It took two days for us to clean our parent's house out. Two days full of memories both painful and pleasurable. I walked around every room and glanced at the emptiness that lay before me. My throat tightened more and more with every second I looked.

I wished it hadn't come to this, but Cathy's finical situation is terrible. At least I get to keep the furniture. Though looking at an empty house doesn't make that thought a happy one. Selling this house is just a reminder that they're dead. Selling this house is a reminder that I killed my parents.

"Hey Willow!" said a voice from behind me.

I jumped in fear. I didn't know anyone was behind me. I turned around suddenly and saw that it was Markie.

"Hey," I said obviously not expecting to see her.

"I ran into David at Starbucks and he told me that you were here so I'd thought I'd stop by and say hi… how are you doing?

I smiled faintly and looked down at the ground.

"I'm okay," I said only half meaning it.

Here's what's been going on these last ten months: After Guy and I became "official," I made myself call Markie at least once a month, and by "I" I actually mean Guy. Guy and I had a long talk about friendship and how friends can be healing to the human soul. Long story short, we're talking again.

"I heard Guy went to L.A."

"Yeah, he just got there today," I said.

"How does he like it?"

I ponder my words for a moment. I don't want to tell her about all the annoyed text that Guy has sent me about being stuck in traffic for five hours.

"He says it's not bad," I lied.

"That's cool."

I look down at her hand and notice a ring on her ring finger. It was a golden band, no diamonds, no jewels, or anything over the top. It was just a band.

Markie noticed me looking down at her hand.

"I'm engaged," she said softly.

"Oh congratulations," I said.

"His name's Ted, we've been dating for about a year. He proposed and I said yes."

"That's really cool."

Markie looks away for a moment.

"I would really like for you to be there, at the wedding."

"Yeah, definitely."

"Willow, I want us to hang out. I want us to be friends again. I don't… I know that you're going through a lot, and well have been going through a lot and I understand that you have a lot of healing to go. But please, at least for one day, let's have fun. Let's at least try to make it like it was before everything went to shit."

I bit my lip. I know that she wants things to be like they were, but they'll never be the same. I'm a different person now. I don't know how to tell her that.

"I just…" I start but trail off.

"I'm not saying we have to hang out soon, but I would like to do it before my wedding."

I look down towards the floor for a few moments.

"Look I would like to introduce you to Ted, we're going out for coffee Wednesday, would you like to come?"

I think about it for a few seconds.

"Okay," I said quietly.

"Willow, you'll have fun."

Markie walks up and gives me a hug.

"Thank you," she said quietly.