Entry #1

Observation #1: Boys aren't as quiet as we thought. Spy boys are even worse!

I heard Kevin and Jonas( haha get it Kevin Jonas [x) talk while trying to practice for the Cove ops test! Nick found them in a heartbeat! What kind of a spy does that!

Observation #2: Little Spies are a million times worse than a normal spy. Not helping that they are kids!

I swear mason and mark kept trying to tackle me to the ground while I was on the stairs! But of course I went easy and dodged them simply. They try to play these not so smart tricks on me! I swear like they are younger versions of Nick! But only now Nick is yummy!

Observation #3: Spy boys like to play disguise. A LOT.

I went down to breakfast and saw the guys in jeans. By the time lunch started I swear they were wearing shorts. After I questioned them about it, they denied changing clothes! But then dinner came and they were wearing baggy khakis!

Observation #4: When boys gossip, they GOSSIP!

Omg! I heard like 30 minutes of nonstop gossiping coming from Zach and Grant! They kept talking about how Tina hooked up with matt AND tony!

Observation #5: Eating comes first!

At dinner, when there was Chinese, they took everything! Even on my plate! Do you know how much food we had? Let's just say it was enough to last a homeless shelter!

Observation #6: Boys will be boys even if they are spies.

Boys like boobs. Spy boys like boobs too. What more do you need.

Observation #7: They can't keep anything clean! Especially the bathroom.

I took one shower and I came out dirtier than before! Is that normal? No I don't think so. It's so creepy! I should send you like a sample of the unidentified goo! And I know about every goo! I took goo 101! And aced it!

Observation #8: They are sneaky!

They went into my room and drew on my things! My favorite sweater is now missing! 2 of my bras were used as a lab experiment and my favorite sneak out shirt is painted white! How can I hide at night with white!

Observation #9: They are so cliquey!

They do the Morse code, eye rolling, and the secret password thing! Like I swear they are a fraternity club! And I'm not allowed to join!

Observation #10: They can sure piss people off.

They have made a new enemy and they are not going to like it.