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SUMMARY: a classic introduction chapter to the story, it introduces most of the characters and right away shows what the main character and most of the others are creature-wise; no dilly dally stuff. No real plot here.



"I told you you're going the wrong way!"

"No I'm not!"

"Then where is he if we're in the right place, huh?"

Two boys and a young girl stood arguing in a dark alley way. The girl had long, curly silver hair that shone in the bright half-moon and was dressed more like a biker then the 16 year old she was. The other two were wearing normal clothes, one in a school uniform and the other in a suave looking suit.

"I don't know! I followed the map that Evain printed out!"

"Let me see it." The girl said, holding her hand out.

"Let me take a look first." The boy in the uniform said. He yanked the map from the blonde's hands and looked at it. "You were looking at it wrong moron, if this alley is where we are supposed to be, we would be on that building over there. Nice going!" he exclaimed sarcastically, pointing to a high rise 3 blocks over.

"Let me see that again…" the older boy grumbled. He tried to snatch the piece of paper back but the younger boy held on. Pretty soon they were hitting each other and yelling.

"Shut the hell up you idiots or you'll wake up the whole town! We have a job to do remember?" the girl chided, pulling them apart. "God, even vampire guys won't ask for freaking directions when they need it!"

Lyra studied the map for about 2 seconds before sighing in exasperation and palming her forehead.

"Neither of you are right! We're supposed to be on the opposite side of town!"

"Oh…" both of the boys said breathily, flinching when their female partner gave them her special death glare. Hopefully she wouldn't shot them in the foot like last time she got angry.

"Come on then, we better go before those other idiots get away." She retorted scathingly.

They all piled into the blonde man's shiny silver car, Lyra shoving him out of the driver seat so she could punch the gas pedal. They sped around a corner and drove down Main Street until they were on the opposite side of the town Augusta, Maine. Lyra made one last turn and almost hit a towering figure who had been running down the alleyway.

"There!" Lyra shouted and flew out of the car, pinning the man to the wall all in a second. But there were more of them and they quickly pulled her off. By then Jalis and Alex were at her sides, Jalis pulling out his gun and Alex wielding his fangs already. Figures.

As Jalis and Alex engaged the 4 other vampires in a fight, Lyra stood glaring at the leader.

"It's done Rocco, Kim is dead and so is Paul." He flinched at the sound of his mate and brother's names. "You know if you hadn't been so stupid and careless back in Boston they would be alive and you wouldn't have a death sentence." She smiled then, flashing her white teeth.

"Enough! You're a dead woman, and so are your friends!" he screeched and threw himself at the girl. She easily deflected his fists and when he was preparing to hit her again, she spun around and hit him with a tornado kick on his back, knocking him to the ground.

He got back up and grabbed a piece of wood and aimed for her heart. She dodged again and twisted his arm around from the side so he stabbed himself in the stomach, drawing blood. He ripped it out with a hiss and threw to piece of reddened wood off to the side, clutching his wound.

"You're going to pay for that!" a shot rang out and Lyra turned for 1 second to see that Jalis had shot and killed one of the vampires with the special bullets Lyra had made and Alex was working on his. When she turned back to her attacker, her face was met with a metal trash can. She fell to the ground.

"Lyra!" Jalis cried, but was quickly silenced when a 2nd vampire flung himself at the boy, as Alex was struggling with his 1st. The man was just not a fighter, even if he was a vampire.

The giant and wounded vampire threw the trashcan to the side, smiling and baring his fangs in a victory growl. But before he could even so much as take half a breath, Lyra was on her feet, facing him in a blur.

"You really shouldn't have done that." She hissed. Her irises and pupils turned a solid steely gray-bluish color and her canines and premolars grew to almost an inch long. Before even the vampire's quickened mind could comprehend what was happening, he had a wooden stake through his heart and the other 2 remaining vampires were dead as well, their heads rolling down the slope of the alleyway.

Lyra stood there with her back to the other two, her hands covered in blood.

"…Lyra?" Alex asked warily, slowing walking towards her with his hand held out as if to ward her off.

