It was finally September twenty sixth. Max couldn't believe it today was the day she was finally going to get to marry Kenny. She had woken up happy as could be, gotten her hair and make up done, her wedding party was all ready the only thing left to do was put on her wedding dress. She couldn't help but think in just a hour I'll finally be Mrs. Laco's.

Kenny on the other side of the church was just as excited. In just a hour I'll be in front of this church marrying Max. I've wanted this for so long and now it's finally happening. Jim who was in the room with him started giving him the pep talk the groom gets before their big day.

Meanwhile back in the bride room Max was finally in her dress and ready to walk down the isle. Since she didn't get along with her family Jimmy was going to be walking her down the isle. Max too had gotten a pep talk from all the women. It was almost time for her wedding to start and she couldn't be more excited to finally marry Kenny.

All the groomsmen and the groom along with the bridesmaids were in the front of the church they were just waiting on the bride. "Are you ready for this?" Jimmy asked Max. "More then ready I can't wait to marry him" Max responded. The wedding march started and the double doors at the back of the church opened showing Max in her long body curving white dress and veil. Kenny couldn't do anything but stare at her "She's so beautiful he thought" At last she was finally standing next to him holding his hand and the preacher was starting the ceremony. Thirty minutes later the church full heard "I now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss your bride." Kenny bent down and captured her lips with his and both said "I love you." After that both turned around facing their family and friends as Mr. and Mrs. Laco's.

The reception couldn't have gone better. They had it at a country club in a nearby town. They had decided they weren't going to take a honeymoon but Jimmy had other plans. He gave them two weeks off and told them to go enjoy themselves. Another wedding present the best one they could have gotten they learned that despite being married they could remain partners at work as long as they kept work and their personal lives separate.

Around Christmas time Max found out that she was pregnant and they couldn't have been more happy. This was just the first baby of four children they would have. Their lives couldn't have been more perfect they thought. Sure they had their ups and downs throughout their marriage but what marriage doesn't? To this day Max and Kenny are still married raising their four children living life to fullest. To think it all started with a phone call from "mom" and a family reunion and this is what she ended up with. Max counted herself lucky. She ended up with a family, a perfect husband, and four great kids. Life couldn't get any better.