AUTHOR: Cascadia
SUMMARY: Just a little poem I wrote about my favorite padawan.
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DISCLAIMER: Obi-Wan and the Force are the property of Lucasfilm Limited. I receive absolutely no profit from this.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I'd like to thank everyone who have read or reviewed my stories before. You've been so encouraging. Currently, I'm working on a longer story than the others I've posted. But since I had this finished, I thought I'd let you see what you think.

~~~~~~ I ~~~~~~
Taught from youth,
a blade in hand,
a boy too young,
to understand.
He learned his art,
stood next to none,
the boy was pure,
young Obi-Wan.

~~~~~~ II ~~~~~~
The gentle master,
took him in,
and taught him well,
the Force within.
He was to him,
loved as a son,
the boy he taught,
was Obi-Wan.

~~~~~~ III ~~~~~~
The noble youth,
grew wise in years,
he kept heart pure,
he kept eyes clear.
The Force led him,
blue blade in hand,
the noble youth,
young Obi-Wan.

~~~~~~ IV ~~~~~~
Came the day,
destiny set,
when master fell,
to demon threat.
Would pay with life,
the evil one,
to noble youth,
named Obi-Wan.


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