Author's Note/Summary: Now that a lot of backgrounds and discoveries have happened, not to mention the kind-of-renewed friendships, the events-plot will start now that we're pretty much over the people-plot. Does that make sense? I hope so…

Rating: This chapter is pretty intense in the beginning and end, so it's getting into the stuff that's rated T. In fact for some violence later on I might have to change the story to M.



Turkeys suck. Yeah, they suck a lot. All deliciously brown and fresh out of the oven. In this moment, Lyra envied Erin Somer. Over a turkey.

It had been several days since her and Jason had made up, and two days since their Thanksgiving break had started. It was Thanksgiving night, and the Somer's were saying grace, Erin rolling his eyes the whole time. Prick.

His mother had prepared a lavish feast, including that damn good-looking turkey, for her family, though Lyra didn't understand why. The two Somer men dug in like pigs, Erin's mom just looking at them in a 'what the hell kind of karma do I have?' kind of way. Lyra almost felt bad for her. Almost, seeing as with all the spying she had done lately she had seen Mrs. Somer's 'visitors' during the day when her family and husband weren't home. Humans were disgusting these days.

Lyra was hunched in the top branches of a tree about a hundred-twenty yards from their house, looking in through a high window so they wouldn't see her. She could on the other hand could see them perfectly with her violet eyes. She held a notepad, pencil and binoculars, in case she had to get farther away.

Lately, what with her and Jason's suspicions, both of them had been 'surveying' the Somer house. Since they were pretty sure he had something to do with Natasha and her gang, because they had found her notepad and the bloody basement, they knew something wasn't right and had to figure it out. For Lyra it was her job, while for Jason it was curiosity, but they worked together.

Right now it was Lyra's 'shift' and she was really hoping the rain the sky was threatening wouldn't spill because then she couldn't write stuff down and she would be miserable. So far they hadn't seen anything supernaturally worrisome. Thought they had found out about Mrs. Somer's infidelity, Mr. Somer's business scam and Erin's quite active self-pleasuring periods. What was wrong with this family?

"Money, that's what," Lyra muttered to herself. She continued watching the Somer's eat, doodling on her notepad every once and a while. Then her phone vibrated in her pocket.

"Nothin' to report chief," she said into the speaker. She knew it was Jason calling.

"Ha ha." He retorted sarcastically. "Well I haven't found anything out myself, but I've been thinking that we need to get inside that house again. I'd like to get a blood sample of the blood down stairs so we can test it. Your friend Alex should be able to do that right?"

"Yeah I guess. But getting inside is easier said than done; if a Somer or two leaves, one always stays. Usually it's Erin, and if he's a vampire then he would most likely hear us, even though he would be new." Vampire hearing took a long time to adjust and the hearing range increased only over time.

"Yeah I figured. I was thinking-" he started but at that moment Lyra stopped listening. Because at that moment a car drove up and a strawberry blonde stepped out, wearing skanky, vibrant clothes.

"Jay, shut up for a sec!" she hissed into the receiver as her eyes followed the woman up to the door. The chick knocked twice and waited patiently. Erin jumped up, grabbed his coat and just walked out the door, leaving his father still stuffing his face and his mother with a dreary expression. Poor, unvirtuous woman.

They ran to her car like excited teenagers and peeled out of the driveway at 50 mile an hour. Lyra looked back to see Mr. Somer throw his napkin down on his plate, shove it forward, push his chair back and lumber out the door with his briefcase. Mrs. Somer just picked up the plates, put them in the sink and left the food out on the table while grabbing her purse and going out. What the hell?

"Uh…Lyra? Are you still there?"

"Get over here ASAP Jay."


"Are you sure this is all right?" Jason asked uncertainly as Lyra picked the lock to the back door.

"Don't worry; we should have at least enough time to get those samples you wanted. By the way, I called Jalis and gave him your friend's plate number so he could tag and follow." She added.

"What? Who?"

"Don't be such a dimwit," she jibbed as she pushed open the door with a triumphant smile. "Your friend Natasha came and got Erin and his parents left after. Now we know it probably wasn't a coincidence he was in that picture with her. Jalis is following them." She explained.

"Oh. Good. I can't believe she's even involved in this. I haven't always trusted her and I know she can be dangerous if she wants to, but this just isn't her. She hates to get her hands dirty, even if it's revenge or something…"

"Well, that's probably why she's turned Erin and John into her little helper monkeys. Someone was in the back seat when she pulled up, it might have been Thing 2."

