Series Title: Heart of the Warrior (1/?)
Chapter Title: Victory Achieved
Author: dreamscarred and candy_belle
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: angst, sex and political intrigue, AU
Beta: none all mistakes are your own, so please forgive us for any errors.
Disclaimer: We own nothing but we wish we did.
Authors Note; This is a fic set way back in ancient Greece. It is in no way historically acurate (we really just wanted to dress the guys up in greek outfits and admire them!) but we have tried to be vaguely historical. The fic is set in an unnamed city state that works along the lines of Athens. The story follows one of the elite generals of that City - Ortanos - and his interactions with his household, his fellow generals, prisoners and the politicians. And to make it even more historical - we've changed people's names! But because we're nice here's is a list of familiure WWE characters we are using and their new Greek names (like I say this is in no way meant to be historically acurate!) :

Real Name

Greek Name

Randy Orton -Ortanos

Cody Rhodes - Rhodes

Evan Bourne - Evander

John Cena - Cena

Triple H -Hunter

Chris Jericho - Jericho

Josh Matthews - Maeto

Edge - Agaeos

Miz - Midios

Victory was theirs.

It had been a long, hard fought battle spanning the day from sun up until now when the sky was the orange red of twilight. Many had died and more still would, the three generals stood before a line of captured barbarians that had dared to attack the outer villages of their state.

"See your men," called a large man with long blond hair. His armour was far more detailed than the others standing beside him. Looking at the one captive that was not in the line, he sneered, "You're going to watch them die."

A man standing behind the captive man stepped forward he was tall also with blond hair and a crazed look in his eyes, currently covered in the dirt, grime and blood of battle. "I love this part," he pulled his sword out and approached the line-up of about ten men. One by one he decapitated them in front of their leader the blood spilling down their bodies and on the ground staining the earth.

The barbarian warrior watched his comrades' executions one by one, wondering when it would be his turn to join them in the afterlife, getting the praise of the gods for dying an honourable death in battle.

"I didn't expect you to beg for their lives," smirked the blond general standing next to the large captive. He turned and asked gruffly, "You heard him speak our language?"

"Positive," a young dark hair man spoke standing next to a tall shorn-headed man, a man wearing similar armour to the two blonds. He had perfect bronze skin and eyes of ice blue the envy of many but his beauty fooled most into underestimating the warrior and his crafty methods. Those fooled often ended up dead.

"Speak," the crazed eye blond slapped the chained man. They awaited any type of noise and nothing came. "I think you heard wrong. I'm going to kill him," the man lifted his sword.

"Agaeos, no!"

The man with eyes of ice walked to the two other generals. "He's proud. Can't you see it? He needs to be broken down," he cupped the captive's chin looking him dead in the eyes, the bound man trying to jerk away.

"And how do you plan on getting him to talk?" Agaeos sneered.

"I'm thinking about that," he dropped the man's chin and turned coming to stand toe to toe with Agaeos. The two of them locked in a silent stare down.

"I say we kill him. Hunter, you're with me right?" called Agaeos turning to glare at the lead general.

"No he's right," growled Hunter folding his arms over his chest. "Ortanos, he will be in your charge. You will have one month to make him speak or we will kill him, and," Hunter's eyes travelled to Ortanos' right hand man, the one who had claimed to hear the barbarian speak. "He will be locked up for lying and conspiracy. Now, our men deserve a feast for a well fought battle."

Ortanos nodded and as the other generals moved away he stalked back over to the prisoner. Lifting the mud covered face he stared into the eyes of his beaten enemy and whispered, "I swear I will break you and you will tell us the plans of your barbarians."

The blond captive simply spat at the general earning a swift backhand across the face. Sighing impatiently Ortanos ordered, "Get him out of my sight. Secure him well, stake down the chains and set a double guard on him. Those barbarians will do anything to get him back."

As his men hurried to obey, Ortanos glanced over his shoulder and smiled. Rhodes was watching him closely, the bright blue eyes trained on him drinking in everything he did and said. Just as it should be with an eromenos. Ortanos' smile deepened and he rumbled, "You realise the danger you're in?"

Rhodes nodded.

"Hunter will not be overruled. If that barbarian bastard doesn't reveal his secret, you will be jailed and there will be nothing I can do to save you."

Again Rhodes nodded, the proud young man standing tall in the face of such a harrowing punishment. It made Ortanos proud. Proud that he had trained such a perfect eromenos.

He sighed softly then holding out a hand he drew the younger man to him. As Rhodes melted against him, Ortanos nuzzled his face in the dark hair and whispered, "You smell of blood and death. Hardly surprising since you were such an excellent instrument of death in that battle today. You made me so proud today. It was an honour to see you bear my standard today."

Rhodes closed his eyes. He lived for moments like this. Moments when his mentor said the word pride. Pulling back he gave a slight smirk asking, "What now?"

"Now?" replied Ortanos cupping the younger face with one hand, "Now we feast and raise our glasses to the gods and thank them for our victory." He clapped Rhodes on the arm chuckled, "Come on we mustn't be late or else Agaeos will have drunk all the wine!"

