Authors Note: Hope you enjoy the update. It's been really odd for me to write a story completely without angst.

The sun beat down on Hermione's face, leaving a rather attractive flush on her pretty features. It was a perfect day, sunny but with a slight breeze that kept the morning cool and made the leaves rustle in the trees in an almost romantic serenade. "Ready?"

The young woman looked up at her former father-in-law and grinned radiantly. "Yes. Absolutely."

Arthur returned the smile, there was still a part of him that was crying to see his sons wife marrying someone else but it was a small part, one that he could bury deep down so that Hermione and the children would enjoy the day. A wave of his wand sent a signal into the hall and almost immediately a familiar piece of music began to play from inside.

Hermione took his arm with another blinding grin. She motioned Rose to start walking – inwardly grimacing at the rose petal carnage that was about to ensue. The girl began to move, demurely dropping petals in front of her but her mock innocence fooled no one. It was only a matter of time before her natural impishness reasserted itself and everyone knew it.

Double doors parted magically in front of them and Hermione gave an audible gasp. The hall was lit with thousands of flickering candles, flowers in full bloom served not only as decoration but also smelled wonderful. Their friends and family were all lined up on red and gold chairs, all eyes turned to the young woman. She found her eyes drawn to the alter at the end of the aisle and to her fiancée who was standing there.

Minerva was wearing a dress, something that Hermione had rarely seen the older woman in and this one was exquisite. Ivory coloured with slightly darker lace and stitched patterns it drew attention to her flat stomach, highlighted her surprisingly firm breasts. The young womans measured steps allowed her plenty of time to ogle the Headmistress.

The dress was classic and a perfect choice for the older woman, it had long sleeves and a sweetheart neckline – both trimmed with lace and it was cut wonderfully, fitting almost like a second skin. The side view of Minerva revealed that the dress had a full skirt but no train. Ebony hair was unbound, cascading over slender shoulders in shining waves. There was a huge grin on both of their faces.

Seconds passed but felt like years as Hermione walked along the aisle towards her future. Petals were flying all around but she managed to sidestep the worst clumps of them. Soon she passed Molly and Hugo on her left, reaching the single stair that would take her to Minerva. The younger witch turned to Arthur as he released her hand, "Thank you." She leaned in and kissed his cheek. She ran a hand through Rose's hair and walked the final few yards to the beautiful woman that was waiting for her.

Minerva couldn't resist any longer, she reached out knowing that Hermione would take her hand. She drew her future wife to her side and they kissed, heedless of their audience. It took several catcalls for them to draw back and it was the older womans turn to flush bright red. "You look wonderful Hermione."

"What about you? You are stunning!"

The minister's familiar 'ahem' almost brought their attention back to the matter at hand. "We are here today to join Hermione and Minerva together in holy matrimony." His next words went unheard by the two women who still only had eyes for each other. They repeated the traditional vows, never looking away from their intense eye contact.

"Do you have the rings?" They both turned to watch Hugo walk towards them in his new suit with a satin cushion in his hands.

The boy tripped up the step and landed at Minerva's feet, both rings rolling across the floor and getting lost underneath the train of Hermione's dress. "Bugger!"

The silence in the hall was broken by a piping young female voice. "Hugo, you twat, look wot ya did."

"Rose! Hugo!" The rebuke came from four shocked voices. "Language."

The entire room erupted into laughter and the couple couldn't help but grin. Minerva picked up the boy while Hermione retrieved the rings from underneath her lacy train. The older woman reached for the smaller ring, "Marry me?"

"Sure." They both snickered and exchanged rings with huge grins.

"...I now pronounce you wife and... er wife. You may now kiss the bride... again."

An elegant hand slid along Hermione's cheek, guiding her closer. "Perhaps we should have had an additional rehearsal."

"No this is perfect."

Their lips met in a searing kiss, sealing the pact that they had just made.

Minerva carried Hermione over the threshold of their suite, much to the amusement of the busboy who was carrying their bags. She wanted to kiss her new wife but figured that she should hold off until the young man left and so she placed the smaller witch onto her feet. "If you could put them over there please, that would be wonderful."