"Maybe. Let's just hurry up and get out, I don't want to take any chances. If Erin can't smell us then Natasha can if she comes in."

"'Kay. Show me this room, and then we can look for more stuff if they don't come home."

Jason led her down the stairs and through the basement, stopping at the door to the blood filled room. The scent was stronger now.

"God!" Lyra exclaimed. "If this is what it smells like out here…there must have been so many lives ended…" she said from behind her hand. Jason opened the door and walked to the room. There wasn't a body, but more blood than before. There was also new spatter patterns on the walls and ceiling, so obviously whoever was doing this was devolving into chaos from thirst, if it was a vampire's work.

"This is awful," Lyra said as she pulled out some swabs from the bags Jason had brought and rubbed them in the dirt. She took a pocket knife from a strap inside her boot (which she got a weird look for) and scraped some more bigger samples into the little baggies. "There, that should be enough from this spot. Let's get all around so we can see just how many people Erin's done away with. This couldn't have been from just one person."

They swabbed the room and covered up all the marks and tracks they had left and they went back upstairs. None of the Somers were home and there wasn't a car for miles down either direction of the road the mansion was on.

"Come on, let's go upstairs to see if there's anything else." Jason gave her a reluctant look but obliged. They searched all the rooms quickly but thoroughly; most of them on the second floor were guest rooms, bathrooms or studies of some sort. There were no weird books, and they doubted they were missing anything.

Jason took Erin's parents room and Lyra took Erin's. She had to fight back the urge to destroy it again and to gag because of all the playboy's and condoms she found in the drawers. Somer was a horn dog.

Then she found what she was looking for.

When she looked in Erin's closet, making sure not to move anything in a noticeable way, she found a safe embedded into the wall behind his closet. She leaned against the cold metal door and listened to the ticks that revealed the combination. Opening the safe, she saw wads of hundred dollar bills, Somer's social security and back up license with insurance and some random objects that must have been heirlooms or special trinkets.

But there was one oddity; a book. It was old and leather bound, way bigger and thicker than books these days. She pulled it out and blew the dust off so there wouldn't be discernible fingerprints from her. She pulled it out and sat on the floor, undoing the string that bound it closed.

The yellow pages crinkled as she rifled through them. It was in Latin and looked rather suspicious from what the author was talking about. It was a history book, but on the history and ancestry of demons, beasts like vampires and Lycans. She read a few pages, engrossed before she heard Jason walking down the hallway. He opened the door to find her still on the floor.

"What's that?"

"Some book I found in that safe," she said neutrally and pointed to the open contraption in the closet. Jason crouched down next to her and read some too, his eyes bugging wide when he read a few words.

"Does this mean-"

"Probably, but we can't be sure until we've seen Somer do something. I'm guessing he's involved with whatever the hell Natasha is up to, and that it has something to do with the feud between our species." She closed the book and took out a piece of paper, writing down the year and author of the book and a short description. She could most likely find it in Alex's archives.

"We should go." Jason whispered. A car was coming down the road to the mansion, about a mile away, coming from the city. They had been here for an hour already.

Lyra put the book back in the safe, closed the door, turned the dial to the number it had been on before and rearranged the clothes to make it look like somebody hadn't been ruffling through the closet.

They rushed down the stairs and were headed for the back, when Lyra stopped.

"What are you doing, come on!" Jason hissed.

"Hold on a sec!" Lyra bounced over to the dining table, took off a small piece of the cold turkey and dipped it in this pretty good looking honey glaze sauce. "Man that's good!" she exclaimed. She turned to see Jason starting at her with a disbelieving look. "What? Dude, I had to stare at that thing all damn day, I had to taste it!...We can go now." She added and rushed past him awkwardly, embarrassed.

Just as they were flying out the back door and relocking it, a car pulled into the driveway. They jumped up into the trees to find that it was just Mrs. Somer back with one of her secret lovers. God, that woman!

"Let's go."


Lyra walked straight in to Hoften Law, greeting the secretary that seemed to be different every time she was there. Jason was still in the doorway, gaping at the size and class of the building.

