A/N: This is the final chapter, mostly it's gonna be smut with a little bit of plot to wrap it all up. I dedicate this chapter to OKami23Kitsune for the wonderful suggestion.

Ichigo walked through the halls of Karakura High School, on his way to the gym. He barely registered the crush of people trying to escape the school for the day. He was so deep in thought he didn't hear the woman calling for him until a hand grabbed his shoulder and forced him to stop. He looked up and saw a short woman with dark hair and fierce grey eyes. He visibly stiffened before he relaxed with a friendly smile.

"Soi Fon, how are you?" Ichigo asked the new principle of his old high school, "I heard you took over a few months ago."

"Yes, I took over when Kyoraku-san left to care for Ukitake-san, his illness has flared up worse than ever. I have to say that I am rather enjoying myself, though. So I hear that Kenpachi requested that you personally make an appearance to look at the new class, they must be damn good for you to drag yourself back from America early."

"I guess, he called me fourteen times in two days. Tessai is managing the rest of the competition so I don't need to be there. It's not like I was competing this time anyhow, I was there strictly to learn about the other side of the business."

"When did you get in? You look tired as hell. Maybe you should come back after you're rested."

"I just got in; I haven't even been home yet. I thought about coming in tomorrow but Kenpachi won't stop calling until I show up so here I am. I figured that I would take care of this then go home and surprise Grimmjow, he doesn't know that I came home early."

"Well then, you won't be getting any rest anyhow. Come on, I'll walk with you to see Zaraki, I'm curious now."

The two entered the gym together and watched as students ran and cowered before the mountain of a man that was laughing as he watched two of the students spar. The first was a senior that Ichigo remembered from a year ago when he had been a senior himself. The boy was strong, but his movements were stiff and a bit clumsy, not a very valuable fighter. The other boy however was a sight to behold. He was tall and thin, 6'1" 150 pounds or so. He had long blond hair that hung just below his shoulder blades. His movements were smooth and graceful, his mastery over his body was not quite complete but with the proper training he would be a force to behold. As Ichigo and Soi Fon stood watching the match Kenpachi walked over to them.

"Yo Berry! You finally made it in!"

"I was in America you moron. So the blond kid is the one you wanted me to come see?"

"Yeah. He's good, still needs a lot of discipline and training, but I think he'd fit well with your group. He's got family issues though; otherwise I'd recruit him for my squad. You and Kisuke are better at dealing with the emotionally stunted."

"Alright, when the match is done I'll use your office to talk to him. No promises, Ken, if he's to damaged Kisuke won't take him. Now shut up and let me watch him." Kenpachi laughed causing the closest students to cringe and edge away.


"So, Kenpachi-sensei has asked me to come in and speak with you. He has been very adamant about it. So let me start with a few basic questions, what is your name and why do you want to be a MMA fighter?"

The blond sat across the desk from Ichigo eyeing him skeptically. "First if I may, brother, who are you and why has Sensei asked you to come? You seem to be a bit young to be in charge of recruiting."

"My apologies, I am Kurosaki Ichigo. I am second in command of Hogyoku Martial Arts, a Division of Soul Society MMA, Inc.; I am also heir to Seireitei MMA, another division of Soul Society. I am quite young, only 19 but do not question my authority or ability to recruit only the best for my company." Ichigo bit out a bit harsher than intended. He was getting irritated easily due to lack of sleep.

"Kurosaki-sama, I meant no disrespect. I do not like having my time wasted and I wanted to ensure that you were serious. My name is Granz Yylfordt; I have always been very interested in martial arts. I believe it came from my older brother; I used to go watch him during his lessons when I was very young. However, when I was five my parents died in a fire and my brother and I were sent to separate foster homes. I have been trying to find him ever since, the last I heard he had been adopted and this new parents moved from Osaka to here, so here I am hoping to find some trace of him."

"Ah, so that's the family issues Kenpachi mentioned. That isn't an issue as far as I'm concerned, you will find that we are all family oriented."

After talking with the boy for about an hour more they had made arrangements for him and his guardian to come to the dojo the following day. Ichigo left the school to go surprise his lover at their new home. He made a quick phone call on his way there to set up for the following day.


Ichigo walked up to his door smiling at the thought of surprising Grimmjow. As he opened the door as quietly as possible he could hear voices coming from the living room.

"Ni, Grimm, what are you gonna do?"

