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-During Sasuke and Neji's Conversation-

Naruto reached the mansion, but when he tried to get through the front doors, they wouldn't budge. Throwing caution out the window, he slammed his fists against them, hoping perhaps that they'd give way under enough abuse.

When that failed, he let out a frustrated cry and turned, his eyes widening as he saw what, to him looked like, a horde of flesh eating monsters speeding towards him, wailing and holding various different items of torture.

There was even someone holding a grater.

Not wanting to find out exactly what they were planning on grating, he searched frantically for another way in. He saw a window and darted to it, trying to pull it open but it was locked.

His heart thumping wildly and his mind to scared to think clearly, he backed up, held his arms in front of his face protectively, before running full speed at the small glass portal.

He smashed through it and went tumbling inside, glass fragments slicing into his arms and some hitting his cheeks as he landed, but he didn't waste time before climbing to his feet and looking around. No one was in the room, which looked like an entrance room, but he knew that with the noise he'd made someone was bound to come by soon.

Not wanting to be attacked randomly, he quickly ducked into the first hallway he found and padded through it, sticking to the shadows and sprinting past doorways after only a short look inside to search for his missing friends.

He was halfway down the second hallway when he heard footsteps, and he froze, plastered against the wall just outside of a doorway. His heart thudded painfully against his chest as he waited, holding his breath.

The footsteps faded, and he swallowed before peeking cautiously around the corner. He saw a fireplace, a desk, a bookshelf and a few chairs and paintings, but no human or other living presence was in the room, and he let his breath out with a rush.

"They're not there." He muttered, noting the absence of his friends.

"Who's not there?"

"My frie-HOLY FUCK!" Naruto screamed, spinning around to find a pale face inches from his with gleaming yellow eyes. He stumbled backwards, his arm hitting what looked like a very expensive vase and causing it to shatter on the ground as he tripped and fell to his backside.

The man before him looked at the pieces briefly before shrugging.

"I never did like that vase." He said absently, his eyes raking over Naruto's trembling figure on the ground. Blue eyes stared up at him in horror and he smiled. "Hmm...Maybe I should make you the second course instead of the brunette." He mumbled.

Naruto paled. "W-where are they?" he asked. The man, who resembled a snake, grinned.

"They're around...I was about to sink my teeth into that delicious raven actually, when the bell sounded, so I decided to wait until my full meal was sitting in front of me before digging in."

Naruto, despite feeling extremely ill and terrified, sent a small thank you to the silver haired Suigetsu for ringing the bell. He had inadvertently saved Sasuke.

Of course, he probably doomed them all too, but who's really focusing on that eh?

Naruto started shuffling backwards as the man sauntered forwards. He felt the heat on his back from the fireplace, and glanced at it over his shoulder, seeing a fire poker and other such items nearby.

'Oh please, oh please, let this work! I promise I'll give up ramen for a...a...a whole week! I'll give up ramen for an entire fucking week if this works and we get out of here alive!' he begged in his mind.

Yes... he was so desperate that he was willing to deprive himself of God's greatest gift to man...instant and other Ramen.

That's how far he was willing to go.

...Sasuke and Neji owed him big time, he decided.

However, he had little time to mourn his decision, as the man was closer. Sending one last prayer and bargain to whichever deity decided to pay attention to his poor soul, he reached back and grabbed the fire poker.

"FUCK!" he screamed even as he swung it at the man, missing his face, but sending some ash into his eyes, making the man hiss and cover his face. Naruto dropped the poker, which was scorching hot and crawled behind the desk, nursing his blistering hand.

Holding in his whimpers, he looked around for a less painful weapon to use against his opponent. However, all he could see was a set of pens, a notepad, and some heavy looking volumes of literature and science studies.

Well...He'd always said textbooks were bad for his health, so why couldn't they be bad for someone else's too?

His hand was burning terribly, and he felt his eyes water slightly at the pain, but there were more important things to tend to.

Like the fact that the desk he was hiding behind was being knocked over and on top of him.