"I'm alright." She growled. "I just wish some things weren't so easy and boring." She turned around and her mouth and eyes were back to normal, but she had a scowl on her face. "Come on, let's call the cleaners and get out of here. Their blood is making me twitchy."

Without another word to the two astonished men, she hoped in the car and they drove off back to Hoften Law Firm.


Lyra's mouth fell open. This could not be happening.

"We're being what?"

"You're being relocated to Guiden, California with our new firm there." Alex explained calmly. "We have found a lovely old mansion for you to stay in and there is a school nearby that you can attend for something to do."

"Yes because a dusty old mansion and annoying ass little humans are going to make everything all better! I just got her 3 years ago Alex! That's the longest amount of time I have ever lived in the exact same house without having to move for some stupid reason like this. I want to stay here, I like the country!" she scowled. "And since when do you have control over when I move and where I move to?"

"I'm sorry but you offered to do whatever you could for this company and we now have a firm in every major city in the US, Los Angeles was the last mark. You'll be living in a small town near the firm and some forests and all of that nature stuff you like so it won't be so different. Plus Jalis will be asking you today as well, so I know you'll say yes." He replied smoothly, a cheeky grin on his face.

Lyra just stood there fuming, not being able to find words. So she stomped out of Alex Hoften's office and headed home.


The flight to Los Angeles was long and boring, Lyra not finding the enthusiasm to listen to her sister Serena's inane prattling about how happy they would be because they were now 'on a new adventure'. Curse her never ending optimism. Usually Lyra was more hyper and friendly then she was now. Heck, usually she was the one who needed to be told to shut up. But she was just too depressed at the turn of recent events. She was glad that she decided to help out Jalis's friend Alex when he asked her. She would do anything for the kid. But sometimes she really hated Alex's guts.

Alex was the head of Hoften Law Firm and the actual founder, despite the fact he tells people that it was his grandfather and he inherited it. He couldn't exactly tell everyone he was a 170 year old vampire who had nothing better to do then make money and get the human girls.

And now that immature, weak bastard was taking away something she actually really liked and putting it far away. If she didn't love Jalis so much, there was no way any of this would have gone down.

"Ladies and gentleman we will soon be arriving at Los Angeles so please take the next five minutes to fasten your seatbelts, put up all tables and gather you belongings. Thank you for flying Chicago Airlines." The hostess announced. They had had to take 2 airplanes, one from Augusta to Chicago, the other from Chicago to Los Angeles.

When they were finally allowed to disembark the huge jet, the Goth girl went straight for her bags and then for some food. God, she was starving.

"Geez Lyra, can't you wait until we actually get to the house to start stuffing your face?" Serena, her preppy and optimist sister, accused. She tossed her dark brown curls behind her shoulder, crossing her arms and slanting her hips.

"Yeah and wait for at least another hour? Sure." She said sarcastically, feeling slightly better now that she was off that stupid plane and about to have some food in her stomach. The bacon hamburger with fries that she got looked way more than appetizing right now.

"Serena give the girl a break, she didn't eat anything before we left. In fact I'm a little hungry myself. Come on, let's go get something." Evain persuaded her sister, grabbing her hand and half dragging her to the food court. Lyra smirked after them. Leave it Evain to make someone eat food. She was like a little old granny sometimes.

As Lyra dug into her burger and fries ravenously, a scrawny boy with messy brown hair came and sat next to her at the table she was at in the corner.

"Hey Jalis, you found us!" she cheered.

"Ha ha." He retorted half-heartedly, used to her teasing by now. Even though Jalis was a vampire, he was still directionally challenged, something Lyra especially loved to tease him about. She saw him eyeing her burger.

"Want some?" she offered, holding out the burger to him. He took it without a word and bit off a huge bite. "Having you been feeding yourself lately?" she asked, half teasing but half concerned.

"Alex told me I can be stronger if I start to 'wean myself off of silly human food'." He explained with little air quotes around his mouthful. "I mean, I'm not exactly the strongest vampire ever." He said sadly, his face drooping.

"Come on mishonak, just because some people are stronger then you doesn't mean you don't have your expertise. Sure, a lot of vampires are strong, but that's it. You have brains and you're stronger than a lot of vampires you meet because of your age."