"Shit, I don't know. Pop has given me until a week after Ichigo gets home to make up my mind. I don't want to go but this is a chance of a life time. I wonder what Ichigo is gonna say about it?"

Ichigo frowned and walked into the room, "What I'm gonna say about what, Grimm?" Ichigo smirked as Grimmjow and his pink haired brother, Szayel, jump.

"Ichi! What are you doing home? You aren't due back from America for another week." Grimmjow exclaimed as he walked over and wrapped his arms around Ichigo, burying his face in the orange hair he loved so much.

"I came home early; I had some business to take care of. Tessai is more than capable taking care of things there and he has your Aunt, Ran' Tao and Shawlong there to lend a hand with anything that comes up," Ichigo said a little stiffly.

Grimmjow smiled and tightened his hold on the tense body, "I am s glad your home! I have to talk to you, but if it's ok with you I'd like to wait until tomorrow. You look dead on your feet and I want you to be awake on coherent for the conversation." Grimmjow said softly in Ichigo's ear, "Szay, I'll talk to you tomorrow. I'll give you a call in the afternoon."

"Actually I just got a message from pop; he wants me to meet him tomorrow at Urahara's dojo at 3. I wonder what it's about." the pink haired man looked a little concerned.

Ichigo perked up a bit hearing that Aizen was doing what he had asked of him, "Don't worry Szayel, I'm sure it's nothing major. I have a meeting with Kisuke at 2:30 if you want you and Grimm can come with me and hang out until Aizen gets there."

""Sounds good, I have one more request then, I need a place to crash tonight. I was supposed to be heading home tonight but now that's not happening. I really don't want to stay at the house; Gin keeps trying to introduce me to a friend of his. Some guy named Mayuri; he said that we would be perfect for each other. Ichi, you know who he is?"

"You can stay here tonight. You have at least seen Mayuri before, he is a Shinigami. Kurusuchi-Taichou is the captain of squad 12. He is the tall one with dark blue hair and the painted body."

"That freak! I heard he is crazy, like off the deep end crazy."

"Well I wouldn't call him crazy; he is very devoted to his craft." Ichigo laughed.

"What craft is that?"

"He's a scientist. He holds PhD's in molecular biology, psychology, sociology, bioengineering, biotechnology, quantum physics, mathematics, and culinary arts. He is defiantly a freak and I personally avoid him at all costs. He has always found me to be an anomaly that needed to be studied. You two have a lot in common and at the same time are worlds apart. However, you need to meet him before you judge him."

"Hmm, maybe." Szayel murmured, "Hey wait, how old is this guy? He has to be ancient to hold so many degrees."

"He's 25, he is a certified genius. He graduated high school at 13, and received his first four degrees simultaneously at 16. The rest he has worked on randomly over the years."

"Damn, Szay, he sounds like you. To damn smart to be a fighter!" Grimmjow smirked.

"I'll ask pop what he thinks tomorrow, for now I think I'll grab my bag out of the car and then head out for a bit and let you two have some privacy."


Grimmjow sat watching Ichigo sleep, his face relaxed and softer than it ever was while awake. He smiled as he slowly got up from the bed and went to let Szayel in. After he got his brother settled he made his way back into his and Ichigo's room, climbing in bed and wrapping is love in his arms. He sighed deeply thinking about how much he had missed this over the past two weeks, and how he never wanted to go that long again away from his Berry,


Grimmjow let Ichigo sleep in the next day waking him with just enough time to get cleaned up and eat before they had to leave. Ichigo was slightly disgruntled because he had really wanted to talk with Grimmjow about what he had overheard the day before. After he inhaled his food, he grabbed his cell phone and keys. He turned to the two men by the door pulling on their shoes; he gave a small smile and felt a twinge of excitement.

"So Szayel are you driving your car? Or are we all gonna ride together?" Ichigo asked.

"I figured I'd drive so that I can head out after I meet with pop. I'm still wondering what he needs to see me for. If you would like I can drive us all."

"No, I'm gonna take my bike. I haven't had a chance to ride in a while. Hey babe, you gonna ride with your brother or with me?"

"I'll ride with Szay there and you can bring us home later. If that's alright with you."

"That's fine; spend the time with your family. We should get going, or we'll be late."