His hands shot out involuntarily to catch himself, and his palms scraped along the wooden floor to stop him from being flattened by the desk.

He couldn't hold in his scream of pain as the burnt skin was torn and scratched by the splintery floor.

Behind him the sick bastard was laughing like crazy at his pain.

Naruto fell forwards, his hands bleeding, but his burnt one practically feeling on fire now with pain. He rolled over only to feel a foot slam onto his chest, winding him and trapping him there.

The dark haired man above him leered, showing crooked teeth and blood stained gums.

"So delectable. Perhaps I shall treat myself tonight and have desert before the main course." He cooed, his eyes gleaming.

The foot pressed harder and harder and Naruto coughed weakly, his arms weakly trying to push the offending limb off, but he couldn't. The foot slid up slowly until it was settled over his throat. He coughed again, kicking his legs but he hadn't been able to get enough air before his windpipes were restricted.

"N-no!" he managed to gasp out. The edges of his vision were beginning to go black and he couldn't take a breath despite how much his lungs burned for air.

'I can't move!...I can't breathe! ...I can't...It's over...I'm sorry guys...I'm sorry...Sasuke...'

His eyes slipped shut and he went a bit limp, waiting for darkness to take him knowing it wouldn't ever go away.

He thought he could hear Sasuke's voice, along with Neji's and figured his mind was replaying some memories in his last moments.

Funny...he was sure he'd never heard Sasuke shout his name quite so loudly nor desperately.

Sasuke blinked rapidly, feeling some strength come back into him when he heard the sounds of a scuffle in the room nearby. Neji looked unsure as to whether they should check it out.

At least, he did until the two of them heard a faint, recognisable voice gasp "N-no!"

Sasuke was moving in an instant, stumbling slightly and placing a hand against the wall to keep himself steady. He reached the doorway, Neji hot on his heels and turned.

Their eyes widened as they say Naruto on the ground, and orochimaru standing over him, one foot pressed against the blonde's throat.

And Naruto wasn't moving.

"No! NARUTO!" Sasuke screamed, launching himself forwards and at Orochimaru, who spun around in surprise.

"How did you-" his sentence was cut off as Sasuke barrelled into him, knocking him off of Naruto and onto the floor, the raven on top of him.

Sasuke pulled back a fist and rammed it into the pale man's face once, twice, three times before his fist was caught and he was thrown off of the man, landed harshly on the floor. Neji ran forwards and aimed several punches and kicks at Orochimaru, who managed to dodge a few of them but still took some blows.

However, as Neji went in for another attack, Orochimaru opened his mouth wide and a long, red tongue shot out. It struck the surprised brunette right in the face with the force of a large rock, and he stumbled back, his nose dripping blood.

"What the fuck are you?" he demanded even as Orochimaru's freakish tongue shot out again and wrapped around his wrist before yanking him to the side where he smashed against the bookcase.

Orochimaru began to laugh again, even though his lip was bleeding from the blows Sasuke had scored.

Sasuke had crawled over to Naruto while Neji kept the snake occupied, and was shaking him, trying to get him to wake up.

"Naruto! Naru, wake up! Open your eyes dammit! Naruto!"

Naruto groaned, his eyes cracking open to see half panicked, half relieved onyx above him, and he took a deep breath.

"Sa..suke..." he breathed, feeling completely disoriented.

Sasuke gave a relieved sigh. "Idiot...don't scare me like that..." he murmured.

Naruto grinned weakly. "Nah...You're not scared of anything." He said.

Sasuke smiled at him, and Naruto returned it, the two sharing a special moment.

"Not to interrupt this beautiful moment of potential Yaoi between you two, but I NEED HELP!" Neji roared, as he was swung around the room by the tongue wrapped around his wrist. He was flung against the wall, then the bookshelf before being thrown clear across the room and skidding along the floor only to come to a stop as Sasuke and Naruto held out their hands to stop him.

Panting the brunette looked up at them. "Naruto..."