"Yeah, but according to Alex and these tests he gave me I'm not as strong as I should be for my age. And stop calling me mishonak, it doesn't help! I'm not a freaking' mouse!" he complained. It wouldn't be the first time either. For some reason, Lyra loved giving people animal nicknames in Russian, and whenever she saw Jalis eat (like now), he just reminded her of a mouse.

"Whoa, save some of it for me!" she said, taking the burger, or what was left of it, away from Jalis's clutches. The kid was like a vacuum.

"Sorry." He said sheepishly.

"Here, go get one for yourself." She said, handing him some money. "And don't listen to Alex; what you do with yourself is none of his business. He's just jealous of you anyway." With a roll of his eyes, Jalis got up and hurried past the returning Serena and Evain to get his much desired burger.

"So he finally found us?" Serena smiled, sitting down across the table with her sister and the mound of pasta they had bought.

"Yeah, but give him a break today, Alex has been getting to him again."

"Again? When will that guy learn to keep his nose where it belongs before I break it?" the brunette hissed.

"Probably never." Evain chimed in, picking up a fork and taking a bite of the pasta her and her sister were sharing.

"True. I don't get why he even listens to that guy. Seriously, here we are all the way across the country for the man and he decides to start criticizing his best friend."

"Well, I know that I'll never understand the relationship those two have. Half the time Jalis is looking at him with glazed eyes or he's bitching about how unfair he is. I seriously think that kid is bipolar. Or that he has a multiple personality disorder." Lyra mused.

Just then, Jalis returned with the same meal Lyra got and immediately had devoured half the burger in a minute.

"Slow down there kid or you'll choke to death." Serena teased, receiving a not-so-amused glance from the starving vampire.

"Shut up. And stop calling me kid, I was older then you when I was turned." He said, shoving a heap of French fries into his mouth.

"It's either kid or honey, you choose." She countered. He gave her an unbelieving glance which was met with 3 sing song laughs.

"Whatever. I'm so happy that I can still eat as a vampire. Think of all the good stuff I would have missed if we couldn't! Hamburgers, French fries, soda, ice cream, frozen pizza…" he went off listing all of his favorite foods, much to everybody else's amusement.

Lyra had finished her own meal a few minutes ago and drained her soda even earlier. She looked at her watch. It was 3:30pm; their flight having been almost 8 hours long. She sighed. All of their things from Augusta had been flown over here on another plane, courtesy of Alex. It should be waiting at their house by now in some moving trucks.

"We should probably go; its 3:30 and the movers should have dropped the trucks off by now." She stood up and brushed off her dark red miniskirt, getting rid of any crumbs. She collected her 'siblings' trays and put them on the rack where they were supposed to go.

And sure enough, the movers had already been there and the trucks filled with their belongings were sitting idly in the long drive way. All of them gasped aloud. Alex hadn't been kidding when he said he had gotten them a mansion.

The place had 3 stories, giant pillars that held up the roof in front of the front door and a wrap-around porch on the 1st floor. It was painted a dark red and had black shingles on the roof and the window frames were painted black too. Huge iron gates guarded the entrance to the driveway, the chains undone and a key hanging on a string off the lock.

Lyra got out of the driver's side of her new car that had been waiting for them at the airport, another gift from Alex. She walked up to the thick chains and unwound them from the metal bars and dropped them by one of the pillars that connected to the fence. Grabbing the key, she got back in the car and suppressed a smile at the shocked faces of the 3 others in the car.

She drove past the gates to see that there was even a little pond in the front yard with a huge overhanging willow next to it that shaded a bench.

"Who does he think we are, royalty?" Jalis wondered aloud.

"Well, maybe he felt bad for moving us so suddenly for no particular reason." Lyra commented, unable to keep the bitterness from leaking into her voice.

"Who cares how he felt, look at this place! It looks like it was built in 18th century Romania or something!" Serena chirped. Lyra couldn't tell if she was excited or upset at the state of the place. Leave it to Serena to find something wrong with a giant 3-story mansion. But it did look kind of medieval.

