End or the beginning?

Ally spent two hours with Derek, reviewing every detail of the case, before finally deciding to head home. Since she was getting out early, she swung by Maddie's school to pick her up.

Just on time, Ally drove up as Maddie was walking out of school. Maddie saw her and smiled, running over. Maddie opened the car door and climbed in. "Hey, what are you doing here?"

"Decided to leave early and pick you up." She buckled up and pulled away from the school. "How was your day?"

Maddie was staring at her. "Better then yours...what happened?"

"Ha..ppened, nothing happened." Ally stammered, amazed out how Maddie could read her.

"Ally, something happened your all...frazzled." Maddie smirked at her.

Ally pulled to a red light and looked at her. "How? Ugh, why do I try to hide it...I had a rough day in court. John Cage is on his way here."

She could see Maddie's surprise. "You alright?" Noticing the light change continued home.

She smiled at her touched by her concern. "Better now." They pulled up to their house, happy to be there.

"Sappy answer Mom..spill." Maddie stared at her pointedly, not realizing she called her Mom again.

"Larry was in court today." Ally sighed.

Maddie's eyes widened. "Voodoo Larry?"

Ally laughed. "Yes, the same one."

Sympathy and worry overtook Maddie's features. "Are you ok? What did he say? What did you say? How..."

Ally cut her off, before she could ask more questions. "I was surprised. We didn't say anything to each other." She looked over at her. "Luckily, he was already at the defense table with his back to me, so I had a minute to get my wits together."

"Good." Maddie smiled proudly.

"He introduced himself and I did the same as I walked to the plantiff table. He stared at me, clearly surprised."

"What did he do?" Maddie was totally raptured by this mess.

"I focused on the Judge and didn't look at him. When we finished I walked my client out and went straight to the office." She sighed. "This is a huge case for the firm I asked Derek to cover and John will second chair."

Maddie put her hand on Ally's. "Good. No need to torture yourself."

"That is what Elaine said, but I also feel like I'm running..." They both got out of the car and headed into the house.

"You still love him...don't you?"

"I am but that's irrelevant. The case will finish and he will be gone again." Ally smiled sadly and started to fix dinner.

"Sorry." Maddy hung her head.

"Sweetie, nothing for you to be sorry for...I don't want to keep things from you." She smile. "You would actually like him. He has a son, Sam, he is about eight now I think."

"What happened with you two?" She sat down at the counter, watching her cook.

"Hmm.., I think trust and fear." She looked up at her and saw the confusion. "Honestly, I am not fully sure myself. He ran. I honestly thought he was it..."

"Maybe you should talk to him? You know, like closure." Maddie looked afraid of her reaction.

Ally shook her head. "I don't really trust myself to..." Luckily at that moment a knock came from the front door. Happy for the interruption, Ally headed to the door getting a glare from Maddie knowing she wasn t off the hook yet. She took a look in the peep hole and grinned, yanking open the door and enveloped John in a hug.

"Well now, that's a great welcome." John mumbled into her hair.

"I missed you." She released him, pulling him into the house.

"Hey John." Maddie waved from the kitchen. "Just in time for dinner." She spun on the barstool she was on, laughing.

He smiled at her then me. "Sounds good, actually smells good."

"Make yourself at home. Your usual room is ready for you and dinner will be ready in about fifteen minutes." Ally went back to the kitchen before she burned the food.

"Great." He grabbed his things and disappeared down the hall. Twenty minutes later they all sat for dinner and caught up. Maddie headed up to bed after dinner, and then John and Ally dug into the case.

John and Derek met at the courthouse walking in together. John instantly saw Larry looking for what he suspected was Ally. "Your honor Derek Maxwell and John Cage for the plaintiff, Ally had a conflict." They proceeded with the trail and finally broke for the day.

Larry quickly caught up to John. "John, what happened to Ally?"

John looked agitated. "You really, have no right to ask that." John turned and continued out of the courthouse.

"John wait." Larry ran after him. "Is she ok? Hh..how is she?"

John sighed. "You should have thought of that before you ran from her. What do you want Larry?"

Larry looked down, pulling his glasses from his face frustrated and started cleaning them with his tie. "I..uh wasn't expecting to see her and I miss her. I wanted to talk to her." Larry put his glasses back on, determined. "If you won't tell me, I will just head to Boston after the case and see her."

John looked surprised and intrigued by his response. "Why now? Is it only because you saw her yesterday? You have had plenty of time to seek her out since you left."

Larry sighed. "I wanted to...I knew I screwed up. I didn't know how to come back after that." Larry looked at John pleading. "She's it for me, always has and always will, I love her John."

John paused, looking at Larry trying to gauge what he should and shouldn't say. "You can't try to get back with her to run again, she doesn't deserve it. She deserves better then you."

Larry nodded. "I know that, you don't think I know that. Let me try to fix this."

"She isn't in Boston." Larry looked at John surprised. "She lives here now, that's all you will get from me." With that John left a confused Larry standing on the courthouse steps.

John headed straight back to the office, as he stepped into the elevator he noticed Larry. "You...dammit you followed me."

Larry smiled and gave a small nod. "Sorry, I didn't want to wait."