"Come on," Lyra whined as she turned to face him, halfway down the hall. "You won't be able to get in if you're not with me." Jason trudged forward and kept on staring around, like he had never been inside a modern building before. Alex was very chic when it came to style, but it wasn't that grand…

Lyra led Jason to the large archives, a room filled with metal filing cabinets and book shelves. She looked at the authors name and the year and walked down the aisles, looking up at the shelves of books. They were categorized by year then by author.

"Geez, how big is this place? I thought your friend owned a law firm, not part of the military!" Jason exclaimed from his position at the door.

"Well, Alex is a greedy bastard. He makes extra money from all the secret business stuff; gives most of it to charity to make himself look good. He may be a shallow, self-centered ass who happens to be dating my sister, but he still has his uses. Ah ha!" she cried as she found the book. She started to jump so she could reach it, but a long arm beat her to it. Jason handed her the book with a tiny smile.


"Thanks," she mumbled, her face flushing. Just because they were just friends now doesn't mean she could forget the short little relationship they had tried to start before, or her feelings for him.

"You're welcome," he replied, equally mystified. They stood in silence for a minute before Lyra perked up and rushed them out, jotting down what book they were taking in the log.

As they marched through the hallways, impressed with themselves, they passed Alex's office right as he stepped out. His eyes widened when he saw Lyra, then narrowed when he saw Jason.

"Lyra." He greeted curtly. "What are you doing here?" As in: why the hell is he here?

"We found something that might help with that whole vampire gang thing, so we came to get it."

"A book? How is a musty old book going to help you?"

"It might it might not, but it's pretty much our only lead right now, so I'll get back to you on that." She said and patted his chest twice in a friendly gesture. She turned to leave but didn't miss the heated glance Jason and him shared. Great.

The ride home was silent, except for the dull roar of the music she had on playing in the background. It wasn't awkward, they just didn't feel like saying anything. They walked into Lyra's empty house and headed up to her room where they just looked things up and studied the case.

There were a few peculiar things written in the book, but other than the fact that it was a history book about the vampire-Lycan war, she couldn't see how it would be very beneficial to Natasha and Erin.

"Find anything?" Jason asked after a while, when it had gotten awkward.

"Nope. I keep hoping that this book will explain something or point to any clues, but so far it's been pretty much useless! What the hell was Erin doing with this book anyways?" she pouted, slamming the book closed and tossing it onto her mattress.

"I honestly don't know. Maybe we should take a break, go see Yuna or something. I know she's been dying to see you again." He said gently.

"Fine," she replied, rubbing her temples lightly. She looked up and could tell from Jason's expression it was obvious how tired she was. All this spying, plotting and researching was wearing her out.

"Good, you could use it," he offered her his hand and pulled her up, leading them out of the house into the fresh air.


The time they spent at Yuna's house was fun. Lyra had never been to her house before except when she had picked her up to go shopping. It was very modern inside; neutral colored walls with neutral woods and carpets. Potted plants and little knick-knacks were on tables, like in a model house with accented towels everywhere.

Yuna's room was much like hers except it was darker and gloomier. Yuna had gone all out with the dark colors with different colored lights. It was pretty cool.

They watched a movie, chatted and ate popcorn before they ate dinner. Yuna's dad was staring at her again the whole time, but a glare from Georgia and Jason made him stop. Lyra was relieved that Jason was still a little protective of her.

When they parted, Jason awkwardly wished her a good night's sleep after she dropped him off. They said their goodbyes and Lyra sped home, only vaguely aware of her surroundings outside the car. She was lucky she didn't run over a squirrel or something.

She fell asleep almost instantly when she fell on her bed, still fully clothed. She woke up, her outfit stiff from having been slept in and took a shower. Today was the last week-day before the weekend, after which school would start up again.

"Lyra please, go back to bed," Jalis whined when she stumbled her way downstairs for breakfast. "I know you want to finish this case, but you can't do it in a few days, so give it a rest for a while. You're wearing yourself down."

"I know, I know. I'm just going to relax today, or try to. We found something yesterday, even though it wasn't very helpful, so I'm just giving up for a day or two."

"Good," he said with a triumphant smile and headed up to his room, where the sound of video games followed. Lyra hadn't realized how late it was.

