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Ichigo walked through the hallway of Karakura High School, on his way to his locker. He barely registered the crush of people around him trying to escape the school for the day. He was so deep in thought that he didn't hear his friends calling for him until a hand grabbed his shoulder and forced him to stop. He looked up and saw his boyfriend Renji. Ichigo visibly stiffened and shrugged off Renji's hand.

"What do you want Renji? I have to get home." Ichigo said wearily.

"What do you mean what do I want? I'm gonna walk you home. I want to spend time with you. You are my boyfriend after all," said Renji a bit put off by Ichigo's cold disposition. "What's up with you? You seem to be a bit pissy again."

Ichigo sighed; they had been fighting excessively lately. Not their normal friendly arguments that happened every time they were around each other, but full on knock down drag out fights, more than once they had come to blows. Ichigo was getting tired of it.

"Renji, I'm going home. I'll talk to you later. I have too much homework to do tonight." With that Ichigo turned and left. Renji stared at his back wondering what was going on in Ichigo's head. He knew that they had been fighting a lot lately, and he was pretty sure he knew why, but Ichigo wouldn't say what was bothering him.

"Renji, you coming over today?" purred a deep sensual voice in Renji's ear. He turned around and looked at the man standing behind him looking like sin dipped in sex.

"Yeah Maki, I'm coming over." Renji said. Maki Ichinose was a student teacher under Sensei Kariya, the history teacher. Renji had started seeing him two months ago, even though he and Ichigo had been together for a little over six months at that time. He couldn't seem to help himself, but he still loved Ichigo and couldn't bring himself to end the relationship. He had his suspicions that Ichigo knew though. Ichigo had become moody and distant about a month and a half ago, the fighting started not long after. Renji brought himself out of his thoughts and looked at Maki, smiling he said, "I'll meet you there in a few hours, let me finish my homework first. Then there will be no distractions for the rest of the night."

"Sounds good to me," Maki said," I'll see you then."

As Renji walked out of the doors to the school, he didn't notice Ichigo standing a few feet away with his other friends.


Ichigo watched the scene unfold in front of him with no show of outward emotion. Renji, his boyfriend of half a year, was making plans to go see his lover of two months. Yes, Ichigo knew about it, and yes it pissed him off, however he refused to end it with Renji without Renji admitting it to him. This was his own private way of torturing the man for cheating on him. Chad watched his friend closely making sure that he was ok.

"Ichigo, are you ok?" asked Tatsuki asked. She watched Renji's blatant betrayal of her long time friend and fought the urge to beat the crap out of him right then and there.

"Yeah, Tatsuki, I'm good. I think I'll go home and call Renji and invite him over. See how bad I can fuck up his plans for the night." Ichigo smirked," Then I'm gonna get him to confess his infidelity and leave him. Tonight is as good a time as any to end things. I'm ready to move on."

His friends looked at him in shock and started laughing. They knew that Ichigo knew about the affair but after listening to him they knew that he was going to be ok. Only Orihime had any doubts about how bad Ichigo was hurting. She watched with a sad smile as Ichigo walked away, heading for his house.


As Ichigo walked home he pulled out his cell phone and called Renji, a sad smirk on his face. "Yo, Berry, what's up?" Renji answered his phone.

"I was thinking, I would rather spend time with you than by myself. Can you meet me at my house? You can help me with my history homework, you seem to really like the class and do better in it than I do," Ichigo said, throwing a little hidden jab at Renji.


"If you have other plans, that's fine Renji. I just wanted to see you. We haven't been able to be alone for a while now, and Goat-face is taking the girls to Kisuke's for the night, they won't be home until tomorrow morning."

"Um….yeah, I'll be there in a few. Let me call Rukia and let her know that I'm headin' to your place. She can let Byakuya know for me."

"Alright babe can't wait to spend some quality time with you. Bye, love."

Ichigo hung up the phone laughing. Tonight should be amusing at least, and the beginning of his single life. "Fuck why are relationships such a pain in the ass?" Ichigo thought to himself, as he walked up the walk to his front door. Ichigo went inside and changed out of his uniform and went to the kitchen to get a drink. He was sitting at the dining room table doing homework when Renji walked in. Ichigo caught the disappointed scowl on his face as he hung up his phone.

"Everything ok, Renji? You look upset." Ichigo said as he thought to himself, "Maki must be mad that Renji had to cancel, oh well. He can comfort him later on tonight."

"Huh? Oh yeah, everything is fine. I'm gonna go change my cloths, I'll be right back."


When Renji reappeared he had had is emotions in check again and sat at the table with Ichigo. Ichigo looked at him and smiled, "Let the end come unimpeded" he thought to himself. He was tired of the lies and secrecy.

"Renji, can we talk? Without fighting and honestly?" Ichigo asked.

"Yeah of course."

"How long are you gonna try to keep this up?"


"It's been going for two months already, how much longer do you plan on dragging it out? I just want to know so that I can make plans. I mean do we need to have Maki come over and set up a schedule? He gets you this week, I get you next week, how does that sound to you? If you have a different suggestion let me know."

"Ichi, I…" Renji stuttered. "How?"

"You're an idiot, that's how. You sent me a text meant for him about two week into it. I started to notice the two of you after that. You weren't exactly hiding it very well. I know you had plans to go over to his house today, I was going to fuck with you all night and ruin it for you, but I find that I don't care anymore. Get out Renji, this thing between us is done and over with. If you had been honest with me from the start you might have at least saved our friendship, but as it stands right now….."Ichigo let out a frustrated huff and stood up," I'm done. I can't be friends with someone who can be so deceitful and dishonest. Not that me hiding the fact that I knew is any better, but I wanted you to be honest with me. I thought that you still cared even if you don't love me. I was wrong. Now leave. Maki is probably waiting."

"Ichi…" Renji started as he watched Ichigo walk away.

"You don't get to call me that anymore. I'll see you around Abari-san."