Hermione reached into her pocket for the appropriate tip and gave it to him with a smile. "Thank you." Discretely he took the money and left, obviously fighting the urge to wink at them.

The older witch glanced at the table next to the sofa, noting that the champagne she had requested was chilling in an ice bucket. Once the door was closed she poured two glasses and opened the door to the balcony with magic. "A toast?"

"To us?"

"I think that we can do somewhat better than that..." Minerva stepped onto the balcony, knowing that her wife would follow her.

A white metal railing guarded the huge drop below them, it was a long way down to the sea. "A cruise was a wonderful idea Minerva."

"The view is magnificent." It was true, the sun was setting and all they could see from their private balcony was the North Sea, along with the now distant Scottish coast. The walls between them and their neighbours were solid, affording them complete privacy. A love seat was facing the view and a table took up another corner. Glass shutters were stowed against the walls ready for cold or wet weather.

Hermione moved to sit on the loveseat, watching the way that Minerva's hair was blowing in the wind and the shape of her lovely buttocks that were highlighted as the older witch leant over the railings. "Come here."

The Headmistress gave a chuckle and turned around. The champagne flutes were floating in mid-air and she grabbed them on the way to the chaise lounge. Hermione found herself inexplicably aroused by the way that Minerva sat down beside her, it was somehow elegant yet sexy. Emerald green sparkled as the older woman registered the change in that intense chocolate gaze.

A knowing smirk crossed her lips and she raised the glass, "To married life..."

Hermione returned the grin and lifted her own flute, "Married life."

They twisted their arms together, drinking out of each others glasses while giggling. Champagne started to drip onto their laps when they began to kiss passionately. They broke apart, Hermione placing the glasses on the end table and moving to unbutton Minerva's muggle shirt. "Stop it 'Mione. People will see us." When lips found her tender throat she moaned, forgetting her protest.

The younger witch stopped licking soft skin long enough to grouse, "Who? There's no one here to see."

Those lips continued their maddeningly slow descent, at the same time that nimble fingers finished the unfastening of the garment. Gently Hermione grazed the pads of her fingertips across the soft skin just underneath the bottom of her wife's bra, pushing the sides of the blouse apart. She sat back admiring the view for a moment.

Hard nipples were poking through the delicate undergarment, testament to the older womans arousal. She dipped her head again and began to suckle Minerva's neck, while pulling her top off. Hands found the tender flesh of her back, caressing the length of her spine in a way that made the Headmistress shiver with desire.

Hermione was still wearing her wedding dress and it was no surprise when Minerva's hands slipped up her thighs and under the champagne coloured fabric. Gentle fingers grazed the smooth satin between her legs. "Are you sure that you want to do" Insistent now, the older woman applied firm pressure. "Wouldn't you rather try out that wonderful king-sized bed in the other room?" The flimsy undergarment was slipped aside and those talented digits slipped between folds that were already rather moist. "With plenty of room to... spread out?"

The younger witch whimpered, knowing that Minerva was perhaps two seconds away from sliding inside of her. White-hot-desire was ignited like a blast furnace by both the touch and the deep husky timbre of her wife's voice. "Yessss..." No longer sure what she was agreeing to but knowing that she would like the result.

Neither woman was as affected by the sense of apparation as they normally would have been, both rather distracted by the passionate kiss that they were currently engaged in. Minerva had moved her hands to the back of Hermione's dress and was busily working on the lacing. A slight ripping sound alerted them to the fact that the garment would need repairing but neither seemed to care because it made them both moan.

It wasn't long before the dress dropped to the floor and Hermione was standing in their sunlit bedroom wearing nothing but her underwear. The kiss broke and Minerva found herself being pushed backwards towards the as yet unseen bed. They tumbled together onto the soft but surprisingly firm mattress, the older woman somehow coming to lie atop the younger.

The first touch of the naked, heated skin of their bellies made them both gasp. A single whispered word uttered in a deep Scottish brogue banished their few remaining garments. Hermione raised her knee, crying out as Minerva's leg pressed against her centre and a suspicious wet patch appeared on her own thigh. "You are incredibly wet."

"And what exactly is that dripping on my leg?"