"Well at least we'll have room for all of your junk now Serena." Evain said cheerfully.

Lyra jumped out of the car and ran up to the front door, anxious to see the inside of the place. This was definitely her element.

She took the key from the gates out of her pocket. It was old fashioned, just like the house. The actual key part had 3 little bars sticking out of it, one shaped like a pentagon. The opposite end had intricate little swirls inside a band of a cloud-like circle. Awesome.

She inserted the key into the look and turned, hearing the squeal of protest the old looks made.

Opening the heavy double doors, she looked around the very open front room. Off to her left was the kitchen, complete with a bar for a table and an island with a stove. Despite the age of the house, all of the appliances looked brand new, and were furnished to match the dark woods of the rest of the house.

To her right were 2 grand staircases that converged at the top and lead to the other floors. She could see a door tucked away in between them that was sided by two little chests with empty vases on them. That probably led to the basement.

Lyra ran back out to her siblings were still either getting out of the car or gawking at the house.

"Come on you guys, what are you waiting for? The place is awesome!"

"Yeah, I could get used to this place." Jalis said in awe, his mouth hanging open slightly like a child's.

"I call the tower!" Lyra claimed, pointing to the tower up in the far right corner of the house. It stood out rather noticeably and looked kind of small, just the kind of place she preferred. Being agoraphobic had its perks.

"Aw, come on! Why do you always get the best room?" Evain cried. Her green eyes echoed her pouting face.

"Well I'm sure the other rooms are bigger. Hold on." She flashed in and out of the house quickly, coming back with the manila folder she had seen on the kitchen bar. "OK, it says here that there are 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, so we should each be able to have our own bathroom. And Evain, I'm sure the other rooms are bigger. The tower is supposed to be a storage room, it's not even included in the bedroom listing, so you all have 7 rooms to pick from."

"Fine with me!" Serena cheered, running into the house full speed with Jalis and Evain not far behind her.

Shaking her head with a small amused smile, she headed in herself. She walked up the stairs and (after much searching) finally found her way to the tower she had claimed, which had been tucked away up a staircase. She opened the door and gasped.

The room really was handkerchief sized. It had double glass sliding doors that lead out to a small balcony on the farthest end of the small room. The room itself was about 9 feet wide and 10 feet long, just her size. There was a small closet on the right of the side of the door, next to a giant chest that reached the floor and almost the ceiling.

She walked over and opened the closet, seeing just enough room for her dresses and skirts to be hung up. There was enough room on the floor for all of her boots and heels if she were to double line them and the shelf on the top gave her enough room to store all of her little knickknacks she collected from wherever she went. The chest was more of a desk; there was a door on half of it and another that pulled out halfway. Like the ones at Ikea.

She practically bounced with excitement when she saw that there was enough room on either side of the door for two of her 5 or so book shelves.

"So how do you like your room?" Jalis asked, opening the door. "Wow, do you think you can fit your computer desk and all of your bookshelves in here? It's so small…"

"Of course I can! If I can't fit all of my bookshelves on the walls I can just build a wrap-around shelf going along the perimeter." She exclaimed happily, pointing with her finger along the edges of the ceiling. She could already picture where she was going the put everything…architecture was one of her favorite subjects.

"Well you have fun with that. You should really come and see all of the other rooms first though because they all have a lot more room than this one."

"I hardly doubt I'm changing my mind now." She said with a happy smile and glazed over eyes.

"Geez Lyra, you look like an 8 year old in a candy store. It's just a room."

"Yes, but it's my room." She whispered as he walked out.


After all 4 of them were done exploring the immense quarters of the house they went back out. It was almost 5:30; the drive from Los Angeles to Guiden had taken longer than expected. If they wanted to stay here tonight they should probably unpack at least their beds.

"Alright, Evain, Jalis and I will take our truck; Serena, you can take your two." She mocked.

"Shut up!" Serena yelled, swatting her shoulder. "I don't have two trucks! Maybe one and a half but not two…" she said unconvincingly.

"Sure." Lyra smirked, Evain covering her mouth to hide her own smile. Serena just scowled at them and proceeded to try to open up one of the trucks.

