"Hello, Alfred."

"Hey." And then he walks away from me without a look back, but that's okay. He doesn't need to know…yet. Then I will be all he knows. He is the only one to have beaten me to the ground, so I will be the only one who may beat him. I must stay strong and become stronger, so I can fulfill this promise of forever that he has given me.

He's smiling across the room and talking brightly about his ideas. How foolish that is when he doesn't need to do anything because I will be there. His smile changes to a frown and I stop from my musings to listen. Francis had just told him off. Francis was hurting him. Francis was conquering him, but I'm the only one allowed to do that. I smile at him. He happens to glance at me and stops talking. He retreats. He knows that he could never conquer Alfred. Just as I know that I am the only one who can. We share that bond of strength that no one can break.

My face turns slowly back to Alfred who seems to have continued his idea. He has already moved on, and I feel slightly silly for even considering for a moment that Alfred was being beaten by Francis. After all, he was the one and only who had defeated me. Ah. That thought makes my smile grow wider. Alfred. It is just us in this world, Alfred. We are the only ones that matter, can't you tell?

You are the only other being in this world. All the others are just trash dirtying the planet. But you, you are like the sunflowers that are the only light in my bleak world. You are strong and bright, and I am the only one who can love you.

And when I crush you, and when I hold you, you will know it, too. But I need more time, you are still too strong. I need more power to crush you. To lock you up in my cage.

But right now, I simply watch the maggots talk. They are rambling and the sound is like white noise. Unimportant and tuned out. I only come to these to see Alfred. But he doesn't know…yet.

So this is really short, I realize, but I just wanted to try this out, so if you think that this is horrible, absolutely say so! Also, if you want me to continue, please tell me. I won't otherwise. And if you have any constructive criticism, go ahead, although I will be slightly depressed… Tis the truth. And I honestly have no idea where this story would ever go, so if you want me to continue and you have any suggestions, THANK YOU. I think that's all I got. Love, Aviana656