Ichigo opened the garage and pulled his beloved motorcycle out. As the engine roared to life he felt all of his tension melt away. Slipping on his helmet he kicked the bike in gear and took off, allowing the purr of the engine to flow through him like a cleansing balm. All too soon he pulled into the Urahara Shoten parking lot, Szayel's sleek Skyline right behind him. Aizen and Kisuke were sitting on the porch waiting for them as the trio approached the shop; both men were smiling causing the two siblings to become apprehensive.

"Hey pop, what's up? You wanted me to meet you here."

"Yes, my son, I want to see you spar. I haven't had a chance to observe your progress in awhile. I'm setting up times to have everyone come here so I can check on their training but since you are here now I'll start with you."

"Um, ok. Who am I sparing with?"


"Ok, so I guess let's get this done then." Szayel smirked at his brother. The three family members walked off to use the dojo. Kisuke looked at Ichigo with a pleasant smile and a knowing smirk.

"So Ichigo-kun how was America?"

"Good, I learned a lot. I'm sorry that I left early but I couldn't deal with a dozen calls a day for another week from Kenpachi. He was very adamant about me coming to see this kid as soon as possible if not sooner. I have to admit though that I'm glad I did. I couldn't have imagined that the situation would turn out the way it did though. Ah, this must be him and his guardian now. You ready to meet him?"

The blond boy walked up the shop steps followed by another blond man not much older than he was. Yylfordt smiled at Ichigo and offered his hand in greeting. "Kurosaki-sama, it is good to see you again. This is my guardian Ritz Mabashi, I know that we are a little early but I wasn't sure exactly where we were going. I have to admit that I wasn't expecting to come to a candy store."

"Ah, yes this is my shop, The Urahara Shoten. I am Urahara Kisuke; head of Hogyoku Dojo and in charge of the Vizoreds. Let us head into my office and discuss the possibility of you joining our little family."

The four entered Kisuke's office and settled in to begin their long discussion.

"Ichigo, this is your interview, Kenpachi specifically wanted you to come and observe this young man so I will leave this to you." Kisuke said as they began.

"Ok, Urahara-san. So to begin with I would like to know if you have any questions. We spoke briefly yesterday, now that you've had time to think I'm sure there is more that you would like to know."

"I have a question," said Mabashi, eyeing the two men sitting across from him, "Kurosaki-san, Yylfordt said that you are second in command here and heir to Seireitei, yet you are so young. I want to make sure that this is not a waste of our time."

"I assure you that even though I am young, I am more than qualified to hold my position. I flew home from America, leaving my team under the care of our administrator to come and see your ward. I would not waste your time or my own. Now, let me tell you how this works, first we'll do the question and answer portion of this interview, second we'll go to the dojo and I will fully assess Yyloford's abilities, third if you decide to move forward with joining we will schedule a physical, and finally contracts will be signed and a schedule will be set for training and competition. Now, any questions you would to ask." Ichigo said a glimpse of the steel edge of resolve showing in his eyes and ringing clear in his voice.

Mabashi looked at him slightly taken aback before he smiled and nodded his head, "I apologize, Kurosaki-san. Yylfordt, this is your call what do you want to know?"


"Ichigo, my name is Ichigo." Ichigo cut him off, hating being called Sama.

"Sorry, Ichigo, I am only in my second year of high school, is that going to be a problem?"

"No, Karakura High is run by Seireitei. The school is designed to accommodate the life of MMA fighters. Your classes are structured so that you will graduate with an associate's degree in Business Management, during tournaments a tutor is provided to travel with the group; you're not penalized for absences due to injury, training, or competition. There is a stipulation in your contract that says that you must maintain a 3.5 GPA to compete and if you are unable to compete you will be fined."

"Wow, that's amazing. I had no idea that the school was geared toward MMA fighters, I just thought it was odd that gym class was all sparring and training. You know that I am looking for my brother still is that going to be a problem?"

"No, as I told you before we are all very family oriented here. I do have a question for you; do you have a problem with homosexuals? I know that it sounds like I'm asking inappropriate questions; however once you are signed with any group under Soul Society you will be around a large number of them. It doesn't matter what your own preferences are, no one will ask you either way, but if you are intolerant of other people's life styles you may want to look elsewhere."

"I appreciate your candor, Ichigo, and I will tell you that I have no problems with anyone's preferences. I personally have none, gender does not matter to me only the person themselves."

"Very good, you will fit in well here it seems. So let us head to the dojo and get suited up so I can see what you've got."

The two left the office and entered the dojo heading into the changing room. The blond looked around with a small frown, "I did not bring any gear to change into. I did not think that I would have to fight today."