Rhodes and Ortanos headed to where the feast was laid out under the stars. Tonight they would wine and dine and celebrate a battle well won. Then tomorrow as the sun rose they would ride with their prisoner back to the city where the politicians would think nothing of the battle and those who were lost protecting them.

Ortanos took time going to each of his men commenting on the battle and how they had grown, but also reminding them to keep their swords sharp as the next battle could be when they least expect it. After making their rounds Ortanos and Rhodes finally joined the generals table.

They drank and dined for hours with only the occasionally raised voice between Ortanos and Agaeos that would be squashed by Hunter. The feast continued however Ortanos excused himself and told Rhodes to stay and enjoy the evening.

Ortanos walked to the tent where the captive was being guarded.

"Leave. Return here in ten minutes," ordered Ortanos dismissing the guards as he entered the tent.

"So I've got to make you talk," Randy looked at the barbarian kneeling in the middle of the tent.

"You're lucky that we've spared your life, and lucky that you're my prisoner and not Agaeos or Hunters. But I suppose to you it wouldn't matter whose you were. I'll give you fair warning when we reach my home tomorrow the tortures I will inflict on you will be nothing like you've ever felt. Your mind will scream in confusion, because while they might think you're a savage, I believe my eromenos. I believe you understand me. You can speak our language. Your eyes shine with defiance and intelligence. I'm going to put you to the test."

Ortanos gave a low rumbling laugh as the way the barbarian ignored him. He knew it was act. He'd seen the flicker of emotion in the prisoner's eyes. A flicker that gave him hope. As he heard movement outside the tenet, he exited and returned heading for his own tent.

Stepping into his tent Ortanos smiled faintly at the sight before him. Rhodes was lounging on the campaign chair playing with a short dagger, the younger man balancing the sharp blade on his finger seeing if he could keep it still.

"Careful you don't cut yourself," rumbled Ortanos wandering over to the small table. Pouring himself a cup of wine he took a long sip before asking, "You're certain you heard him speak?"

"Yep," replied Rhodes his voice thick with wine and exhaustion.

Glancing over Ortanos chuckled ordering, ".Get some sleep we march early in the morning. I don't know about you but I long for my own bed."

"No," chuckled Rhodes getting to his feet, "You long for the small petite figure who fills your bed."

Ortanos shot him a dark look but said nothing.

Rhodes smirked drunkenly at him and padding over he slid his arms around Ortanos' waist teasing, "Don't you? You're thinking of those large brown eyes that look at you so adorningly? That small firm frame that fits against yours so well.

"Rhodes," growled Ortanos not pleased that his young eromenos was so comfortable with teasing him.

"Aww," teased Rhodes snuggling closer, the drink clouding his judgment, "Admit it. You're missing..."

He went stumbling backwards as Ortanos hissed, "You hold your tongue!"

He lashed out and dragging the younger man back against him, he snarled, "Do you realise the danger you could put us in? You need to learn to hold your tongue, boy. Walls have ears and I will not allow you to endanger me or my household. Do you understand me?"

Rhodes - who had sobered up almost instantly Ortanos had shoved him – nodded quickly, bowing his head and murmuring, "Forgive me, my Lord. I spoke out of turn I..."

Ortanos cupped the younger man's face, sighing, "I know, wine overcame your judgement. But Rhodes you have to be careful. Camp is no place loose talk. Especially not with Agaeos so close…" he patted Rhodes' cheek ordering," Sleep. We match at dawn."

Rhodes nodded and as he turned towards his own area of the shared tent, he paused and glancing back over his shoulder, he asked fondly, "But you are missing him, aren't you?"

Ortanos didn't reply. He didn't need to. The smile on his face said more than words ever could.

He quickly shed his armour and clothing, smiling as he heard Rhodes' soft snore start to float over from the other side of the tent. Pulling back the furs on his sleeping area, he lay on the ground allowing the covers to rest on his hips. It was too hot for him to bring them up to cover his full body. Besides which he wanted the gentle wind the occasionally blew through the tent to kiss his bronzed skin.

Tomorrow they would march back to the city. He knew there would be no hero's welcome for what the senate considered such a small victory. However he knew the members of his household would be happy to see him return unharmed. Especially the one Rhodes teased him about.

Running his fingers down his chest he knew what he wanted when he returned. He wanted a hot bath to wash the blood and grime of battle from his body, with his loyal servant washing and oiling him, scraping away the last few months and letting him finally relax. That thought made Ortanos' cock stir to life. He undulated his hips, feeling the covers caress his tightening groin. Curling his arms up under his head, he let his mind drift. He let his mind's eyes picture his home, his beautiful villa on the hill overlooking the city. But it was something else that made the soft smile twitch and his groin respond. It was the small loyal slave who served his every need, who knew instinctively what his master needed often before Ortanos even knew what he needed himself.

He sighed softly and finally let his eyes close, content for the moment. He smiled faintly and as sleep slowly drifted over him, he murmured, "Soon my little one, soon."