"Unacceptable." John stammered. "She isn't prepared...expecting you." He sighed as the elevator stopped on their floor. "Let me talk to her first, wait here." John pointed to the waiting room chairs, which Larry listened and sat down in. John went to Ally's office, knocking lightly. "Ally?"

"Heey, how did it go?" Ally smiled at him, once she saw him close the door and walk towards her she knew something was up. "What?"

"Larry's here." John waited for her response.

"He..he's here?" Ally waved her arms, flustered.

"Yes and before you ask, I didn't know he was following me." John wanted that clear right away, so she wasn't mad at him. "Want me to go pick up Maddie and let you talk with him?"

"What does he want?" Ally's voice broke.

John sighed, he really wasn't comfortable with this but felt it was better to put this all to rest one way or another. "Talk to him. You can finally either fix this or put it behind you."

Ally looked at him reluctantly. "I dunno John, I mean dammit." Ally brought her hand up and pinched the bridge of her nose. "This is insane."

"I will be at the house when if you need me." John left it at that before heading back out telling Larry to go in.

Larry walked into her office, closing the door, finally turning to look at her. Both of them were just staring at the other, neither saying anything at first. "I'm sorry to barge in on you...I had hoped to see you today in court and when you weren't there I didn't feel I had a choice." Larry rambled quickly.

"Oh Larry, you had plenty of choices..." Ally muttered, before pulling herself together. "What did you want to see me about?"

Larry looked like a deer in the headlights of a truck. "Well I uh how are you?"

"Really we are going with pleasantries. Ok, I'm fine. You?" Ally leaned back in her chair behind her desk, willing herself not to run from the room.

"Better seeing you...I've missed you." Larry looked at her with one of those charming looks that used to make her heart melt.

"Well whose fault is that?" Ally bit back, clearly still hurt.

Larry sat down in the chair near her desk. "Mine." She looked at him, surprised by his admittance. "I ran, I know I ran I wanted to come back, I just didn't know how or if you would even talk to me."

Ally eyes tear up. "You didn't try." A few tears fell. "I got your note."

Larry's eyes shut, pained at realizing how badly he hurt her. "I love you."

Ally was floored by his admission, but was torn between anger and grief over it. "I...I don't know how to respond to that. I mean you just walk in here like no time passed and what?"

Larry slowly moved closer to her and kneeled next to her. "Do you still love me?"

"That's not the point." Ally's voice cracked.

He smiled slightly, hopeful since she didn't say no. "It is the point. Do you? Have you moved on?" His voice fearful.

"Yes I do and no I am not with someone if that is what you are asking, but there are bigger issues here." She looked at him seriously. "I don't trust you I can't trust you with my heart again, you broke me last time."

"I can earn it back, we can fix this." He was honestly close to begging, so close to her yet he knew she was emotionally distant.

"Larry, I can't go to Detroit and you have Sam. You can't come here. Logistically, we are in the same damn position as before." Ally looked away from him and out over the city.

Larry could feel the hope building in him. "I will sue Jamie for custody of Sam. It's the best solution and then I can stay here with you."

Ally looked at him confused. "Why? Why now? How will I know you won't run again?"

"Because I have lived without you for over a year and have been miserable. I never moved on. I focused on Sam, but I always thought about you. There hasn't been anyone since you, nor could there be." He was begging at this point and he no longer cared. "I tried living without you and it sucks."

Ally smiled. "My life is complicated now. A lot happened since you left."

He smiled. "I see you made partner and moved to New York." He quirked an eyebrow at her. "Why are you in New York?"

Ally put her finger to her lips. "That is a long story."

"I'm in no rush to leave." He smiled, getting up and pulling a chair over next to her.

"Okay I have a daughter." His face dropped, instantly thinking she moved on. "She's eleven."

"Wait...huh? You didn't have an eleven year old when we were together and I know it takes more then a year to grow one." He smiled at her curious.

"Long story short, I donated eggs for research when I was in college and without notifying me they used them. Her father died and she sought me out a little after you left Boston. Her Aunt is her only living relative and she decided she wanted to be with me." Ally smiled. "She's gorgeous, spunky. You can tell she is mine."

Larry smiled, loving the glow on Ally's face as she spoke of her daughter. "What's her name?"

"Maddie." She looked at him softly. "She is probably grilling John right now as to where I am."

"You moved here because she was from here then?" He was slowly piecing it all together.

"Yup, she wasn't adjusting to Boston and I didn't want her to have problems. John and Richard offered for me to open this division here to stay with the firm. It all worked out really good actually." She sighed. "I still miss Boston but its getting better here. Did you see Elaine?"

He looked confused. "Elaine is here?"

"Yes, I convinced her to join me here. She has been a good friend so has John. He ran right up here after I called him yesterday..."

"Because of seeing me in court?" Larry looked at her and she nodded. "Sorry, I honestly didn't know. Although I can t say I am not happy about it. Can we do this?"

"Larry you came in here out of the blue and yes I love you..." He grinned at hearing her utter that. "But it's not that simple."

"I'm not leaving you again. I will have my stuff packed in Detroit and file papers for custody of Sam." Larry looked at her seriously. "I will not give up on us again. I will win your trust back."