"That's ok, we provide gi here. We will be sharing the dojo with another pair that is sparing; I suggest you stay out of the blue haired one's way. He tends to get highly aggressive when fighting especially against his brothers."

"Ok, I will stay away from them. Now where are the gi so we can do this? Are you any good?"

Ichigo laughed, "Better than most, not as good as some. Let's go, goldilocks."

Yylfordt growled at the nickname, grabbing a clean gi and turning to change. A few minutes later he turned back and sneered, "Let's go strawberry, I'm ready to kick your ass now."

Ichigo threw his head back and laughed as he walked out of the changing room. Moving so he was on the other side of the room from Szayel and Grimmjow he turned toward his potential team mate and took up his stance. "Let's go, Goldie." Kisuke and Mabashi had entered the dojo and sat watching as the blond boy tried to find any weakness in Ichigo's defense. Ichigo was laughing as the young man was getting frustrated, his movements were becoming sloppy his focus was slipping. Ichigo finally called an end to the brief spar after only twenty minutes. "Alright kid, you aren't too bad. You lack focus and become flustered to easily but both issues are completely fixable with training. So are you interested?"

"Hell yes, I look forward to one day kicking your ass!" laughed Yylfordt. He and Ichigo went to clean up again and walked out into the dojo together. Yylfordt noticed that four other men had joined Mabashi and Kisuke. Before they could reach the group though, Ichigo grabbed his arm and pulled him to a stop.

"I want you to know that I was listening to you when you told me how important finding your brother was, so I am about to introduce you to some people that will make it easier for you." Ichigo said softly, the blond's eyes growing wider.

"Um, thanks? Why are you helping me like this? You don't really even know me."

"No, but I know him." Ichigo said pointing to the pink haired man that was turning from the group with a look of utter shock on his face.

"Yylfordt! Where have you been? I've been looking for you for years!" Szayel exclaimed rushing over to the blond.

"Szayel? How….What….Why?" Yylfordt stuttered, in complete shock at seeing his brother after all these years. He turned to Ichigo and let a large smile dominate his face, "You? But, oh my god, thank you!"

"You're welcome. Go get to know your brother again; I'll make arrangements with Mabashi to schedule your physical."

Ichigo quickly made all the necessary arrangements with Mabashi and went to have a quick word with Kisuke.

"Ichigo that was a very nice thing you did. Now I have an offer for you, I want you to think long and hard about it before you answer me…."


Ichigo was oddly quiet on the way home; he seemed lost in his own thoughts. Grimmjow was starting to worry about his lover; Ichigo had even had him drive the bike home. Grimmjow parked and walked into the house to find Ichigo sitting on the couch with his head hung low between his shoulders. "Ichi, can we talk now? " Ichigo nodded, "Aizen wants to send me and Stark to Mexico for six months, we'll be part of a group that is establishing a new dojo for Soul Society. That's what you overheard me and Szayel talking about last night. I want to go but I don't want to leave you for that long. What do you think I should do?"

"Go." Ichigo said softly, causing Grimmjow's head to snap up and look up at him with surprise, his eyes narrowed when he saw the smile creeping across the smaller man's face. "Go, I insist. If you decide to stay, I'll miss you. Kisuke just told me that he wants me to go to Mexico to run the team being sent to do the set up of a new dojo."

Grimmjow smiled and started to laugh, "So we get to go together? I can handle that. You don't know how much I've been agonizing over this decision since Aizen told me last week."

"Well no more agonizing. Now, last night when I came home I originally had planned on making up for the two weeks I had to go without you, think you're up for it?" Ichigo smirked and tackled the larger man to the couch, sealing his lips against the stunned pair under him. Grimmjow loved it when Ichigo was aggressive it made his blood boil with desire. Ichigo's tongue traced the seam of Grimmjow's lips demanding entrance, which was given without a second thought. Ichigo plunged into the familiar cavern exploring every inch like it was the first time, causing the larger man to moan into the kiss. Breaking apart as the need to breath became too much, Ichigo smirked trailing nips along is jaw line. "I am gonna make you beg for me tonight. I'm gonna take you to the edge of sanity and even further. By the time I am done with you, you are gonna forget every name but mine." Ichigo growled lowly in Grimmjow's ear causing a shudder to run along the heaving body below him.