"If we get out of this alive, I'm going to shove Hinata's balancing beam up your ass for getting us lost." Neji growled.

Naruto gulped, but nodded. "S-sure..."

Sasuke shook his head to clear the faint fuzz around his vision due to his fatigue. He narrowed his eyes at Orochimaru, trying to think of what to do to get them all out of this place.

Orochimaru was licking his lips with that disgusting appendage of his, his eyes wide and gleaming and his cloak spread out behind him.

Naruto was also glaring at him, trying to think of something, as was Neji.

Orochimaru took a step forward, his tongue swaying slightly somewhere near his hips, and the firelight made it flicker and shimmer.

And surprisingly, it was Naruto who came up with a plan first. Although it wouldn't stop the man, it would hold him up long enough for them to get away and think of something better.

His blue eyes glanced around, and he felt a spark of hope when he saw that the fire poker was nearby. He could tell by the slight steam coming off of it that it was still searing hot.

Figuring, since his had was already numb, he could endure a bit more.

He saw Orochimaru start to run forwards, and found himself doing the same, his determination fuelling his body to move.

He reached out, wrapping his fingers around the hot metal, holding in a cry when it still hurt like hell even though he couldn't feel his hand really. Orochimaru shot his tongue out, heading straight for him.

Naruto, praying to every deity known to man in a second, swung around and brought the poker point face down.

It stabbed through the red tongue before imbedding into the floor, trapping the appendage there and burning it.

Orochimaru was screaming in pain, while Naruto was yelling for the others to get up and run.

Neji pulled Sasuke to his feet and they ran for the door, Naruto leading the way.

Once they were out, Sasuke turned and slammed the door closed. Neji, already suspecting this, grabbed a chair nearby and fitted it under the handle quickly.

The three turned down the hall and ran as fast as they could, able to hear the wailing of both Orochimaru and the town's people outside.

"They're going to come in any moment! We need to find another way out!" Naruto called over his shoulder as he ran. Sasuke was right behind him, with Neji following along.

"Maybe we can try get to the roof and escape from there?" the brunette suggested.

"No, they're surrounding the house. We'll get trapped." Naruto said, turning down a hall.

"We can't sneak out by the back then either." Sasuke panted as they reached the end of the hall.

Naruto slammed the door open even as he opened his mouth to say something, but he was interrupted by a horrible shriek from the room he just unlocked. A woman, wearing a flimsy white dress, with long, white hair that hung in curtains around a gaunt face was glaring at them, her eyes seeming to glow red in the odd light. Her hands were clawed, making her seem like some sort of nightmare. She let out another shriek and ran at Naruto.(think of the witch from Left 4 Dead)

Sasuke jumped in front and pulled the door shut just as she got there and he quickly locked it again.

They stepped back just before there was a crack and the woman's arm broke through a space in the wood, waving frantically, the clawed fingers reaching to try and tear them to shreds.

Naruto yelled out in fear, Neji cursed loudly and Sasuke just spun them both around and shoved them.


They did, faster than they were before as they heard more wood splinter from the door behind them.

"How are we going to get out of here?" Neji asked as they turned into another room. Naruto was ahead of them and his foot slipped on something wet in the dark room. He skid and fell to the floor with a pained cry. Neji followed, also falling and finally Sasuke tripped, landing on top of both of them with a grunt.

"The hell was that!" Naruto whined, pushing Sasuke off him and sitting up. The light in the room was off, so Neji reached up, slapping his hand against the wall before finally finding the switch and flipping it.

The lights flickered on, and the three of them felt sick.

They were in a bathroom. A very wet-with-lots-of-blood bathroom. Naruto was whiter than a ghost, looking faint; Neji's eyes were way to wide to be considered natural and Sasuke shaking.

Actually shaking as in 'holy-shit-I'm-about-to-piss-myself' shaking.

The three stared at the bloodied walls, the bloody bathtub and sink and the cracked and blood-spotted mirror showing their horrified faces.

Then the sound of shrieking and hurried footsteps alerted them to the approach of the crazy white lady.

