the vial of liquid that will let me go home. A hollow feeling entered my body, my heart racing at the contact with the vial.

"What are you going to do?" I barely heard Blood ask. Looking up I realized the three were staring at me, and that my mouth was a gape, and I blushed under the intensity of their stares, but thankfully- hopefully- they couldn't see since it was still dark out. From what I could see Blood's arms were crossed tightly against his chest and the twins glanced at each other nervously.

"You'll leave... won't you? Just like Onee-chan." The twins frowned, atleast from what I could see. The three were all wearing dark clothing and it being night didn't help my sight.

I tried to speak but I couldn't say a word, what's there to say? I shrugged. "How could I leave without Rikki and Leah?" I wondered aloud, shocked I actually spoke.

This made Blood chuckle, though I couldn't see what was funny about it until I heard his comment. "If that's it, then we'll keep you tied up in the mansion so you can't leave." What looked like a smile played on his lips as he left for the mansion. Dee and Dum, with new found hope, grasped my hands and helped me inside. They'd find a way to make me stay.

Leah POV

I started to wonder how long I've been in here, long I suppose as from the little window the time period kept changing. How many times, I wasn't sure, how long those time periods were, I wasn't sure. So who really knows? For the most part of however long I was down here I was left alone, Joker rarely checked up on me to see if I fled. But when he did he would make some kind of sly, crude, remark or some sort of insult directed towards me.

Wobbling up to a standing position- my body felt heavy with sleep but I dare not to, afraid of what Joker will do- using the stone wall as support as I stumble toward the barred wall. I grasp the cold bars, the only light entering the prison was from the moon from a small barred window. I could barely keep my eyes open, my lids growing heavy. Would anyone even notice I'm gone? I've barely seen Audrey and Rikki... not like I'd want them to come near here.

Suddenly, my knuckles started to sting, Joker was infront of me looking as p*ssed as ever. Clenching my fists, I winced in pain, my hand was bleeding, he had slashed his whip over my knuckles. Who would've though it'd hurt so much?

"Next time, answer me the first time!" He snarled, his red eye sparked with anger. Due to my fatigue I guess I blocked out his voice.

"What question?" I snapped back. "How 'bout you answer my question!" I countered, sneering at the spiked crimson haired man. My question, or multiple questions, were all about Alice. How did she get here? Why did she come here? What did you do to her? The common questions cops would ask. I just realized I was shaking, but from anger or fatigue I wasn't sure.

He laughed. "Last I checked, you're my prisoner, so I don't have to answer s*it." He snickered. He lifted his whip, and with a flick of his wrist brought it down snapping on my forearm and it started to gush blood.

There was a loud ringing sound and Joker stumbled forward, clutching the bars for balance as a wound in his chest started to seep blood. "The h*ll?" I gasped, stumbling back, not wanting to get shot myself.

"I thought I'd never have to come here again. I do hope this is the last time." I gasped at the familiarity of the man's voice. Stepping out of the prison's shadows Blood appeared with a machine gun in hand. Passing the arm that wasn't holding the gun through the bars- Joker's body had disappeared- he reached for my hand. "Lets get you out of here." And very much like what happened to Alice and I, I slipped through the bars like they weren't there and I was enveloped in Blood's strong arms. The walls were shattering and falling on us like fragile glass. In seconds we were standing in Circus Forest.

"W-Why... h-how.." I started shaking as Blood tried to apply pressure to stop my bleeding. "There's not way you could've.."

"Miss Flower, do I seem stupid? Alice sudden reappearance and your sudden disappearance, it's not that hard to connect the dots... but what were you thinking?" He growled, partially mad at me and partially annoyed that I wouldn't stop bleeding. Deciding on ignoring my wound, he picked me up bridal style.

"I was thinking you guys missed her- as you always mix me up with her- and there's nothing wrong with my legs..." I mumbled.

"Have I ever called you Alice? No. I'd never mix you up with that s*ut and it's quite rude that you would even think that." He scoffed, making his way as quickly as he could through the trees. "Alice and Elliot are at the Tower- explaining things to Julius- things which you failed to admit." He lifted his brow in question.

"What would be the point in saying anything when I thought I'd be locked up forever, until I died or woke up? Wait... Elliot knows I was in prison?" Huh. That sounds weird, can't wait to tell this to Rikki and Audrey..

"He thought you might've run over to the Jokers.. but got preoccupied with running into ALice, so probably no." Blood whispered. We were making our way to the mansion, a dark silouette of the mansion was in the distance. Why did what Blood said make me feel angry? It's not like I told anyone so I couldn't expect anyone to come find me. It's a miracle Blood did.

"Whatever." I grumbled, scrambling out of Blood's arms as soon as the gate was in sight.

Blood wrapped his arms around my waist from behind me. "There's something you should know, about-"

"Leah, Blood?" Elliot called from behind us. Blood quickly released me so we could face him. Elliot's suspicious gaze flicked from Blood's to my gaze, softening ever so slightly when he saw my condition. "What happened?" He rushed to my side. He was covered in dirt, and now he was grasping my arm so blood started to stain his sleeve.

Blood remained silent and turned away, hiding his face. "Your girlfriend-" He practically hissed the word. "was put into the same condition's as you were not long ago, but only for our dear Alice." He spat the last words like they were venom. What was bothering him?

His eyes widened, flashing with anger. "I told you not to go near them! How could you?" He shouted, but took a deep breath, trying to calm down. "You know what? Nevermind. What's your decision?" He just shook his head, placing his hands into his jacket pocket.

"My decision? On what?" I questioned him and he frowned, obviously not amused.

"What do you mean 'on what'? I mean on you returning." Out of his pocket he retrieved the vial I had when I first began my game in Wonderland. How in the h*ll did he get that?

"Why, how, when? Ugh!" I sputtered, unable to make a full sentence.

"It's full if you can't tell.. and you left it in my room.." He frowned, his eyes blazing yet again with anger. "You know, when you promised to be my girlfriend? And no one else's?" Of course he knew I didn't say anything to Julius.

"I didn't plan on coming back-"

"Why? Why would you do that? You pronounce your love for me and run off, getting locked up in jail?" HIs voice was high pitched, strained, as he tried not to yell. Saying all of this aloud must've been painful for him, it was painful for me to hear.

"I thought you loved Alice!" I screeched, silencing him. His eyes widened in shock and his hare ears flatted against his skull. "Everyone compares me to her! Saying how much I look like her, act like her, think like her! But. I'm. Not. Her. So I though I'd go get the actual Alice so all of Wonderland could be happy again!" I threw my hands up in the air, surrendering to my true emotions.

There was a long awkward silence for a few minutes as he processed this. "You were jealous?" Elliot asked in disbelief.

"Yes, alright? I was jealous." I snatched the bottle out of his hand, uncapping it. "But I'm out of this h*ll hole." I brought the vial to my lips, letting the liquid enter my mouth.