"Well far be it for me to deny how aroused you get me."

Hermione reached around and grabbed two handfuls of her wife's well-muscled backside, pulling her tighter against her. "Uh-Uh!" Minerva captured the young womans wrists in one hand. Using the other she dragged her fingertips over a slender clavicle, grazing over a pebbled nipple – gradually moving lower to the heated skin of the young womans tummy.

Minerva laughed when she felt Hermione squirm beneath her. She ran her fingernails across the sensitive flesh just above brunette curls in a way guaranteed to cause trembling. The younger witch arched up bringing their heated skin into intimate contact. The laughter turned into a long drawn out moan, before lips started to follow the path that her fingers had taken.

Teeth nipped at Hermione's delicate collarbone, skin was suckled drawing a gasp from rosy lips as that hand slid between their joined bodies. Both women groaned when Minerva's questing fingers slipped into folds that were slippery with desire, nimbly finding a nub engorged with passion. "I need you."

"I am yours." With that the older witch gently but firmly thrust two fingers into her wife, using the thigh she still had between Hermione's legs to apply greater pressure. A lusty cry filled the room as the younger witch howled her approval. She began to apply a rhythmic friction to the slightly rough spot deep inside, knowing that it would drive Hermione crazy.

It wasn't long before the young woman let out a series of high pitched cries and thrashed around on the mattress before giving a violent jerk and a guttural moan. Minerva gave one last teasing thrust before gently withdrawing her fingers, she released her other hand from Hermione's wrists and knelt up on the bed.

Her new wife was lying on her back, legs slightly parted revealing swollen lips and creamy fluid. The skin of her chest was flushed and covered with a light sheen. Both arms were still stretched above her head and she gazed back at Minerva with dark lidded chocolate eyes. "Speechless?"

Hermione gave a breathless chuckle, "Never." She lifted her arms and pinched both of Minerva's nipples, feeling the woman grind her hips against her in helpless response. "Like that?" It was a rhetorical question, they both knew how much she liked it. The young woman took advantage of the distraction and rolled the older witch onto her back.

Devilishly she positioned herself between Minerva's thighs, momentarily loosing contact with the erect nubs as she parted eager folds, blowing gently across the sensitive flesh that she found between them. Hermione lowered her face and pressed her tongue against the older woman's core, drawing a moan before beginning to flick her tongue in a rapid motion. She raised both hands and stretched upwards to grip Minerva's nipples again.


It took a great deal of willpower for Hermione to keep a straight face and not laugh at the sounds that were spilling from the mouth of the normally eloquent witch, instead she redoubled her efforts – after all it was their wedding night...

The next morning

A quiet bell signalled the arrival of breakfast and by the time that they rolled out of bed it had been delivered and the waiting staff had left the suit. Hermione pushed her wild locks out of her face and fastened a robe securely over her naked body. "Hungry?"

The younger witch turned to face her wife and smirked, "Well I am rather, thanks to you keeping me up most of the night."

"Well I did not hear any complaints from you Mrs McGonagall."

They both laughed, dispelling the sudden sexual tension that had risen. Even after all of the months that they had been together their blood could still boil with sudden desire, ignited by the strangest things. Minerva fastened her own robe and grinned at her wife; she opened the door and indicated that Hermione should precede her.

"My, what a 'gentleman' you are..."

"Not really. I merely wanted to watch your arse."

Another burst of laughter erupted and they moved towards the table in their dining room. "I like the sound of that by the way."

"My admiration of your backside?"

"Mrs McGonagall."

"Aaaah, that. Well I must confess that I am rather partial to calling you that myself. I love you."

"And I love you."

That said they both started to eat ravenously, more than a little worn out by the night of wild, passionate lovemaking. A few minutes passed in companionable silence. "Hermione, I was thinking... Perhaps the children could meet us when we dock tomorrow rather than next week... I know that it is our honeymoon but..."

Hermione smiled warmly at her wife, somehow falling deeper in love with her at that moment. "I would love that Minerva but are you really sure?"

The elder witch put her coffee cup on the table and looked intently into emotional chocolate eyes. "Yes Hermione I am completely sure. We are a family, we should spend our time together."

The End