Going back up to her own room, she got out of her pajamas to put on some comfy sweats are a t-shirt instead. She leaned her head back against the wall behind her mattress and closed her eyes, day dreaming for a while. It helped her relax for a bit, but after 10 or 15 minutes, the case crept back into her mind and she let out a frustrated whine.

Tiredly, she opened her eyes and leaned forward to get up when she looked at her dresser. She squinted her eyes and tilted her head to the side as an idea came to her.

The room. The secret room below their house had lots of books like the one they had gotten from the archives. She had hardly looked at them, and now that she thought about it, those ramblings they had found in Latin sounded pretty legit after she had found that tunnel out in the woods.

Carefully, she got up quietly, so Jalis would think she was still lying on her bed and grabbed the key off the top of her dresser. She shifted it with little noise and listened for any signs that Jalis might come barging in or had noticed. None.

She inserted the key and turned it slowly so the hinges wouldn't squeak. She needed to get some oil for those things. She opened it and then shut it, hoping Jalis wouldn't come into her room and see her moved dresser.

Instead of using the stairs, she jumped off above the landing railing and sailed down past all the spiral stair cases, falling for only about 20 seconds. She landed quietly and immediately lit the lights up and searched through the notes on the desk and through the book cases. Nothing caught her eye, and she slumped down in defeat.

She heard a meow behind her and turned to see the cat sitting atop the desk licking its paw. It stopped at stared at her before continuing and she walked over to pet it. It jumped down and sat on the chair, pawing at the top drawer.

Cautiously, Lyra opened the drawer to find more old papers and tons of dried herbs in little bags. Some of the things looked repulsive, like a chicken foot and the gnarled roots tied to each other. She picked it up with a look of disgust until she realized what it meant. This was for a spell.

What the hell? That creepy old man who had lived here knew spells? Or was he just some bogus freak who liked the supernatural? She rifled through the drawer more and found a spell book, more ingredients and more papers. One in particular caught her eye.

She picked it up and gasped. It was a drawing of the cave in the woods that she had found, only there were people around, carving into the stones and building the door. It said Antiquus Bestia in fancy writing. The' Ancient Beast' in Latin. Oh joy.

She flipped the page over and saw more scribbling's though it didn't match the handwriting of the old man. There was a drawing of a Lycan, but it was of one she had never seen before. It was far larger than any Lycan she had ever seen, it even rivaled herself in wolf-form size. Its claws and fangs were dripping with a black liquid, probably blood, and it was killing hoards of vampires and humans alike. Then it showed a coffin of sorts, with chains and hooks inside. There was an arrow pointed to the next picture which showed the same coffin but with the Lycan inside. Under the pictures it said: Post multos occidere homines Bestiae, tandem capta et reconditum, quo neminem invenies illum; 'After killing many humans, the Beast was finally captured and stored away, where no one would find it again'.

That was when Lyra started hyperventilating. Now it all made sense!

That tunnel she had found was where that thing was being held. They had caged it away, and it was most likely decimated by now. That was what she felt in the cave. When she had felt that strange breeze that felt like breathe, it really had been breathing. One of the oldest Lycans was stored down there, in her back yard, seven miles away from where a civilization had sprung up. If that thing ever got loose…the town would be destroyed.

Oh God, what was she supposed to do?

The builders obviously hadn't thought about the future, and had just stored it away, hoping no one would find it in their haste to restrain the beast. If that forest was ever cut down and workers found that thing and let it out, it would take hundreds of Lycans if not more to take it down.

She put that paper down on the desk and anxiously started ruffling through the others. There had to be something in here that had more information than that. She found a journal that matched the handwriting of the old man and started reading through it. She stopped when she skimmed over the date March 27th, 1929.

It happened again. I heard the rumblings of that beast in the air. I am expected to watch out for this town, to make sure that thing never gets out, but I am unsure of myself. I am only eighteen years old and already I have been placed with this burden. I have to watch over that thing and watch over the entire population of Guiden, to protect them. What am I ever supposed to do if it gets out?

The handwriting was hard to read, but the gist of it was Bastian Atrius was the keeper of the dungeon in the woods. He knew about that thing since he was at least 18 years old and she had to talk to him, now.

She had to summon the dead.


Now that more of the plot is coming to light, the chapters will start to make sense and start to tie things together. I'm hoping to have this story wrapped up within the next 7 or eight chapters (so it'll be around 30 chapters long total) so there won't be as much filler anymore.


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