"I believe you'll be needing a key for that." Lyra ribbed, holding up a ringlet of small keys for the trucks and their back locks. She walked over roughly shoving the key in and yanking the sliding door open so they could the items inside. She kicked down the gridded ramp so they wouldn't have to jump every time they got in or out.

"Very ladylike." Serena accused scathingly. Lyra just shrugged in reply and did the same with the other two vehicles.

"Alright it looks like your stuff, or most of it, is in this one Serena." She said pointing to the far right one. "Evain it looks like your stuff and the rest of Serena's is in the middle one and Jalis' and mine is in the last one. We should get the mattresses out first; they should be against the sides." She instructed.

"Yeah, I see yours Lyra." Jalis said. He reached in and easily dragged it out and tossed it to her.

After they had gotten their mattresses inside the house and into their rooms, all of them collapsed on one of the plush leather sofas in the large front room.

"I can't wait until I can start to redecorate this place! All of these huge heavy curtains are so gone." Serena breathed tiredly.

"Why? They look fine; it keeps the air of age around here. Its' not like we're going to be having anybody over anyway." Lyra complained.

"How would you know? And besides, I'm not a Hot Topic maniac like some people so I want them gone."

"Lyra's right, they do give it a certain charm. I think we should leave them there and just upgrade the carpet or something. It smells kind of musky in here." Evain said, wrinkling up her nose.

"Jalis what do you think?" Serena asked, turning only her slumped head in his direction. He pointed a finger at himself.

"Me? You're aware that I'm a guy right? I don't really care what the heck happens to the place as long as I can stay."

"True. Well whatever; it's a problem for another day. Let's go somewhere for something to eat. We should probably start to stock up at the grocery store tomorrow too. "

"Yeah I have to go to the hardware store tomorrow so I'll go grocery shopping then too. Just a basement made of wood won't be able to hold me under the full moon." She joked although she was serious.

"Good idea. I don't want my room ripped apart like last time you got out." Jalis said, shooting a wary glance at the girl, who just grinned wolfishly at him.

"Okay, so what are you guys in the mood for?" Lyra asked.

"I'm kind of hungry for Mexican." Jalis said.

"I don't really care." Evain declared, as usual.

"Maybe we should order a pizza or something. I'd love to see the delivery boys face when he saw the house." Lyra commented, grinning at the mental images.

"Yeah, and the Goth girl who answered the door!" Serena chimed. Lyra just smacked her arm.

"That would be funny. But I want to go out tonight. I'm tired from sitting in either an airplane or a car for 10 hours today." Jalis sniffed.

"Fine." Lyra huffed, disappointed.

"Maybe we'll meet some nice people Lyra. We should get to know this town. Alex said that since it's pretty much the only shady part in California, lots of vampires come around. We should probably know where to go if they do. Not to mention that the place is covered with trees so demons could hang around too." Evain piped in, casually twirling her short and wavy blonde hair around her finger, despite her serious words.

"Sure. I think I might stay in tonight though. I want to get my room set up and I should probably look at the schools website." The girl said glumly. "Plus I'm tired from sitting around all day."

"…You're tired from sitting?" Serena asked, a skeptical look on her face.

"You got a problem with it?" she challenged. Serena raised her hands in a defensive position.

"Wait, you're going to start school again?" Jalis asked.

"Yeah, I've been thinking about it. I don't want to work at the new firm with you guys but I don't want to sit around here all the time. It would get boring after a few days."

"How old are you going to be this time?"

"I'm thinking a junior. We're probably not going to be here longer than a few years anyway."

Silence filled the room at her comment, everybody besides Lyra shifting uncomfortably. Then to his extreme embarrassment, Jalis's stomach growled. Everybody laughed when his face turned red.

"Well we better go before Jalis expires." Jalis shot Serena a dry look that was received with a smile.

"Okay, see you later." Lyra said, not moving from her spot of the couch arm. When the door was closed and she could no longer hear the car, she let out an exasperated sigh.

"Well, here goes nothing." She thought, heading up to her room to look at the school's website on her laptop.


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