Fuller had known that it was over the minute Hanson returned from the juvenile lock-up with a dazed look in his eye and dried blood under his fingernails. He had almost quit then but he managed to get back some of his old fire and Fuller didn't think anything more about it. Then Ioki had gotten shot and Hanson had wound up in jail after trying to catch Ioki's shooter. When Hanson had returned Fuller knew he was through. Oh he had tried, he had tried really hard but prison had done something to him. What, exactly, Fuller didn't know but it had been enough to kill the last spark of life in Tom Hanson. He lasted another year then gave up. Turned in his badge and opened a bowling alley.

H. T. Ioki had died the moment that he was shot. His heart kept beating but both his and Tom Hanson's spirits had been destroyed that day. The bullet had left Ioki with a permanent limp and a very bad attitude. He had lasted about as long as Tom had then he too quit and opened a martial arts studio.

Penhall's resignation wasn't much of a surprise. He and Hanson had been best friends and one without the other was unusual. Penhall had died the same day that he found out his wife Marta was missing in San Salvador. After his and Hanson's impromptu trip there and subsequent return with his nephew, Clavo, he had started settling down. After Hanson quit Fuller had known that it was merely a matter of time until Penhall quit too. Sure enough, a few months later Doug Penhall turned his badge and gun and went to join Hanson at the bowling alley.

Hoffs resignation came a few months after Penhall left. She thought it was getting too boring. Fuller knew better. Judy had never really been the same after getting raped while on a case and with Ioki, Hanson, and Penhall gone it was just getting too quiet. Although Fuller was pretty sure that it was quiet being a model for women's clothing.

Fuller stayed another ten years; long to get his pension then he retired, bought a yacht, and went sailing around the world.

Jump Street continued going. New officers joined every day, including Clavo Penhall who eventually became Captain. Sal Banducci stayed for thirty more years before having a heart attack while unstopping the drains.

Years passed and it wasn't long before there was no one who remembered people like Tom Hanson, Doug Penhall, H. T. Ioki, Judy Hoffs, or Adam Fuller. But one day a very young, very eager officer stumbled across an old scrapbook in the attic. The scrapbook was filled with pictures, letters, dates, cards, and diary entries. Intrigued, the officer sat down and started reading the first entry which began with "We got a new officer at Jump Street today. His name is Tom Hanson…"