Grimmjow's mind was short circuiting already and Ichigo hadn't even touched him yet. His words curled along his body and settled in his groin making is pants suddenly uncomfortably tight. He couldn't stop the low whine that escaped is lips if he had wanted to. Even though their first time together he had let Ichigo top him it hadn't happened since, something that Grimmjow would never admit kind of disappointed him. He had never thought of himself as a submissive person but Ichigo made his body crave being penetrated by his smaller lover. He just couldn't bring himself to ask for it, so the fact that Ichigo was hovering over him whispering dirty things in is ear had him ready to cum right then and there. Ichigo's lips trailed from his ear down his neck, moving slowly leaving agonizingly hot trails in his wake, Grimmjow was going to combust he needed to feel more of Ichigo. Reaching out to run his hands along Ichigo's back he grunted when they were grabbed and pinned over his head, "I didn't say that you could touch, now be a good boy or I'll have to tie you down. On second thought, I may just tie you down anyway; you look so hot completely under my control and helpless." Grimmjow moaned at the thought, god Ichigo had turned him into a masochist. Ichigo's hands wondered under the hem of his shirt fingers ghosting over his skin barley making contact making Grimmjow quiver and writhe desperate for a more forceful touch from his love. Ichigo slowly removed Grimmjow's shirt sliding it slowly along his torso creating a maddening friction, just as he was about to pull the shirt free he flicked his wrists wrapping the shirt around and binding Grimmjow's wrists. With a smirk Ichigo brought the man's bound hands to his mouth and started to press soft kisses and languid swipes of his tongue down each of his arms. Grimmjow moaned knowing what kind of erotic torture Ichigo was capable of inflicting, his body already begging for it shamelessly.

Ichigo loved that he had barely started and already Grimmjow was writhing and arching into him, trying to get more contact. Smirking he made his way down the captive arms making sure to briefly kiss, lick, and nibble every square inch, driving the bluenette crazy with desire. Ichigo took his time mapping the smooth tan skin laid out below him, loving the feel and taste of the tan flesh, and the feel of the near constant rumble coming from deep in the chest. He realized that Grimmjow was purring, the sound vibrating through his own body, exciting him further. Ichigo finally reached the waist band of Grimmjow's jeans running his tongue under the edge before dipping into Grimmjow's navel delighting in the tremors wracking his lover's body.

Grimmjow lifted his head to look down at the orange hair moving down his abdomen, only to lock eyes as the mouth that had been torturing him for the better part of an hour latched onto the buckle of his belt, pulling it free before leaning up kissing Grimmjow deeply. His plan worked perfectly, Grimmjow didn't even notice when the belt was wrapped around his wrists, replacing the t-shirt and secured to the end table above his head. Breaking the kiss Ichigo looked into glazed cerulean eyes seeing the depth of his desire reflecting his own. "You are so hot tied down and panting, I'm still waiting for you start begging. You've surprised me by holding out this long." Grimmjow moaned as he realized that he couldn't bring his hands down, when had Ichigo done that? Ichigo chuckled darkly as he returned to the unbuttoned jeans, nuzzling the evident erection through the material before biting the zipper tab and dragging it down agonizingly slow. Grimmjow was panting harshly, his hips bucking slightly into the sensation as Ichigo nuzzled and teased his throbbing member.

"Ichigo…." Grimmjow whined, too far gone to be ashamed of the pitiful sound. "Oh, gods, Ichigo….Please, please…"

"That's what I've been waiting to hear, tell me what you want me to do"

"Ungh, touch me…ah! Stop teasing me!"

"No. I'm gonna tease you until you are screaming and pleading for me to fuck you senseless." Ichigo dragged his nails down Grimmjow's sides hooking the waist of his pants and pulling them and his boxers off in one quick movement. Ichigo continued to explore the quivering body purposely avoiding any contact with the extremely hard cock leaking copious amounts of precum. Grimmjow moaned and whined as he felt that wicked mouth come so close to where he wanted only to move away again. Ichigo hooked his arms under Grimmjow's legs pushing his knee's up into his chest exposing his entrance to Ichigo's wandering mouth.

"ICHIGO! OH GOD!" Grimmjow practically screamed out as he felt Ichigo's lava tipped tongue push into him. "PLEASE! I can't take it anymore, I need you inside me, please…."