Sasuke shut the door, flipping the lock and stepping back, hoping she wouldn't find them.

The screaming of the town was still audible, if not slightly dulled due to the walls. Naruto was sitting on the floor, staring at the bathroom walls, fear etched into his usually cheerful blue eyes. Neji stood and walked to the other side of the door, listening intently in case he could hear someone approaching.

Sasuke stood in the centre, thinking hard.

"What other ways could we get out of here?" he murmured.

Neji sighed. "Unless there was some underground exit, I can't think of any way out of this." He said.

Naruto swallowed. "W-well maybe there are like, secret passageways or something! This place is old and creepy, after all!" he said.

The other two stared at him and he furrowed his brows. "What?" he mumbled.

"Idiot! This isn't Scooby-Doo! Secret passageways don't really exist in old houses!" Sasuke snapped. Naruto glared at him, standing up.

"I'm just trying to make a suggestion, don't get all snappy! Especially since it's thanks to me we got away from that snaky-bastard in the first place you asshole!" he snapped back, clenching his injured hand.

Sasuke blanched, seeing blood drop from Naruto's hand and his face softened. "Don't clench your fist." He ordered soflty.

Naruto huffed. "Don't tell me what to do."

"Naruto, I'm sorry alright. It's just...I..." Sasuke sighed, looking at the ground. "I'm scared alright? I'm scared for you, for Neji, for all of us. There's...there's a chance we might not live through this night." He whispered the last part, not wanting to confirm it but knowing it was true all the same.

Naruto and Neji shared a look, confirming that they knew this but hadn't wanted to hear it from someone as confident as Sasuke usually was.

"Sasuke...you don't know that. There's always a way." Naruto said gently.

Sasuke scoffed, rolling his eyes at the blonde. "Always the optimist. You really think we're going to find some 'secret passageway'?" he said, using his fingers to emphasize his sarcasm at the secret passageway part.

Naruto growled angrily. "Bastard! For all you know, there is one right below us!" he yelled, stomping his foot down on the wooden floor.

There was a loud groan from the wood, followed by an even louder crack before Naruto disappeared from sight in a cloud of dust.

"Naruto!" Neji and Sasuke yelled in fear, freaking out that they couldn't see the boy anymore.

"I'm down here!" Naruto's voice floated up from what they now saw, since the dust had cleared, a large hole in the floor.

The two got to their knees and peered down, seeing Naruto sitting in ankle deep water and blinking up at them owlishly.

For a moment the three stared at each other before Neji laughed.

"His luck is impeccable! Only Naruto would be able to find the one underground exit by pure chance!" he said incredulously.

Sasuke nodded in agreement. "You okay idiot?" he called. Naruto held up one hand to give him a thumb up.

"I'm good! I'm wet, but I'm okay!" he called back.

Sasuke smirked. "Now's not the time for suggestive comments, Naruto." He teased.

Naruto flipped him the bird, but grinned nonetheless. He looked down the tunnel he'd fallen into, noting the stream of water that seemed to run throughout it all and the wet walls surrounding them.

"Guys, I think this thing leads out of the town!" he called excitedly.

Neji and Sasuke looked at each other, thinking. Finally, the two nodded and turned back to the hole.

"We're coming down Naruto!" they called.

The water, which had been only ankle deep at the beginning, was now waist deep after what must have been twenty minutes of walking.

Naruto, being the shortest of them all, was up to mid stomach in the dirty water, and he was thoroughly pissed over it.

"Stupid water!" he complained, grimacing. Sasuke, who was leading the way this time smirked and looked over his shoulder at him.

"Shorty." He teased.

Naruto scowled, stopping to throw water on Sasuke, but Neji pushed him from behind to make him move.

"You can get your revenge when we're out of here, please." He grumbled. Although he was taller than Naruto, his hair was extremely long and about four inches of it was drenched in the water. Neji was very touchy when it came to his hair, so the fact it was wading through filthy water was enough to make him grumpy.

Naruto grumbled under his breath, but kept walking either way. They had gone only a few paces further when Sasuke froze, causing the others to bump into him.

"What is it?" Naruto whispered, easily feeling Sasuke's tense muscles.

"Listen..." Sasuke breathed.

The others went quiet, perking their ears to try and hear whatever had made Sasuke freeze.

Soon enough, they also felt their blood go cold.

In the distance they could hear what sounded like someone humming. As well as a sloshing sound, like someone wading through water.

"...Shit." Neji hissed.

Sasuke motioned for them to move quickly and quietly, and the three crouched a bit, practically swimming through the water and moving as quickly as they could.

They reached a split way, and had a silent debate over which way to go. Finally, Sasuke grabbed Naruto and spun him around a few times till the blonde hissed he was getting dizzy. Sasuke then turned him to the two tunnels and whispered "Pick one."

Naruto, utterly confused, looked at the tunnels before pointing to the one that led to the right.

Sasuke started dragging the two down that tunnel.

"Why did you make me pick the tunnel?" Naruto asked softly.

"Because since you have the most incredible dumb luck, I figured it would be best." Sasuke replied.

Neji made an agreeing noise in his throat and the two continued to usher the confused blonde down the tunnel.

They had walked for another fifteen minutes when Sasuke stopped again, this time causing Naruto to smack into him.

"What now!" Naruto whisper-screamed, rubbing his nose where it had collided with Sasuke's back.

Sasuke pointed, a grin threatening to spill onto his face. "There's a ladder there! We've found an exit!" he said.

Neji whooped and Naruto grinned, before the three of them waded towards the ladder.

"I'm looking forward to finding some normal people." Sasuke murmured.

"I'm looking forward to putting this behind me." Neji added.

"I'm just looking forward to seeing the stars without having to worry about my head getting chopped off!" Naruto said.

"Yeah, that does sound nice!" Suigetsu said cheerfully.


"HOLY SHIT!" Naruto screamed, his eyes almost exploding as he saw the silver haired man standing right behind him.

Sasuke and Neji gasped, also whirling around. Suigetsu stood there in the water, one hand waving at them and the other holding the handle of a gigantic sword that was resting on his shoulder.

"Hello boys!" was all he said before he swung the blade down, aiming for Naruto.

Sasuke dived and pushed the blonde out of the way. The blade splashed into the water and Suigetsu groaned.

"Aw man, now it's going to rust! I'll have to get you back for that!" he said, bringing the blade up and aiming for the blonde again.

Neji reached over and yanked on both Sasuke and Naruto's shirts, dragging them back and missing the blade by an inch.

"Get to the ladder!" he yelled.

Naruto scrambled for the metal rungs, grabbing them and pulling himself up, trying his level best to ignore his incredibly painful hand. Sasuke followed him up, pushing him to move faster while looking back to make sure Neji was okay.

Neji was climbing too, having just landed a kick on Suigetsu's stomach and sending him splashing back into the water.

They were getting pretty far when Suigetsu re-emerged, soaking wet and looking murderous.

"I'll kill you for that!" he screeched, charging forwards.

"Hurry!" Neji cried.

Naruto had reached the top, and he used all his strength to shove the cover off of the small exit. He scrambled out, looking around quickly to confirm they were out in the middle of nowhere still, but where far from the town.

He crawled out of the hole, turning back and grabbing Sasuke's hand, pulling him up too.

Together they turned and reached down for Neji.

The brunette flung up both his hands, grabbing theirs. "Pull!" Sasuke ordered and together they pulled just as Suigetsu appeared behind Neji, the blade swinging.

Neji cried out just as he got out and rolled away. Sasuke reached over and grabbed the large round cover, turning back to the hole.

Suigetsu's face appeared, eye flashing and lips pulled back in a snarl.

With a loud roar, Sasuke swung the metal cover down, hearing a loud crack as it struck Suigetsu's head and he fell back into the dark waters below, the cover falling into place with a final clang.