Ichigo smirked reaching up and placing two fingers at Grimmjow's lips, "Suck." Grimmjow greedily lapped at the digits as Ichigo continued to thrust his tongue into his puckered hole. Deeming the fingers wet enough, Ichigo trailed them down caressing the waiting entrance briefly before slipping two fingers in and beginning to stretch him. Ichigo didn't think he was going to be able to hold out much longer, the sounds coming from Grimmjow and the tight heat forcibly sucking in his fingers making his control slip. "Are you ready?" Grimmjow could only nod as Ichigo removed his fingers standing to remove his own clothing finally. Grimmjow growled at the empty feeling until he noticed Ichigo quickly divesting himself of his pants revealing his own leaking erection. Ichigo gave his love an evil smirk before licking his hand and using his saliva to slick his twitching member. Moving back between the parted legs he guided himself into his partner's spasming canal. They both knew that they weren't going to last very long, neither one really cared at this point the pace they set was fast and hard, almost brutal.

They were so engrossed in the rapture of their coupling they didn't hear the front door open or the loud thud of something hitting the floor. "Oh my god! I so do not want to be seeing this!" A shrill voice broke through the haze of lust making the sweating couple on the couch snap their heads toward the door and the pair of men standing there. Shinji had been the one to cry out and Nnoitra was standing there with his jaw on the floor. The last thing he had expected to see when he walked into his brother's house was the blue haired demon getting pounded into while tied up. Grimmjow was growling and Ichigo had a strange look on his face as he smirked at the stunned couple.

"You have a choice, either leave or stay, but I'm not stopping." To emphasize his point he snapped his hips forward sharply pulling a low moan from the blushing man below him. Shinji and Nnoitra quickly turned around and walked out the front door, Nnoitra calling over his shoulder, "We'll be outside when you're finished, don't take all night!" Ichigo barely heard him as he started his previous pace again, making Grimmjow forget almost instantly forget about their interruption. The pace and the hours of foreplay had both men climaxing in domino soon after. As they lay there panting trying to regain their sanity Grimmjow growled softly. Ichigo raised his head and looked at him questioningly.

"I am never gonna hear the end of this, and you, you just…"

"I just what? Kept making you moan even though we had an audience? Come on let's get cleaned up and let those two back in." Ichigo reached up and released Grimmjow's bound hands and got up walking into the bathroom to clean himself, Grimmjow following right behind him.


Dinner that night was an amusing affair. Grimmjow had forgotten that he had invited Nnoitra and Shinji over for dinner or he would have made sure to drag Ichigo into the bedroom.

"Ichi, you know I knew that you had an aggressive side but seeing it was just too much! I know you've topped him before and all, but it's still hard picturing Blue as a bottom. Of course now I have the mental image burned into my mind. You know there are certain things that you just can't unsee; I really need bleach for my brain now." Shinji wailed, causing Grimmjow to send a murderous glare his way. Nnoitra could only laugh at his boyfriends antics, knowing that he was only acting that way to rile up Grimmjow.

"Seriously, bro? I am ashamed to say that my brute of a brother has turned into a bitch, it makes me want to cry for your lost masculinity." Nnoitra cackled watching his brother turn bright red as Ichigo snickered. "Ichi, I don't know whether to be proud or mad at you for toping my brother."

Ichigo shrugged his shoulders and smirked. "We enjoy taking turns, you should try it."

Nnoitra sputtered and shot him a glare, "Not a chance, no one tops me."

Shinji just started laughing, "You have nothing to worry about babe, I am not programmed to be a seme. And you Ichi! I can't believe you just kept going with us standing there, talking like you weren't doing what you were doing!"

"I'll give you that, you got more balls than I gave you credit for!" Nnoitra laughed making Grimmjow groan and bury his head in his arms. Ichigo smiled at the embarrassed man putting his arm around him placing a kiss on his head.

"So you two are gonna stay here when we are in Mexico huh? No fucking in my bed and we'll be golden." Ichigo said changing the subject.

Nnoitra looked into Ichigo's eye's noting the mirth still swimming in his multi-colored eyes. In the two years that he had know the man he had gained full control over his other personalities resulting in startling changed in the man's appearance and personality. He was more confidant and sure of himself now. His manner easy going but quick to shift into aggressive when needed. His eyes now were marbled chocolate, golden, and silver surrounded by a red ring. His nails grew in black and there were white and brown streaks in his hair. Over all the physical changes were flattering albeit strange and the changes to his personality showed the kind of man he was evolving into, strong, kind, caring, but with the ever present steel edge of his resolve.