The three lay around the hole, panting, exhausted and staring wide-eyed at the covered hole where their freedom had almost been snatched away.

After a long moment of pure silence, Naruto let out a soft, breathless chuckle. Then he let out another, and another until he was chuckling like a little kid. The other two looked at him before looking at each other as Naruto's laughter escalated until he was rolling around, clutching his stomach and crying from laughing so hard.

But it wasn't long before Neji joined, starting low before it grew into something wild.

And it only took one breathless snort from Naruto to set Sasuke off.

Eventually, the three friends were laughing like maniacs, their eyes squeezed shut and their mouths open wide.

"W-We're alive!" Naruto gasped out, cracking his eyes open to look at the other two. Sasuke looked over at him and grinned, deciding for once that he could stop being a cold, emotionless bastard because dammit, he was happy. Happy to be alive!

Happy to be free.

Happy that the others were okay.

Happy that Naruto was still there, by his side, laughing and grinning.

Happy that Naruto was still alive.

Without much thought, Sasuke leant over and placed a kiss on Naruto's forehead.

"Yeah." He said. "We're alive."

Naruto grinned up at him, his cheeks a little flushed from the show of affection.

Neji rolled over onto his stomach.

"Now how do we get to my Uncle's house? I'm guessing the car is a lost cause, since none of us are ever going back there." He said.

Sasuke opened his mouth to speak, but he paused, staring at Neji.

Naruto blinked and looked over too to see what was wrong, and his jaw dropped. "Oh my god..."

Neji stared at them, growing nervous. "What? What is it?" he asked.

Sasuke cleared his throat awkwardly. Naruto looked at his hands, finding the burnt skin on the one to be incredibly interesting.

"Uh Neji...S-scratch your head..." Sasuke said slowly, almost hesitantly.

Neji gave him a look that clearly asked 'did you lose your mind in the tunnel?' before raising a hand and running it over his head.

His eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

"MY HAIR!" he yelled despairingly. His hair, which had once been so long and silky, was now hanging by his shoulders, cleanly sliced. "That bastard must have cut it before I got out!" he said in horror looking at the metal cover.

Sasuke coughed into his hand. He wasn't used to seeing Neji with hair that length. "Uh..well...look on the brightside. It'll grow back eventually." He said weakly.

Naruto nodded. "Yeah, and Tenten always said she wanted to see you with shorter hair! Maybe now you'll get laid!" he said brightly.

Neji gave him a dirty glare before sighing, fingering his shorter hair sadly. "I think I just lost a piece of my soul." He mourned.

The others chuckled before the sound of music interrupted them.

Neji and Sasuke turned to Naruto, who blinked before looking over his shoulder to his back pocket, where the music was coming from. Tentatively he reached out and pulled his...

"You had your cell phone, the whole. Time?" Sasuke growled slowly.

Naruto gulped. "Uh...It seems so?" he said nervously. While the other two glared at him, he flipped open the small device and put it to his ear. "Hello?"

"Hey Naruto! Where are you guys, you should've been here ages ago!" Haruno Sakura's voice shouted loud enough for the others to hear. Naruto winced at the volume.

"Uh, yeah sorry. We got..." he looked up at the other two, asking what he should say with his eyes. Sasuke took the phone.

"We got hijacked at an intersection. We don't have the car anymore." He said smoothly.

"Oh my gosh, are you guys okay?" Sakura's voice was filled with worry.

Sasuke proceeded to reassure her they'd be fine with some minor medical assistance while Naruto and Neji just sat next to him, waiting.

"Okay...okay thanks. Bye Sakura...what?...Oh. Yeah sure, you too." Sasuke said, frowning. He closed the phone and sighed, handing it back to Naruto.

"What did she say?" Neji asked.

"She said Shikamaru has tracked the call already, and she's going to pick us up now." He paused before sighing.

Naruto nudged his shoulder. "What else did she say?" he asked.

Sasuke slung an arm over his shoulder and looked up at the sky, an irritated scowl on his face.

"She said 'Happy Halloween.'"

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